Hells Paradise Characters : 35+ Characters Ranked And Skills Explained

Hells Paradise Characters

This is gonna be my first answer in quite some time, so I’ll list the top 30 strongest instead of the regular old ten. I will also be refraining from adding manga panels, lest the answer becomes far too long. Just brief descriptions would do. Please note that Banko-powered Zhu Jin will be excluded since it can’t be scaled one way or another. Below Is All informations About Hell’s Paradise Characters

Hells Paradise Characters

Who is The Main Characters Of Hell’s Paradise ?

Who is The Main Characters Of Hell's Paradise ?

The Main Character Of Hell’s Paradise is Gabimaru

Gabimaru is a ninja on death row with one chance to see his wife again — by finding the elixir of immortality on a supernatural island and delivering it to the shogun. Standing in his way are his fellow convicts and the fearsome beasts that roam the island, devouring or killing anyone they encounter.

List Of Hell’s Paradise Top 30+ characters ranked

Top 35 Strongest Hell’s Paradise Characters

|1| Rien

Rien Hells Paradise Characters

Rien is practically the strongest character in the series. She held her own against all of the remaining humans and nearly killed them at that. The only reason she lost was that the gang exploited her weakness (Jofuku) and caught her off-guard. It was trickery that brought Rien her demise. Though she did reappear and nearly devastate everyone.

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|2| Gabimaru


Gabi is by far the strongest human in Jigokuraku. Not only did he showcase a far better performance against Rien, but the Shinobi also outclassed nearly every other human if only by a slight margin. His impressive battle instincts, vast ninjutsu, insane physical capabilities, and amazing control over his Tao make him quite the ferocious enemy.

|3/4| Shugen


Shugen wields the uncanny ability to alter the attributes of his Tao, allowing him to damage nearly any adversary. This coupled with his immense knowledge and sword skills make him a deadly opponent enough to contend for the 3/4th spot.

|3/4| Jikka


While he may slack off quite often his strange ability allow him to contend with Shugen. Jikka’s unnatural technique allows him to not only figure out the safest and best attacking point but allow him to destroy a Lord Tensen level opponent fairly easily. This art or whatsoever is what I believe can be used to pit him at Shugen’s level.

|5| Chobe


The king of the bandits who achieved the body and abilities of a Lord Tensen, Chobe is arguably the 5th strongest character in Jigokuraku. His tenacity, adaptability, raw strength, and regenerative abilities come together and make him a force to mess with. His monster form allowed him to tackle many heavy hitters including Ju Fa and Gabimaru. In my humble opinion, no one deserves this position but him.

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|6| Shija


The sadistic/masochist Shinobi who lusts after Gabimaru, Shija has what it takes to compete for number 6 on this list. She possesses a greater array of ninjutsu than Gabimaru and matches it up with her strategic mind, to fight even Base Rien. Her black Ascetic Blaze is quite a nifty technique.

|7| Ju Fa-Tao Fa (Kishikai)

Ju Fa-Tao Fa (Kishikai)

While this form does come off as a Kishikai, I’ll be considering it a different being altogether since this is a fusion of two characters. This being can assume two separate forms, one suited for defense and the other for offense. I would’ve placed it higher than Shija but it’s lackluster in terms of feats. It did get taken down by a team of the Aza brothers and Fuchi along with Gentetsuya.

|8| Zhu Jin

Zhu Jin

Now, this might come off as controversial but I have my reasons. While this Lord Tensen might crave attention from his kin, he still did fight equally with Shion (for a while). Zhu Jin also was the first person to ever demonstrate a partial Kishikai form. This form might be featless but judging from Shion’s reaction followed by Zhu jin’s escape does suggest the dude’s power.

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|9/10| Gantetsuya


The infamous Blade-Dragon packs quite the punch. Gantetsuya demonstrated amazing finesse and skill with the blade but showcased destructive power with it as well. Enough to almost bring down Rien’s ship. While he originally did neglect the usage of Tao after accepting it he reached new heights. Putting him at this rank.

|9/10| Shion


Shion has quite some feats to back him up. Not only did he fight on par with Zhu Jin for some time, but he also managed to even gain the upper hand. Later against the Banko, he took down multiple Tensen clones, all while protecting Nurugai.

|11| Ju Fa

Ju Fa Hells Paradise Characters

Ju Fa is one of the strongest Lord Tensen without Kishikai. He manhandled both of the Aza brothers and later on kept up with the two of them even if by a slight margin. His Fire Tao also blesses him with extremely destructive power. Plus he’s narratively/contextually asserted to be stronger than the rest of the Lord Tensen (Zhu Jin’s Partial Transformation is another case).

|12/13| Ran

Ran Hells Paradise Characters

In terms of martial arts, Ran is the top of the cream amongst the Tensen. He fended off both Gabimaru and Yuzuriha who were both slightly out-matched at the moment. Ran has also demonstrated mild control over his Kishikai. Though he did wind up losing to the combined strategy of the two shinobi.

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|12/13| Tao Fa

Tao Fa Hells Paradise Characters

I would never have placed her in this spot lest it wasn’t for her connection with Ju Fa. The two are stated to be the one and the same, beings cut from the same cloth. This can be used to pit her relative to him, but it is generally disagreed with. Though she did put up an impressive performance against Gentetsuya and Fuchi before getting pummeled by them.

|14| Yuzuriha

Yuzuriha Hells Paradise Characters

She’s a tough piece of work. She fought relatively to Gabimaru albeit slightly against Ran and later was the only one who stood up to Isuzu. Normally I’d place Sagiri higher than her but Yuzuriha’s vaster arsenal and tricky personality win her this rank. Her healing techniques are also quite the troublesome factor.

|15| Sagiri

Sagiri Hells Paradise Characters

Now this here will bring me quite the hate. But I have my reasons. First of all, in most of her fights, Sagiri has been carried on by someone. Secondly, she doesn’t have much of a strong standing. Against Rien, she was only the linchpin of the plan as she was the only one who could harm the Lord Tensen. Moreover, Gabimaru’s statement about her being stronger refers more to the emotional and mental state rather than physically.

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|16/17| Kyomaru

Kyomaru Hells Paradise Characters

Kyo is a lackluster character in terms of feats. He’s relative to Isuzu and is good with the blade. Nothing else to be honest. But he did prove to be slightly stronger than characters like Fuchi and the like.

|16/17| Isuzu

Isuzu Hells Paradise Characters

Same reasoning as Kiyomaru.

|18| Toma

Toma Hells Paradise Characters

He doesn’t have much to say for himself. He is practically the same case as Sagiri. Apart from that Toma is quite the prodigy and seems to possess an unrivaled talent with the blade.

|19| Mu Dan

Mu Dan Hells Paradise Characters

Mu Dan is the weakest of all the Lord Tensen who have participated in a fight. He lacks complete control over his Kishikai form and is extremely cocky. But his large quantity of Tao and regenerative powers are what placed him at this spot.

|20| Fuchi


Fuchi is calm-headed and strategic. He was carried by others in nearly all of his fights. The only reason he made it this far is due to his skills and Tao control. Fundamentally that’s what puts him this high.

|21| Nurugai

Nurugai Hells Paradise Characters

The same case as Fuchi. Though her restorative powers are noteworthy.

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|22| Mei

Mei Hells Paradise Characters

Mei has little to go about. She stopped Mu Dan in his Kishikai, opened a crater in the ground, and cleared a couple of boats. Nothing else. The reason she’s below Mu Dan is that she’s not built for fighting and lacks the firepower. And her pacifist-type personality doesn’t help one bit.

|23| Gui Fa

Gui Fa

Gui Fa has no fighting feats. Nothing. It’s just that she’s strong and has the regular abilities of a Lord Tensen. That is why Gui Fa is on this rank.

|24/25| Centipede Doshi

Centipede Doshi

He overpowered both Gabimaru and Gentetsuya temporarily but eventually was utterly stomped by a Gabimaru who just began to manipulate Tao. His regenerative power is an added plus.

|24/25| Butterfly Doshi

Contextually speaking this thing is weaker than the above-mentioned thing. The only reason I say he’s interchangeable with the C-D is due to his control over grotesque butterflies which serve as a ranged attack.

|26| Rokurota

Rokurota Hells Paradise Characters

This giant is the physically strongest convict without the usage of Tao. Rokurota casually ripped apart trees, and physically overwhelmed Gabimaru.

|27| Osa

Osa Hells Paradise Characters

This shitty human has nothing to go by. All we know is that he’s skilled in genjutsu and should be strong as the head of Iwagakure.

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|28| Kichiji


The original head of the Yamada Asaemon he should be strong. There is literally nothing else to go by.

|29| Kumokiri


There exists only a statement regarding him. One that claims he should be relative to Gabimaru. Again not much to go by.

|30| Eizen

Eizen Hells Paradise Characters

He was the number one ranked Asaemon, but he died at the hands of a criminal. Nothing else.

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