Prison School Season 2 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know

Prison School Season 2 Release Date ... As the show is not been cancelled, there is no official release date as of at this time...
Prison school season 2 Release Date

Prison school! (監獄学園(プリズンスクール) in kanji or Purizun Sukūru in romaji), a fascinating work not recommended for under 16s. Prison school does not seem unknown to any ecchi manga/anime lover. Indeed, as insiders already know: <<the CULture will bring us together !>> and it is this CULture that we will be talking about throughout these writings especially with the eminent release of season 2 of the manga.

1. General presentation of prison school

General presentation of prison school

First of all, we must deny that prison school is an inspiration of mangaka akira hiramoto. With an adaptation in animation that since 2015, we are immersed in a school environment in which we discover the adventures of 05 teenagers. These teenagers are: Kiyoshi, Gakuto, Shingo, Jô and André. In the said adventures, they receive their admission to the Hachimitsu academy, an institute with a sexist base.

Because yes, only women have access to it and can study there. So, in the first 09 volumes which contain at least 77 chapters, we observe the daily life of these young boys. And who are we to blame them for this? And who are we to blame them? At this stage of puberty and given the circumstances, anyone can succumb to the female aura.

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From there, our protagonists get a reputation as perverts and get sanctioned. In other words, they end up in a dungeon with a prisoner’s outfit as a bonus. And from now on, they will have to study in the school but also do a lot of physical work and sleep in a cell like prisoners. In other words, they are both students and prisoners. So it is rightly understood that the title “prison school” is used.

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Start of the story

The story begins with Kiyoshi Fujino, one of five boys who agrees to join Hachimitsu High School. He is to this effect enthusiastic but he is quickly surprised because as soon as he enters he sees that a multitude of ladies. As already mentioned, the said high school is only for girls. So Kiyoshi is confronted with a new world, but he learns that the school is changing its policy and is enrolling five young men. This will help him to integrate. In addition, he becomes familiar with the other four, one of whom is his childhood friend. They answer to the name of:

  • Takehito Morokuzu nicknamed “Gakuto”, a geek, fine strategist and fan of the history of the three kingdoms.
  • Shingo Wakamoto, a childhood friend of Kiyoshi’s, quite rebellious and most seductive.
  • Jōji Nezu, nicknamed “Jô”, the skinniest of them all and suffering from an unknown disease. He is a fan of ants to the point of breeding them.
  • Reiji Andō, nicknamed “Andre”, is the most giant and massive of the group. He is quite quiet and shy but also a great masochist.
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After getting to know each other, the boys decide to conduct an operation, Operation Voyeurism. Indeed they start spying on the ladies from the roof of a building. And against all odds Kiyoshi finds himself in the girls’ bathroom. With a smartphone, he allows the others to see certain things from the room, such as a girl undressing. However, their clumsiness gets the better of them and makes them guilty in the eyes of the Students’ Office.

They are thus condemned and sent to prison. From there on, the young men were subjected to work, chores and persecution in addition to their classes. On the other hand, Kiyoshi’s feelings towards Chiyo do not help matters. This arouses the anger of the BDE, especially of mari, chiyo’s older sister.

But above all, there is Hanna’s revenge, a revenge that she wishes to satisfy against Kiyoshi. Because he dared to watch her urinate, even though he didn’t do it on purpose. So the adventures of Kiyoshi and his friends unfold until their deliverance. This deliverance is partly thanks to the headmaster, Mr. Kurihara, who after his discussion with them, promises to help them. To the point of considering them as his sons because he concludes that they have one thing in common: a love for butts. And a man who loves buttocks can’t be bad. Clearly the BDE resolved to exclude Kiyoshi and his friends however his intervention works in their favor as well as hana’s actions.

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End of the Story

The end of season one comes to a close as hoped. A most happy ending for our young braves after several persecutions from the Bureau Des Élèves (BDE). By the way, this office is quite feminist in its composition. Nevertheless, the change of status of Mari, Hanna and Meiko is one of the major events of this end of season. Indeed, our antagonists go from influential members of the BDE to prisoners of the school arouses our ardour. Since the mangaka leaves a curious and perplexing end to the season, a second season will probably be needed to bring the story to a close.

Especially since we want to continue the adventure with our new boarders; the new office otherwise composed of (KeitoTakenomiya, sometimes called “Kate”, Risa Betto and Mitsuko Yokoyama) who have a contrary nature and tendencies to husband (former president of the students’ office); the man who knew too much about asses (Mr. kurihara) as well as “his boys” (Kiyoshi and his friends) and without forgetting our young couple (Kyoshi & Chiyo).

When will season 2 be released?

The impatience is there, questions are being asked, doubts are appearing, will we really get a season 2? I have to admit that this question has been bothering me as a big prison school fan and as a fan of the animated version. However, until today, JC Staff Studio has not published any information about season 2. So neither the official date nor the trailer is in sight. Yet JC Staff Studio is the same studio as the one of the previous season.

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Are we to understand then that there will be no season 2? Is this a sign that the production has given up? Or is it just an illusion on our part?

Certainly not, given the health crisis we are going through with the coronavirus pandemic, things are surely slowing down. Moreover, as we can imagine, the working conditions are very difficult. Especially since the animation of a manga requires the implementation of many means in order to achieve concrete satisfaction of our desires of otaku. We can take a look at season 4 of Attack of the Titans which will be released at the end of 2020. Although the manga started since 2016. Which means that we will have to reach quite a few years. Even between 2 to 4 years before we can see new adventures in animation. Nevertheless, for the most impatient whose determination is great. This determination to know at all costs the continuation of this fabulous story can succeed. Indeed you can now. However, only in digitalized paper version (scans).

More Source Material Information On Prison School Season 2

It’s time to put our magnifying glasses to Nee-san, the Manga sibling to Prison School! What can we learn about the Nee-san?

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Prison School manga was written by and drawn by Hiramoto Akira. The manga was published from February 7, 2011, until December 25, 2017 on The Weekly Young Magazine.

The manga is made up of 278 chapters. It is divided into 28 volumes. The franchise adapted the first nine books of the manga as a basis for adaptation during the initial season.

VolumesEnglish Release Date
Volume 1July 21, 2015
Volume 2July 21, 2015
Volume 3November 17, 2015
Volume 4November 17, 2015
Volume 5March 22, 2016
Volume 6March 22, 2016
Volume 7July 19, 2016
Volume 8July 19, 2016
Volume 9November 22, 2016
Volume 10November 22, 2016
Volume 11March 21, 2017
Volume 12March 21, 2017
Volume 13June 20, 2017
Volume 14June 20, 2017
Volume 15November 7, 2017
Volume 16November 7, 2017
Volume 17March 13, 2018
Volume 18March 13, 2018
Volume 19June 26, 2018
Volume 20June 26, 2018
Volume 21October 30, 2018
Volume 22October 30, 2018
Volume 23February 19, 2019
Volume 24February 19, 2019
Volume 25June 18, 2019
Volume 26June 18, 2019
Volume 27October 29, 2019
Volume 28October 29, 2019

This means that the original material contains approximately 200 chapters that can be made to anime.

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Simply put, content exists. A lot of it is available. It’s true that the first season only covered about 1/3 of manga.

The theatres are now opening and normalcy is back the creators must tell us what they’ve planned for season 2.

If you’re looking for things to be adapted to a new setting, don’t hesitate to ask. The franchise is more than enough to warrant an expansion.

Top Characters who will be In Prison School Season 2

Let us now take a few suggestions for the characters that will make a return appearance for the sequel.

Season 2 will continue focused upon the college and its characters inside. There’s a possibility that new characters may appear in the story.

But, from a global perspective, it appears that the anime will have our favorite characters, and only.

Let’s take a glance!

Fujino Kiyoshi

Kiyoshi Fujino HD Wallpapers | Background Images

In the beginning, we’re going to introduce our main character with a pure and humble nature that has no limits.

He is among the very first males in this school with a female student.

Also, this path has proven more difficult physically, but it has been more enjoyable emotionally. He is the main attraction of the show and must be brought back for the next installment at all cost.

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So, he will be the most important character in prison school season 2

Morokuzu Takehito

Prison School HD Wallpaper | Background Image | 1920x1080

Oh my! The main comedy character of the show that brought us to tears.

Takehito is perhaps the most fun character from the entire series. His distinctive personality and passion for the past has made him a hit with a girl , too.

If he didn’t appear I’m not going to watch! This is it! I’m not going to watch in case he doesn’t appear.

Prison School creators, remember I’m not watching without Takehito!

Shiraki Meiko

Vice Presidente Prison School season 2 - 1280x720 Wallpaper

Ahm ahm, she is… know……interesting! She is, in fact, one of the characters who received the most screentime throughout the entire show.

Specialized parts have been given extra screen time. She’s behind bars, so it’s clear that her presence is less.

So, We can still expect her to make an enormous influence on the sequel’s overall.

Kurihara Mari

Mari Kurihara

We’re about to talk about the chief in the Underground. In the majority of cases her appearance on the first season was prominent towards the latter part of the season.

But for the whole story her actions are accountable. The sequel to the story is certain to occur since she is President of the Underground Student Council.

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Therefore, we must expect her to continue to abuse the boys once she’s released from jail.

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Midorikawa Hana

Midorikawa Hana | Prison School Season 2 HD Wallpaper | Background Image | 1920x1080

Beautiful Blonde Anime girl, Hana is the one who has her own character’s arc of thing. She wasn’t the only one directly under the direction of Mari.

Her ideas for boys differed. In particular she was more worried about Kiyoshi.

She’s returning in the next installment could allow the franchise to make use of her feelings towards Kiyoshi.

So, she will be very important in prison school season 2

Other Decisive Factors For Prison School Season 2

We’ve not taken into account all the factors to date. However, two crucial aspects remain to be addressed. The first is the conclusion of the last season and other issues surrounding the show.

These elements can be crucial in the process of production. Let’s jump right into.


Finally, Prison School Season 2 certainly has the potential of occurring.

The critical acclaim, the awards and sales, all of them point to positive things. What you need to do is purchase the manga in its original form and go through it.

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If you’re able to be patient and wait for the sequel, then it is best to do so. The anime experience is quite distinct!


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