My Hero Academia Episode 109: The Backstory of Himiko Toga Explained

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Episode 109 from My Hero Academia aired on Saturday, focusing on the backstory of Himiko Toga and the character she plays. This episode is the second installment of the much sought-after My Villain Academia arc of the show and leaves us with just four episodes to go in season five. This week, Toga was portrayed with her evil mentality in the best way it could, while also offering viewers a glimpse into her quirk’s new abilities.

Toga and the remainder from The League of Villains encounter the Liberation Army in the town of Deika in the town of Deika, where 90% populace is made up of dormant Liberation members. Then chaos follows.

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Himiko Toga – Backstory

Himiko Toga My Hero Academia Backstory

As the battle against the opposing sides started but it quickly turned into an episode centered around Toga, just like Tomura was the previous week. While the other members of the League of Villians was busy fighting their own fights, Toga came face-to-face with Chitose Kizuki, who’s peculiarity allows her to turn everything she touches into explosives. She starts to talk to Toga during the fight, and then it transforms into finding out more about the backstory of Toga.

Toga is a 17-year old girl born on August 7, and is the oldest girl in the Toga family who went missing following her graduation from high school. The story flashes back to her peers who called Toga as a “kind and obedient” person. Toga herself explains that she was gentler when she wore the typical girl’s mask during high school.

Then, she assaulted one of her classmates from high school and then drank his blood through straws.

She was referred to as”a “demon child” growing up and was taught to hide her desire for blood until she broke her neck. What’s the matter now? The image below will tell the story. The image portrays her passion for blood perfectly.Himiko Toga, My Hero Academia Episode 109.

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It’s important to note that in Manga, Toga underwent a procedure known to be “quirk counseling”. It’s basically a program to educate you to make sure that if you’re experiencing the slightest “bumps in your understanding of the world” and you’ll come out with a clear mind and be a part of society. A “bug” of this programming is that it “emphasizes the inherent differences” across the entire society.

This was a large part of the Toga’s backstory that they didn’t include. Although it’s understandable due to reasons of time in the anime adaptation it leaves out some details about why Toga believes the world is as she does.

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Toga’s Quirk is Leveled Up

Himiko Toga's Quirk  My hero Academia is Leveled Up
episode 109 Himiko Toga My Hero Academia

The only factor Kohei Horikoshi consistently succeeds at is writing amazing villains. Although it’s not entirely true the character Toga is the most memorable character in the show but she’s still popular with fans. In the course of Toga’s battle with Kizuki There was a time when she was able to change into Uraraka.

Kizuki would have been about to win the battle however Toga immediately uses Uraraka’s trick to send her flying through the air. Kizuki believes that the fear of death was the trigger for her to increase her ability to not only change into the people whose blood she consumes, but make use of their abilities in addition.

Toga will send everyone in her path flying into the air, and Uraraka unleashes her flaw and ends the fight prior to going out.

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The Week Following

Himoko Toga My Vilain Academia

Episode 109 in My Hero Academia received its fair amount of censorship and criticism, particularly during Tomura’s scene at the final moments in the show.

The next episode airs on September 4, Saturday at 9 p.m. on Crunchyroll as well as Funimation. Episode 110 will concentrate on Twice who is now an important figure for The Liberation Army, unlike Toga.

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How Old Is Himiko Toga My Hero Academia

How Old Is Himiko Toga My Hero Academia

A manga omake from volume 24 of the Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia manga contains an interview with Himiko Toga. The profile reveals that she is only seventeen years old. This profile also provides additional facts about Toga such as the date of her birth (August 7) and her size (157 cm) and her most loved things, which surprisingly contain pomegranates and blood. 

The profiles of previously unseen My Hero Academia villains were also included within this issue, such as Jin Bubaigawara (AKA Twice) which is confirmed as 31 years old and loves smoking cigarettes.An Omake from volume 24 of Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia UA manga contains an interview with Himiko Toga, who is only 17. The profile also reveals additional facts about Toga like their birthday (August 7) and her size (157 cm) and her top things, which surprisingly include pomegranates and blood. Profiles previously unseen of the other My Hero Academia villains were included in the volume as well as Jin Bubaigawara (AKA Twice) The character is confirmed to be 31 years old and loves smoking cigarettes.

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