Nisekoi Season 3 release date : Everything You Need To Know In 2021

nisekoi season 3 release date

Nisekoi (also known as “Fake Love” is this rom com anime that tells the love story of high school students that includes plenty of sweet no-nos as well as a lot of fun. we say basically the same things that every love story has to offer today’s society.

It’s still popular with romantic and harem-loving crowd. It’s entertaining, interesting and anyone seeking a relaxing movie to watch should definitely consider this movie.

The last episode in the anime series launched in June, 2015. since then, there’s been no confirmation about a potential Season 3 from the creators.

Also, Let’s examine certain aspects that make the show successful and also the possibilities of the fans receiving a brand new season that will tie the whole thing together.

Before we get deep into the subject, are watching the show this article is packed with spoilers you don’t need to know about.

But, if you’re currently in the middle of reading or finishing the manga, you have the ending in mind Do you?

Everything We Know About Nisekoi Anime So Far

Everything We Know About Nisekoi Anime So Far

Raku Ichijou, a humble honest boy, and is the son of an Yakuza criminal from a faction that is known as Shuei Gumi.

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Raku wears a beautiful locket that he has tied around his neck. It was gifted to his sweetheart from his childhood who he has signed an agreement that is secret.

We also have Chitoge Kirisaki Chitoge Kirisaki, who is the daughter of Shuei-Gumi’s boss. rival band, Beehive.

Raku is looking for the key-holder for the memory of his beloved with whom he wants to live the remaining years of his life with.

Raku secretly believes that Kosaki Onodera the girl he was in middle school with as well as high school crush, is that girl of dreams who has given his the keychain.

Kosaki comes from a humbler and less wealthy family of candy makers and bakers. Raku even attempts to assist her in gaining her affection.

To their dismay the gang’s leadership has decided to end their rift one and for all by bringing their children together.

Raku Chitoge and Raku are now required the responsibility of having to “pretend” to be all loving and affectionate to keep peace between the two groups that can be an overwhelming task because they don’t have a good relationship even.

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Raku because of his obligations to his family members has to accept the decision that they’ve made to support him.

The complex situations that arise create obstacles for Raku to discover his real love. As is the case with the multiple keys, and the appearance of girls saying they are his fiances.

In addition, Chitoge’s “Gorilla” bodyguard, Tsugumi and Kosaki’s mother! In his search to find “the one” Raku discovers an article that provides the explanation for the existence of the keys that help him remember the exact events that occurred 10 years ago.

Although it may seem to be the case with every boy’s hopes in the quest for the things that concern the soul, it could seem like a difficult path to take.

The Ending Of The Previous Season Of Nisekoi Anime

Through the 2 seasons we watched Raku be in love with a number of girls.

No doubts about this series of harems that won’t be a complete mystery to you.

enough to keep you interested! The big issue is: Who does our bachelor go for?

Was it Marika, Onodera, “Gorilla” Tsugumi, Haru or Chitoge? We’re not sure of the girls on the list here.

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Season 2 was basically the culmination of filler shows with little or nothing to do with the first season.

It had 12 episodes as opposed to the 20 episodes. Many even see Season 2 as a cour.

Season 2 promised new characters to add Raku’s collection.

We are introduced to Haru who is Kosaki’s younger sister. was said to have worn the pendant. She is possibly his lover, too The story behind this isn’t explored at all.

Then comes the “magical” episode where a mastermind who is perverted has attacked the group.

Then, Raku gets the pendant from Haru as she has to take care of her as she’s been ill with the flu.

The show is nearing the end of Episode 11. Kosaki is worried regarding her weight? However, by the end of the episode Kosaki and Raku’s relationship appears to unravel.

And then, in Episode 12 we’re attempting to locate Chitoge’s ribbon while she is trying to figure out how to admit her feelings toward Raku.

In other words, It is evident that the ending of the season was very ambiguous We don’t know the person who his real lover is, and the happenings on the show don’t leave us knowing who the real promise-maker is.

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Finally, The creators of the show have made the decision to make use of fillers from the source material to serve as the primary material for the fresh season have to wish that they utilize the main arcs for another season to all who are eager to find out the conclusion of this wildly amazing love story.

Official Announcements And Release Date Of Nisekoi Season 3

The manga’s final season ended in October of this year. The second season of the manga was released on the 15th of October, 2015, its creators could not come up with a satisfactory conclusion as their source materials were in the process of being developed.

This is why there are insufficient arcs and missing manga plots. It’s been six years since the last episode of this anime show.

There are OVA’s, video games and a live adaptation to the novel.

It doesn’t conclude anything. Is there a formal announcement of the makers? But not yet. The studio that produces the show, Shaft, is infamous for its ability to reboot stories.

It appears that they’ve not scheduled Nisekoi among their list of anime TV shows for 2021.

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There aren’t any websites or webzines about anime contain any specific information on the possibility of a new anime series?

With sadness, we have we have no news as of at this point. We can wait for something from the creators since the fans would like it to happen!

Keeping our fingers crossed, here!

Source Material Information For Nisekoi Season 3

Source material could be one of the main factors in deciding if the following season will be a success or not.

A lot of animes are produced to help promote the original material. Therefore, if the reason has to do with promotion, chances are low, but if not you’re good to go.

Nisekoi Manga, the rom-com series, is illustrated and written by Naoshi Komi. His work has been published by Weekly Shonen Jump. Weekly Shonen Jump.

The wildly popular manga and anime series One Piece is his one real inspiration and influences many of his work.


Nisekoi was first published as a single-shot comic published in the Shueisha’s Jump NEXT before its regular serialization in the Weekly Shonen Jump 48th issue.

This series was launched in November of 2011 , and was completed in August of 2016. The total number of 25 volumes of tankobon have been published by Naoshi released under Shueisha’s Jump Comics imprint.

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The volumes were released between May 2012 and October 2016. The volumes comprised of at a minimum of 7-9 chapters.

In addition to these chapters, there are also Special chapters as well as Special Extra chapters that were released as part of Weekly Jump and incoherence to the 25 volumes.

VolumesEnglish Release Date
Volume 1January 7, 2014
Volume 2March 4, 2014
Volume 3May 6, 2014
Volume 4July 1, 2014
Volume 5September 2, 2014
Volume 6November 4, 2014
Volume 7January 5, 2015
Volume 8March 3, 2015
Volume 9May 5, 2015
Volume 10July 7, 2015
Volume 11September 1, 2015
Volume 12November 3, 2015
Volume 13January 5, 2016
Volume 14April 5, 2016
Volume 15May 3, 2016
Volume 16July 5, 2016
Volume 17September 6, 2016
Volume 18November 1, 2016
Volume 19January 3, 2017
Volume 20March 7, 2017
Volume 21May 2, 2017
Volume 22July 4, 2017
Volume 23September 5, 2017
Volume 24November 7, 2017
Volume 25January 2, 2018

Like, “Newlyweds” Chapter 41.5 in the Fifth Volume Typhoon”Princess’ Chapter 188.5 in the Twenty-first Volume to Mari and many more.

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This is about around 200 chapters! Viz Media has been handling the English digital print volumes of the same from 2011 on the Weekly Shonen jump, an English magazine.

You can find it under the name Nisekoi”False Love. Naoshi also influenced an original novel written by Hajime Tanaka, which has been created with the help of Naoshi himself.

The two volumes book were published through the Shueisha’s Jump j-Books between June to December 2013.

A spin-off of the series that focused on Kosaki as a magical girl , named ‘Magical Kosaki-chan’. The series began serialization through Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ website.

The release was on December 14, 2014, and was assembled into 4 volumes of tankobon. While the details are being debated the material that was the basis of Nisekoi came to an end a year after the release of the second season/cour.

There are 200+ chapters in the tale, Season 1 ended with Chapter 50. Season 2 began from Chapter 51. It is a good idea to cover the entire story until Chapter 105 , or 106.

With the exception of those who left out the others. In a real sense of the word, Nisekoi has ended, or at most in the literary world.

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Raku actually has a number of women he is in the love with, some of whom are not included in the story regardless of why the creators decided to.

In all likelihood, he will get lucky and find the right girl and it’s an easy choice. You’ll be able to figure out who it is and, no, it’s not the promise girl..


We know there are 100 odd chapters from which creators can create new series with.

Let’s look at how the anime was developed. The manga genre is only converted into an animated series based on the success of the manga in Japan.

A couple of years following the premiere of Nisekoi in the Weekly Jump, it was reported that the adaptation of the anime of the show was granted an approval.

Animation studio Shaft was confirmed, and was planned to have its director Akiyuki Shinbo, who is from the same studio.

Also, Shinbo has received numerous awards for his work in collaboration with Shaft as well as the highly popular Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011).

Nobuhiro Sugiyama created the characters. Shaft brought in voice actors like Koki Uchiyama from Soul Eater, Gundam Fame for Raku’s character Nao Toyama from Cross Ange, Re: ZERO fame for Chitoge and Kana Hanazawa from Steins; Gate and Psycho-Pass fame for Kosaki’s character.

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Season of 20 episodes, including 3 OVA’s being released in January of 2014, while the Season 2 comprising 12 episodes as well as one OVA launched in April of 2015.

Tokyo MX was the original network for the show as Madman Entertainment, Aniplex, and Kaze licensed the show to broadcast it internationally.

Evidently, Shaft has plenty of sources to play with, yet, there was no definitive conclusion to the anime.

It’s not fair to the fans! We’re waiting for an entirely new season! !

Nisekoi Live-Action Film

Live-action live-action film was produced by Hayato Kawai. It stars Kento Nakajima playing Raku as well as Ayami Nakajo in the role of Chitoge which debuted in December, 2018.

Many fans believe that this series should be avoided.

The live-action film was the final of any news Nisekoi the world has been provided, and since then there’s been no news whatsoever.

Expected Plot Of Nisekoi Season 3

The storyline of the series’ anime is centered around Raku Ichijo, a child of an Yakuza criminal under the direction of the Shuei-Gumi leader. He is a normal honest, shrewd, and discreet man who is plagued by struggling to speak. There is also Chitoge an attractive young lady , and the adorable girl in the beehive.

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The plot follows teens from high school Raku Ichijou as well as Chitoge Chitoge, the daughter of an gang rival to. Their encounter is awe-inspiring when Chitoge slams Raku on the face. As a result Chitoge loses his coveted pendant.

Expected Plot Of Nisekoi Season 3

Raku decides to find out more about Chitoge Chitoge, and both of them begin searching for the pendant, and as a result, begin to become bitter towards the other. Then, after looking for the pendant on and off. In addition, Raku finds out about the conflict that has been brewing between two Gangs and seeks to end it by joining the children of both leaders. We are able to only predict that things are about to be a wild ride in the conflict between these two rival Gangs.

It was a good thing that the creators decided to give fans an insight into the nisekoi season 3. A trailer has been released for the third season of the nisekoi. As of this moment, we only know about the nisekoi Season 3’s release date and those who haven’t watched the trailer you can look it up on YouTube.

Reviews And Rating Score For Nisekoi Season 3

Myanimelist7.63/10 (season 1), 7.38/10 (season 2)

Every one of us might not want to write reviews for every film or show you see. However, a lot of you find the time to make a cast your vote for your favorite anime on IMDb or MyAnimelist. A good score for a movie or anime series indicates the extent to which viewers enjoyed it or not.

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Aside from IMDb rating and review on myanimelist are an excellent representation of how well the anime is?


Nisekoi is an anime with an average rating of 7.2/10 according to IMDb.

The show’s popularity decreased according to the ratings website. In addition, It is currently at 4,485 but doesn’t make an entry on the Top 100 list.

User reviews have been positive commenting on how old-fashioned the plot is and provides nothing different.


The renowned My Anime List website, which lets you build your own list of anime to watch and learn more about the anime franchise is an integral element of understanding its popularity.

Nisekoi Season 1 has a MAL score of 7.63 and a popularity rank of #102. Season 2 has a score of 7.38 with a popularity rank of #45.

The manga series earned an average of 7.75 with a high popularity ranking of 25 boasting more than 159,070 users on the site.

The reviews are also varied from 10 to 10, with the highest score being for those who really loved the show. Some have even written reviews of giving it a score!

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On the highly-rated streaming service Crunchyroll the series has received a high rating! With nearly 215 users rating it, it is 5 stars, and has received some extremely positive feedback.

Sales And Profit Information For Nisekoi Season 3

Profit is the most important thing. Every business cannot survive in a loss for a long period of time. That’s why we need to take a look at Nisekoi anime.

Website & Merchandise

The final update for the series was released up to the end of 2018, talking about the DVD Box scheduled for release as well as the Nisekoi Radio Fukatsu accessible to the public in Japan.

The official Japanese site for Nisekoi If you go over the items section you will see that there are eight pages items!

Every page is packed with a variety of collectibles, including figures of Kosaki, Marika including Chibi figurines of Chitoge and Tsugumi.

There are mugs, tapestries and t-shirts, book covers even earphone jacks! !

Of course, the website includes Blu-Rays and DVDs, including comics, too. You can name it and Nisekoi’s merchandise section will have it!

Manga Sales

In the Oricon’s Top 30 list for 2013’s most-seller manga, Nisekoi stood at no. 30.

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There were 1,542,417 copies sold during the year, while in 2014, 3,816,372 were sold. It was ranked #16 in the year that it was released.

In the last update in 2018 12 million print copies were sold in Nisekoi.

Despite reviews about the show as being unsatisfactory the show’s reviews reveal how much people loved these love stories that appear to be simple.

In short, These numbers can make it easier to understand the.

DVD/Blu Ray Sales

The Blu Ray Box set featuring all 32 episodes as well as 4 OVA’s plus Character Songs, Visual Collection and a Sticker Sheet The box was released to viewers on the site.

Also, There are 6 Blu-Ray discs as well as Volumes in the CD series.

There’s also a character song CD. Vol. 3 in the collection was sold 2 728 copies in August of 2015 within just a week!

The Volume 6 CD of Nisekoi was sold out in total 761 copies in November 2015.

Finally, The next week, it sold an astounding 2,718 copies! As of the month of October, 2018 Nisekoi BD Box Set sold a whopping 2,718 copies! Nisekoi BD Box Set sold 998 copies and was ranked 5 for a week.

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Production Cost For The New Season

Making anime can be a costly business. The price of a basic 12 episode series could range between 150 million yen and 300 million yen per episode!

In addition, Nisekoi is an incredibly light anime to produce when compared to budget-conscious ones.

The shaft is a popular studio in Japan and there is abundant for them.

It is impossible to know the exact cost however, we could speculate that the show could cost 165 million yen per episode.

Included are Source Material sales, DVD/Blu Ray and Merchandise sales and don’t forget the streaming platforms too.

If it’s 20 million yen, that’s enough money to start an entirely new season.

However, given the present circumstances and the current situation, it’s not possible to say that the figures could be accessible to creators. So, This could be the reason Shaft could not program it into its roster until 2021.

Potential Characters For Nisekoi Season 3

Raku Ichijou

Raku Ichijou

The main character of the show and Raku, the child of Yakuza criminal, Raku is this sweet innocent, intelligent, and smart teenager who is on a mission to discover love.

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Raku discovered the love of his life when he was an infant ten years ago but now, as a teen the girl he loves isn’t who he is.

With girls chasing at him from all angles, Raku has no option other than to stay in an untrue friendship with the daughter of the gang’s rival Boss.

Also, Raku has a heart who speaks his words , and actually a very nice person! In the Shonen Jump Character poll in 2016. So, Raku got 156 votes and placed at 11th.

Chitoge Kirisaki

Chitoge Kirisaki

A member of the rival group, Chitoge is a beautiful blonde anime girl but abrasive teenager. Chitoge is half Japanese and half American.

Like Raku, Chitoge too made promises to a boy about ten years ago, but she’s not sure whether Raku was the one who made it or not.

Also, She’s smart and excels at everything she is involved in, except cooking.

In addition, Chitoge attempts to hide the feelings she has with Raku as they develop into a fake relationship, but she eventually gives up.

In short, The same amount of popularity was enjoyed by Chitoge was ranked first with 4,443 votes for her name!

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Kosaki Onodera

Kosaki Onodera

Kosaki is the beautiful black anime girl with a secret love affair with Raku as well.

They aren’t open about their feelings for a long period of time. She is shy despite being his best and dear friend.

Kosaki is part of a large family of confectioners and bakers. In addition, Raku even assists her at the bakery in order to impress her.

Likewise, She’s determined to make Raku be aware of her feelings.

Also, Raku Kosaki and Kosaki are seen to share similar traits since both are excellent people, and extremely kind to those around them.

In short, The perfect combination, shall we say? Kosaki was ranked second with 4,337 votes on the popular poll!

Other Decisive Factors For Nisekoi Season 3

Let’s face the facts, Season 2 didn’t really give us something to look forward to since the story was not streamlined in any way.

What each season ended end up telling us was that the story isn’t finished, Raku still hasn’t found the perfect match.

It’s been six years since the show’s creators have offered us any kind of update, and we’re left to imagine that a new season is already in the making.

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The source material was released one year after the second season premiered which means there’s no way around it when it comes to constructing an engaging storyline this time.

However, is this the curse of “deviating from the plot the studios are famous for?

Today in the world of anime it is commonplace to skip or deviate from story arcs doesn’t work for a series of anime Certain anime have faced criticism for the same reason.

In short, We’ll just need to watch and wait for this as well.


We’re not shying from saying that this is very clichéd and common romantic comedy storyline.

Many people feel the same. Although the series receives positive reactions and many fans There are some people who loved the ever-changing manga plot better than the anime.

In addition, It’s safest to say that the creators made an error in skipping the character arcs in Season 2, which only served as an extra season.

The film and the OVA didn’t make any difference, the graphs prove this.

Some fans have said they were extremely dissatisfied, and disappointed with the conclusion of the show.

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Therefore, A few even felt the exact same way about the manga, especially since they used another character to be Raku’s love-interest.

So, Does this be the sole reason for not renewal of a season?


Although it may look somewhat bleak based on all the statistics we’ve tried to explore here We fans shouldn’t give up hope!

If the creators wish to finish the show they must create a third season.

Also, the fans are looking for more Raku, Kosaki, and Chitoge.

As long as no further news comes out and we wait in the shadows until the studio releases some information about the series in order to move things to the next level.

Finally, We’ll be here to share the news with you when the news is announced!

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