Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School: With the growing popularity of Manhwa, we are always looking for their titles that are similar to our taste. While action and adventure remain the popular genres, magic will forever be golden in any category. Since most of us grew up reading Harry Potter, we also like to see schools of magic when we read manhwa.

Sometimes it can be hard to find a Korean manhwa with a particular genre among the vast sea of titles. That’s where I come to your rescue by providing manhwa where the MC goes to magic school.

Webtoons Where Main Character Goes To Magic School

20. The Butterfly Girl

Manhwa where Main Character Goes To Magic School

Manhwa will tell the story of Bibi Na, a girl who has a unique ability. This ability allows her make chrysalis. This is similar to a caterpillar’s transformation. Bibi Na, like a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly can transform into a person with different abilities and personalities.

This ability is due to her tragic memories of bullies and school changes. Things get more complicated when a boy at her new school seems to know who she is.

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19. Demons can’t be Pretty

Demons can't be Pretty

Stigmas are something we all face in our lives. Do demons face the same stigmas? This Korean webtoon is about Satan, a demon who is very pretty. He is a Demon High student with sparkling blue eyes and shiny white hair.

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Many people have difficulty understanding that Satan is a demon. They compare him to the other demons. Satan is unable to change their minds about a demon.

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18. Athena Complex

Athena Complex

Are gods seeking revenge? They are supposed to forgive, right? When we pray to gods, we ask for forgiveness. Athena seems to have other ideas. It seems strange that Athena, the goddess of wisdom, would even consider revenge.

She might consider herself a modern god, who transcends preconceived notions about being a god. She is so focused on this that she decides to return to school. She would be so focused on other things if she could!

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17. Trump

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School: Because we are discussing manhwa in which the MC attends a magic school it makes sense that magic is common in their world. This Korean manhwa is set in a similar world. The story centers around Hiasen, the son of Ran. He has been raised by Kasin, a friend of Ran since his childhood.

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Kasin is also a very skilled wizard. All was well until our protagonist made a strange request to Kasin. He wanted to attend school to receive a Melly Day gift. We are more familiar with this as Leap Day.

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16. Miss Guillotine

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School

Each era has its end, and the anonymized hero was no exception. The ones who had been protecting the universe (the Magical Girls), now live a celebrity life. The truth of the identity of these girls is soon revealed and everyone is shocked to learn that they are bullies at school.

This creates confusion about how bullies can protect the world. Then a new Magical Girl appears. This is when a new Magical Girl appears.

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15. From The Heavens

From The Heavens

Legend has it that a Sage King will be born to our world, and he will take the world to new heights. This rare event will only occur once every millennia. The Heavenly Guards will be responsible for protecting the Sage King’s side when he appears.

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Evil doers will also be eager to have the Sage King to help them with their misdeeds. Is Danu the Sage King or a clumsy boy?

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14. Dice

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School

We all have wondered at one time or another if we might be able to start over. This manhwa makes that possibility a reality. Dong Tae, the main character in this story, is given this chance. The bullies have made his school life a disaster.

His sitting partner Tae Bin enjoys a better school life. He is popular and very handsome. Tae Bin proposes a new game for Dong Tae, which will change his entire life.

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13. Noblesse

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School. Noblesse is a popular manhwa, but we will be focusing on the MC Rai. He’s been sleeping for more than 820 years, and he finally woke up. This is a wonderful dream come true for all those who love sleep. He wakes up and begins attending high school with Frankenstein, who helps him.

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Rai will have to make sacrifices in order to continue his school life. A group of unknown attackers is pursuing him. Frankenstein, on the other hand, is acting suspiciously and this raises questions about his loyalty.

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12. Level Up With The Gods

Level Up With The Gods

Imagine losing, despite your superior stats. Kim YuWon was destined for despair. Kim was able to learn from his mistakes and had a second chance at life. He had to make sure that his life was not wasted.

He vows to use all of his potential to climb the tower this time. He must stop the evil ancients from destroying his tower. Kim is ready to do it, even though it won’t be easy.

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11. Past Life Regressor

Past Life Regressor

What would you do if you had the chance to reset your time? Many of us want to get rid of the things in our lives we don’t love. The main character of this Korean manhwa had similar ideas, and decided to change the date he was born.

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He believes that he will be able to seize all of the wealth in the world and establish a monopoly through the control of all the dungeons. This is certainly an intriguing prospect, but it is all about execution.

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10. Devil Sword King

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School

Although it is difficult to live two lives, the manhwa’s protagonist seems to enjoy an adrenaline rush. He is the leader of a magical world on one side. This seems very intriguing, considering that it involves magic and he also gets to exercise his leadership.

He is, however, a regular high school student in real life. This life is definitely more boring than his previous one. He doesn’t want one to be sacrificed for the other, and is determined to do both well.

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9. Unordinary


We are all imperfect in this world, and the same goes for the world. Each person deals with the imperfections in the world slowly. It is easier for some to deal with while others find it difficult.

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The main thing is that we learn a valuable lesson from it and realize an important point. We must accept our flaws and change.

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8. Black Haze

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School. Listen to this story to see what happens to the main character after a mission goes wrong. You would love to be there. After his task is thrown off track, he is sent to a magic school. This seems more like a reward than a punishment.

He can’t just relax and enjoy his time at the magical school. He must protect the son of a very important character at that school. The boy isn’t having a great time, and will now be under the protection someone who will learn valuable lessons.

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7. Overgeared


This is Shin Youngwoo, also known as Grid. Anyone who learns about his story will sympathize with him since his real life and his gaming world are both a mess. Imagine yourself playing a virtual reality video game to relieve stress in your real life only to be stuck at a low level.

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He is fortunate to find a rare item that instantly gives him legendary status. It’s like finding gold in the rough. He will be able to use new and unique abilities. Can he bear the weight of his fame?

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6. Tales Of Demons And Gods

Tales Of Demons And Gods

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School. What will you do if you find yourself in your classroom? If you love school, it will be a joyful moment. Nie Li was in a similar situation. After being attacked by a Demon Beast, he is believed to have died.

This is not a regular demon beast, but a god-tier one. This happened due to a time and space warp that sent Nie Li back to his 13-year-old self. Nie Li now has to save the ones he loves, and redeem his second chance.

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5. Hide in the Flowers

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School

Hide in the Flowers manhwa will have a unique taste that is not typical of this category. This is mainly about the magical academy where girls study. It’s easy to see why, considering the subject of this article.

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They are working together to improve their magic and plan to support one another throughout. The readers will be able to read about their interesting romance stories.

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4. Anz

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School: This story has the Witch of Wind as a legend. The plot centers around those who are searching for the next person to fill that role. Except for one student, almost everyone is busy doing this.

He is a student at the Winfred Academy of Magic, and his only wish for privacy is to be left alone. This is a little suspicious, and it points out that he may be the next Witch of Wind whom everyone is looking for. Another mystery could be revealed later.

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3. The Beginning after the End

The Beginning after the End

What is the point of having everything? It’s solitude for King Gray. People of such immense power are not able to find their own wavelength.

He lacks direction and is also unsure of his future. This makes it exciting for him to be offered a second chance in a magical realm. He will be able to go back and relive an unforgettable experience, while making sure that he doesn’t make the same mistakes again. Is it enough to ensure he lives a happy life?

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You will love the ending after the beginning, so make sure you check out these manhwa!

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2. After 4000 years, the Archmage returns

the archmage returns after 4000 years

Manhwa Where Mc Goes To Magic School: This manhwa’s title is enough to entice anyone. The story’s protagonist is Lucas Trowman, who 4000 years ago met his end. Lucas was made to lose his mind by a demigod and would spend eternity in this state.

However, everything is not perfect at once and Lucas can now experience his new life as Frei Blake. It’s amazing that an Archmage as talented as himself is now Westroad Academy’s most talented student. He can surely use his past experiences to exact revenge on the demigod.

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1. The Returner’s Magic should be Special

The Returner's Magic should be Special

This popular manhwa tells the story of Desir, who is considered a prodigy in magic prowess. Desir has been fighting the shadow labyrinth battle for over 10 years. It seems that all his efforts have been futile as he is about be killed.

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However, fate isn’t so cruel. He gets another chance to get sent back in the past. Desir now knows the terrible fate that awaits them, and this will help him prepare for the future. Desir will prepare his friends to face Armageddon.

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Anime Where The OP MC Goes To A Magic School

Anime Where The OP MC Goes To A Magic School

When it comes to watching any action anime featuring magic and other supernatural powers, an overpowered main character is required to portray the larger-than-life scale of this magical world.

11. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100
MagicMC’s Overpowered-nessPlotAnimationTotal

In Japan, a young student unlocks his hidden psychic abilities that turn out to be powerful enough to destroy the whole world if left unchecked. He decides to restrain his powers to a minimum in order to keep everyone safe.

Shigeo Kageyama was a middle schooler with powerful psychic abilities. He had a kind and caring personality. He joins the business of Arataka Reigen, a cunning man who repeatedly uses Shigeo’s powers for personal gains.

He learns that his powers are connected to his emotions, and emotional outbursts may lead to chaos. Shigeo, also known as Mob, must grab absolute control over his emotions to prevent a tragedy from happening.

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10. Magical Warfare

Magical Warfare
MagicMC’s Overpowered-nessPlotAnimationTotal

The plot of this anime takes place in a world where humans and magicians coexist peacefully, but a sect of magicians (the Ghost Trailers) is breaking the peace by assaulting humans in order to assert their dominance.

Takeshi Nanase was an ordinary student, but his fateful encounter with Mui Aiba (Magician) led him to a new world where he got transformed into a powerful magician.

Takeshi enrolled in a magic academy along with Kurumi Isoshima to practice their new abilities while maintaining the peace boundaries between humans and magicians.

9. Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo
MagicMC’s Overpowered-nessPlotAnimationTotal

Set in a world where special people can materialize their souls as weapons called Blazes. These people join prestigious academies that provide training for individuals with powers.

Tooru Kokonoe was a young man with great martial arts skills. His childhood days were spent training at a Dojo. His little sister and friends were killed by a mysterious man.

He decided to train in one of the special academies so that one day, he can avenge the death of his family. However, life at the academy may not be as easy as Tooru thought. He needs to find a powerful partner to form an Absolute Duo.

8. The Asterisk War

The Asterisk War
MagicMC’s Overpowered-nessPlotAnimationTotal

This anime is set in a world where Invertia, a catastrophic event, has reshaped the planet. In addition to the changes in the world, Genestella, a new breed of human with supernatural abilities has emerged.

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The most powerful Genestella are recruited from all across the world to compete in Festa, a big battle royale.

Amagiri Ayato was a brilliant student in Seidoukan academy whose sole purpose in joining this academy was to locate the whereabouts of his long-lost sister. (Hey bad guys, stop hurting people’s sisters, we need some fresh motivation).

He finds himself participating in Festa as a result of a chain of events. Ayato, on the other hand, may need to unleash his secret tremendous powers to make his way through the competition.

7. Spirit Chronicles

Spirit Chronicles
MagicMC’s Overpowered-nessPlotAnimationTotal

Set in a world where an adult man was living his life only to fulfill a promise to his childhood friend, but soon his heart was shattered to pieces when he found out that the love of his life was living a happy life with another man. (A moment of silence for our fallen soldier).

Amakawa Haruto was a handsome man thriving in his university life for a better tomorrow with his beloved one. He soon fell in despair when he found that his crush had fallen in love with someone else.

On that day, he died in a traffic accident, only to reincarnate as Rio in another world. He was gifted with powerful spirit arts ability. Now, he must carefully choose a path in this world to live a life without regrets.

6. Wise Man’s Grandchild

Wise Mans Grandchild
MagicMC’s Overpowered-nessPlotAnimationTotal

Wise Man’s Grandchild revolves around a normal salaryman who dies in an accident. Fortunately, he gets reincarnated in a world filled with magic and wonders. (come on, let these people die in peace).

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Shin Wolford was reincarnated in this new world where an old man, regarded as a hero, adopted him and raised him. Even though Shin was reincarnated as a child, he retained all the memories of his past life.

At the age of 15, Shin was a master of all kinds of magic, and he even invented his own spell, which was extremely powerful. He gets enrolled in a magic academy but he has to hold back his powers. Will he be able to keep his powers a secret?

5. A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index
MagicMC’s Overpowered-nessPlotAnimationTotal

Tokyo, Japan’s largest metropolis, has a vastpopulation, however, the majority of its citizens are students with psychic abilities. These pupils attend Academy City, Tokyo’s most prominent and technologically advanced academy. (They need to fire whoever came up with that name).

The young pupils with psychic abilities are known as Espers, and every Esper possesses a unique supernatural ability. The powers of these Espers are evaluated using a system that assigns them a rating.

Touma Kamijou was a low-rank Esper, in fact, he held zero rank due to his poor psychic powers, but he was gifted with another strange ability (Imagine Breaker)that even the scientist failed to comprehend. This ability allows Touma to nullify any other supernatural power.

4. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen
MagicMC’s Overpowered-nessPlotAnimationTotal

Ghosts, spirits, and curses were thought to be the beings of fantasy as no one believed in their existence. However, when a young man belonging to the occult club ends up in a terrifying situation, things begin to change for him.

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Yuuji Itadori was a kind high school student with a strong sense of justice. In a series of events, he gets attacked by a powerful curse. To protect his friend, he swallowed a forbidden curse item that granted him immense powers.

The curses belong to the king of curses, Ryoumen Sukuna. Now, Yuuji must enroll in Jujutsu Tech High School to control his newly found powers.

3. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven
MagicMC’s Overpowered-nessPlotAnimationTotal

The core story of this anime is about a young guy who possesses a powerful grimoire and his interactions with the world’s most powerful mages.

Arata Kasuga was a regular youngster whose village was devastated by the unexplained Breakdown Phenomenon, but the grimoire handed to him by his cousin, Hijiri Kasuga, created a new world for him.

He met with Lilith Asami, one of the powerful mages (Trinity Seven) who was going to kill Arata, but she didn’t because he decided to get admission to Royal Biblia Academy to control his destructive power while finding the whereabouts of his cousin.

2. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

The Misfit of Demon King Academy 1
MagicMC’s Overpowered-nessPlotAnimationTotal

This anime follows a reincarnated demon lord and his intervention in the matters of today’s world.

Anos Voldigoad was a demon lord who sacrificed his life to bring demons and humans close together. He wanted to establish peace between the two.

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He is reincarnated millions of years later and discovers that, despite the world being at peace, people have forgotten his name and do not remember his sacrifice.

He decides to figure out the cause of this disturbance that changed history. However, he also has to deal with the dangerous pursuers who want to take him down.

1. The Irregular at the Magic School

The Irregular at the Magic School
MagicMC’s Overpowered-nessPlotAnimationTotal

Magic has always been a thing of fantasy, but after years of research, the world has finally combined magic with technology resulting in a power far greater than traditional magic.

Tatsuya Shiba was a young man born in the prestigious Shiba Clan. He was unable to use powerful magic from childhood. The higher-ups of Clan performed a forbidden ritual making him an artificial magician.

He gained powerful magical abilities that were too dangerous, so the clan decided to conceal his real powers by placing a seal on him. He eventually joins the famous magic school of Tokyo as a low-level student with his sister Miyuki Shiba.

As various factions are out that pose a threat to his friends and beloved ones, how long will Tatsuya be able to conceal his powers?

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