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In My Hero Academia, Mirai Sasaki often referred to in the form of Sir Nighteye was a famous hero who was also Mirio Togata’s teacher. The former friend of Mirio Togata was also his sidekick who was regarded as the brain of All Might. Sir Nighteye was renowned for being one of the smartest individuals around until his demise following the assault upon his organization, the Eight Silas Society.

Appearance Mirai Sasaki Mha


Sir Nighteye was an intimidating figure with a sharp, cold appearance. However, this is just the page he displayed in public. Despite his apparently ugly and intimidating appearance, Nighteye valued humor very often and demanded that people get him laughing before he would acknowledge his appreciation. Nighteye believed that humor and enthusiasm were crucial to the future of the society.

He penalized subordinates who didn’t show these traits.
Nighteye was a massive fan of All Might after watching the videos of his activities and preserving some of his memorabilia. He was able to remember events and the details about the heroism of All Might that he had witnessed in his past.


 All Might also tried to define what Nighteye’s idea of is a hero that is someone who, by his strength, inspires fear in the hearts of villains and by laughter, inspires optimism in the hearts of civilians. All Might was also a massive Nighteye admirer and was greatly saddened by his passing.

While he appeared to be cold in certain situations however, he was not shy of defending his family members and those who worked under his supervision. He was open and honest when he made mistakes , and stood up for those who committed mistakes on the basis of his instructions.

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Past Mirai Sasaki My Hero Academia


Sir Nighteye was a huge supporter of All Might and wanted to be his sidekick. However, All Might refused because his objective was not to take anyone along with him. Nighteye was determined but All Might eventually gave in and appointed him as his sidekick. Sir Nighteye was able to play a supportive position as the head of his operations , while All Might fought on the frontline. Since each hero legally bound to file detailed reports about their heroic activities and activities, Sir Nighteye completed all of the paperwork on behalf of All Might . 

In the course of this period the Sir Nighteye realized what was the reality behind The One For All quirk.
They grew very close until about six years ago, when they split up their union.

Past Mirai Sasaki

All Might had a terrifying and brutal fight against All For One. After All Might defeated him, the king suffered serious injuries. His respiratory system was destroyed, which made it difficult for him to use his characteristic. Sir Nighteye demands All Might to withdraw because He doesn’t wish for All Might to be on the brink of dying. All Might will not comply, to withdraw, as the world waits for his return and he is required to fulfill their requests. 

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Sir Nighteye demands All Might to step back and let his legacy continue to live in order to maintain the peace he desires. Nezu is in agreement to Sir Nighteye and informs All Might that he is in the U.A. High school and is looking for the One For All successor. Sir Nighteye believes that Nezu’s concept is the most effective.

Past Mirai Sasaki

All Might wants to know who will symbolize peace until he has an appropriate successor. While All For One is gone There will come a time when another villain of his kind will be revealed. Sir Nighteye says that if he decides to keep his role as hero, he’ll not be able to support him anymore. 

All Might realizes that Nighteye turned his back at him with a grin. Try to convince All Might to accept his view that Sir Nighteye declares That the Number One hero even if he decides to retire in the near future, will be announced in the near future.

Past Mirai Sasaki

But, All Might continues to resist, as this brief period of time is an era of terror. All Might states that Nighteye’s prediction was always right which is what Sir Nighteye was terrified of after he saw the consequences for All Might. Sir Nighteye informs All Might what he knows about his life to make him retire and save him from his fate: Within six or seven years All Might is going to meet an evil person and face an unimaginably brutal death. 

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Following the argument After this argument, they parted paths. Nighteye launched his own hero’s career and even opened his own office of heroes. But, following their disagreement and the subsequent split, Nighteye doesn’t seem to hold any grudges or negative feelings toward All Might.

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Students who participated in the hero internships are present at the funeral of his friend. Centipeder is the new hero who takes over the office of heroes from Nighteye. He as well as Bubble Girl inform Mirio that he’s welcomed anytime.

Skills and quirks Mirai Sasaki

Skills and quirks Mirai Sasaki

Basic Skills Based on All Might Sir Nighteye is not a star in terms of physical abilities and is extremely powerful because of his intelligence. But, it is extremely quick and adept at avoiding massive projectiles. Furthermore, he has an impressive physique beneath his clothing, which indicates that he’s either not revealing his strength to keep his opponents guessing or simply not appreciated by many since he’s very strong.

Brilliant mind: Aside from his peculiarities, Nighteye’s powers are in his own mind. When he was a part of the team called All Might, he was the brains of All Might. Nighteye utilizes his knowledge and sometimes, along with his quirks, to devise strategies to deal with problems and ensure that the most effective outcome is attained. When he first encountered Izuku who tried to imitate All Might, Nighteye pointed out the nuances that were evident from Izuku’s imitation.

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It was an indication of peace in retirement. In the earlier days of All Might his feet were one inch long. However, the feet are now 0.8 centimeters. Nighteye discovers that the fan merchandise that is not licensed have the right measurements from the appropriate date. After a three-minute battle with Izuku He discovers that Izuku didn’t hit one items from his All Might merchandise, even having been fighting Nighteye. Nighteye observed this immediately and made a tribute to Izuku for this.

  • Learning Skills Sir Nighteye’s abilities as a mentor for heros are amazing and he was able to transform the poor Mirio Togata into an imposing hero in just a year.

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Quirk Mirai Sasaki

Quirk Mirai Sasaki

The ability to predict ( Yu Zhi , Yochi): Mirais Macke allows him to view the future of another from the viewpoint of a third. To activate this ability, Mirai must first touch the target in question and then be in contact with the target. The quirk is active for an hour . It, when activated, will take about 24 hours to be activated again.
The future he predicts is shown in detail (second to seconds) as always 100% precise. But, recent developments seem to suggest quirks that alter the or alter the timing of a time might impact the precision of this method, and could cause doubt and / or disprove the predictions.

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