DAKI DEMON SLAYER : Everything You Need To Know

In Demon Slayer, Daki is one of the demons. once ranked 6th on the list of The High Moons as well as Warabihime.
daki demon slayer

In Demon Slayer, Daki or Ducky is one of the demons. once ranked 6th on the list of The High Moons as well as Warabihime.

APPEARANCE Daki Demon SLayer

Appearance Daki  Demon SLayer

At the time she first came out in Demon Slayer, Daki had long, dark hair, which was tied into a dane-hyogo style which was worn by the Oran. When she first appeared on Red Light Street, she was renowned for her stunning beauty.
When Daki changed into a demon, she was given tattoos that resemble the form of an emerald across her cheeks. Her hair became white and an ombre of bright green.

PERSONALITY Daki Demon Slayer


In Demon Slayer, Daki was an extremely aggressive and cruel girl who was fond of treating her victims, before she slayed them. She was not one losing.

Despite the insults and humiliation she suffered towards her brother following their did not succeed, she maintained a an enviable and loving relationship with her brother.

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“Ducky” was born many years ago in one of the most deprived neighborhood within”Ducky” was born in the Red Light District. She was the daughter of a prostitute, and was the mother of her elder twin brother Gutaro just a couple of years prior to her, with without mentioning her father.

Most likely due to the poor living conditions in the region the mother of her birth was unable to provide for her children. Being an extremely mental unstable, she attempted numerous times to commit suicide but, when she failed she turned to her son and tried to kill him and forcing Gutaro to be on his own. Their mother, dissatisfied by Daki due to her eye color and hair disliked her child and attempted to strangle her however Gutaro was able to save Daki. When their mother attempted to forcefully cut the hair of Ducky by using a shaver and the power balance between child and parent changed. Gutaro became enraged. Their mother was terrified of him and was averse from the children. Ducky was so gorgeous that she was easily approached walking along the streets and gave things away when she smiled. Knowing that, she used it to supplement her income without being too hungry, and not to wake up and go to die. At the time Ducky arrived, she taken care of by her brother, until her mother passed away. from the disease “Baidoku” (Mei Du (baidoku) Syphilis). The first letter in their name Ume was later adopted as the name of her daughter (Mei (ume) Ume – Japanese plum).

When she was 13 when her brother was out paying off debts, she was as a samurai. However, at some point, she took the decision to poke his eyes out using hairpins. What Ducky did poke the Samurai’s eyes out was due to him having insulted Gutaro. As a result she was shackled and burned alive which left her dead on street corners of her neighborhood.

When Gyutaro saw her, he began to cry with rage over her body that was charred and was later discovered to be the same Samurai, who was accompanied by the head of the home in which the girl was employed. The two attempted to take out Gutaro also, since they believed he was causing trouble for the local populace.

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Her brother was capable of retaliating by killing them both following which he fled across the neighborhood carrying her half-burned body in search of help but then fell into despair when he realized that nobody could assist them. Gutaro was then thrown to the ground from fatigue, serious wounds and near death. A few hours later, Douma, then the Sixth Upper Moon, appeared on him and offered assistance to themby turning them into demons, and urging them to build up enough strength for them to be able to join with the 12 moon demons.

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After forming one person the two bodies were able to remain together in their Red Light District that way. Ducky got on a position in Kyogoku House. Kyogoku House. Daki was known as a sly girl for quite a while and, despite that, since she was stunningly attractive and popular, the elders asked her to apply”heme” as a prefix “heme” to her name.

She is also said to have killed 7 Pillars.

When Kamado Tanjiro’s stay on Red Light Street, Daka was in conflict against her home manager Mitsu, about her resentment towards other female employees. When the manager learned about the past of Ducky she was snatched by the girl to kill her. After returning to her area, she was shocked to see the presence at the sight of Kibutsuji Muzan . Admiring his master, she listened to him as she was praised by him for her power and strength and cautioned her against negligence and exuding high expectations to her for the role of a demon with special powers.

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Along with many aids Ducky was under the surveillance of Tengen Uzui dressed in her Oiran disguise. Then, with her demon belt, she confronted Uzuya’s wife Makio regarding the letters she had sent. After spotting Inosuke Hashibir’s presence Daki fled.

Daki was seen behind Zenica Agatsuma in the role of Warabihime Daki appeared behind Zenica Agatsuma as Warabihime, asking what was going on in someone else’s bedroom Then she became furious over the lack of response. Daki became angry at the two girls trying to shield Zenica she was with, and insulted the Demon Hunter and the crying girl for not washing the room quickly enough. Zenica grasped Warabihime with her wrist in order to end her abuse.

Ducky punched the young man, who threatened the young man with more discipline However, she did not stop when the owner of the brothel requested her to stop. In apology and directing that Zenitzu’s injuries be taken care of and the place be left in the room clean. It was then that the High Moon pondered Zenitzu’s identity and speculated that he could be an Demon Hunter. In her bedroom she was ecstatic over the accomplishment of her plan, and promised her to kill and eat every one of her foes.

Daki later appeared behind the other oran Koinatsu to devour her prior to her wedding. Tanjiro Kamado saved the girl. Daki was curious about how many hunters were there in the Quarter, and when the Pillar was due to arrive. The young hunter was snubbed by Daki for his insecurities, Ducky soon became enraged when he demanded that he let go of Koinatsu and then attack Tanjiro by using her belts. Incredulous that he was able to survive, she gave Tanjiro a huge kudo eyes and wished to devour them. She continued her assault on her young Demon Hunter, noting that they could only cut a portion of the belt using Koinatsu. However, she proclaimed that she was going to take him down no matter what.

She said she would let him live if he confessed to her that in the short time they fought, the sword was nearly broken. She further stated that the person who created the blade was an awful maker and was quickly furious when her adversary denied this and promised to kill him in her next strike. In the midst of a fight, Ducky was shocked when Tanjiro hit her belts with Tanjiro’s Fire God Dance technique. Noticing the shift in the sword’s style she resisted his next strike. The High Moon changed her direction to face her adversary when his blade struck her neck.

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The head of her decapitated was lowered to the ground , pointing at Gyutaro’s head. As their heads began fall apart, Ducky screamed at her brother accusing him of losing and asserting the fact that “an unsightly thing like him could never be her own brother,” while Gutaro remarked to the effect that Ducky wasn’t strong and didn’t do anything to aid. In a state of sadness over the siblings’ fights, Tanjiro covered Gyutaro’s mouth to stop him from screaming and insulting his sister and pleaded with them to work together one another. Ducky began crying and said that she didn’t wish to die. However her head was shattered. When Gutaro began to think about his past life, when there was no monster, Ducky appeared in the first persona of Ume and demanded to know what they were planning to do, and requesting that he bring her along. At first, he did not agree by sternly telling her not to follow his instructions. But, Ume suddenly hugged him with a firm hug, apologized for her past actions and exclaiming that they were brothers and she wouldn’t ever let him leave. The two went on back to their bodies, Gutaro carried Ducky behind his back as they had done in the past.

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In Demon Slayer, Daki is regarded as an extremely powerful Demon who Muzan personally identified as an “special Demon. She was capable of suffocating and holding the upper hand in the fight against Tanjiro KamadoNezuko KamadoZenica Agatsuma as well as Inosuke Hashibira who all were formidable fighters. She was able to maintain her initial claim of being One of the twelve High Moons Moon Demons. However, her status and position among the Moons is because of her brother’s power and capabilities, which enhance her own.


  • Enhance Regeneration: Ducky is shown to possess powerful regenerative powers which was evident in her ability recover herself after being burnt alive by Nezuko’s Demonic blood Technique. She was capable of growing her damaged belts in just a few minutes.
  • Flesh Obi ( Qiu mi mi Yin o bi Mimizu Obi? ): Daki also has demonstrated her ability to construct intelligent flesh units out of her body, as observed when she was able to construct living flesh sashes that would guard and secure your “warehouse” and keep an eye on her “meat”, and again when she made a second living sash to watch Hinatsuru and suspect that she was spying on Hinatsuru’s Demon Hunters.
  • Telepathic communication: Daki also showed the ability to communicate and control objects through her belts of life, as demonstrated when she was able effortlessly observe Inosuke fight against her belt group and later , had a long discussion with him in order to give the new directions on how to handle Inosuke.
  • Storing the flesh Each time Ducky discovers an “beautiful” person she wants to eat, she typically “stores” them in her flesh belts. They are believed to be trapped in the belts and change into flat two-dimensional structures within her Obi belts. This also induces them to an eerie sleep when they’re inside which allows Ducky to keep a substantial volume of “food” for later consumption. The downside of this method however is that to release oneself from the flaps you must cut them in pieces with care to not cut anyone who are trapped inside. Then, you must let someone go and then return them back to their former shape.
  • The Flesh Manipulation: Ducky has demonstrated her ability to easily manipulate her body to alter her neck, transforming it into the appearance of a belt, as shown as she changed her neck to become a belt of cloth to be safe from being killed by Tanjiro.
    • Hair manipulation: Daki also demonstrated the capability of manipulating her hair into an weapon, when she attempted to strike Inosuke by twirling her hair following his successful killed her and then took her head off of her body to stop her from securing it.
    • Cell Fusion: Ducky showed the ability to manipulate her flesh at an cellular level. She was capable of controlling her cells to connect into her body to let him “sleep” inside her. This resulted in an increase in her physical strength as he sat in her.
    • Connection with the brain: Ducky has the ability to share her thoughts and thoughts with her older brother. She also lets him to influence her body by putting an eye onto her forehead. Through this eye, she is able to transmit information to him to better manage their actions. Additionally this ability enhances the abilities of all Ducky’s friends and enhances her own vision as she is infused with one of her brothers’ eyes. This can be seen as she is able to fight Zenica when he is using his swift Thunder Breath techniques.
  • immunity to Decapitation In the time the twin brother “sleeps” inside her or during the time the “core” is implanted into her body, Ducky is completely immune to death through decapitation. This is evident by the fact that, despite the fact that Tengen and Inosuke were repeatedly decapitated but there isn’t a single evidence of decay on her body. The Demon Hunters quickly realize, the only way to overcome this is to kill Gyutaro and her at simultaneously.
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Her blood technique permits her to utilize your belt for weapon of cold that is capable of cutting through walls. The belt to store food for those who want to eat later.

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  • Multi-level belt strikes (Ba Zhong Dai Zhan Yae Obi Giri) The demon makes multiple belt strikes simultaneously to make his.

INTERESTING TO KNOW About Daki Demon Slayer

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset
  • The word “Daki” means passivity, insanity, and lethargy.
  • Her real name is “Ume” translates to “plum” and may also refer to Japanese Plum Tree.
  • Her oiran name “Warabihime” translates to Fern Princess.
  • Daka’s ability to transform her neck in a belt seems to be a reference to the Japanese folklore of the ekai known as Rokurokubi.
  • Muzan considered her to be an unintelligent, naive child.
  • It’s likely that Muzan claimed to be in love with Daki because she was beautiful and also a major revenue source. Muzan’s most favored High Moon is Gyokko because the pots he used were work art that were able to be sold at a premium price which suggests that, even though he was a demon Muzan was still a believer in freezing money.
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