Anime Couple : Our Top 65+

This list contains the 65 most adorable anime couple we love. To be included in this list, the couples must be either officially canon or heavily implied. Here are the 65 greatest anime couples ever:
Anime Couple

Love is everywhere, regardless of whether opposites attract or if they are similar personalities. When we think of anime and our favorite shows, we are often drawn to pairings of characters. We may even wish they were a couple and it results creation Anime Couple.

While many shows may focus on different genres, it’s nice to add romance to the mix. Fanboys and fangirls love to see two characters fall in LOVE. This makes them laugh, squeal, and sometimes even cry.

This list contains the 65 most adorable anime couple we love. To be included in this list, the couples must be either officially canon or heavily implied. Here are the 65 greatest anime couples ever:

65. Shuka Karino, Kaname Sudou

65. Shuka Karino, Kaname Sudou

Anime: Darwin’s Game

You are stronger if you don’t let it kill you. Whoever doesn’t kill me makes you their lover, I suppose.

The first sparks were certainly formed from clashing iron. The relationship seemed to be a power play at first.

However, I would be surprised if they didn’t begin to care for one another by the end of the series.

They were the dynamic couple. They were the spearhead that would bring down the very organization they had joined.

64. Shinra Kishitani and Celty Surluson

64. Shinra Kishitani and Celty Surluson

Anime: Durarara! !

This is a Beauty and the Beast version I didn’t see coming.

A headless horseman or horsewoman, Dullahan is an underground doctor.

It’s amazing to me how supportive they are of each other. Shinra, for example, isn’t bothered by Celty’s trapping him in spheres dark so that she can get shuteye.

In reverse, Celty forgave Shinra’s shady deeds.

It only matters to them that the love they have for each other is what it was. That’s beautiful. It’s enough to make even a grown man weep.

63. Krillin, Android 18

63. Krillin, Android 18

This is the most important W that the poor man has ever gotten in the entire DBZ series.

It was definitely worth it, I am certain.

It was fascinating to see just how far Krillin was willing to go to get Android 18. Also, It was only after a cheeky smile.

It was a great payoff for all of us when his feelings were repaid.

Android 18 is a truly evil android, and it’s hilarious to see her next the short king.

62. Meruem und Komugi

mereum and Komugi

This is where I am going to go out on a limb. The two were shown as being in love. It seems that some kind of love was present.

Komugi was the one who made Meruem possible. Komugi was a little sweetheart and a true sexy nerd in Gungi.

We saw the love Meruem had for Komugi even before that bird incident.

Their final scene is one of my favourite scenes in anime. It was tragic and yet inspiring. Even Meruem could find someone to share his final moments.

61. Zero Two and Hiro

61. Zero Two and Hiro

You don’t meet your soulmate every day by having them leap out of a river naked and holding a fish in each mouth.

It is actually quite rare.

This relationship was initially one-sided. To be more specific, Zero Two got a pet that she really loves.

It’s amazing how fast that relationship grew.

By that I mean, they seemed to be like kindred spirits in the last scenes of the show, roaming the cosmos together for comfort.

It’s very romantic, even though it is extremely dangerous.

60. Goku and Chi Chi

60. Goku and Chi Chi

Chi Chi is a bad character for constantly shouting at Goku or Gohan. We must remember the other side.

First, Chi Chi waited so long for Goku. Waiting for him fulfill his promise to her.

Second, Goku should be shouted at occasionally. This man’s brain is nothing but a bicep.

To be truthful, I have always included fighting and Goku on this list. It’s clear, however, that they were meant to be together when you look at the Dragon Ball series and Chi Chi’s most sincere moments in Dragon Ball Z.

59. Lelouch Lamperouge and Kallen Stadtfeld

Kallen and lelouch code geass

Anime Code Geass

It is a shame that “Starting a Revolution” takes so much time. I would love to have seen these two spend more quality time together, even if it meant that they weren’t dying.

Their love is evident. It was not meant to be. They were both ambitious and cared about the future of their children more than anything else.

We do get confirmation of how they feel just before Lelouch performed his Caesar treatment. It is mostly up to our imagination.

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58. Kaoru and Hajime tsunashi

58. Kaoru and Hajime tsunashi

These two goals should be a core part of the anime community.

It is not uncommon to see a boyfriend/husband described as an otaku. It’s rare to see his girlfriend/wife really try to understand him, and not just make a bunch of silly jokes.

Kaoru is not without her quirks. They just seem to be a happy couple. It’s difficult to imagine them being separated.

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57. Haru and Legoshi

57. Haru and Legoshi

Let’s not pretend that I am a furry. These two were incredible.

It was not even the “oh, my god they are so cute together/this might be us but you’re playing” kind of amazing.

It was not, it was very realistic.

Their relationship is more complicated. Even though it isn’t desired, the struggle for power is real.

Everything felt heavy when side characters like Juno and my Dear hitman were added to the mix. It was wonderful.

56. Haruhi and Tamaki

56. Haruhi and Tamaki

A high school romance is a great thing. The “Ouran High School Student Host Club” is the perfect place to find love. It looks great between Haruhi, Tamaki.

Haruhi is a humble, studious girl who found herself among the ‘rich kids’ at her new high-school, where she was admitted through merit.

Tamaki notices that she is not hiding behind a tomboyish appearance.

Although Tamaki initially believed Haruhi was a different boy and was self-centered, she soon learned the truth and became protective of Haruhi. This in turn leads to a blossoming romance between them.

The viewers are eager to see these two fall in love. True-love anime couples don’t. They bring out the best in each other.

55. Naruto and Hinata

Naruto And Hinata

The “Naruto Shippuuden”, and “Naruto Naruto” series provided plenty of action, as well as a lot of lovey-dovey moments with Naruto or Hinata.

This anime series is not shounen, but it does allow for some romantic bonding. This show is filled with many tragic scenes, some of them linked to the tension between Naruto and Hinata.

Due to their shared childhood, this couple could be described as ‘childhood sweethearts’. They trained together and fought for the same causes. You agree that like-minded couples are the best.

As anyone familiar with the series will know, Naruto was often unaware of Hinata’s crush. It’s good to know that Hinata didn’t give up easily. The most memorable moments of romance in anime were created by her bravery and Naruto’s charming naivete.

54. Inuyasha and Kagome

54. Inuyasha and Kagome

For anime fans, the name “Inuyasha”, is both familiar and nostalgic. The show is infused with beauty and balance by the romance between Inuyasha, Kagome, and aside from the thrills and action.

It is nice to see Inuyasha, a half-demon and mistrustful, overcome his love failures and open up to Kagome.

This anime is full of brilliant reincarnation stories. This is Inuyasha’s former love Kikyo. However, we won’t reveal any spoilers because it might be confusing for some.

There are many negative emotions that these darlings experience before Inu allows Kago to show her true love for him.

These two anime lovers can be described as complex and tortuous. He is teased by her, which only makes it more appealing to viewers to support this pair.

53. Sawako and Shouta

53. Sawako and Shouta

In “Kimi ni Todoke”, we got a glimpse at the repressed passion between these two. Shouta is the man every girl dreams of.

From the first time they meet, their flirtation is evident. When it comes to Sawako doing things for other guys, he even shows his jealousy.

This romantic couple is a great example of anime romance. They have many’silent loves’ moments that complement the shy and sweet elements.

It’s safe to say that every fan of the series waited eagerly for the moment when the two lovers would share their feelings for one another.

52. Yuu Otosaka, Nao Tomori

52. Yuu Otosaka, Nao Tomori

Anime Charlotte

It was obvious from the very beginning that they had chemistry. The trolling angel Ayumi pointed this out.

It was not something I thought much about.

To explain how these two became goals for me, I will have to use spoilers.

Nao followed Yuu around secretly after the yandere junior episode when Yuu went crazy. Because she knew that he was mad at the world, she didn’t stop him from going on his rampage. He was getting close to the end, but she intervened and stopped him.

This, combined with the final scene of the series, makes these two goals pure.

51. Kaori and Kousei

51. Kaori and Kousei

These two lovebirds were introduced to us in the anime series “Your Lie In April”. They created some of most intense emotions you’ll ever see among couples in anime.

Their relatability to viewers is evident through their ‘baggage and ‘complicated histories’ which has made them likable.

Many people believe that their naive teenage years are the best time to have a romantic relationship. This is exactly what Kaori and Kousei bring into the anime world and their fans have enjoyed seeing them do it.

Imagine finding happiness and peace in someone you don’t know. Although it may sound cliché, these two men make it possible.

50. Kyou and Tohru

50. Kyou and Tohru

We turn to “Fruits Basket” for some nice bad-boy-meets-nice-girl romance. Kyou, a troublemaker with a fiery temper, and Tohru (a teen filled with hopes and dreams of sweet romance), create some great chemistry in this anime.

Tohru doesn’t just have Kyou to think of, she also has the opportunity to explore love with her roommates. The show also shows her progress in learning about the curse of Sohma.

49. Misaki and Usui

49. Misaki and Usui

The story content of “Kaichou wa Maid-Sama”, which was released in Japan, gave anime fans plenty of things to look forward too. They also got to see a romance couple, whose interactions left viewers feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Misaki is a girl who has ‘daddy problems’ and mistrusts men and boys in general. Takumi seems determined to change everything.

Misaki is one those strong female characters that you immediately root for. And when it comes down to her past, you feel for her in many ways.

Because of her poverty, she has to work one side and study the other. Takumi is a kind and understanding person. Soon, they fall in love.

All this, despite Misaki’s mistrust of him. Takumi continues to prove that she can trust him. Their relationship is adorable and subtle. The tension between them is a joy to watch.

48. Holo And Lawrence

48. Holo And Lawrence

To appreciate the intense relationship between Holo (Spice And Wolf) and Lawrence (Lawrence), you need to be a very special fan. Holo is a wolf god and doesn’t hide her bushy tail and pointy ears.

Her travel partner is Lawrence, a merchant and businessman. Holo is a flirty, but Lawrence is uncomfortable around normal women.

Their relationship develops slowly, almost at a glacial rate, in fits and ends. The character-couple idea was a great way to increase tension and make for memorable viewing.

This unconventional couple must make important decisions and crossroads. They clearly have a mutual need, but they are willing to work together no matter what.

47. Ichigo And Rukia

47. Ichigo And Rukia

We want to point out that “Bleach” is more than just romance. To fully appreciate the subtlety and tension between Ichigo & Rukia, you must see it.

These two anime lovebirds share a lot in common. They also experience many hardships together, which keeps them both swinging back into one another’s orbits.

They will always find a way to get back together, no matter what. This is a sign of their deep love and longing.

46. Kurisu And Okabe

46. Kurisu And Okabe

These two lovebirds seem to be destined for each others. Are you looking for love and time-travel?

“Stein’s Gate”, one of the most popular anime shows, is made even more memorable by beautifully written relationships such as the one between Okabe & Kurisu. Their love triumphs over all obstacles.

These two were first connected by a mutual love of science. Text messages that transcend time and space and all the possibilities they offer are the plot of this story.

The ‘age gap” between the two of them is because Kurisu is visiting scientist and Okabe is student at the university Okabe visits. The two of them are on a one-way road to romance, thanks to long lab hours and many interesting discoveries.

45. Ryuuji and Taiga

45. Ryuuji and Taiga

“Toradora”, a popular romcom anime, lives up to its promise and gives viewers a unique blossoming relationship.

Ryuuji & Taiga are a rom-com pairing that is beloved by anime fans. They bring some great elements to the show. These two have a high school style and are full of cuteness.

It begins as a love square, with the two main characters hoping that their crushes (who may be someone else) will reciprocate their feelings. They eventually connect and develop a romantic relationship.

There is tension between Ryuuji’s caring attitude and Taiga’s initial cold stance. One can’t help but wish these two would meet halfway.

44. Winry and Edward

44. Winry and Edward

There are many tragic stories in “Fullmetal Alchemist”, but it doesn’t lack a strong romance component. These two childhood sweethearts bring their unique alchemy to the show.

Their bond is one of best friends, and blossoms into a strong romantic relationship.

Both went through a lot together. Winry was present when Edward had his mecha-surgery after an accident that took his limbs.

Although they argue quite a bit, she stands by him at end of day. It’s a lovely romance set in a tragic storyline that has many fans rooting for its main characters.

43. Risa and Otani

43. Risa and Otani

If you see an anime called “Lovely Complex”, chances are that the writers were very focused on romantic character arcs.

They did this and gave viewers two of anime’s most romantic love-dovey duos. It’s hilarious to see Risa, the tallest girl in the show, warm up to Otani, the shortest boy in the class.

This anime couple, who started out as friends, challenges stereotypes and pursues love in all the right places. Their constant bickering is pure romantic pre-eminence bliss. They are obsessed with all things in common, from menus to events.

Otani can be a bit jerky at times, but these two are still adorable and hilarious.

42. Banri and Koko

42. Banri and Koko

Another masterpiece by the creators of “Toradora”, is an anime called “Golden Time”. This fan-favorite anime depicts Banri and Koko’s college romance during their early years of university.

The two of them explore every aspect of life, from classes to clubs, and end up discovering each other. Although the spark between them is small at first, it becomes a huge fire as the show progresses through its 24-episode run.

The viewers learn about Banri’s memory loss and Koko’s childhood abandonment issues. These two are united in the most adorable ways by the tragedy.

41. Mikasa And Eren

41. Mikasa And Eren

The show’s name, “Attack on Titan”, conjures up images of other-worldly creatures and a post-apocalyptic world. This anime has a strong romance theme, with Mikasa (or Eren) as the center.

These two characters are just as famous as the show, and with good reason.

They have a strikingly different relationship. She has difficulty opening up and he is not afraid to speak his mind at all. They also have a maturity difference in that they act more like parents and children than romantically.

The passion they share for each other is well-known to viewers, beginning with the Titan encounter and continuing on to the Titan’s rescue.

40. Victor And Yuuri

40. Victor And Yuuri

Entoin is not a group of bigots, and we aren’t ashamed to discuss LGBTQ topics.

Yuuri and Victor are the first couple to be mentioned on this list. Couples can be all kinds of love. Fans were treated to a real pair-up in the anime sports “Yuri On Ice”.

Their interactions are as authentic as their relationship. They have a strong connection and each other is motivated to succeed. It’s a bond that is built on an emotional and motivating need.

Fans love the fact that their connection isn’t forced.

39. Celty and Shinra

39. Celty and Shinra

The anime “Durarara” is a very exciting one! Two lovers were brought into each other’s lives by “Durarara!”

Celty and Shinra are redefining the term “odd couple”. The series takes viewers through a bizarre series of life-moments about the residents of Ikebukuro. Celty is a headless fairy.

She travels to Japan to search for a head. There, she meets Shinra Kishitani who is a scientist trying to learn more about her.

He falls in love with Celty during this time. Celty, who is unable to communicate verbally, uses text messaging to send her thoughts to Shinra. The scientist is also a favorite of hers, which leads to some of the most charming romances in anime.

While secrets and slip-ups are part of this show’s roles, fans loved the way that these two lovers complimented one another.

38. Chiyo and Umetarou

38. Chiyo and Umetarou

Imagine asking your crush out on date and then being met with a huge misunderstanding. This is exactly what happens in “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun”, when high schooler Chiyo tells Umetarou Nozaki she has feelings about him.

Umetarou, a prominent shoujo manga author, misunderstands her intentions and assumes that she is a fan.

Chiyo Sakura, a heartbroken man, settles for friendship and becomes Umetarou’s assistant. The man is still unaware of her love for her, but the show creates so many romantic interactions between them that they can’t help but wish to go all out.

37. Kamina and Yoko

37. Kamina and Yoko

“Gurren lagann”, a beloved anime classic, provides anime fans with a lot of entertainment and memorable viewing. Kamina Littner and Yoko Littner, two exquisitely crafted characters, are a perfect example of this.

Most of the story unfolds in a village below the ground. Simon and Kamina become friends when they reach the surface to find sniper-girl Yoko.

Kamina is a bit of a playboy and doesn’t hesitate to get on Yoko. Yoko does not appreciate this. Amazing storytelling lines lead the anime to a story that puts them on a path to finding love.

This unforgettable kiss on the battlefield sealed the love-lovey relationship between the two. You have to watch the anime to see what they did together.

36. Yuzuru And Kanade

36. Yuzuru And Kanade

The name “Angel Beats” will be familiar to most anime fans. Its emotional narrative is a hit with viewers all over the world, not to mention the many fans Yuzuru Okonashi and Kanade Takibana have amassed.

It’s quite literally a new world with the souls of those who have died on Earth living in purgatory-like high schools. A certain SSS brigade attempts to defeat god and get back to their normal lives.

As uncomfortable as all this may sound, the show is guaranteed to make you cry, especially certain moments between Angel (an antagonistic supernatural-power-wielding girl) and Otonashi (who is stuck in limbo).

They are drawn to one another and soon Angel learns that Angel is Kanade Tachibana, her true name and that she is also dead. They begin to work together to save others from the harsh afterlife.

The show’s writing is a credit to the way emotions bloom. This story is very emotional and the two lovers from different worlds are bound to meet again in another life.

35. Simon and Nia

35. Simon and Nia

After having just written about a couple of anime lovers in “Gurren Lagann”, we feel compelled to write about another couple of lovebirds from this show.

Simon, the main character, often accompany Kamina. The character is reserved and shy, but viewers were able to see how he was often pushed around at show’s beginning.

His storyline grows more confident thanks to the anime’s great writing. He finally meets Nia, who is a beautiful girl and one of the most memorable characters in the anime.

It’s interesting to see her as an inhuman. Simon is a great source of information.

They do have a proposal and a marriage. We don’t believe that Dai Gurren was responsible for this. Simon and Nia were able to overcome their differences through pure chemistry and true love.

34. Tomoya and Nagisa

Tomoya And Nagisa

Many anime fans will tell you that “Clannad” has one of the greatest romance stories ever.

Nagisa Furukawa takes Tomoya Okazaki, a delinquent, under her wing. She teaches him how to love regardless of what has happened in his life. These are two characters that you must see anime to love.

Tomoya slowly learns to be thankful for everything he has, including his family and friends. Nagisa is a beloved character in anime. However, he also has a mysterious illness.

She gives Tomoya confidence and helps Nagisa have something to look forward too each day. They will also get married, which is the conclusion to an extremely meaningful story-arc that will make anime fans want to watch it again and again.

33. Tatsumi And Mine

33. Tatsumi And Mine

While “Akame ga Kill”, isn’t everyone’s idea, it is a romantic anime. The writers managed to weave in a unique love story arc. This one is a strong contender in the Shounen series.

You are not the only one who started rooting for Tatsumi or Akame. The way Tatsumi and Mine were presented on this show is amazing.

Although she was initially distant and harsh, Mine becomes a friend to Tatsumi. It makes for an adorable video. Assassins have their own challenges.

Mine finally starts to show another side of her, and it’s towards Tatsumi. This anime is a tragic example of a budding romance.

32. Yato And Iki

32. Yato And Iki

The movie “Noragami” presented some fascinating concepts about gods and goddesses. In this story, humans live as spirits in their own world.

Iki Hiyori, one such human, discovers her life is turned upside down when she meets Yato, a god in human form, and sees her soul separated from her body. Who said that risking your life to help someone else didn’t have a cost?

Yato is not an all-powerful god. However, she is a goofy individual who is obsessed with accumulating wealth and riches. Iki, however, wants to go back to her normal student life.

As she grows older, she discovers more than inspiration from Yato. She also finds love. They feel the other’s feelings and they begin to learn more about each other.

31. Hinata and Yui

31. Hinata and Yui

Okay, so we feel guilty for not mentioning two other incredible lovebirds. These are only from the anime “Angel Beats”.

The show’s main characters aren’t as talented as the interactions between Hinata Hideki and Yui.

As the show progresses, there’s also a truly heart-warming moment between them.

The tension between them was evident in their character arcs, even though they were not the most lovable. The two anime idols open up to each other after learning more about their past. From there, it’s uphill to peak romance.

30.  Anime Couple – Yamato and Takeo

30. Yamato and Takeo

The anime “My Love Story”, which is not shoujo, brought us into the lives and loves of Takeo Gouda (and Yamato Rinko) instead of the traditional shoujo anime. These two are an unusual couple.

The guy isn’t the ‘pretty boy,’ for which all girls fall in love.

Gouda, the main male protagonist in this anime is just as outgoing as he is generous. The complex sentiment attracts the pretty, petite Yamato to him. Even by anime standards, it’s quite a refreshing love story.

It is quite notable to see Gouda’s friend, who is a relatively attractive woman, playing the active role as ‘bro’ and supporting the love-struck couple.

Yato with his heartbreaking past and love-sickness, and Iki’s initial ignorance about the god’s growing affection for her. These two became one of the most adorable couples in anime, with lots of romance tension.

29.  Anime Couple – Yuta And Rikka

Yuta And Rikka

“Love, Chuunibyou, and Other Delusions,” certainly lives up to its title. This anime is a great choice for fans who enjoy watching their favorite characters get lost in their fantasy worlds.

These ‘escapees” become their own fictional characters in these fictional worlds. Yuta is attracted to Rikka romantically. They are connected by a common weirdness.

Yuta, the main character of the show, is not only weighed down by a painful past but he also finds that he succumbs to his ‘delusions’ all too often. He enters high school with a fresh perspective and hopes for a fresh start.

Rikka, a girl who reminds him about his past, is then introduced to him. He is drawn to her because he knows that she suffers from ‘delusions.’ His interest in her grows over time. This show contrasts’silly fantasies” with deep narratives.

28.  Anime Couple – Natsuki and Emilia

Natsuki and Emilia Anime Couple

Re: Zero is a realm of fantasy that is not afraid to die. It quickly became one of the most recognizable anime series.

Natsuki Subaru finds himself in an ethereal realm where he meets Emilia. Emilia is a young girl who longs for a lost pendant and initially lies about her name. He experiences many life-and-death moments that lead to his death, and some of them actually lead him to his death.


Every time he is attacked, a life reset occurs and each part of his story unravels. This is how his love for Emilia develops: repeatedly, and again, again.

Their emotional connection is anything but boring. It’s beautifully written. They find a special kind of love in each other as they navigate a mysterious world and keep one another safe.

27.  Anime Couple – Kenshiro And Yuria

Kenshiro And Yuria Anime Couple

Fans were plunged into an emotional tale in the anime “Fist of the North Star”, which was a masterpiece of animation.

Kenshiro and Yuria, their fiance, were searching the nuclear wasteland of their world in search of a place to call home. However, Kenshiro’s rival plans are different and he continues to kidnap Yuria.

After a fierce face-off, Kenshiro sets off to find his love, which proves extremely difficult. He does find her, and his efforts are not futile.

Yuria took her own life to deny Kenshiro the pleasure of having kidnapped and abducted her. Yuria, who is still alive, makes her suicide seem clever. It is a joy to watch the emotional ups and downs of this anime. The story lives up to all of its promises.

26.  Anime Couple – Usagi and Mamoru

Usagi and Mamoru Anime Couple

Imagine anime with secret identities and superheroes. This is what “Sailor Moon,” has done for us.

Mamoru Chiba and Usagi Tsukino are two students who fall for one another without knowing their true identities. They try to protect one another from danger, despite what appears like playful play.

They discover the truth about each other, and they become a superhero. The story shifts seamlessly to a brilliant theme of’saving the planet from evil’, and Usagi and Mamoru fall in love more deeply.

This is one of the most beautiful relationships in anime. The couple has a happy marriage and has a child.

25.  Anime Couple – Lelouch and C.C.

Lelouch and C.C. Anime Couple

Fans will always remember “Code Geass” as a remarkable anime. The same is true for the relationship between Lelouchvi Britannia (C.C.)

The series contains many thought-provoking stories and political themes, but the writers made a charming couple-up. Both have troubled pasts.

Lelouch, a powerful prince, is leading Japan’s revolution against the oppressive government. C.C. C.C.

Lelouch can use his Geass abilities to win the fight by transferring her own potential to increase his. This is the best way to connect the two of them in the most heartwarming and touching ways.

This is evident in Lelouch’s ability to see C.C.’s past lives and more. C.C. C.C.

The romance between the two is a wonderful relief in a very serious anime.

24.  Anime Couple – Saki And Akira

Saki And Akira Anime Couple

This is a very bizarre anime. Saki travels to Washington D.C. as part of her graduation trip. Saki encounters a naked Japanese male running through the streets.

After spending time with him, she learns about his life and decides to return to her homeland with him.

Akira Takizawa is the naked man. He meets people in Japan who allow him to join a club where a million yen is given to its members. It is believed that the money will be used to save Japan.

Are you finding this crazy enough? There’s more. Saki partners with Akira, and she reopens the “Eden of the East” club from which this anime is named.

Fans see Saki enjoying Akira’s antics as the two grow to respect one another. They have an adorable relationship that few anime couples can match.

23.  Anime Couple – Isaac and Miria

Isaac and Miria Anime Couple

It is not surprising that you have come to expect anime couples to be great, at least to a certain extent. These two next ones are quite criminal, quite literally.

The anime “Baccano!” “Baccano!” is the anime that takes us to Prohibition, where Isaac Dian (and Miria) are the costume-wearing robbers that every anime fan must see.

The “pair of idiotic thieves and lovers” display a surprising level of trust between them. They also have very unusual targets, which adds a lot of humor to the show.

These crazy lovebirds are worthy to be on this list. They were named Anime News Network’s 2009 Duo of The Year’.

22.  Anime Couple – Ringo and Itsuki

Ringo and Itsuki Anime Couple

Aggressive sporting craze meets skating. This and many other things can be found in “Air Gear”, the anime. Itsuki “Ikki”, Minami and Ringo Noyamano have been two of the most beloved characters in the series. This is evident considering how far you’ve come.

Itsuki, a street-fighting criminal, lives with four adopted “sisters”, who are actually just members of different street gangs.

Ringo, a member of the Sleeping Forest team, is in. Itsuki now sees Ringo as a potential romantic interest. This show is all about emotional balance.

21.  Anime Couple – Kei And Hikari

Kei And Hikari Anime Couple

Another example of a competitive couple is “Special A”. Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima battle it out in completely different arenas. Since their childhoods, they have been fighting each other.

Their ‘rivalry’ intensifies now that they are both in high school. Hikari is often second to Kei academically. They also have a third thing in common.

Hikari considers Kei an important person in her life. Kei knows that he is falling for Hikari. They strike up a connection and they begin to give in to their romantic desires and whims.

It is a pleasant view, especially in the context of the fierce competition that characterizes this anime.

20.  Anime Couple – Ichigo And Orihime

Ichigo And Orihime Anime Couple

We have already covered Ichigo’s bonding to Rukia, and it is still a very popular topic.

Only a fool of an anime fan would fail to notice the lingering flames between Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue in “Bleach”. There are fandoms that support either Team Rukia or Team Orihime.

Orihime’s long-standing school-centric crush upon Ichigo finally shows, disappointing many fans.

The looks on Team Rukia’s faces are amazing!

It was a strong bond that developed between Ichigo, Orihime and made it incredibly satisfying for Team Orihime. These two shared a love for fans that was unbreakable, from battle-centric scenes to everyday moments. They even gave their fans a baby.

19.  Anime Couple – Maka and Evans

Maka and Evans Anime Couple

Our next lovebirds are almost in a convenient location. Death Weapon Meister Academy members must find the right partners. The role of meister is fulfilled by one partner while the other performs the duties of weapon.

This is how Maka Albarn & Soul Eater Evans were matched. They share a deep bond that may help them on the battlefield.

Although they may have different personalities, their mutual trust in one another suggests a romantic connection. It’s fascinating to see their character-arcs, from infantile to mature battle-partners.

Their romance is one of the most teased of all time. It is filled with tension and subtlety, which is itself a fight.

The writers could not confirm that these two were officially married, even though they had been shown in the anime “Soul Eater”.

18.  Anime Couple – Kakeru And Naho

Kakeru And Naho Anime Couple

This anime is classic-tale, so it may use tropes that might give you that ‘I’ve seen that somewhere’ feeling. The anime “Orange” gave fans a story that included a letter from the future that helped guide them to a friend in distress, and one that leads to falling in love.

Naho was convinced by the letter she received from her past self that it was real when this happened.

Enter Kakeru, the transfer student. The flames fly between the two of them immediately. Naho realizes that Kakeru is at risk and she has to do everything in her power to keep him safe.

You will find more and more letters arriving, which makes for riveting storytelling. These two couples are expressing a message through their romance: Life should be lived with no regrets. This is a love that transcends time and space.

17.  Anime Couple – Akihiko And Misaki

Akihiko And Misaki Anime Couple

This Yaoi anime series, which is ‘boys love,’ “Junjou Romantica”, by Shungiku Nagura, gives us a glimpse at a few LGBTQ characters that have been a standard in romantic anime couples.

The story spans three stories and focuses on the romance arcs of three beautifully crafted characters.

This anime is a tribute to the manga series of the same name. It offers viewers an emotional look into the world of same-sex relationships, and the struggle to accept oneself.

Misaki Takahashi, Akihiko Usami are the main love-pair. Fans enjoyed the contributions of Hiroki Kamijou, Nowaki Kusama to the show. There are many admirers of Shinobu Takatsuki and Yoh Miyagi.

16.  Anime Couple – Ryu and Urara

16. Ryu and Urara Anime Couple

It was thrilling to watch Ryu Yamada and Urara Schiraishi in “Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches”. The story of their love begins with simple steps: they go to a witch school and meet seven witches. They then learn new powers by kissing.

The anime is funny, despite sounding corny. Ryu is capable of body-swapping by a kiss, which makes this even more obvious.

Urara and Ryu exchange their bodies completely by accident. There are many revelations, but the most memorable part of this series was how the two lovers began to see each other with fresh eyes.

Consider that Ryu was a delinquent man for a time leading up to the “moment” and Urara was an accomplished student who felt isolated from her social circle.

They begin to open up to each other and start expressing their feelings. The rest is, as they say in romantic anime history.

15.  Anime Couple – Misato and Kaji

15. Misato and Kaji Anime Couple

Fans of “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, the anime series, are most interested in Shinji and other EVA pilots pairing up. Kaji Ryoji and Misato Katsuragi often take the romance spotlight. They share a deep past together.

Fans saw the conflict between Misato and Kaji when Kaji made a return to NERV turf. This dynamic made their relationship quite interesting, as evidenced by the moments when Kaji teases Misato. It is worth watching his reactions.

They are a romantic pair of anime characters. Misato is the every girl loves him’ type and Kaji the strong female character’ type.

Fans have been hoping that Misato’s and Kaji’s relationship will grow from the first date to the time they start to feel more for each other.

14.  Anime Couple – Nana and Ren

14. Nana and Ren Anime Couple

Fans of anime have found one of the most unique and intriguing narratives in “Nana”. Two young females are featured in the show, each called Nana. Nana Komatsu is a boy-crazy, energetic girl. Nana Osaki is a singer who loves gothic fashion.

It is enough to say that they have completely different views on life and love. Ren Honjo, however, was a spark in Osaki’s life. They once shared a band. They parted ways prematurely after he moved to Tokyo to join Trapnest.

After moving to Tokyo, Ren meets Komatsu again when she invites her to a concert.

This is the second scene in a dating scene between these two lovers. Fans of the series are left wondering what caused them to break up when they had such great chemistry.

Their common desire to be successful in the music industry helps them to grow their bonds.

13.  Anime Couple – Panty and Brief

13. Panty and Brief Anime Couple

Panty & Stocking is one of the most bizarre anime couples, and a hilarious show at that.

Also, Panty doesn’t like falling in love. In fact, she would rather have ‘different flavours’ than just one. Brief enters her life to try and date her, and she is verbally abused.

He persists in asking her out, leading to various romantic tensions. However, Panty continues to reject him.

These two characters are in an adult anime that is both inappropriate and sweet. Panty and Brief may not be the most romantic anime couple.

They are both funny and the tension is real.

12.  Anime Couple – Satomi And Shinichi

 Satomi And Shinichi Anime Couple

Parasyte is described as disturbing, unnerving and sickening. The writers also included a lovely element of romance in the main sci-fi story.

Shinichi Izumi, a timid high school student, discovers that an alien parasite is living in his left arm. That’s right.

This show is full of aliens taking over humans and death to match. Shinichi appears to have remarkable control over his mind, despite the fact an alien is trying to take advantage of him. His classmate and crush is Satomi Murano.

For a long time, this girl has felt a connection with Shinichi. Despite Shinichi becoming less human, they still find a way for them to connect.

11.  Anime Couple – Yukako and Koichi

11. Yukako and Koichi Anime Couple

Fans of anime will smile when they hear the title “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure : Diamond is Unbreakable”. They will be happy to know that the emphasis is on the word “bizarre”. This is not your usual anime.

The female lead is a stalker-ish, strong-featured young lady who falls in love with the shy, short Koichi while also emitting potent ‘crazy obsessional stalker’ vibes.

Another Stand user misleads her and promises to make her beautiful. As they try to solve this complicated predicament (you will see how complicated it is when you watch the anime), Yukako & Koichi become closer.

The two of them fall in love and begin dating. The character arcs of their characters are remarkable.

10.  Anime Couple – Nanami and Tomoe

10. Nanami and Tomoe Anime Couple

“Kamisama Kiss”, a heartbreaking anime, depicts Nanami Momozomo, a young girl who is homeless after her father leaves due to debt worries.

Fans will find many interesting scenes in the plot narrative. The most memorable is Nanami’s rescue of Mikage, and she is then given a roof to shelter her head.

She meets a character named Tomoe in her new home. Nanami learns later that this is Mikage’s familiar, or ‘yokai’ as it were. He eventually falls in love with her, but she meets resistance from the yokai.

Tomoe eventually gives in to Nanami’s wishes and accepts her feelings. This romance feels more meaningful and heartwarming than it is inappropriate because of how well the story is written. To truly believe this anime, you only need to watch it.

9.  Anime Couple – Saito and Louise

9. Saito and Louise Anime Couple

The anime “Zero No Tsukaima” features a magical academy and a more magical romance.

When Louise discovers that she is a complete failure in her magic studies, it all starts. She doesn’t realize that her spell-based blasts lead to a romantic explosion. Because she is so terrible at what her job entails, Louise the Zero is her nickname.

She attempts to summon a familiar, but she summons a normal Japanese boy named Saito who she treats more as a servant than friend.

Slowly, her initial reaction to him is transformed into something more pleasant. She learns to appreciate the support and services Saito provides. This anime is full of anticipation for their meeting.

8.  Anime Couple – Haru And Shizuku

8. Haru And Shizuku Anime Couple

The show shows that opposites can attract. In “My Little Monster” fans see this happen through the studious top-of-her-class Shizuku and the troublemaking rarely-shows-up-to-class Haru, who sits beside her in school. When Haru is asked by Shizuku to deliver papers, the bond between them blossoms.

Although there are rumors that Haru is violent, we see a gentle side of Haru around Shizuku. This suggests a possible romance. This is evident in Shizuku’s willingness to put aside her cold reputation and become caring when Haru is around.

This anime is all about bringing together two outcasts to make them work. This anime shows how first impressions can be faulty. Fans got one of the most romantic anime couples.

7.  Anime Couple – Yuuko And Teiichi

It is believed that love transcends both death and life. The anime “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia” features paranormal investigations and budding romance through the eyes Teiichi & Yuuko.

Two of the most memorable pairings in anime are made in a haunted setting. Teiichi, a schoolboy, meets Yuuko, a ghost-girl. He learns about her past and how she died many years ago.

Her spirit is tied to the school building that Teiichi attended as a child. Yuuko initially develops feelings for Teiichi. However, the boy’s energetic efforts to help her spirit find peace give fans a lesson on unconditional love.

6.  Anime Couple – Ban And Elaine

6. Ban And Elaine Anime Couple

The anime “The Seven Deadly Sins” showed how fans were spoiled for great relationships.

Although the animation quality is not exceptional, the show depicts two characters in a way that is truly unique, even by anime standards. Elaine and Ban are so very different, yet so much attracted to one another. Their physical encounters can be almost palpable.

Imagine a shrewd Ban falling in love with a fragile fairy Elaine. Even if he’s still romantically involved with a former lover, he never loses sight of her.

Elaine is saved by him, and he goes the extra mile to save her. This makes anime more about creating emotional stories than breaking characters. Although theirs is a brief-term romance, Lao Tzu once stated that “The flame twice as bright burns half the time.”

5.  Anime Couple – Yuki And Zero

5. Yuki And Zero Anime Couple

It’s a great idea to combine vampire and human students at an academy that is known for its mystery.

Yuki Cross seems to have made it her duty to keep vampires and people apart. Zero, a former vampire turned human, is her encounter. In the anime “Vampire Knight”, the two forbidden darlings find love and fall hard for each other.

Zero tries to resist the temptation to drink Yuki’s blood. It is a pleasure to see his efforts to protect her from harm. Yuki can’t decide between Zero or another guy at the academy.

You might be thinking of ‘Twilight,’ but this show is superior in many ways. Zero and her get married and have a child near the end of the series. They find a way for Zero to become human again around this time.

4.  Anime Couple – Izumi And Ryouma

4. Izumi And Ryouma Anime Couple

Love Stage! is a show about show business. “Love Stage!” transports us to an alternate reality entertainment industry dominated by Izumi’s family. Izumi is an aspiring manga author. His attempts to balance his personal goals with the demands of his family are very relatable.

The manga series of Japanese yaoi mangas focuses on same-sex relationships. There is a lot of subtext when Izumi is given a female role in production. We also see how Ryouma, his stage partner, is attracted to him as if he were a real girl.

These two begin to form a wonderful bond even when the cat is outta the bag. This drives the show’s story.

3.  Anime Couple – Futaba and Kou

3. Futaba and Kou Anime Couple

Rare people forget their first love. This anime, “Ao Haru Rider”, takes us into the lives Kou and Futaba. They bring a unique and complex-and-cute romance with anime.

Futaba meets her ex-love Kou at high school. She feels repulsed by the “new Kou” and he has changed a lot since they last met.

Kou, who was once kind and compassionate, has now become rude and insensitive to her. She is drawn closer to Kou’s change of attitude and wants to help them both understand why it happened.

Futaba falls in love with Kou over and over, changing his life for the better. This anime is romantic and beautiful.

2.  Anime Couple – Hak and Yona

2.  Anime Couple -  Hak and Yona

In the anime series “Yona of the Dawn”, a royal romance unfolds between Hak (who have had their fair share of tragic moments) and Yona (who are now the next in line to the throne). Yona follows Hak to the throne.

A rather spoilt princess, her birthday is turned out to be a tragic one as her father the King is murdered in cold blood by her cousin. With the help of Hak, her trusted bodyguard, she is forced to flee the village.

They explore together a world of legendary dragons and multiple kingdoms. And how they can reincarnate the former.

Hak is also Yona’s childhood friend. This plays an important role in Yona keeping her affections on him and not the other men in this anime. Hak is protective of his friend and ward and advocates for anime-centric chivalry.

The series develops into a love story that is so intense that the fans call it ‘phenomenal.’

1. Anime Couple – Yuu And Haruka

1. Anime Couple - Yuu And Haruka

Since middle school, Yuu Sonoda has been friends with Haruka Takayama. Fans will enjoy “Sakura Trick”, an anime that tells the story of a lesbian budding romance tale with these two.

They don’t want their relationship to end. Although they are drawn deeper by a kiss, Haruka is more interested in exploring the bond than Yuu, who feels embarrassed by the constant kissing and secrecy.

We see them reconcile their differences and accept that they have a “thing” for each other near the end. They openly date in their second year of school.

The show argues for long-term, same-sex bonding.

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