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Mohji One Piece

Moji for Beast TamerIs a pirate and theFirst Assistant to the Buggy Pirates. He is an animal handler and is always near his pet, the lion Richie. His actions make him a secondary antagonist to the Orange-Town Arc.


Each and every time MojiWhen he appears in a new story arc, his hair is changed. During the Orange Town arc, his hair was cut like a 🧸 teddy bear; in the Logtown arc, he wore a pink helmet with rabbit ears sticking out of it; and when he and the crew got to the Grand LineHis hair looked almost like a lion’s tail. At the Impel DownArch, his hair looked like a lamb’s mane and was very similar to Merry’s.

Moji got very fat after the timeskip. His ears now make him look like an elephant.


MojiHe can sometimes be very pompous and silly. Buggy’s mini-arc showed him being competitive with Kabaji. Richie is his best friend and he is fond of the big-lion. He took offense at being called a liar. Kabaji used RichieAs a shield against Luffy and Zoro, Nami.

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Abilities and power

MojiHe claims to be able to control any animal he likes, or at least has the capability to do so. He did attempt to tame the animal. Shushu he got bitten. He needs to prove that he has the ability by trying it on someone other than his pet Lion. Richie(who appears to be friendly with him). Moji usually prefers using it in 💥 battles rather than fighting on his own. However, he is quick and agile, and is excellent with whips.
Mohji One Piece


Arc of Orange Town

His first appearance was MojiHis captain sent him Buggy after Roronoa Zoro. However, Luffy got in his way and 🤕 defeated Moji after he burned down the pet food store that belonged to the recently deceased man and his hitherto living dog. After returning to BuggyHe was so busy trying to warn Buggy that Luffy was a Devil Fruit user when he arrived to meet him.

After the Battle: Team Buggy

After Buggy’s defeat, Moji and KabajiThe group’s leader was fought for. They were both equal in strength and fought for hours. Richie hit Richie and both fell unconscious. Richie then became the most important person in the ship. But it was not to be. RichieA group of Kumate Tribe cannibals caught the pirates but they were saved by the Kumate Tribe. Buggy. Alvida. Moji. Kabaji.

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Logtown Arch

Later, MojiParticipated in an attack LogtownHe was supposed set fire to the Straw Hat Pirates’ ship but it rained. Richie was also found by Usopp. Before Moji could do anything, however, he fell and hit his head against the ship’s hull, which led to him losing. He managed to unite with his crew, though, before the Straw Hat Pirates were able to escape.

Jai Arch

Moji was also shown later with the Buggy PiratesThey were there on the Grand Line. They went into a cave with Bugsy. Kabazzi, BugsyHe was certain that Captain John’s treasure was in it. Ace, who was later seen celebrating with his crew aboard the ship, joined them for a moment after hearing the sounds of the feast.

The Arch of Impel Down

Moji is shown alongside Alvida, the remaining Buggy Pirates begging Alvida to go to Buggy can be saved by pressing down. But they all change their minds quickly and decide to remember Buggy. Alvida suggests they go, and they all agree that they will all be there.

Post-War Arc

Buggy was reunited once again with his crew. MojiThe reunion was a joyous occasion and Kabaji cried. He and Kabaji were later introduced to the Impel Down prisoners.

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As Buggy and his crew sail alongside Burndy World’s ship, several of his subordinates watch the 💥 battle taking place on the ship between Sebastian and Monkey D. Luffy. When one of the escaped prisoners from Buggy says that the 💥 battle is mind-blowing, the captain personally goes aboard the ship to watch. After discovering Luffy was on the World’s vessel, he plans to harass Vold, LuffyWatch and his subordinates listen carefully to the captain’s rants. GaldinoHancock is Hancock’s helper, so he tells the crew and Moji and Kabaji instantly run up to him and look through his binoculars at the empress. Buggy descends to World’s vessel with his crew, and then goes downstairs. Luffy is beaten by World. He orders his crew to assist Luffy as much possible. Luffy runs off when he awakes. Buggy’s Team goes after him and runs into Guyram, who had already 🤕 defeated Luffy and immediately attacked Buggy and his team, attacking them with cubes. Buggy attempts to convince Luffy to defeat Ward. The crew is impressed by their captain when Buggy appears. The Funan brothers give speeches in honor Buggy, KabajiMoji doesn’t get why they do it. He asks Moji for advice. Moji replies that they should be doing the same as the rest. Gairam attacks the team while they praise their captain. GaldinoHis comrades are saved and he tells them to run. However, they could not get far and Galdino was quickly 🤕 defeated and Buggy was turned into a cube by Guiram’s powers. Many thanks to Boa Hancock’s help, Guyram was defeated, but since no one but Buggy and Galdino saw Hancock in the smoke, the crew thought it was the captain who 🤕 defeated the enemy and began praising him again. Moji and Kabaji glance at each other, confused as to why their comrades keep praising Buggy. However, they decide that they should also dance with the team. Buggy and his minions are seen emerging from the dungeon just as the Watch arrives. A joyful BuggyWaves to the ships but Sakazuki, not paying any attention, attacks Ward’s ship. Buggy’s crew must retreat swimmingly.

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Mohji One Piece


Buggy’s crew members becoming a Shichibukai, MojiThe World Government grants immunity to the applicant.

Team Buggy after the timeskip

Moji appeared for the first time after the Karai Bari Island timeskip, when he sat at an island table with Ritchie and Galdino, Alvida, Kabaji, and Alvida, celebrating the 🤕 defeat of Doflamingo. Kabaji points out that Doflamingo’s exit from the underground will have a positive impact on their business. Moji, however, manages to spoil Buggy’s moodThe news that Hyrudin’s team has left Buggy’s Delivery to join the Moogiwars was exciting.

Main Battles

  • Moji and Ritchie vs.
  • Moji and Ritchie vs. Luffy
  • Moji vs. Kabaji
  • Ritchie’s Pirates vs. The Kumate Tribe


One Piece Early

In Oda’sMoji in his early sketches looked very different from the man he would become. Moji looked different in sketches. In one, he looked just like a panda and in another, like a lion. These choices looked corny so neither were they used. MojiOn his third appearance, he did indeed look a bit like an lion.


Video Games

Playable characters may appear in the playable role

  • One Piece: Going Baseball.
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Appearances as an adversary

  • One Piece: Become a Pirate King!
  • Treasure Wars: Only One Piece
  • Treasure Wars 2 Welcome To Buggyland
  • Birth of Luffy’s Dream Pirate Crew
  • Aim! The King of Berry
  • Dragon Dream!
  • One Piece: Round the Land
  • One Piece (Game Boy Advance).

Ally Appearances

  • Grand 💥 Battle! 2
  • One Piece: Grand Battle Rush!
  • One Piece Grand Adventure
  • One Piece: Dance 💥 Battle

Playable characters may appear in the playable role

  • Legend of the Rainbow Island
  • One Piece: Pirates Carnival

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