Anime girl with Pink Hair : Our top 60+

60 Pink Hair anime girl

You seldom locate pink hair in routine live-action TELEVISION or films. No, this is an anime point. Whether artists design these personalities to be extra special, even more from truth, or just because it’s so damn adorable, that’s up for debate. But something’s for certain: there’s a lotta pink-haired women in anime! As well as due to the fact that there are so many cute/psychotic/amazing pink-haired personalities in anime, we wish to discover as numerous as feasible. Yet allow’s be heroic here: women first! Here we’ll show our top 60+ Anime girl with Pink hair

60. Krul Tepes

krul tepes anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End).

It resembles, they present Ferid Bathory as well as you simply think “male that needs to be a powerful vampire” and afterwards this pink-haired, child-looking woman comes onto the scene and absolutely mops the flooring with him. So yeah, she is powerful.Very powerful. Actually, she’s the queen of the vampires. How can she continue to be so cute while having so much blood on her hands?

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59. Mamika Kirameki.

mamika Kirameki anime girl with pink hair

Mamika Kirameki in Re: Makers anime.

Anime: Re: Creators.

Mamika is so precious. She’s the token magic girl/Sailor Moon personality, but with even more pink, in the world of Re: Designers. To be much more specific, she’s within a program of their world where she fights bad doers to ensure that the smiles of the globe won’t fall under the wrong hands. I mean how valuable is that? Sure Altair didn’t locate it that cute, but she has no taste anyhow!

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58. Ram.

ram re zero anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Re: Zero.

Rem could be the follower favored, but Ram is still pure gold in her own right. She’s even more outgoing than her dandere sister and also usually has to take the effort. She’s what I would call a “mood” character. As she is constantly somewhat snarky and also doesn’t obtain especially close to any individual in addition to her sis. Okay and Roswaal, she really fangirls Roswaal, in her very own deadpan manner in which is.

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57. Ruki.

ruki senyuu anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Senyuu.

It’s secure to state that Ruki makes up the cuter part of this show. As everybody else focuses much more on being irrationally silly, abusive, or manly, Ruki is our only source of pure moe. Just obtain her far from that old guy. I understand she is adorable, most of us know she is cute, however he is in some Chris Hansen area. She belongs at Ross’ side, making fun of Alba.

56. Milim Nava.

milim nava anime girl with pink hair

Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

Milim subdued the overpowered. I didn’t also understand that was enabled. So yes, Milim Literal Destruction Nava is a giant in this world with her only mistake being the naivety of a 7-year-old. Rimuru defeated her totally based on the ye old “be friends will certainly me and also I will feed you” grounds. Which is an effective technique, allow’s be honest. She after that just ended up being the wild card of the team, as a constant suggestion that she might finish the program if she had one poor day.

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55. Kosuri Onigashira.

Kosuri Onigashira anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Shimoneta.

We will not be talking about the shape of her head, okay? In art it’s constantly crucial to be inspired. So when drawing lewd images, as Kosuri does, she needs to obtain creative. As well as a bit pervy. But once she’s influenced she simply goes off, drawing picture after photo, apparently without taking a breath or praying to the Lord for forgiveness up until she is satisfied with the results.

54. Rumiho Akiha.

Rumiho Akiha anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Steins; Entrance.

In a show that can get as dismaying as Steins; Gate, it’ ss always good to have a person to brighten the mood. Misses out on nya-nya Rumiho definitely satisfies that duty with her actual eccentric character as well as constant nyas. This is particularly real when she remains in the firm of our madu researcher, as they go over the fight techniques the other might utilize.

53. Mei Hatsume.

Mei Hatsume anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia).

Mei is certainly not the greatest character in this cosmos. Yet I doubt that even Deku could match her ambition. Desiring nothing greater than for her “infants” to be seen by the world, she’s willing to benefit days on end without any rest, never when losing the smile on her face. Her peculiarity enables her to see even the smallest parts of any kind of machine making her flawlessly adapt to create the heroes’ support items.

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52. Inori Yuzuriha.

Inori Yuzuriha

Anime: Guilty Crown.

Kuudere success stories are simply entertaining alright? Starting off we see Inori as a robot as well as chilly individual who cares little for others’ sensations, as well as likewise murders lots of individuals. Yet after some in the house “Inori: Becoming Human” wrongdoings with Shu, we (herself included) get a better peek into her emotions. Her attitude increases a little bit at the end, if you catch my drift. But that’s showbiz infant.

51. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière.

Louise Françoise le blanc de la Vallière anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Zero no Tsukaima.

If Black Clover’s Asta and also Noelle ever have a youngster it will generally be Louise. Just like her anime papa, she has an extremely low fondness in the direction of magic in a world where magic is whatever. Also landing her the label of Louise the Zero. And from her mom’s side she obtains an honorable history as well as the snobbishness that comes with it. She also gets that all so valuable tsundere vibe.

50. Momo Belia Deviluke.

momo Belia deviluke anime girl with pink hair

Anime: To Love Ru.

If Gowther ever retires from the globe of 7 Deadly Sins and also becomes a genuine child, I can bet that Momo would certainly do an outstanding task completing as the sin of desire. She would even fit the expense a great deal better. So of course, if the tail really did not provide it away Momo definitely abides by the 34th policy of the net as she regularly both imagines Rito in NSFW scenarios in addition to tries to get him into NSFW situations.

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49. Madoka Kaname.

madoka kamane anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Puella Magi Madoka Magica).

An excellent quantity of magical girl anime is important for the watching diet of any type of person. Madoka is a wonderful lady, with a general pink visual, that we view as she does her best to assist people out in remarkable shoujo fashion. She is quite shy and timid … What? There was a button you say? She’s even more of the risk taking type. Well whatever, the crucial point is that she is cute and enjoyable to enjoy, whoever she is.

48. Hinagiku Katsura.

Hinagiku Katsura anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Fight Butler).

Hinagiku certainly falls under that “student council president, beloved by all, a god among mortals yet humble” sort of personality. We likewise obtain a variety of clubs with which she comes together, most significantly the Kendo club as she is the captain. And also other wholesome senior high school activities. She does, however, get the Disney network moms and dads … however hey, I wager Mr. Katsura is means cooler than both of them incorporated.

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47. Moka Akashiya.

moka Akashiya anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Rosario to Vampire.

I’m actually noticing a pattern with pink-haired girls and also split personalities. However much more on that later. The pink-haired Moka is actually the kind as well as sensitive one, while the inner and original Moka has white hair. It’s normally the pink-haired ones that are psycho you know. Directly, it emits a strong Tsubasa Hanekawa vibe, which is constantly an and also. Additionally might I discuss that Moka is a vampire? Probably must have lead with that said one.

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46. Ikaros. Ikaros in paradise’s Lost Home anime

Ikaros Paradise's Lost Building anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Sora no Otoshimono (Paradise’s Lost Building).

I didn’t also know this comprises as pink, however the wiki never exists! So Ikaros, an Angeloid that dropped from the globe of Synapse only to be saved by Tomoki, that she after that “imprints”. What does this mean? He obtains a cute animal girl as well as it’s not weird. We also later discover the specific reason she “fell” from Synapse. And also allow’s just state that she could not have the bark but she absolutely has the bite. I swear the pet thing isn’t odd.

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45. Yui. Yui in Angel Beats! anime screenshot.

Yui in Angel Beats anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Angel beats!

Energised isn’t a strong adequate word to describe Yui. If she could, I’m quite certain she would essentially bounce of the wall surfaces throughout the day in a weirdly adorable selection of balancings. As well as her mouth is as quick as her body, as she often tends to chatter a great deal. In an extremely loud fashion. In addition to slip into those DMs if provided the possibility. Why she’s like this, we have no idea. And do not explore it, please just look at her existing shenanigans instead.

44. Watashi. Watashi in Humankind Has Declined anime scr

watashi in Humankind Has Declined anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humankind Has Actually Declined).

Me, myself, as well as I is the mediator between fairies and also people, frequently called simply Moderator and even Okashi-chan, as she has discovered the charms of intricate carbohydrates. Regarding character goes, she’s a little bit of everything; she’s a little careless as well as likes to complain. Yet additionally appears to enjoy her task periodically. She’s cartoony, pleased, and also upbeat, yet also brandishes a knife and also knowns exactly how to control individuals.

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43. Crona.

crona anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Soul Eater.

Not technically a lady, but because I question I will certainly reach create a “finest unclear sex people” list, here we are. Not just does Crona have an extremely unfortunate name in the year of 202X, however life as a whole isn’t as well type to them.

Crona is Ragnarok’s meister, and was initially under Medusa’s orders (and control) to take any soul they find, be it evil or good. Crona is a very naive and submissive person who is constantly pestered by Ragnarok in the form of noogies and threats to eat their share of food. Crona does not like to fight but Medusa normally introduces a spell into their mind that increases their aggression.

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42. Amu Hinamori.

Amu Hinamori anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Shugo Chara!

This character simply obtains a whipping “exact same” from me. She’s essentially a person that built up an extremely hard and great individuality at institution, rockin’ getup and all, yet’s simply a kind-hearted softy on the within. She burns out of this façade eventually and also wishes to be another person. Which is when she obtains magical eggs that hatch her three guardian characters. It went much better than with Meruem, I promise.

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41. Akari Mizunashi.

Akari Mizunashi anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Aria The Animation.

As they say “one progression, two steps back, repeat it sufficient times and you obtain really efficient strolling in reverse”. Was this an allegory for Akari’s character? No. However, for paradise’s sake, the woman rows the boat in reverse and also is somehow faster this way. A minimum of she is very up FRONT in her relationships with people, as she relatively never has concerns with taking to people and also making tons of good friends.

40. Utena Tenjou. Utena Tenjou from Shoujo Kakumei Utena anime

Utena Tenjou anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Shoujo Kakumei Utena.

Scene 1: terrible, also throughout very early youth. Scene 2: yare yare, someone conserved you, it was me, Dios! Okay enough of that. Utena does truly obtain conserved by a guy called Dios as well as vows to never lose her nobility, as a royal prince. That’s right, this is a rigorous no princess area. With Anthy Himemiya at her side, we get a few of that great different good friend duo content, as they go through their life in the prominent institution of Ohtori academy.

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39. Lacus Clyne.

Lacus Clyne anime girl with pink hair

Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed.

Lacus is a pacifist who strives for a globe where Naturals and Organizers might stay in peace and also co-exist. Passion not glimpsed. Yet she’s additionally an idolizer and also has actually abilities connected to her music. Now we’re talking. Although looking like an air-head most of the time, she certainly has her a lot more extensive minutes. And also even has a speech vaguely comparable to the Courses of Discomfort, although be it in the opposite instructions.

38. Anemone.

Anemone eureka 7

Anime: Eureka 7.

Anime scientists truly like changing the body. Even though it hardly ever works out. So Polyp was customized to be extra like a Coralian, as well as acts as the pilot for TheEND. The treatment has actually left her with lots of side-effects such as nose bleeds, frustrations, bursts of violence, you recognize the normal. She’s a badass when it involves fight, allow’s not fool ourselves. And also conveniently has the best pet ever.

37. Momo.

momo magical princess minky

Anime: Magical Princess Minky Momo.

From the days of old; Momo hails from an ’80s enchanting girl show as well as has actually done whatever there is to do. She played specialist tennis, was a law enforcement officer, a fireman, probably began the Isekai vehicle trope, and so on. However most notably, her whole end goal is to make certain individuals’s desires happen. Can I get an aww in conversation.

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36. Miwako/Mikako Sakurada.

Miwako/Mikako Sakurada

Anime: Paradise Kiss.

You obtain a two for one unique below. If you desire the more timid and submissive type then Miwako is the right choice for you. And if you want an exceptionally talented however kind of bratty woman, after that of course Mikako is the one. Pick sensibly.

35. Madoka Amahane.

Madoka Amahane

Anime: Aikatsu!

I’m thinking you aren’t amazed that Madoka is an idol. She just gives off that idol ambiance, you understand. I imply she has the pig tails, the joyful individuality, the paradoxically reduced self-esteem, it’s in place. Nevertheless, she has one added concept that I’m shocked a lot more idol characters don’t have: a fantastic designer taste. Just Angely Sugar is accepted here!

34. Chibiusa.


Anime: Sailor Moon.

I’m the Pretty Guardian Trainee that defends Love as well as for Justice! I am Sailor Chibi Moon!”. How does one even react to this? Do you melt away at the reality that she is called Sailor Chibi Moon, or ask yourself why a youngster will kick your ass? It isn’t even just her looks she truthfully acts like a child. So obtaining battered by her must be a low blow to the criminal satisfaction.

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33. Sayuri Haruno.

Sayuri Haruno

Anime: Bonjour ♪ Koiaji Pâtisserie.

Yes, that is properly what the show is called. Our small mademoiselle is a clever cookie at making cookies. In other words, she wishes to become the next cake manager and also has the GPA to back it up! She’s a total dandere and just a sweetheart, so seeing her struggle because people seethe jealous simply brakes mon Coeur.

32. Yachiru Kusajishi

Yachiru Kusajishi

Anime: Bleach.

If anime has actually taught me anything, it’s that if you see a kid in an uniform, run. And Yashiry is as juvenile as they get. A lot of her intentions can be mapped back to either her wanting a treat or wanting to pull a sick prank on someone. But if you ever before assault her she will basically kick your ass while on auto-pilot. Otherwise, after that her moving seat likewise referred to as Kenpachi Zaraki will certainly do you in.

31. Lisbeth


Anime: Sword Art Online.

I presume it would certainly be more fitting to call her Lisbeth as her avatar is the one with the pink hair. It still counts by SAO criteria though. Truthfully, Lisbeth is probably the most intelligent of individuals that obtained trapped. Did she occupy a sword and pass away senselessly? No! She became a blacksmith, among the very best in fact. And after that got paid by the people mosting likely to their fatality, so she never ever had dissatisfied consumers.

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30. Saya Takagi.

Saya Takagi

Anime: Highschool of the Dead.

Rarely can you explain a person as both a smart and a challenging cookie, yet below we are. Saya is the brains of the group, being the initial to realize how the zombies responded and having actually thought about many valuable approaches for the team. She’s also the mouth of the team, as she actually suches as giving our weapon boy Kohta a hard time. Plus she’s revealed to have a little bit of a delicate side, which just makes her more human.

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29. Haruko Haruhara.

Haruko Haruhara

Anime: FLCL (Fooly Cooly).

Well we know something for certain: Haruko certainly assumes that size matters, Fs in the chat kids. Other than that, she’s a real handful because it’s so tough to identify what she’s believing. She alters her personality type at the suggestion of a hat with the only constant being that she will get what she wants. She also does not appear to have much shame for every one of things she’s done. Ice cool male, ice cold.

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28. Aries. Aries in Fairy Tail anime.

Aries from Fairy Tail anime

Anime: Fairy Tail.

Male is she cute or what? Aries is so timid as well as wonderful and polite and also please never ever make her sad. She does have attack type spells, yet I completely would not mind obtaining immersed in pink woollen and also being put to sleep … it seems like a blessing if I am being sincere.

27. Mizuki Himeji.

Mizuki Himeji

Anime: Baka and Examination: Mobilize the Beasts.

On a great deal of fronts Mizuki seems best, she is very smart, has a heart of pure, naïve gold and typically desires what is best for you. On the other hand, she has a sliver of yandere in her as she can obtain envious rapidly and can read advancements along with Stevie Marvel. Likewise never ever consume her cooking. It’s the period of PostMates so don’t place on your own via that abuse.

26. Miyuki Takara.

Miyuki Takara

Miyuki Takara from Lucky Star anime. Anime: Lucky Star. Miyuki is like an Amazon Alexa that came to life as well as chose to be incredibly adorable. This is since she relatively knows whatever regarding every little thing, and also is a strolling Wikipedia. God did have to nerf her though, so he provided her sight so poor that she has to draw a Velma whenever she loses her glasses. She additionally has an actually tiny attention period as she often tends to zone out quite frequently.

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25. Akira Kogami.

Akira Kogami

Akira Kogami from Lucky Star anime. Anime: Lucky Star. Do not evaluate a book by its adorable cover, I think. At first look Kogami is as moe as moe obtains. She has adorable catch phrases, pink hair, a chipper personality, everything! But when you hop on her nerves the mask fades and you recognize she has quite the mouth on her. She does have her reasons though. The home entertainment company actually can melt an individual out.

24. Nurse Pleasure.

Nurse Delight-pokemon

Nurse Delight in Pokemon anime. Anime: Pokémon. Every person that grew up in the 90s or 00s had a crush on this registered nurse at some point. After a lengthy day of making you Pokémon defeat each other ridiculous, it’s always excellent to feel invited by a cozy smile. Like nobody has actually ever before questioned whether their Pokémon was secure with her. And after that there was the redesign when the Black and White series started. I’m conflicted. My fond memories is angry but lowkey she looks also cuter currently.

23. Ai Fuyuumi.

Ai Fuyuumi

Ai Fuyuumi pinked haired girl anime. Anime: Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru. Cupid simply pelted this set with arrows really did not inspect. Ai is a tsundere, so anticipate a great deal of repressed emotions, storming off, the occasional “bakka” with a hint of physical violence, you understand the drill. She also truly needs love it appears. From generally creating fanfiction of herself as well as her youth pal, to her guy that definitely simply goes to one more college, her thirst-o-meter remains in the red.

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22. Meroune Lorelei.

Meroune Lorelei

I have heard of video games being a bad influence. But the Little Mermaid? Meroune, from the start, has some weird desires in life. First it was to live the tale of the Little Mermaid, even though being on land for too long can kill her. And then it was just anything awful. Be it unrequited love, or her fan passing away or herself passing away, something just needed to be sad about it.

21. anime girl with pink hair Shuna


Male speak about a glow-up. After being called by Rimuru Shuna went from this adorable little woman to probably still under-aged yet great looking woman! Personally, the Kijin are a few of the coolest characters by design. And also Shuna being their princess makes her a notch over the remainder. She’s likewise very trustworthy, as her diplomatic skills have actually assisted the scum kingdom many times.

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20. anime girl with pink hair Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca

Vanessa Enoteca from Black Clover. Anime: Black Clover. Vanessa is actually like that the wizard globe hasn’t designed breathalyzers, or else her traveling days would certainly be over. Like the woman truly likes her alcohol. However hey, at the very least she’s constantly in a good mood as well as strangely flirtatious. Her magic is also one of the much more interesting ones, as after a specific significant enthusiast her visibility on the battleground is extremely noticeable. Especially because she is very tough to counter.

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19. anime girl with pink hair Utage Douraku

Utage Douraku

Utage Douraku pinked haired lady anime. Anime: My Psychological Selections are Totally Hindering my College Romantic Funny. I have 3 major questions. Why are anime titles miniature paragraphs these days? Secondly, exactly how for every little thing that is pure in this personality “29”? Lastly, exactly how does such a little framework hold enough power to constantly choke people out in a matter of seconds? Oh yep, additionally she’s an instructor. Ideal believe I would certainly never miss out on any of her courses. I like my throat as it is.

18. anime girl with pink hair Tetra. Tetra from Log Horizon 2 anime

Tetora from Log Horizon

The very best type of idol is the self-proclaimed idolizer that can back her claim up. Which is Tetora. Although she could not be all that good at singing, her charming personality alone more than offsets it. She’s very boastful, perhaps even a little bit conceited, however she never presses it too much. It constantly just comes off as goofy and also adorable with that pink hair.

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17. anime girl with pink hair Benitsubasa.


Benitsubasa from Sekirei anime. Anime: Sekirei. I vouch it’s always the personalities with the most awful temper that obtain the greatest strength. As well as not just does Benitsubasa have minor temper issues, yet young boy can she hold a grudge. Musubi pissed her off once and also currently she’ll want a rematch for the rest of her life. And also once again Benitsubasa is seriously. She will certainly maul you into the ground; she has no issues with breaking the regulations or murder. Yikes.

16. anime girl with pink hair Mexiah Furan/Doll

Mexiah Furan/Doll

Anime: Tenchi Muyo!

I suppose I shouldn’t have included her Doll form since her hair gets green.

Who really cares about Doll she is just a fan murder and other such. Mexiah is where it’s at. A

Though still quite sometimes cruel although she’s definitely a step above her Pinocchio-like appearance.

Mexiah is also a woman’s man. She’s actually a woman, since we get a glimpse of her in bed with several female students… It is all a lot.

15. anime girl with pink hair Isuke Inukai

Isuke Inukai

Anime: Riddle Story of Devil

I don’t remember Assassination Classroom to be this violent.

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Isuke is among the first assassins that we meet when she takes on an Mister T approach. It’s not clear if Isuke is smart enough to make an effective assassin but she definitely is a clever person.

It is also helpful that she truly loves money. Because murder and Benjamins are inextricably linked.

14. anime girl with pink hair Dorothy Unsworth

Dorothy Unsworth

Anime: Black Clover

In the ranks of captains, the pinkish-purple-haired Dorothy has been a mystery for a long time. It appears that she is always asleep and following the captains, she is often asleep.

After her powers were exposed and revealed, this little story became a lot more logical.

She’s an extremely formidable wizard, and almost unbeatable when you don’t utilize your head.

Even having a snot-filled bubble popping from her nostrils, she’s definitely one of the cutest characters from the show.

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13. anime girl with pink hair Mine

Mine from Akame ga kill

Anime: Akame ga Kill!

Are you aware that people who snipe are generally cool and calm? Mine clearly did not get this memo, because she’s a feisty gal.

When he joined to the Night Raid, Mine constantly played with Tatsumi for being what people would call him in the business as a complete novice.

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She also appears that she is extremely jealous when she sees her husband being approached by anyone.

You know, a pretty, pink-haired, easily annoyed great shooter? What could fail for the entire population?

12. anime girl with pink hair Ritsu

Ritsu from Assassination Classroom

Anime: Assassination Classroom

I’m not certain if the human race would be prepared to Ritsu.

If you’re not able to tell by the image, she’s an amazingly-designed machine.

In light of the show she’s from, she’s not as much of the character of Alexa rather than an “Get into the chopper” sort of thing.

She’s extremely calculated and at first, she has no concern about the safety of students in the school and opts for a more direct, open, and burning for hours kind of assassination.

She will get a good moe update later on in the line.

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11. anime girl with pink hair Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai

Anime: Mirai Nikki

You were aware that she’d appear somewhere on the list at some point or another.

Most likely among the more well-known characters in anime and is the reason why people are scared when they hear “yuki”. It’s a fact, Yuno coo-coo for cocoa puffs.

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However, she’s an interesting persona. As an absolute monster in battle she has sparked many admiration and anxiety among… every person.

10. anime girl with pink hair Sakura


Anime: Naruto

Sure, we’ve enjoyed having fun playing on Sakura over the past decade. Yet, she’s quite cool!

Remember the time she dominated Sasori? Or the time she cut off her hair to enter the Forest of Death?

However, she will improve, particularly once she turns an adult.

Sakura appears to be one of the most effective role models when it comes to motherhood is concerned, and she did land Sasuke in the end, which is why she should get at the very minimum some respect.

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9. anime girl with pink hair Jibril


Anime: No Game No Life

Perhaps it’s just an individual choice, but her game with Sora along with Shiro was the most enjoyable.

Never before have I been this enthusiastic about people who are sitting and uttering words.

It was a good adversary , having been considered one of the most smart characters on the show. Apart from being Tweedle smarter and more intelligent tweedle.

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She’s probably also the most adorable librarian I’ve ever met (in animation).

8. anime girl with pink hair Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

Mina is without doubt the coolest class 1A car.

She’s got some nifty dance moves, but is generally relaxed, and appears to be able to connect with anyone!

Her quirk permits her to expel acid, but not the trippy kind but the Raiders of the Last Ark kind that gives her excellent offensive abilities along with some insane mobility. In addition, she has the courage of a hero because at the age of just a few years she was a brave woman. And she was among the few onlookers who approached Mister Metalica.

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7. anime girl with pink hair Euphemia li Britannia

Euphemia li Britannia

Anime: Code Geass

Nunnally is definitely the nice one, however Euphemia is definitely the more active one in the family.

Okay, she’s probably not Lelouch active but she’s definitely in the right place!

Looking to ending to discrimination fights for the throne , and she is the second most popular boy Suzaku as her knight.

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She has displayed courage many times , and has shown a general care for her people.

In addition, she handed one of the sweetest orders that could ever befall the knight, when Suzaku discovered himself in hot water.

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6. anime girl with pink hair Zero Two

Zero Two from Darling in the FranXX

Anime: Darling in the FranXX

When it comes to characters’ introductions are concerned Zero 2 certainly was memorable.

Spinning out of the water totally naked and holding the Fish in her mouth as if she were beautiful Mermaid.

She’s the reason for many of the hilarious moments in the show, and is also adding some sexiness into the mix. She’s like a lagann in the final scene however, the love between her and Hiro never wavered.

And I’ll never stop rolling my r’s saying , darling.

5. anime girl with pink hair Lucy

Lucy from Elfen Lied

Anime: Elfen Lied

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, blonde females have a tendency to be always in some way either cute or terrifying.

After losing her memory , and shifting to Nyu and Lucy the character has become both.

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The adorable character of Nyu is similar to that of the cuddly kitten of a kitten however, Lucy can strike fear into people’s hearts… everyone with eyes and a desire to live.

Have you seen that first show? The place she was housed in looked like a meat mince storage unit after she had finished it.

4. anime girl with pink hair Trish Una

Trish Una

Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

One word is what comes to the mind when thinking of Trish her: spunk. It’s true that at first she was in the bratty category and was demanding only the finest and most expensive items to be offered to her.

However, some serious dad issues erupted as well “issues” is not a adequate word in all honesty.

From there, she gets a little sensible, confident and helpful.

She even wakes up her Stand and re-awakens her Stand, which was named in honor of the most spicy Senoritas ever known to mankind.

3. anime girl with pink hair Nonon Jakuzure

Nonon Jakuzure

Anime: Kill la Kill

Being among the elites and Being the nearest to Satsuki You can be able to imagine the strength of Miss Double Negative. is.

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With the strength that comes from Her Goku outfit and her music skills, the Goku will ensure that all her foes are defeated with a sweet tune.

She compensates for her small size by wearing the biggest hat of extras that is available and is often seen making fun of other top athletes.

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2. anime girl with pink hair  Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri Kanroji

Anime: Demon Slayer

Ah , my heart! The dandele is so strong in this one! Though we’ve only seen a tiny bit of her, we can affirm that she’s a very attractive.

Mitsuri is a true incarnation of the title of Love Hashira, as she seems to is in love with all things and everyone.

She praises everything she sees regardless of how small but she does use her inner voice to express the praise. Naturally

We all know that once we meet her fighting, she’s bound to shock us off the face of the earth.

1. anime girl with pink hair Morgiana


Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Morgiana can fill the “badass girl with a heart of gold” empty space that we all share throughout our life.

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Although she is cold at first as is normal due to the chains around the legs of her, but she gradually gets more chilly as the show continues.

She will never lose her fierce style, however.

If the cards aren’t going well and the time is right to fight, you’ll witness her bursting into the fray, ripping the crowd away by her powerful kicks, and leaving third degree burns afterward. She’s a memorable lady for sure.

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0. Chika Fujiwara Best Girl Among Pink Hair Anime Girl

Anime : Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Chika says and does a lot of good stuff a lot of the time. She also says and does some questionable things a lot of the time.

She is honest and bad at cheating, but she is a master manipulator and can bluff her way through hell. She can not read the room but picks up on any and all innuendos.

Yeah, of all the words we could use to describe her, consistent won’t be one of them. Regardless of what Chika does though, one thing she consistently continues to be is adorably cute. Hence proved, Chika Fujiwara indeed and irrefutably is best girl.

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