Highschool of the Dead Season 2 Release date: All informations

High school of the Dead season 2 release date

High School of the Dead ( and season 2) is about dead and living. The battle goes between the two sides.

Although the Deads are preparing to invade our planet Earth but the living survivors are fighting to survive and fight the dead, also known as”zombies,” as they are known “Zombies”.

The story revolves around an eminent group of students from Fujimi High School, who are attempting to make it to an elementary school we are certain is a safe place.

However, getting to the safe zone is becoming more difficult with each second.

While en route to safety On their way to the safe zone, they encounter Zombies as well as fellow survivors who are now impure beings, and a myriad of other threats that put their lives into peril.

They must battle for their lives to reach. But the question is: do you think the elementary school is secure?

Can no zombie enter it? Is it going to remain that indefinitely?

In this scenario, the entire world will turn to ashes and everywhere there will be just Zombies and a handful of humans who are left inside the safety zone.

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In a world of zombies What is the length of time they will be able to endure? Season 1 of the show ended with a dramatic cliffhanger.

We weren’t able to find out what would transpire in the final. We don’t know the outcome of their search or not.

The war can’t continue for ever. It must come to an end at some point or another. We must be aware of what will happen when it’s over all.

Everything We Know About Highschool Of The Dead Season 2

90+ Highschool Of The Dead HD Wallpapers | Background Images

Highschool of the Dead is an anime adaptation of the manga with the same title.

In Japan in Japan, it’s known as Apocalyptic College: Highschool of the Dead. This manga is written by Daisuke Sato who died in 2017, and left the manga unfinished.

Thus, the plot of the show is not finished also. The first season of the show was released in 2010, and became a commercial success.

But the producers decided not to continue the story for a second Season. The reason behind this isn’t clear and will likely remain a mystery.

With the passing of the mangaka, a sequel is extremely unlikely. We’ll never find out what the original author was thinking of for the final chapter of the manga.

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For a sequel to the film We need another author to create a compelling story that is as engaging as the first.

But , really, doesn’t it all seem a bit overwhelming and difficult? I understand exactly what you’re feeling.

Do not fret I’ve got a treat for you. Stay with me. I’ll let you know when it is.

Official Announcements And Release Date Of Highschool Of The Dead Season 2

HD wallpaper: Anime, Highschool Of The Dead, Kôta Hirano, Saya Takagi,  people | Wallpaper Flare

The year 2010 was the one when The first episode of Highschool of the Dead was made available.

It’s been 10 years in the past. There hasn’t been any formal announcement about the renewal of the series.

I’m sure this is not good news for the fans who’ve waited for years for a resolution.

We can’t alter the facts, can we? The creators of the anime have given us no indication to think about Season 2.

Furthermore, the creator of the series has died. The series didn’t get an update for seven years when he was alive.

Do you believe there’s any hope for the future after his death? I’m afraid that no one can say that.

Evidently, the original creators of the show do not want to create another sequel. God knows what the reason is?

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The series was a successful commercial blockbuster. Then comes the unexpected… The US-based Anime Network is ready to start the project in Season 2, the animated series Highschool of the Dead.

We don’t know the answer on your who’s who’s when’s and how questions due to the fact that it’s not widely available to the public.

We can still be hopeful for the coming season, either at the end of 2021 or the start of 2022 as the season 2 of drifters and no game no season 2.

I know how much you’d like for a Season 2 to come out.

Thus, I’ll guide you on a trip through the analysis of all the details that you should consider when deciding on a new season!

Source Material Information For Highschool Of The Dead Season 2

The manga that this series was based isn’t complete due to the demise of the mangaka in the year 2017.

Daisuke Sato the writer of the manga, was unwell for a lengthy period. Because of this, the manga’s production was stopped between the years 2008 and 2010. Then, in 2011, there was only one chapter added into the comic.

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Co-author Shoji claimed that no one can ever replace Sato and it hurts him to draw and carry on the story. He decided not to go on.

The anime’s first season includes volumes 1 through four of manga. So there are only three volumes remaining.

VolumesEnglish Release Date
Volume 1January 25, 2011
Volume 2April 26, 2011
Volume 3July 19, 2011
Volume 4October 25, 2011
Volume 5January 24, 2012
Volume 6April 24, 2012
Volume 7July 24, 2012

In order to produce for the following season we’ll require at minimum one more volume, but the authors of the manga crossover ” Shoji Sato Artworks: Highschool of the Dead & Triage X – Lightning Pop” have agreed to end the manga.

So there is no information about the accessibility of the source material currently.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the American-based Anime Network is willing to create another season.

Who will be the one to write the story? They’ll have to recruit a new writer to complete the task.

However, it is extremely likely that someone else will be able to live up to the plot.

There’s nothing wrong with having hopes, isn’t there? In the end, the entire world is based on hope and dreams! !

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Let’s take a deeper look and find out if the fans are still interested, even over ten years?

Expected Plot Of Highschool Of The Dead Season 2

Season One of Highschool of the Dead has not yet covered the 13 chapters in the manga.

So, we have an idea of the story of Season 2. The second season will find Takashi’s crew leaving the mall.

But the events do not go according to the plan. Another insane survivor unlocks the emergency exit and lets “them” get into the mall.

The sudden change will alter the situation and they could be trapped in the process of rescuing one of the survivors who is insane.

A disclaimer for you all. We do not currently have any source material that will give us an exact outline of the plot.

What we’re trying to give you is a an outline of the anticipated plot for Season 2 based on the limited information available and our speculations.

In the 2nd season of Highschool of the Dead, we’re hoping that a resolution identified by the group to solve this issue for good.

The war cannot go on for ever, can it? There must be a conclusion to it.

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The winner of the ultimate match? The dead or The Living?

Sales And Profit Information For Highschool Of The Dead Season 2

It is the most crucial element to consider when choosing a new season. As I’ve mentioned previously in other posts, making anime is an extremely expensive endeavor.

Thus even if you’re reading the Manga or Season 1 isn’t an instant commercial success, then trying to get Season 2 is futile.

Manga Sales

The manga, the basis of which the anime is extremely successful commercially. In 2010, issue 6 of manga Highschool of the Dead was number 5 on the Oricon chart of the top-selling mangas. The total sales for the year were 135,754 copies. The manga’s volume 7 has the sum of 206.532 copies

It’s a huge deal. This could be enough to convince the American-based Anime Network to find a appropriate writer and to carry on the show.

Blu-Ray/DVD Sales

Because of digitization Blu-ray disc sales have decreased. Nowadays, people prefer streaming online via platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and so on.

In the digital age Is there anyone who would love to own the Blu-ray disc?

I strongly doubt that. In addition, with the increase in streaming services online we don’t have to know the revenue and profit margins of an individual show.

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Since the first season was released in the past few days We did find something. The total Blu-ray sales were 4,62 copies, while DVD sales were at 2,250 duplicates in Japan.

It’s a nice number.

Famous Characters For Highschool Of The Dead Season 2

Do you like any character that is scheduled to be featured on the second season? Let’s talk about a few of them.

Takashi Komuro

Takashi Komuro HD Wallpaper | high school of the dead season 2 release date

The main character of the show, Takashi is a second-year student at Fujimi Academy in the anime.

Takashi is the creator as well as the leader of the primary team of survivors. He is a passionate fan of his childhood acquaintance Rei Miyamoto as well being a team member Saeko Busujima.

Complex, isn’t it? The feeling is the most complex however, it’s different.

There is a reason why people don’t fall for two women simultaneously often, unless you’re looking for a time pass or playboy type of thing.

If we assume that Takashi isn’t really a person of this type, we’ll take it as a given that he’s not certain about his thoughts.

A confused spirit, Takashi has to determine who who he’s fallen in love with!

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Takashi is set to reprise this role, making him one of the main characters in the series.

Rei Miyamoto

Miyamoto Rei - Gakuen Mokushiroku: HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD - Zerochan Anime  Image Board

Rei is described as an orange-brown girl and eyes that are reddish-brown. Her classmate is Takashi, and prior to the start of the series she made a promise to Takashi to get married, however, later on, she starts dating Hishashi. When Takashi kills Hishahi since the former transformed into an undead zombie, she is extremely unhappy and blames Takashi for everything.

Takashi in a state of depression over his entire situation, plans to walk away Takashi, feeling depressed, decides to leave. However, Rei is able to stop him, and the two of them agree to reconcile. in the chapter 12 Rei says to Takashi that girls are drawn to people who are charming and who love their spouses. When she hears the message, Takashi tells her that there’s no difference between the two. However, Rei goes on to tell him that’s why she is in love with him, and doesn’t wish for him to be anything other than. She also dislikes Shido. Shido since he held her back for one year in school and caused a conflict between her father and her.

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Saeko Busujima

Saeko Busujima  Highschool Of The Dead

Saeko is among the principal characters in this anime Highschool of the Dead Season 1.

We’ll be seeing Saeko again in the next season with a certainty. From the beginning to the final episode, we observe how calm and collected Saeko is.

A strong and athletic athlete, Saeko is very good at kendo. She has been considerate and kind to people she’s worked with.

Her kindness and outstanding fighting abilities is the reason she fought through every attack and hardship against her “them”.

Saeko has blue-eye with with purple hair, and she is too tall for an average Japanese girl. Saeko is the second-oldest student on her team at high school and is treated by her teammates as though she’s their elder sister.

Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka Marikawa wallpaper

The most senior and accountable part of the group is Shizuka Marikawa. She is also one the main characters in The anime Highschool of the Dead Season 1.

Shizuka is nurse in Fujimi High School. The only person of adulthood student in the group but is also the only one who is emotionally fragile.

Her life turns completely upside down following an “Outbreak” of Zombies in Japan as well as other areas of the globe.

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Health care for everyone was her job and she did the task admirably. In the event of alcohol, Shizuka’s brain changes into a sexually focused one.

Anything that one says or does in this period is taken to be interpreted as sexually related by Shizuka. We’ll get to meet Shizuka during Season 2, as a key character.

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Alice Maresato

Alice Maresato from Highschool of the Dead

Alice is a 7-year old girl who is saved from Takashi when her father was killed after they were not given shelter. In the English version of the series, she is referred to under Arisu.

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Why Do We Want A Season 2 Of The Anime Highschool Of The Dead?

Do we really have to address this issue? This seems absurd to me, however I’ll try to help us connect our ideas in a clear way.

In the initial season of the show we didn’t have an appropriate conclusion for the plot.

The battle of the survivors, but will this battle continue for ever? In addition, they are small in numbers.

How do they expect to maintain their position? If they fail to find an answer to stop the “outbreak” of “them” then there would be no human being living on Earth.

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Only Zombies are on the Earth and that’s not quite appealing to our ears, do you think?

We’d like to watch them search for an appropriate solution, and then win the battle. We would like to know the future for our Earth in a different scenario.

A satisfying conclusion is what we are looking for. A complete and satisfying end is what we want. Do it or we’ll poke at you for the rest of your life!

Other Decisive Factors For Highschool Of The Dead Season 2

We haven’t discussed two crucial factors that could be crucial in season 2.

The two teams are putting an end to the controversy from last season. Let’s see them one after the other.

Ending Of Highschool Of The Dead Season 1

The conclusion of Season 1 received mixed reactions from viewers.

Many liked it and were keen to see it continue Some were convinced that the show was flawed and demanded it be kept going.

Everyone is waiting for to see another Season of this show. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the conclusion.

It was a bit bizarre. The way that they all smiled prior to starting the massacre was a bit odd.

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I’m not saying that I don’t agree with you that these characters have the qualities of brave however, they are human beings fighting zombies.

It’s a battle between the living and dead So you can’t, just not make that unimportant smile.

Anyone else has seen Game of Thrones? If yes, you likely have a memory of Game of Thrones and the Great War between the Dead and the Living right?

The Dead never stop they never feel, they don’t have fear The living do!

So, This is the difference. Feelings, exhaustion and fear, is normal in life, but is a weakness when fighting “them”.

This is why I don’t like the smile. It just made me feel miserable completely.

The Controversy Surrounding The Anime Highschool Of The Dead

Are there any issues with the film Highschool of the Dead? Actually, it’s an argument between different viewpoints.

Many people blame the anime for not being very creative in any way.

They say it’s an unofficial series that includes all the things that are popular today with a lot of fights as well as magical creatures, large breasts and so on.

This is what a tiny portion of viewers think of the show. Highschool of the Dead, according to them, is the best notable anime in the genre of the most silly anime.

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Does that sound right? Nobody can provide an answer to that question, unless you are the one and your opinion may not be relevant to other people.

Everyone has to think about themselves. Did the cartoon appear absurd? Did the viewers feel like they wasted their time?

Did they enjoy it? There’s no way to determine this.

Actually, I don’t think this is a silly thing in any way. The scene mentioned in the review above is pretty silly, of course however, the entire series isn’t.

Also, Highschool of the Dead is an additional anime with amazing elements that many dislike.

This is all!


We have come to a close to our discussion. All important elements are in this article.

If the American-based Anime Network takes up the project, we’ll be able to watch a lot of Episode 2 of Highschool of the Dead very shortly.

Most likely, by the close of 2021 or in the first week of the year 2022. If we find out of any developments on the sequel, we’ll certainly inform you.

I’ll see you back in the near future, and we’ll talk about another interesting show. For now keep watching and be secure.

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high school of the dead season 2 2021
8 months ago

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Derek Parker
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If anyone is interested, I continued the HOTD series as a fanfiction, picking up from the last scene of the first season and continuing over several ‘books’. It appears on the site fanfiction.org under by nom-de-plume Darkpenn, as well as several other places. It received numerous positive comments and reviews. It was and remains entirely non-profit.

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I just cant wait for season 2 of aoharu machinegu also i feel bad about Daisuke Sato death god bless that writter tobad High school of the dead won’t be finished most likely but i steal have faith and thankyou to all the hard working Manga and Anime author and illustrators i appreciate all Anime and Manga No matter what genre it is thanks.