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yoriichi demon slayer

Yoriichi Tsugikuni plays a key support character in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the most famous Demon Slayer who existed nearly 500 years ago in the Sengoku Era, the Golden Age of Demon Slayers. Also, He is the founder of Breathing Styles. He is also the person who invented Sun Breathing.

Yoriichi is the younger sister of Michikatsu Tsugikuni Michikatsu Tsugikuni, who later turned monster and eventually joined The Twelve Kizuki.

Appearance yoriichi demon slayer

Appearance yoriichi demon slayer

Similar to the twin brother of his, Yoriichi is a tall and muscular guy with spiky and long hair with red tips , which were tucked into his ponytail. But, unlike Tanjiro, Yoriichi, he was slimmer with shorter hair as well as longer hair than his twin brother. The Demon Slayer Mark was at the same spot on high on his forehead like Tanjiro but was lighter in hue. Yoriichi is always portrayed with a an eloquent and serene appearance He is not often seen in a state of emotions.

Yoriichi was wearing a red haori over a light orange-colored nagagi Kimono. In addition, He wore an hakama that was fashioned in black as well as a pair of Zori, with red straps, and white socks, and the Nichirin Sword carried at the left of his waist, a custom for most Demon Slayers. 

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Also, He wore hanafuda earring made by his mother to serve as charms while he was believed to be deaf. Finally, He later gifted the earrings to his close friend Sumiyoshi who later gave the earrings to his children and eventually Tanjiro too.

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PERSONALITY yoriichi demon slayer

PERSONALITY yoriichi demon slayer

Many believed that he was dumb and deaf. But, he is still respectful of and appreciates his brother and mother who have always treated him well.

In his adulthood, following the passing of his wife Yossi was a man who became glum serious, aloof and unaffected by his emotions because the power of his personality was above the norm. He was viewed by his older brother Iwamori as someone who “does not display even the slightest inclination in his emotions”.

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In his later years, following meeting his brother, who was transformed into ghosts, En’ichi could not kill him in the direct manner however, he was a tearful mourner and cried for him, proving that he was a highly emotional person. Additionally, following his transformation into close to Tanoshi, Enichi occasionally helps with the care of the daughter of Tanoshi during the time his wife Jumiko sleeps.

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Abilities yoriichi demon slayer

Yoriichi taking on Muzan The Demon King, in one move.

Overall Ability:

Overall Ability

Yoriichi is the strongest known Demon Slayer in history, having been born bearing the Demon Slayer Mark, Transparent World and Selfless State and as well having a godlike body and an innate ability to master swordsmanship. 

When he was a young child of seven who had never picked up an instrument before it, he was able overcome a skilled sword instructor easily and was described as a dazzling talent that was beyond comparison. After his training to become the Demon Slayer, Yoriichi could beat a variety of demons, to the point that his brother claimed that he was not even able to match his feats when he was an adult.

Overall Ability

He was the only one of those in the Demon Slayer Corps was able to take on Muzan Kibutsuji, and then overpower the demon in a flash and put him at the brink of dying until he was able to escape. 

Even though he avoided the death penalty, Muzan was deeply scarred by the incident, and referred to the monster as a person of his, and even the appearance of his earrings made him shake in shock. Even the mere thought of Yoriichi brought the bodies of monsters who never had the pleasure of meeting Muzan to shake.

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Just before his death, around 85 years of age, he fought his twin brother who was older, Kokushibo who turned into the demon. Despite his age and blindness, Yoriichi quickly gained the upper hand in the fight by just one strike, cutting his throat. He eventually passed away, unharmed. Kokushibo acknowledges had Yoriichi made a second strike before his death, he might be dead, while also pointing out Yoriichi’s strength was at its peak.

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Demon Slayer Mark:

Demon Slayer Mark

Yoriichi is the ancestor to the Demon Slayer Mark, being born with it and possessed of the extraordinary physical capabilities conferred by its effects over his life. 

Contrary to all other marks bearers at the time, Yoriichi was able to overcome fate and live to approximately 85 years old. It’s not known the reason Yoriichi is immune to mark’s effects It is possible that it’s because he is the first person ever to be born with it and was born with it naturally, in contrast to other bearers of marks who have to work to achieve it.

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The bright Red Nichirin Sword:

The bright Red Nichirin Sword

Yoriichi is the only person to have the ability to change the color of his Nichirin Sword to a vibrant Red shade, since his birthmark was the mark that is believed to have given those who used it the capability to make their blades bright red when. In battle, Yoriichi can dye his black sword vibrant red at will and hinder the increased regeneration of demons and even Muzan’s rapid regeneration, which burns him at the cellular level, creating scars in his body that lasted for centuries. 

It was also observed from Muzan himself himself to say that the striking red blade was superior to those of the present generation of Hashira and Tanjiro because Yoriichi could totally negate Muzan’s nearly-absolute regeneration over just a few hours and the current generation of Demon Slayers are able to slow it down little, despite the fact that Muzan had a weaker state because of his use of the Anti-Kibutsuji Drug.

Yoriichi discovers Muzan’s Vital Organs.

Transparent World:

Transparent World

Yoriichi has access to the Transparent World since birth, and can utilize it with astonishing skill which is evident when he was able to observe lung expansions and muscle contractions in a person and determine which time the appropriate time was to attack them. This gave Yoriichi an advantage over Muzan which allowed him to identify his weaknesses immediately and then overwhelm Muzan.

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Extrasensory Perception:

Extrasensory Perception

Apart from the sixth sense that was granted to us by the Transparent World which allowed him to observe the inner workings of the human body, Yoriichi also has extremely refined sensory abilities that allow him to discern things that are not within that normal scope of sense. 

As with most Demon Slayers of high level, Yoriichi would be able to distinguish the demon’s aura from human beings and be able to determine what the power of adversaries in just a glance. When Yoriichi first encountered Muzan and his demons, he was able to know that, according to fate, he was brought to fight Muzan. Yoriichi could also be able to sense Demon King’s aura that he described as magma that erupted from the volcano.

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Genius Intellect:

Genius Intellect

For a young gifted, Yoriichi is extremely intelligent. Although he was not able to speak for the majority of his childhood, his very first words were distinct and precise. He also showed maturity that was beyond his years as he recognized her mother’s illness and aided her throughout the process until her passing. 

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Another proof of his sharp mind and ability to use the Transparent World when fighting even though he had never fought before. He was adept at recognizing that the lungs of a person expand before they fight and that he had to observe their bone movements muscles contraction, blood flow. He employed to his advantage when fighting.

Even with the simplest ability to properly hold a sword and forming the proper posture the swordman was able to quickly overwhelm a sword instructor, making him become unconscious and cause injuries to his body. He was able modify his breathing technique to fit the strengths of different people by adapting it to the strengths of each individual. Additionally the researcher was able conclude that the weaknesses of Muzan were the 12 organs he had and the ability to create a completely new method in just a moment to take over Muzan.

Yoriichi aged in the 80’s, slicing Upper One, Rank One Kokushibo’s neck prior to when Kokushibo is able to react.

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Incredible Speed and Reflexes:

Incredible Speed and Reflexes

Yoriichi had unbeatable levels of speed, which surpassed other characters from the series as well as that of the Demon King. He was shown by his ability to evade every attack Muzan was able to unleash and almost fatally injured Muzan by a single strike, despite the demon’s unimaginable speed and power. Even when Muzan broke himself into 1,800 pieces of flesh to get away, Yoriichi still managed to cut the number down to 300 in a matter of minutes.

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Lateron, at the time Yoriichi was in his 80s, the ace could take out Kokushibo Muzan’s most powerful subordinate, and nearly break his neck in a flash, even though Yoriichi telling that he was going to strike. To further prove his incredible speed of movement Yoriichi Type Zero robotic replica of him that was utilized by the Demon Slayers for training it, was designed with six arms since two arms could not replicate Yoriichi’s moves.

Incredibly stamina and endurance In fact, as a seven-year-old young child Yoriichi can run all day without stopping He even said that his body didn’t feel even the smallest of exhausted. Yoriichi’s energy is beyond the human level, having been capable of living without water or food for a whole week as he embraced his deceased wife. In addition, Yoriichi lived to his 80s with no signs of waning at all or even a little bit, as demonstrated by his instant victory over Kokushibo in their final battle.

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Incredible Strength:

Incredible Strength

Yoriichi possesses tremendous levels of physical strength that are possibly greater than the strength of most other Demon Slayers. When he was a kid Yoriichi was able to slash an adult man with incline physical strength using an axe, inflicting extremely serious injuries that were the size of fists. As an adult and had a sharp blade, he could easily cut away the neck Muzan Kibutsuji, which is the most fortified part of the body that is the strongest demon known to man.

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Unselfish State of Mind: At the time of their battle, Muzan noted that Yoriichi displayed no sign of aggression, hatred and fighting spirit, animosity or even bloodlust even though he was fighting with him. This made it virtually difficult for Muzan to recognize Yoriichi’s movements, forecast his movements, or assess the strength of his senses. This allowed Yoriichi an advantage in the battle against Muzan since he was awed by his power, a mistake which shook the Demon King until the present day.

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Fighting Style yoriichi demon slayer

Fighting Style yoriichi demon slayer

Yoriichi as a kid overpowering a skilled adult swords instructor even though he had never picked up a sword prior to.

Unparalleled Swordsman Yoriichi is the best swordsman ever to live. As a child of seven with no formal training Yoriichi was able to easily beat an expert swordsman in the first time he took the sword, slapping his opponent in multiple places across his body at a speed faster than what the eye could process. 

His skill with swords was so formidable that a battle-doll that was modeled after Yoriichi was required to be constructed equipped with six arms that wielded the katana and employing 108 methods to try to emulate Yoriichi’s abilities but even then the model was far from Yoriichi’s level. His skill with swords easily dominated the Demon King Muzan Kibutsuji. He could kill his brother Kokushibo, Kokushibo who was the most powerful swordsman of the present If he had not died due to old age.

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yoriichi Swordsmanship

Sun Breathing was created by Yoriichi himself, who was the creator of the Sun Breathing Style that all styles that followed would be modelled on and later copied by Sumiyoshi who referred to it as Hinokami Kagura. 

Yoriichi was extremely adept with his Sun Breathing, being able to slay demons with ease and even thwart the Demon King as well as the strongest Upper rank. Tanjiro said that when Yoriichi did the tricks that he learned through Sun Breathing, the forms were stunningly beautiful and impressive He looked more like the spirit of the world than a man.

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Equipment yoriichi demon slayer

Equipment yoriichi demon slayer

A Standard Nichirin Katana: When he is Demon Slayer, Yoriichi carries around a normal sized and shaped Nichirin Katana, which is dark black, however it transforms bright red in combat. His katana’s hilt is a circular and has four small indentation lines, with the center being black and a gold border. Yoriichi’s katana has the words Slay written on the sides. Alongside his katana Yoriichi also wears the standard sword sheath.

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