Irmavep Finale Review and Ending Explained

Irma Vep Finale

Irma Finale: The final chapter may cause divisions among audiences who have waited for Oliver Assays to engage with cinematic medium. Although it feels like the series is ending, not everyone will agree to let certain subplots go.

The last episode is recommended, even though it’s not the best. It’s a great episode that has many highs. However, it also leaves you with the thought that although the creator is eternal, their creation is immortal.

It is intelligent, poignant, and fully aware of its role in cinematic history (which it is now some streaming platform), which allows those living in the space to be a medium through which it can be visited again or revisited.



The final episode begins with the disintegration of cinema as a medium. Its haunting and magical presents create chaos. An overlay sequence of “Shadows Talking” from the previous episode replaces the “Ya Habibti”, by Mdou Moltar, that plays over the animated title sequence.

It almost seems as though Assays is speaking to us about continuity and commenting on the format of shows and the need for certain parameters.

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Mira hides her Irmavep costume under a large coat when she arrives at a hotel. Kristen Stewart plays Mira as a woman and she waits in lobby before entering the hotel. She then proceeds to her bedroom. Mira then follows her and takes her bedroom. Lianna, Eamonns rockstar girlfriend, is the woman in question.

Mira is standing next to Eamonn’s room and listening to them walk through the wall. Lianna is watching them as she talks about her concert and feels frustrated that she has to deal with angry 11-year olds. While she would love to have a more mature audience, her music does not reflect that.


The two then move to the balcony. Mira is able to enter their room through a passageway that opens to the balcony. Lianna asks Eamonn questions about Mira’s trip to Paris. He tells Lianna Mira once used his services as a therapist.

Mira is upset at him lying about their time together but she also accepts it immediately and attempts to return into her room. Mira discovers she can’t move through the walls and loses all her abilities. This is the end for Irma Vep, as she was once known. Mira hides inside her bathroom, to avoid any conflict or fear that she might be caught. Mira glides slowly down their bed while they are mid-coitus. She narrowly escapes to her room.

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Zelda calls her agent while she is driving back to her home, informing her that Mira was offered a leading director’s role. Mira is in love this director. Mira is delighted and she loves working with this director.


Mira will play the role of Merideth in the adaptation of Kingdom Come. Zelda asks Zelda not to tell the story, and Zelda informs Zelda that Zelda must fly to London to meet her.

Rene is met by a young actress while on set the following day. He had called her to play Philipe Guerande’s wife. He talks to Mira about his past and tells her that his character, while a traditional one, has a unique twist. Mira then takes him to Mira’s make-up area, where he thanked her for helping him get back on track after losing confidence. Mira is then informed that their next sequence was set up in a very creepy place. He had it exorcised to make it possible for them to shoot there.


Augustine, Augustine’s unhappy maid, is the focus of the story. Augustine falls for Vampires who want revenge on Guerande. They come up with a plan: the maid will open a door in the middle of the night to allow the vampires into the house and kill the newlyweds.

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Mira and Zoe stop to rest before they move on to the next sequence. They both return to where they were when they first met. Zoe informs Mira that Mira became interested in her when she danced backwards with Mira. Wile Mira counters, claiming she was in a relationship with Laurie and feels trapped by how that relationship is holding her back. Zoe is asked by Mira to drop her at the airport. No one is aware that Mira is going to London. Zoe promises Mira that she will drop her at the airport if Mira does not dance with her.

Mira and Regina are seen interfacing on the set the following morning. They discuss Mira’s first feature and Regina. Regina is asked by the actress to play a part in Regina’s feature. Regina accepts Regina’s offer but promises Regina that Regina won’t pay much for her assistance.

The final night sequence is next. Guerande’s spouse is attacked by Vampires who attempt to kill her. The Vampires attack Guerande’s wife and attempt to kill her. Guerande is captured by the Vampires.

Irma Vap will get married in the castle of the Vampire. This is the final big sequence. Rene arrives in the nick of time to dance at Cynthia’s wedding. After looking at the choreography more closely, Rene makes his way to Cynthia’s where he will have a productive discussion.

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Cynthia tells him she doesn’t have to be present for the Paris sequence. That’s why she is still waiting. Actually, her character, Lily Flower is just one of many who passes away. She could leave the shoot to finish her dance.

We witness Rene confess to his true motives in casting her. Cynthia hears Rene telling Cynthia that he chose Cynthia because he believed that she would be a surrogate for Jade because of her ethnicity. Cynthia insists Rene does not disappoint and Mira will be Jade’s surrogate. He explained to Cynthia that he wanted Mira as a medium so Jade’s spirit would haunt the movie. He admits in a way that ghost stories only work because he makes sure they do.


It ends with one of the show’s most memorable moments and its best moment. Cynthia looks a little teary-eyed as the director asks Cynthia if she’s ever been to Hong Kong with Jade. Rene asks Cynthia whether she feels lonely now. He requests that Cynthia say hello to him if Jade meets her. Assays acknowledges Maggie Cheung’s influence and presence in his life. This scene makes it seem like a tribute of their years together.

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Cynthia wraps up her scene and then disappears. The young actress is then reunited with her drama school friends. She tells her friends that she is Mira Vep’s murderer. Her friends dismiss Rene’s idea of remaking an old classic, but they bring up Rene’s fantasies of Mira in a catsuit.

Mira and Rene meet before filming the final sequence. They discuss Mira’s secret trip to London and Rene’s spying activities around the globe. Mira thanked Rene, thanking her for casting Mira Irmavep. She believes Irmavep is what enabled her to get Meredith’s role on “Kingdom Come.”


This conversation also highlighted the fact that actors are often afraid to take on a role, as they fear how they might be destroyed in it. Rene explained that characters are similar to spirits and that actors should not hinder them. The spirits will leave when it is time to say farewell. Mira lost her power halfway through and was unable to cross the wall. Mira felt almost like she was saying goodbye Irma’s body because she doesn’t have it anymore. Mira is aware she is about to shed one portion of darkness to become a part light (i.e. Meredith). It is also easier to absorb the darkness rather than the light, she realizes.

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The final sequence of the show is the one where police invade Irma Vep’s wedding celebration. Most of the police officers are killed in panic by this incident. Irma takes the groom hostage and runs into the basement to take her. However, the sequence is interrupted by Musidora’s memoirs.

This is also where Musidora’s final scene will be shot. Musidora is in pain after being hit by a bullet. This episode also pokes fun of filmmaking. Even though the episode’s last narrative turn isn’t the point of the sequence it feels like a key quip about gun control for movie sets.

We then move on to Mira’s hotel where Gregory is waiting in the lobby, with flowers in his hand. Gregory questions Mira after Mira’s chauffeur arrives. He discovers that Mira had checked out early in the morning. Dreamscape executives inform Gregory that Mira is not available. To find out, he will call Zelda. Zelda even dodges his call, when he calls Zelda.


The Dreamscape photoshoot has begun and everyone is eager to go. Mira is unable to continue so they have to stop. Gautier’s man calls Gautier to inform him that Mira is likely to do a no-show’ and whether they should file for it. Gautier dismisses him by saying that he was anticipating it and that they would not be stupid to sue Mira Harberg.

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Oliver Assays once again defies expectations and avoids another crisis. He is still true to his viewers’ desire for drama and continues to highlight the show’s more important, intimate, intelligent, and important content. Now we are in Rene’s therapist’s office. Rene appears much healthier than the first time he saw us. He can now relay the show’s inner struggle, conflict. Rene admitted that he was able live his fantasies again after he did Irma VEP. Rene’s bubble filled with fantasy is about to burst when Mira leaves.

He is able to feel some kind of catharsis instead of the usual melancholy he feels in these situations. He accepts that it is time to move on but he acknowledges that there will always remain traces of his melancholy, which is the film/show he made. It is also mentioned that a film was born and lives. Also, we are left with black magic or cinema magic. His therapist tells him that he must accept the monotony of daily life and let himself dream more.



Rene’s apartment is the setting for the final episode Irma VEP. Rene is watching from the couch as he edits the final episode of Irma VEP. Then he moves to the next room to receive a call. Rene’s wife calls to inform him that their children are content in the country. But she isn’t.

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Rene informs his wife that Irma has left. His wife, however, tells Rene that he hasn’t spoken to them in two weeks. A touching moment on the show is when the director admits he created something and that everyone has moved to new projects. His wife tells Rene that it is always like this, and Rene should be open to the possibility of not being able to create anything for a while.

Rene is calling, and the final edit of his screen is being played at home. Irma vep escapes from the screen while Rene is calling. Rene tells his wife he loves them and that this is the truth.

After hearing the conversation, Irma’s spirit leaves Rene. He acknowledges that his love of movies is great but also that he loves his wife. Irma’s departure from Rene indicates that the spirit is looking for another vessel to haunt.

Irma Vep uses all her strength to climb up Rene’s apartment, and then through the roof. We can now once again see Paris at Night. Irma is seen standing on the roof and looking at Paris’ beauty.

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