Muscular Mha : Everything You Need To Know

Muscular Mha

In My Hero Academia, Muscular is an Villain who is a member of the union of Villains and a member of the Genesis Squad. The rest of the group are the primary antagonists in The Saga of the Retreat to the Woods.

He has a large scar running across the left side of his face, his left eye is replaced with a prosthetic, and he has another smaller scar on the right side of his forehead.

Appearance Muscular Mha

Appearance Muscular

In Mha, Muscular is a very tall and robust man who has short, straight blonde hair and a dark right eye. Two scars are visible that are massive on the left side of his face , which begins from his forehead and ends near his mouth and a smaller one on his forehead to the right. The big mark on the left also exposes the left orbit, that is deficient and has to be substituted by an artificial prosthesis.

His clothes consist of disguises: the black cloak and mask with a couple of tiny holes in the surface. Under it, he is wearing a red vest with a dark, jacket that is wrapped over his waist, dark-colored trousers and dark knee-length boots.

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Character Muscular Mha

It’s a sadistic, blood-sucking type who isn’t afraid to admit that his sole desire is to make use of his Quirk to kill. He enjoys to torture and kill his enemies and often shouts at them to spill their blood. Contrary to many of the other members in The Genesis Squad, who are bound by Stain’s beliefs, Muscular joined the Union solely to be able to kill anyone at will.

Despite his brutality Muscular has his own way of thinking. He believes that individuals must respect their vows and oaths made , or else their words are meaningless. To him, the word ‘right’ or wrong is determined by the capacity to fulfill one’s goals.

Character Muscular Mha

When he fought his battle with the water pipe, he viewed the fight as a war of wills. He had his desire to kill them, and their determination to stop him, and their defeat was a mistake. However, he saw the loss of the eye as a result of Water Hose’s determination and even praised Water Hose in their conversation with their son.

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Muscular’s biggest flaw is his arrogance. His superiority complex led him to think that his increased power meant he was more powerful than Izuku, which is why he chose to play against him. His overconfidence caused his opponent’s downfall, as he was distracted by Kota mid-battle, leading to Izuku landing powerful blows twice.


Character Muscular Mha

But, he can recognize the strength of the other. After seeing the potential of what Izuku could achieve and what he could do, the villain made the decision not to stand aside, even though he was still taunting Izuku.


Skills Muscular Mha

All-round skills:Muscular est un méchant puissant, l’un des plus puissants de la Genesis Squad. Ses capacités de combat ont permis à Muscular de tuer et de vaincre deux redoutables Pro Heroes, le Water Hose. Muscular est extrêmement puissant en raison de l’alter qu’il a, Muscular Enhancement. C’est ainsi qu’il est capable d’augmenter sa force et de renforcer la force de tout son corps.

By using this ability in combat, he becomes an unstoppable force that can strike with massively strengthened blows that are blindingly fast. Although Muscular’s Quirk transforms Muscular into a fortress of muscles, Muscular can still take the brunt of damage, for instance, having his eyes smashed in a fight to his Water Hose.

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Skills Muscular My Hero Academia

Muscular has been able physically beat Izuku Midoriya, heir to the One For All and one of Yuei’s most powerful students, numerous times. The Izuku’s Detroit Smash (a blow of similar strength to All Might) only crumbled Muscular’s vest, and damaged his eye prosthetic. It was after that blow that the Villain chose not to pause and unleashed enough force to kill Izuku who was saved by Kota’s help. Kota’s actions encouraged Izuku to defeat all of One For All, overcoming Muscular’s strength and beating the latter. In that single battle, Muscular proved that his power could be compared with heroes of all might’s calibre.

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Quirk Muscular My Hero Academia

Muscular Augmentation The Quirk of Muscular allows him to expand and swell his muscle fibres to that, sometimes, his own skin is unable to contain the fibres. The enlarged fibres boost the strength of Muscular to levels that are superhuman that are comparable to that of a one-for-all owner.

If Muscular utilizes his increased fibres for defensive reasons, he can protect his skin by covering it with the fibres, and create a form of armor with them.

Incredible strength: Muscular displayed immense physical strength. Even without his Quirk which he could defend against Izuku with a kick. by activating the Quirk. He proved that he could effortlessly smash the rock and take on Izuku without much effort despite his Quirk. In combat, his enhanced attacks were able to do comparable damage to the One for All 100 percent Detroit Smash. Also, he was able effectively defeat Izuku who was playing One for All’s 100%, during the course of a physical battle.

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Quirk Muscular My Hero Academia

Incredible resistance: Muscular proved to possess a formidable resistance to hits. Because of the strength of his defensive Quirk He was able to endure an all-out Detroit Smash without causing any side consequences. Additionally, he only knocked unconscious when Izuku was able to exceed his One for All limit. In the aftermath of Izuku’s fight Muscular appeared to be fully awake throughout the fight, and Izuku was in the midst of an induced unconscious state.

Incredible speed: He is also astonishingly speedy. Actually, Muscular managed to take on Izuku in the middle of their battle. When Muscular activates his Quirk it allows him to jump at an incredible height. Even when Izuku took hold of Kota and attempted for escape Muscular took over the fugitive in a flash, which was made much easier due to the fact that Izuku was exhausted from training the previous day.



Artificial eyes: Muscular Keeps a stash of prosthetics in his left hand in order to secure his left orbit because he’s lost his eyes. In accordance with his mood it is put on the prosthesis he thinks is the best suited.

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A criminal named Muscular likes to kill and hurt others. A couple of years ago, he attacked the village and fought his Water Hose Heroes, and was able to take them down. However, he was seriously injured during the fight losing his left eye, and getting the largest mark on his face.

A few days later, he had a medical exam from the doctor from Villain Daruma Ujiko.

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Saga of the Retreat in the Woods

Saga of the Retreat in the Woods

Muscular is enlisted by Giran to join The Villain Union’s Genesis Squad and given a disguise, complete with mask and cape with holes. While the team waits for the moment to act, Muscular rushes his teammates in a rage to fight. The majority of the team arrive to the Forest of the Beast and starts observing Yuei’s students.

Muscular is shaking with the desire to kill the beast, but Dabi advises him to slow down. Also, Muscular is looking for a higher location to get a closer perspective and then sees Kota.

Saga of the Retreat in the Woods

Muscular comes up to Kota and praises him for his cap. Kota and then inquires about his pierced-looking mask. Muscular is pleased to have discovered someone other than the people on Tomura Shigaraki’s list . He then removes his mask. Kota uses the opportunity to flee.

Muscular utilizes his Quirk to increase his leg muscles and swiftly catch up to Kota with a bloody smile. Content play “play” with the boy, Muscular increases the muscles in his arm. However, he loses his cape and reveals his face, sporting the prosthesis and the mark.

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Saga of the Retreat in the Woods

Muscular smacks his scared and vulnerable victim with his hyper-muscular arm, however Izuku takes Kota into safety at the right time. Also, Muscular spots Izuku on Tomura’s lists, and is excited by the thought of taking on a tough task.

Muscular ridicules Izuku as he tries to save Kota and his typical hero talks about justice. In addition, Muscular declares the Genesis Squad is here to take him down however, he’s planning to play with Izuku before he does that. Muscular attacks Izuku who is thrown into a wall of rocks by kicking him.

Saga of the Retreat in the Woods

In the event that he causes him to hurt enough, Muscular stops and asks for the location of Katsuki Bakugo and the Squad has to kidnap him. The villain sneezes at Izuku’s silence as a sign of ignorance and then attacks the young man. Izuku dodges, but a vicious strike from the muscular villain hurls Izuku into a second rock wall.

As Izuku begins to bleed to the floor, Muscular gets excited at the sight of blood, and continues to ridicule him and his heroic actions towards Izuku, the young Kota. Izuku starts to activate his Quirk, and then counterattacks, trying to hit him, but Muscular’s enhanced arm is able to block the strike.

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Saga of the Retreat in the Woods

Muscular praises Izuku for his speed, but observes that he’s not strong enough to harm him. Also, Muscular states that his enlarged muscle fibers are extremely fast and strong that they are unable to be held back in his body. Muscular claims to be higher than Izuku and then smacks him mocking his ambition to be an hero.

In addition, Muscular is just about to finish Izuku off and then Kota keeps him from doing it by throwing the rock at the rock. Kota is able to ask the Villain to explain why he tortured his parents the way he tortured Izuku before murdering them. Incredulous by the question, Muscular observes that it could be destiny, revealing that it was his parents who caused him to go blind in his left eye.

Saga of the Retreat in the Woods

Kota replies that things like that happen when lunatics interfere. He states that the children always seek to blame others and claims that the disappearance of the Water Hose pair is attributable to both parties. He thinks the main tragedy is that Water Hose didn’t do what they promised to do and that’s why they were killed. After saying this, Il attacks Kota and tries to kill him however, Izuku is able to hit him from behind.

Muscular says he expected the hit, and then faces Izuku. The augmented arm counters however Izuku puts his arm through the muscle fibers. Izuku states that Muscular isn’t able to withstand the blows at this point but the Villain responds that he’s not afraid of his insufferable Quirk.

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Saga of the Retreat in the Woods

Muscular is trying to attack, and Izuku smacks Izuku with his One For All with 100 percent. Muscular discovers that Izuku’s attack is more powerful. Izuku is able to strike Muscular with a powerful punch which the young hero believes that he’s defeated his foe. However, Muscular is unharmed, putting muscles fibres over his skin, acting as an armor. His jacket is destroyed, as is his prosthetic eye is damaged.

Muscular praises Izuku’s shot however, he says that it was too predictable. Izuku says he should take a step back however Muscular says that attacking is to be a better option to him. Izuku questions the villain as to why it is that the Villain Union is attacking them and Muscular says they don’t know and don’t want to know, and then takes another prosthetic eye out of his pocket.

Saga of the Retreat in the Woods

He realizes that Izuku is more powerful than he anticipated and decides to put aside games and wear the “serious eye”. Muscular is a covering for his entire body, with its heightened fibres , and strikes. Izuku holds Kota and is able to push him away, trying to fend off the blows of the Villain.

Muscular is back at it, and his adversaries try to avoid the punches. As he tries to control his enthusiasm, Muscular finds his arm resting on the rock floor. Izuku locks Kotaal and takes on the Villain. The two fight: Izuku tries a Detroit Smash at Muscular’s massive dense mass of increased fibers, however, the opponent isn’t able to accept the strikes and Izuku decides that the blows are less powerful than previous ones.

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Saga of the Retreat in the Woods

Izuku does not give up, and Muscular is able to recognize the boy’s determination. Muscular slams Izuku into the floor before attempting to crush him using his powerful muscles, aiming to take him down. Wanting blood from his adversaries The psychopathic Villain is relentlessly crushing his opponent without mercy. At some point, tiny splashes of water struck the psychopathic Villain. Kota attempted to assist Izuku and asked Muscular for him to leave.

A bit distracted, he tells Kota to be patient, and promises that he’ll take care Kota later. Izuku protests against the Villain’s press which is shocking Muscular himself. He asks what the boy did to have gained strength to the point of. Izuku takes Muscular away and then smacks Muscular with 1,000,000% of the Delaware Detroit Smash, breaking the muscle fibres of the Villain and sending him into a piece of rock. Muscular defeats Izuku.

Saga of the Retreat in the Woods

In the following days All members of the Genesis Team receive Mr. Comprese’s message regarding the accomplishment of the mission however the bloodthirsty Villain is not yet awake. The remainder members of The Genesis Team flees with the results of their work but leaves the defeated members in the dust. Despite threats and protests he is blocked by the police and is detained by the police.

He is currently in prison Tartarus in the Villain prison.

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