Hot Anime Girls : Our Top 60+ Most Attractive Anime Girl

hot anime girls

We often imagine ourselves with our waifu (or other Hot Anime girls ), and although it isn’t possible to make our dream come true, it gives us a little satisfaction. So, have you ever done that?

Some sexy anime girls from anime shows give us one more reason to watch it entirely. So, here is the list of the top 60 hot anime girls you’ll come across.

60. Maki Oze

60. Maki Oze Hot Anime Girls

Anime: Fire Force

Maki is half-badass and half an absolute loving goofball.

As a former soldier, she is able to fight her own in the fight and master any third-gen Pyrokinetics.

She has also been awe-inspiringly impressive character on the TV show irrespective of what the names of her fire team members might be.

However every romantic notion causes her to have a ruckus over her lips. She’s not a huge lover of real love, fate, or the stuff that is mushy.

She definitely has many things to her name.

And, on top of that she’s just adorable making her the perfect woman-like model.

59. Naho Takamiya

Naho Takamiya

Anime: Orange

Naho is similar to the tale about Dandere’s success. Dandere success.

At first she didn’t have the ability to share her thoughts very often, especially in relation to romance.

In addition, she was sensitive to other people’s emotions.

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In the course of some time travel-related mishaps, we could observe Naho appearing to be glowing, at least to some extent.

The day that could be the day she performed “How to save the life of a child” she accepted the task and got out of her comfort area. I am in love with Naho She’s a genuine sweetheart. The show Orange is one of the most romantic romances you can find.

58. Goddess Hestia (Danmachi)

Hot Anime Girls Goddess Hestia (Danmachi)

Like Nemuri of My Hero Academia, I do not have much of an opinion about Hestia as an individual (aside from her appearance).

She’s a bit frightened, dependent, and even a little jealous, but there is an “empathetic” soft part of her I’d guess. That makes her an bitmore reason to be within Danmachi. Danmachi series.

57. Goddess Aqua (Kono Subarashii)

57. Goddess Aqua (Kono Subarashii)

Aqua The Water Goddess.. Aka “useless” as she’s referred to in the world of anime.

Kono Subarashii may be a silly show to begin with and we’re not denying that Aqua is a hottie.

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56. Darkness (Kono Subarashii)

56. Darkness (Kono Subarashii)

Darkness voiced in the voice by Rukia Kuchiki on the dub,is a pervert and madman. She’s among the “foolish” characters from Kono Subarashii’s set.

But , unlike Aqua however, she is a woman withprinciples. And she will do anything to defend the people, and to fulfill her duty as knight in shining armor. knight.

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Even if her efforts don’t equal much.

55. Erina Nakiri (Food Wars)

55. Erina Nakiri (Food Wars)

Erina Nakiri is The “gods tongue” and brutally proficient persona of Food Wars.

In the Dubbed version, she has an attitude of condescension. However, in the subbed version, she’s more sophisticated.

One thing that cannot be debated is the presence of her and the way it calls your focus.

54. Ichiko Sakura (Good Luck Girl)

54. Ichiko Sakura (Good Luck Girl)

Ichiko Sakura was evidentlydrawn for fan service. This is evident by her style and the direction that the comedy follows in the end.

Yet it’s worthwhile to mention her. Even if her manner of conduct and manner of speaking is the equivalent of the d** from The beginning of Good Luck Girl.

53 . Evergreen (Fairy Tail)

53 . Evergreen (Fairy Tail)

Evergreen could be a bit of a nuisance to be found in the Fairy Tail universe. However, she’s has high standards. There’s a distinct “feel” of her personality that resembles Erina Nakiri but withoutthe arrogance.

She’s among the top female characters of Fairy Tail, and that’s an impressive feat considering there are numerousof female characters in FT.

52. Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach)

52. Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach)
MAde by shizuhime

Yoruichi can be described as a hottie, no regardless of how I view it. She’s also one of the fewblack female characters that’s somewhat well-known.

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Bleach is a kind of show in the end. Like Celica Arfonia Yoruichi knows more than she reveals.

Despite the fact that she is “appealing” her looks may be, she isn’t “appealing” in any way.

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51. Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere – The cutest sexy Anime Girl

Louise Françoise le blanc de la Vallière

Anime: Zero no Tsukaima.

When Black Clover’s Asta and Noelle ever have children, it’s usually Louise. Much like her anime dad She has an extremely uninhibited love to magic, in a universe where everything is magic. It also earned her the name as Louise as the Zero. From her mother’s side, she has a reputable history and also the snobbery that goes with it. Additionally, she is able to get that important tsundere vibe.

50. Momo Belia Deviluke.

momo Belia deviluke

Anime: To Love Ru.

If Gowther is ever able to retire from the 7 Deadly Sins and is also an actual child, I am sure that Momo is sure to perform great work in committing the sin of love. She could even match the price a bit better. If the tail did give it away Momo is bound by the 34th rule of the internet since she often envisions Rito in NSFW scenarios and attempts to put him in NSFW situations.

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49. Madoka Kaname – Our Sexy Magical Anime Girl Among Hot Anime Girls

49. Madoka Kaname - Our Sexy Magical Anime Girl Among Hot Anime Girls

Anime: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Puella Magi Madoka Magica).

A large selection of fantastical girl-oriented anime is essential to the viewing diet of every person. Madoka is an amazing female with a feminine look that viewers can enjoy as she tries her best to help others with their lives in an amazing shoujo manner. She’s insecure and shy … How come? You had a button you would press? She’s also a kind of person who takes risks. But the main aspect is that she’s adorable and fun to be around whatever she may be.

48. Hinagiku Katsura.

Hinagiku Katsura

Anime: Hayate no Gotoku! (Hayate the Fight Butler).

Hinagiku certainly falls under the “student Council president adored by everyone and an immortal god, yet humble” type of personality. We also have a range of clubs in which she is involved, especially the Kendo club, where she is captain. Also, other healthy senior high school sports. However, she does receive the Disney network dads and moms … but, I’m betting that you’ll see Mr. Katsura is way more cool than the two in the mix.

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47. Moka Akashiya

moka Akashiya

Anime: Rosario to Vampire.

I’m noticing an interesting pattern in the girls with pink hair and split personalities. More on this in the future. Pink-haired Moka is the most pliable and sensitive, whereas the original and inner Moka is white-haired. It’s usually the ones with pink hair that are psycho. In the direct light, it gives off an intense Tsubasa Hanekawa-like vibe that is always an and. Also, can I mention the fact that Moka can be described as a vampire? Most likely, he was able to lead with the aforementioned one.

46.  Ikaros from the paradise’s Lost Home anime

Ikaros Paradise's Lost Building

Anime: Sora no Otoshimono (Paradise’s Lost Building)

I did not realize that it was pink, yet the wiki isn’t even there! That’s Ikaros is an Angeloid who fell from the world of Synapse and was saved by Tomoki and she was after the “imprints”. What is this referring to? He meets an adorable animal lady and it’s unusual. We later learn the reason why that she “fell” out of Synapse. Let’s also say that she may not have the bark , but she definitely has the bite. I’m sure the dog thing isn’t weird.

45. Yui. Yui in Angel Beats! anime

Yui in Angel Beats

Animation: Angel beats!

“Energized” isn’t an adequate term to define Yui. If she had the ability be energized, I’m sure she’d be bouncing off the walls during the day, doing an amazing array of balancing moves. Also, her mouth is as fast like her physique, since she is known to talk frequently. In a loud way. Additionally, she will be able to slip into DMs If given the chance. What is it that she does is beyond us. Don’t even bother to investigate it instead, just take a take a look at her current machinations instead.

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44. Watashi. Watashi in Humankind has Declined This is our Hot Pink Hair anime Girl

watashi in Humankind Has Declined

Anime: Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humankind Has Actually Declined).

Myself, me and I’m my mediator among fairies as well as people, commonly referred to”Moderator” and sometimes Okashi-chan as she’s discovered the pleasures of complex carbs. In terms of character she’s a little of everything. She’s slightly reckless and is known to be a bit irritable. However, she also seems to be enjoying her job on occasion. She’s happy, cartoonish and cheerful However, she’s also holding knives and knows how to handle people.

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43. Suzuka Darienji is from Tokyo Ravens

Suzuka Darienji from Tokyo Ravens

Suzuka Darienji , also known as “The Prodigy is one of The “Twelve divine Generals”. In the animated series , it is considered to be the top of Japan’s Onmyouji magicians.

The prodigy earned by her intellect, and despite being only a teenager. However, her ability was not without cost.

The Brutally Experiment was encouraged from an early age by her father’s tragic son to create magical geniuses she achieved success… But her brother was not so fortunate and died early.

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Maybe that’s why they’re both sporting curly blonde straight…

Suzuka is desperate in the hopes of reviving her father but is unable to summon the spirit of his corpse.

Death is death, even for magicians.

42. Elizabeth Midford from Black Butler

Elizabeth Midford from Black Butler

Elizabeth Midford is cousin to Ciel Phantomhive , the Black Butler’s most adored and the true Master of the “black butler” Sebastian Michaelis, the monster Sebastian Michaelis.

Growing as a girl within Victorian London isn’t an easy one for girls.

It’s commonplace to look delicate and weak in order that men love you. There’s not a lot of influence you can have as you’re expected an attentive listener to the males who are around you.

Elizbeth however can play inside.

She is a woman who is a lover of femininity. She’s a fan of adorable things. She even decorated her room with ribbons, much to the dismay of her husband.

But she keeps her intelligence hidden.

She’s exceptionally clever and has an intelligent, sharp and loyal character. She can effortlessly defeat any opponent by using her twin swords.

41. Harime Nui from Kill la Kill The most insane Among Hot Anime Girls

41. Harime Nui from Kill la Kill The most insane Among Hot Anime Girls

Harime Nui is a major character in the film Kill La Kill.

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Her cuteness is concealed by a sloppy and dark way of speaking.

Made entirely synthetically from living fibres which are from other kinds of species. Harime can be among the strongest characters in the show in addition to winning almost every opponent one-on-one.

Not only that she often breaks the fourth wall. She is the only one to accomplish this.

She uses subtitles and also delays credits towards the end and creates chaos for the remaining cast members and the viewers.

Only Ryuko’s scissor knife is capable of scratching her.

This assumes she can even reach Harime.

40. Milly Ashford (Code Geass)

40. Milly Ashford (Code Geass)

Milly Ashford can be an additional Support character in this list.

In Code Geass – she’s one of the “school” members of Lelouch Lamperouge. She likes to have fun and sometimes is funny.

In addition, she’s also the president of the student council.

If you remove all the humor associated from her protagonist on Code Geass, especially early in the series, she’s got a strong head on her shoulders , and is more sophisticatedthan she seems.

39. Irina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom) The most attractive blonde haired anime girl

Irina Jelavic (Assassination Classroom) - The most seductive blonde hair anime girl

Irina Jelavic is the “teacher” In Assassination Classroom. She has a few appearances alongside Koro Sensei. The principal character.

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If you’re not being disregarded by your fellow students because of her name and notpissed by her appearance the woman has the experience to draw attention of anyone.

Her job is associated with murders as well as killings (hit-woman) This is an established fact. Despite her beautiful modest look.

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38. Mitsuba Sangu (Owari No Seraph)

38. Mitsuba Sangu (Owari No Seraph)

Mitsuba Sangu one of “Tsundere” kinds in anime, is a character, is blonde. Like Kirisaki Chitoge.

But, in contrast to it being an “rom or com ” series, this is different from Nisekoi. Owari No Seraph is an anime that is based upon the trauma and violence.

Mitsuba’s personality is determined through her character. When she’s angry, is because she has a lot of concernabout other people more than they do.

She would like her fellow workers to feel safe and secure. Her anger, however it may be subtle can be a reflection of her devotion to colleagues and friends.

37. Beatrice (Re:Zero Starts Life In A Different World)

37. Beatrice (Re:Zero Starts Life In A Different World)

Beatrice is a nickname given to Betty. It’s an odd Loli character who is in actual factolder than she seems.

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In reality she has a disturbing level of power for someone who’s small as well as fragile from the exterior. However, you don’t see the majority of this until the latter episodes when she’s a secondary character.

One of the most memorable things about Beatrice has to be her use of the phrase “I believe”. It’s the most common expression in the majority of all the wordsshe says in the course of conversation.

It’s the sole thing that has been able to make Beatrice famous, adored, and well-loved by fans of animation, Mages, and characters with blonde hair.

36. Ikumi Mito (Food Wars) The most delicious Hot anime girl With Blonde Hair

Ikumi Mito (Food Wars) - The most gourmet blonde hair hot anime girl

Ikumi Mito is the well-known chef with a focus in “meat” as well as carvery for Food Wars. It’s a fact in this specific area of expertise.

She’s tanned, and wears the same type of dress as Yoko Littner who’s part of Gurren Lagann.

I’m guessing it’s possible that the “Mito” portion of her name might be a reference on”meat” as well as “meat” and is meant to refer towards her style of cooking in the show.

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35. Maria Oosawa (Canaan)

Maria Oosawa (Canaan)

Maria Oosawa a positive kind of individual who has a feeling of HYPE about the minor things in life. For example, she takes pictures of the landscape or taking photos of herself or another person.

Or even meeting her friend: Canaan. Any occasion is a good one. Maria has a smile, is cheerful and loving and has an outlook suchpositive that it’s contagious.

This is why she’s a bit different in comparison to the standard black haired female anime.

34. Rio Nakamura (Assassination Classroom)

Rio Nakamura (Assassination Classroom)

Rio Nakamura’s optimistic spirit shines. She’ll let you down.let you feel depressed and down. She’s too positive and happy to allow this to happen.

This is the thing you’ll find most appealing about Nakamura In the Assassination Classroom. The level of confidence that Nakamura displays is difficult to resist since it’s extremely inspiring.

33. Jeanne D’Arc (Fate Apocrypha)

Jeanne D'Arc (Fate Apocrypha)

Jeanne D’arc like Saber is built on stories from mythology, as well as historical.

Like Saber and Saber She’s made mistakes which she “somewhat” regrets at the beginning, however she’s able to bear and eventually overcomewith their determination, determination. determination.

She doesn’t brag about her strength, nor claim her ability to withstand any challenge but she’s able to stand up to it in the event that she needs it.

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32. Violet Evergarden – The most amazing blonde haired anime girl

Violet Evergarden blonde hair anime girl
The most mysterious hot blonde hair anime girl

Before Kyoto Animation released a teaser trailer I knew I was about to embark on an exciting adventure. Violet’s concept for her character is brilliant and KyoAni’s breathtaking animation in the show is the most impressive part. Violet is an in-coming part of the CH postal service. Auto Memory Doll.

She was trying to understand the significance behind “any terms” she learned from Gilbert during her time as an army soldier. Violet is a character I’ve admired in other models. Violet has beautiful hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and her facial expressions are worthy of millions of words.

Her story has made me cry as well as sadness, anger and joy, as well as all emotions that make us human beings. Violet Evergarden is a rare beauty in the world of anime. it’s the same for the main character

30. Mineru Wachi, Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory

30. Mineru Wachi, Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory

Mineru from ‘Mother of Goddess Dormitory’ is without doubt the most popular anime character ever. The beautiful woman with brains is a devoted researcher who is frequently consumed with her quirky experiments in science. It is interesting to note that Mineru has no comprehension or of social norms and therefore is not afraid when she wears revealing robes in the park or on the nearby street. If she’s in her dormitory Mineru does not hesitate to show off her naked body before the main character, Koushi Nagumo.

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29. Tsubasa Hanekawa, Bakemonogatari

29. Tsubasa Hanekawa, Bakemonogatari

Today, Tsubasa Hanekawa from ‘Bakemonogatari The character isn’t as well-known as she ought to be. As a friend of the main character Koyomi Araragi. Tsubasa has the title of class leader, who is usually well-organized and well-organized. But when a sly cat demon is possessed by her, she can change into a beautiful, attractive teenager who is able to beat out the other characters in this list.

28. Yaoyorozu Momo, My Hero Academia

28. Yaoyorozu Momo, My Hero Academia

Yaoyorozu Momo is a fascinating addition to the ever-growing number of sexually sexy heroines that are a part of the world of anime. The upcoming Pro Hero is a dedicated student at U.A High School who not only excels at academics, but also in the field due to her strategic mind as well as the “creation characteristic.” Due to her ability, she always wears clothing that show off her gorgeous body, which has all the anime fans in awe of her. If you’re planning to see her live, then you must be prepared.

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27. Suguha Kirigaya, Sword Art Online

27. Suguha Kirigaya, Sword Art Online

When Suguha Kirigaya was first introduced to viewers on “Sword Art Online,” the majority of viewers might have believed that she was simply a adorable girl. But things take a surprise turn after she transforms into Leafa beautiful blonde warrior. It is interesting to note that she maintains her adorableness even after changing and her hot body and innocent look make Suguha to be one of the most attractive anime girls.

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26. Atena Saotome, Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory

26. Atena Saotome, Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory

The female characters in the harem anime are brazen and sexy with a lack of decency and common sense, Atena is an exception. She is shy and doesn’t want to be seen walking through the dormitories in a semi-nude or nude. Saotome is more compassionate and sensitive to Koushi’s requirements and always takes care of Koushi. It’s this delicate balance between her caring personality and her occasional outbursts of sexual provocation that make Atena such a desirable and attractive.

25. Midnight, My Hero Academia

25. Midnight, My Hero Academia

The kindhearted Pro Hero is famous for her slim body and gorgeous appearance, so you need not be surprised to see her on this list. Although she doesn’t have sufficient screentime, Midnight was a winner in the fandom of anime with her gorgeous body. Incredibly “My Hero Academia” has zero sexual content, and Midnight’s growing fan base is proof that the absence of sexual content isn’t an obstacle for a person that is as attractive as her to gain attention and recognition.

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24. Boa Hancock, One Piece

24. Boa Hancock, One Piece

One of the most beautiful women in this listing is Pirate Empress Boa Hancock of the popular anime series ‘One Piece’. She’s often seen wearing provocative outfits that highlight her beauty and allows us the pleasure of admiring her beautiful features. Boa is a slim and tall woman with a slim waist and black hair that is long. Boa has the title of captain for Kuja Pirates. Kuja Pirates.

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23. Lilith Asami, Trinity Seven

23. Lilith Asami, Trinity Seven

The teacher with red hair may appear gentle and compassionate however, Lilith is a sexy diva who’s not shy about engaging in combat whenever the situation calls for. Incredibly, the beautiful lady who is brainy also sports a attractive and curly figure which has been noticed by Trinity Seven followers. So, it’s not an exaggeration when we say that Asami is most likely to be the most attractive teacher in the world of anime.

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22. Nico Robin, One Piece

22. Nico Robin, One Piece

Another installment from ‘One Piece and it will not be the last. When you imagine a sexy anime model, Nico Robin is one of the names that immediately comes up. She’s a hot and tall lady with beautiful legs and slim arms. Nico typically wears uniforms that show off her sexual cleavage. Her hair is black and has a light complexion. She is the only remaining survivor from her island Ohara and is a part of the Straw Hat Pirates where she is archaeologist. Her legs are extra long, which add to her ability to fight.

21. Elizabeth Liones, The Seven Deadly Sins

21. Elizabeth Liones, The Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth Liones is the princess of the Kingdom of Lioness. She is the adopted child of the King Batra. Druids are her ancestors, and it is later discovered it is the reincarnation of the goddess. She is extremely strong. Elizabeth is a silver-haired woman with eyes that are large. The eyes of one are entirely covered in her hair. She is slim in her body and wears a tight-fitting top as well as a short skirt. Elizabeth is also gentle and compassionate, as well as robust. She set out to uncover all of the Seven Deadly Sins on her own, to free her country from clutches of corruption-ridden Holy Knights.

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20. Darkness KonoSuba God’s grace on this amazing world!

20. Darkness KonoSuba God's grace on this amazing world!

The royal lady in KonoSuba is a warrior and is also one of the three principal female characters. Darkness beautiful looks are a bizarre match for her lust for moxy in a way that makes her look adorable and innocent. Furthermore, the faith she takes with her extended family’s rich past and her noble heritage shows her foundational background. So, it’s not absurd to say it is true that Darkness is a perfect girl for all men.

19. Mirajane Strauss, Fairy Tail

19. Mirajane Strauss, Fairy Tail

Mirajane Strauss is an S-class mage with terrifying Demon powers that she can destroy her foes. Her fighting skills are impressive, when she’s not fighting she is modeling model to Sorcerer Magazine. Although she’s thin and gorgeous however, when she is using the Satan spell her physical appearance alters dramatically. Her curvaceous physique can attract admirers to her, and it’s impossible to talk about the most hottest anime ladies without talking about her.

18. Mio Naruse, The Testament of Sister New Devil

18. Mio Naruse, The Testament of Sister New Devil

Being the child of the Demon Lord, Mio is the rightful the heir to his title however, she finds herself involved in an intimate connection with her stepbrother following being adopted. In time, her sexual interactions intensify as she discovers how she is sexually involved with the servant. The raucous romance that takes place between the three characters is forever immortalized in the history of anime. However, a large portion of the responsibility for making these scenes thrilling is due to the sexually enthralling and captivating Mio. Mio.

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17. Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail – The strongest among Hot Anime girls With Red Hair

17. Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail - The strongest among Hot Anime girls With Red Hair

Ezra is a part of the Guild Fairy Tail and a powerful magician who takes to defend the weak and the marginalized. The gentle and caring soul is renowned for her aggressive fighting style and amazing feats as a magician, her physical traits are hard to overlook. The beauty of medieval times with her large body can force anyone to beg to watch their screens. So, it’s not a surprise that the enchantress ranks at the top of this list of the most sexiest anime women ever.

16. Asuna, Sword Art Online – The Most Charismatic Among Hot Anime Girls

16. Asuna, Sword Art Online - The Most Charismatic Among Hot Anime Girls

The next to be mentioned is pretty Asuna. Asuna was one of the main characters in the ‘Sword Art Online’ series of anime and is the wife of Kirito. Don’t be deceived by her looks. She is an extremely proficient player in the online game upon which the show is based. This has earned her the title of Flash. With both abilities and physical beauty she is among the most popular anime girls.

15. Celestia Ralgris, Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle – The Best Among Hot Anime girls With Blonde Hair

15. Celestia Ralgris, Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle -  The Best Among Hot Anime girls With Blonde Hair

Celestia has the father of one of the four Nobles. She is also a third-year student at the Royal Officer Academy, where she heads her own Knight Squadron. Nobles can be in the company of her peers, even though she’s shy in social settings and is extremely comfortable in these situations. She also has an impressive educational record, she is also known for her slim body has sparked more online conversations than her affable personality.

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14. Revy, Black Lagoon

14. Revy, Black Lagoon

Revy is a gruesome murderer who is considered to be an extremely powerful female characters ever created. Although this untamed heroine is known for her incredible fighting and combat skills however, it’s difficult to overlook the fact that the gun-wielding murderer also has stunning physical characteristics that will have anyone in awe of her. Revy’s frightened, angry and cold manner of speaking makes Revy’s already intriguing exterior and quickly makes Revy among the best sought-after female characters from the world of anime.

13. Akeno Himejima, High School DxD

13. Akeno Himejima, High School DxD

We’re all aware that the list is not complete in the absence of Akeno Himejima. The devil who reincarnated has an exquisite figure that goes with her extremly sadistic tendencies. Strangers, who aren’t aware of her darker side and swoon in love with her gorgeous appearance. Her admiration and respect for the perfect Japanese woman serves as an ideal cover for the turbulent past and bizarre present. The handful of fanservice scenes featuring her have, with time, turned into one of the most popular scenes in anime history.

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12. Madame President, Golden Boy – Our Hot Anime Girl from the 90’s

12. Madame President, Golden Boy - Our Hot Anime Girl from the 90's

Today, ‘Golden Boy’ is a cult classic, however it’s understandable why it was not able to get it into the masses, considering that it came out at the time of the 90s. The show is unique in its storyline and strong characters as well. Madame President is definitely one of the few that make an impact. The attractive businesswoman runs her own company that is software-based. Her independent personality, along with her lack of respect for patriarchal standards creates a unique aspect to her persona which you’ll likely find attractive and not forgetting. If all these aspects do not suffice, then you’re sure be in awe of Madame President’s style selections. Golden Boy is available to stream” on Crunchyroll.

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11. Akame, Akame ga Kill! – The Best Among Hot Anime girls With Black Hair

11. Akame, Akame ga Kill! - The Best Among Hot Anime girls With Black Hair

The socially awkward protagonist of the film ‘Akame ga Kill!’ is cruel and unforgiving. But in reality, she’s an active team player that constantly looks out for her fellow teammates. She conceals her inner turmoil under a fake stoic façade however, the red-eyed assassin’s sharp stare is in harmony with her stunning look. Akame’s intense training regimen has kept her in shape and she’s got curves in every angle.

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10. Freya, Dan Maichi – The Cutest Among Hot Anime Girls

10. Freya, Dan Maichi - The Cutest Among Hot Anime Girls

Freya is who is the leader of the Freya Familia, also happens to be the main antagonist in ‘Freya What’s Wrong With Trying To Take Girls Out In A Dungeon?.’ The character is usually occupied with the satisfaction of her love for intimate interactions as well as an unending desire for the most talented adventurers. As you might have seen, Freya’s gorgeous appearance is stunning even though she doesn’t possess the same sexually attractive figure like other characters in the show. But, she compensates for this with her fashion choices.

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9. Rias Gremory, High School DxD – The Best Among Hot Anime girls With Red Hair

9. Rias Gremory, High School DxD - The Best Among Hot Anime girls With Red Hair

The heir of the Gremory Clan Rias the crimson hair with a butt and intense blue eyes, and sleek body makes her among the best adored female characters of the world of anime. While she’s kindhearted and respectful of her fellows but she also has a fiery personality which is fascinating to observe when she’s angry. There is certainly an immense amount of personality to her and she stands out from the majority of female protagonists with a sexy look who are often obliterated by other characters. Her gorgeous body and other aspects of her personality blend well and effortlessly propel her to one of the top spots in this ranking.

8. Rize Kamishiro, Tokyo Ghoul – The Best Among Hot Anime girls With Purple Hair

8. Rize Kamishiro, Tokyo Ghoul -  The Best Among Hot Anime girls With Purple Hair

The hourglass-shaped figure that is the bespectacled adversary from “Tokyo Ghoul” makes her one of the most attractive villains of anime history. Her appearance is appealing and attractive due to her innocent appearance and her attractive physique. Although the show doesn’t focus on her sexual appeal however, it’s impossible to list a list of women without including this sexy beauty who’s beauty and charisma can delight any.

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7. Lust, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – The Least Known Among Hot Anime Girl

lust full metal alchemist

It is possible to dislike Lust’s character or her desire to eradicate human beings however it’s an undisputed truth that Lust is among the most popular cartoon characters ever. Lust, the curvaceous villain, with her creative manipulation and brutal methods, serves Father until her final breath. Although her demise is just as terrifying as the murder spree, there’s an uncanny sense of attraction in her Lust that allows her to get her victims to believe she is attractive and makes anime fans love her.

6. Nami, One Piece – the Most Popular among Hot Anime girls

6. Nami, One Piece - the Most Popular among Hot Anime girls

Nami, the navigator from Straw Hat Pirates is known for her rational thinking and quick decision-making skills that her colleagues struggle with. Although “One Piece” is certainly one of the greatest animated series ever made and lasted for a long time, the series offers a lot with respect to Nami’s fierce personality and stunning looks are definitely one of the best. It’s a bit shocking that her attractive physique is not talked about enough since she’s one of the most beautiful anime ladies ever.

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5. Lucy Heartfilia, Fairy Tail – the most courageous among Hot Anime girls

5. Lucy Heartfilia, Fairy Tail - the most courageous among Hot Anime girls

You may have suspected we did not ignore Lucy Heartfilia. The blonde-haired beauty belongs to the Mage from the Fairy Tail Guild and possesses terrifying magical powers. However, she’s not just known for her fighting skills and luscious body, but the sexy figure of the stunning Mage has been captivating fans of anime for many years. Her charisma increases Lucy Heartfilia even more desirable and it’s no surprise that she’s ranked at the top of the list.

4. Albedo, Overlord – Our Waifu Among Hot Anime Girls

4. Albedo, Overlord - Our Waifu Among Hot Anime Girls

Albedo is an white-horned scrubus who is usually busy with her day-to-day activities as the Overseer of Guardians from the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Her innocent appearance perfectly compliments her sexy figure, and whenever she appears present on the screen, her stunning beauty almost captivates the viewers. As if her curvaceous appearance was not enough Albedo has a reason why she is more inclined to wear the most revealing clothing too that sends sexual tension to the sky.

3. Esdeath, Akame Ga Kill – The Most Badass among Hot Anime girls

3. Esdeath, Akame Ga Kill - The Most Badass among Hot Anime girls

Esdeath’s aggressive, manipulative and sadistic character is understandably offensive, but it disappears when one sets their gaze on the slim and tall woman’s stunning look. Her knowledge of combat and her combat-oriented spirit add to the appeal of Esdeath even more attractive and her fierce fight scenes provide an even more intimate view of her appealing features. There are those who dislike her cruel character, but it’s impossible to overlook her gorgeous appearance.

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2. Shiraki Meiko, Prison School – The sexiest among Hot Anime girls

2. Shiraki Meiko, Prison School - The sexiest among Hot Anime girls

Fans of anime who have watched “Prison School” will admit that few characters are at all as attractive like Shiraki Meiko. The third-year student is a sexy, vivacious character with brutally sadistic tendencies that can put even the most evil villains in the shade. However, Shiraki isn’t well-known for her bizarre fantasies. The sexy Vice-President of the Underground Student Council often metes harsh punishments to prisoner and is not afraid of showing her body. Her sexy appearance and the acceptance of her body makes her to stand out.

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1. Raynare, High School DXD – The most demonic Among Hot Anime girls

1. Raynare, High School DXD - The most demonic Among Hot Anime girls

Raynare is the fallen angel that killed Issei during his first date. The antagonist is famous for her meticulously planned sinister schemes through which she attempts to take the lives of innocent people. Though she’s hated because of her mind-bending ways the fans of anime can’t deny the fact that Raynare’s gorgeous body and her icy demeanor are what make her one of the most feared villains. The curvaceous, slim body can make anyone feel enthralled which is why it’s no unexpected that she’s ranked high within this top list.

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