Giyu Tomioka : Everything You Need To Know

In Demon Slayer, Giyu Tomioka  is among the principal supporting characters in Kimetsu not Yaiba. It is a Onis Hunter from the Onis Hunter Squadron and the water pillar that is currently in use.
Giyu Tomioka

In Demon Slayer, Giyu Tomioka  is among the principal supporting characters in Kimetsu no Yaiba. It is a Onis Hunter from the Onis Hunter Squadron and the water pillar that is currently in use.



Giyu is a man of young height with a strong and strong body. He sports an edgy skin. often seen with a serious smile on his face. His hair is dark with irregularly shaped outlines that appear like tufts on his head. He wears it with a ponytail that is pinched to his small head and his hair falls over the eyes in an unnatural way. 

The eyes of Giyu are clean and medium-sized, extended with an iris that is light blue in color and his pupils have dark blues that are accented by his thin eyebrows. Giyu wears a distinct version of the traditional dress of demon hunter which has dark cyan hues, white bandages that run around his legs. He also wears Zori shoes that have white soles and dark blue straps.

He is wearing dark blue socks with his shoes. Giyu wears a haori split in two distinct parts and the right side is shaded a solid red while that on the left is printed in tiny orange, green and yellow squares. One notes that the pattern on the left side belongs to his sibling Tsukako and his most beloved friend Sabito. In the last battle against Muzan Kibutsuji, he loses his right hand and following the battle, he cut his hair, making it shorter and lacking his adorable ponytail.

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Giyu is one of those who has an empathetic expression on his face. He’s an introverted person who is adamant about justice. He does not accept those who disregard their own boundaries and abandon their lives. After he saved Nezuko Kamado’s life due to Tanjiro Kamado’s steadfast determination.

Giyu shows no excitement in removing demons and displays little respect for them like most exterminators do. After rescuing Nezuko along with Tanjiro from the kekijutsu of Rui’s lower moon however, he has violated the conduct of the Squadron by shielding Tanjiro’s sister from being slain by the force from Tanjiro’s sister from the Shinobu Kocho Insect Pillar that was poised to take her life. 

This action suggests that Giyu doesn’t have a absolute hatred of demons and is willing to make an exception for those who aren’t able to kill or consume people, and permitting them to live alongside humans. It also shows that he has a pragmatic approach to demons in contrast to the usual approach that many Pillars treat them in the lens of hate. Giyu is said to have an insecurities about how and what coworkers are thinking about him.

This shows that he’s perplexed when Giyu hears Shinobu Kocho claim that he’s a target of some, however it’s evident that he’s not frightened by the snarkiness from The Pillar of the Insect and starts to dismiss her insinuations despite the fact these pillars have been buddies for many years and have a long-standing history in common. Giyu is a man with little words and has difficulty communicating with his colleagues which is why he constantly distances himself from his colleagues. 

It later becomes clear that Giyu has an insecurity that tells him that he is not worthy of the highest rank of his Squadron in addition to believing that he didn’t deserve to be the Water Pillar This mental illness was triggered by his participation in the final round of selection where he couldn’t fight a demon, and would have been killed if not because of Sabito’s sacrifice. most trusted friend Sabito. This issue became so serious that he decided to resign his role as the Pillar of Water till Tanjiro Kamado helps Giyu to not act out of guilt over having made it through the final selection , and show respect to the people who gave their lives in his honor and this guilt of a survivor is brought up when he is convinced that Tanjiro was killed in the fight against Muzan. 

Despite his tough exterior, Giyu has proved his self to be a kind and compassionate person to the people whom he most loves. He has taken on his cheerful personality when he smiled at his fellow Kamado brothers and developing an enthralling friendship with Sanemi Shinagawa. the once-combative relationship has gradually transformed into an understanding between both.

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Abilities Giyu Tomioka

Abilities Giyu Tomioka

General Abilities: As Pillar from the Exterminator Squad, Giyu is a skilled and formidable swordsman. He has been successful in killing The Spider Demon Father in his transformation and Lower Moon Rui, during his fight with Akaza, and Akaza, was able to stop him from doing so. At some point during the fight, Upper Moon was amazed at his opponent’s skills and even offered to make Pillar become a monster. Giyu does not want to.

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Increased Strength Pillar Giyu has increased its physical power to an almost superhuman level, performing amazing feats, such as holding Nezuko in her demon-like form using just one of his hands , without exerting any effort, and then knocking her unconscious in just one strike. In his gaiden volume , he was able break strong ropes around his wrists when his arrest was for being a criminal.

Incredible Speed and Rapid Reflexes: Giyu moves with incredible speed after he been able to tie Inosuke with a branch, without the tree’s owner realizing and was capable of cutting Rui’s head off within one glance. After waking up his hunter’s mark, Giyu was able to speed up to the point that Akaza was unable to keep his pace.

An abundance of Stamina and Stamina: Despite having gained these skills through an intense training regimen, Giyu reached a high stamina and stamina that was which he displayed during battle, as when he faced Muzan during his Countdown to Dawn arc where the battle lasted only one hour fighting Muzan the Demon King.



Tactic Mind: Being a skilled Terminator, Giyu Tomioka possesses an amazing tactical mind and is able to master any form of fencing and keep pace with two demons of the highest level simultaneously.

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The Hunter’s Mark of Giyu’s hunters mark resembles to a flow of water flowing down the left cheek. It has an appearance that evokes breath that has been absorbed to this Pillar. If this mark becomes active Giyu is able to experience a huge increase in speed, the accuracy of his punches, as well as the strength of his fight, becoming in a position to endure a lengthy battle against Akaza.

The red Nichirin Blades: The sword’s color allows its owner to stop the quick regeneration mechanism that is used by demons.

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In his fights Giyu has displayed a ferocious determination and determination, and has never stopped fighting and defeating the strongest opponents like Akaza as well as Muzan.

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Master Swordsman: A Pillar Giyu is among the most skilled and powerful swordsmen of the entire organization. and is a formidable foe during battle. The upper moon Akaza said that Pillar of Water is a the most well-developed fencing.

The Water Breath (Mizu No Kokyu) It is among the five major breaths that are derived direct from sun’s breath. the breath has 11 forms, with the 11th one being made through the Water Pillar itself.

1)First Form: Water Surface Cutting (ichi no kata: Minamo Giri)

2)Second Form Second Form: Water Wheel(ni no Kata: Mizu Guruma)

3)Third form: Fluid Dance(san no kata: Ryuryu Mai)

4) Fourth Form: Marked Tide(shi no kata: Uchishio)

5.) 5th Form: The Blessed Rain Following Drought (go no Kata: Kanten no Jiu)

6) Sixth Form: Whirlwind(roku no kata: nejire uzu)

7.) Seventh Form Penetrating Drop of Rain(shichi no Kata: shinzuku Hamon Tsuki)

8.) Eighth Form: Waterfall Basin(hashi no Kata: Takitsubo)

9) Ninth Form: Water Flow(ku no kata: suiryu shibuki)

10) Tenth form: Constant Flow(ju no kata: Seisei ruten)

11) Eleventh form: Peaceful Death (ju ichi no kata: nagi)

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Equipment Giyu Tomioka

Equipment Giyu Tomioka

Nichirin Blade: A Sword made from a unique ore that is continuously exposed to sunlight. These blades are able to alter their color in accordance with their owner Each color comes with its own unique qualities, Giyu’s katana features the dark color of its blade, with the blue border which is in reference to the water breath that is used by the Pillar. The apex of the blade are adorned with an inscription reading: Akki Messatsu (destroyer of demons).

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