SAKONJI UROKODAKI : Everything You Need To Know

Sakonji Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, Sakonji Urokodaki is a swordsman cultivation specialist serving in the Demon Extermination Corps. He was originally a demon hunter in charge in an officer on the Water Pillar.


Her face is not known because it is hidden by an mask called a tengu mask. Her hair is revealed to be silver-colored.
He is always wearing his Jinbei style kimono and an cover for his head that is hooded every time the trip is.

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He’s shown to be an extremely strict instructor when he chooses Tanjiro Kamado as his pupil and takes him to a mountain that is low in oxygen to train. However, he also displays an element of security, showing his care for Nezuko Kamado during her brother’s classes and the final selection and even making an advice for Nezuko to not attack human beings.

He didn’t have any plans to teach people how to become demon hunters following the constant death of his pupils by an undead of the final choice. He was elated when he realized that Tanjiro was alive after the demon hunt.

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Demon Slayer Sakonji


Urokodaki was a part of the demon hunter and the pillars 47 years ago.

Unknown at the time the demons mocked him for his gentle face, and forced him to put on his Tengu mask.

47 years ago Urokodaki locked an evil hand in Mount Fujikasane.

He eventually retired from his job and went to reside in Mount Sagiri, to teach the next generation of hunters to water breathe However, every one of his students perished at the hands of a monster he had captured.

A decade ago Urokodaki was a trainer for Giyu, Sabito and Makomo, who were selected for the final selection of which only Giyu was able to survive.

Why does Sakonji Urokodaki wear a mask?

Sakonji Urokodaki who appeared during the first episode in the series was the mastermind of Tanjiro kamado. Giyu was the one to take Tanjiro as well as Kamado in Sakonji to assist in their the training. Sakonji instructed Tanjiro by putting him through challenging tasks and forcing him to undergo a painful and difficult training. At first, Sakonji disliked Tanjiro but admiring Tanjiro’s dedication to and the love he has to his little sister.

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Sakonji assisted him by providing him with instruction. He grew up on the mountain by himself in a tiny wooden house. Sakonji was the one who looked after Nezuko during her sleep and allowed Tanjiro complete the course without interruption. He taught Tanjiro how to utilize techniques for water. When he was training Sakonji always wore an mask. He wears masks every time. This is because Sakonji thinks the way he looks is hilarious, and anyone can make fun of Sakonji because Fighters must look flamboyant.

So that he always wore a face mask. He also gave a cat or fox masks to students who he taught to bring good luck when they engaged in battles. Many members of his class to the demon known as Hand demon. Hand demon. Sakonji always regretted the loss of the loss. He was not a fan of anyone but he did like Tanjiro and was able to help Tanjiro. He offered Tanjiro that same mask to ensure good luck. The mask serves as an omen of luck and a protection. The days he charges the mask with protection spells.

His two most good students (Sakonji Urokodaki)

Sakonji Urokodaki Kimetsu No Yaiba

He regrets that his pupils were killed by the hand demon. Two of his most talented pupils Sabito and Makimo were also easily executed by hands demons. This caused Sakonji doubt himself and his capability to train anyone. When giyu was able to bring Tanjiro to him, he was unsure if the ability to train Tanjiro in a way or not. Also, he was afraid that he might lose his life to a hand-demon during the Demon Slayer Corp. Selection Exam. He utilized a variety of brutal techniques to prepare Tanjiro.

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In the final session, Sakonji made Tanjiro break the huge stone boulder by using his sword. He told Tanjiro that not just the sword can help to break it, but also the inner drive to take on the Demon will assist. Tanjiro was unable to accomplish it. However, sabito appeared as a spirit who helped Tanjiro and eventually Tanjiro fell over the rock and was able to become the master. At the exam where everyone was executed by the demon Tanjiro who would always aid any person who was against him.

He later killed the demon and escaped. The moment Tanjiro was crowned winner, Sakonji also presented him with the identical mask. He was given the mask for each student and was very satisfied with himself. Tanjiro was carrying the mask with him and wore the mask over his head. Then, he removed the mask.

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Urokodaki received an email to Giyu Tomioka inquiring the athlete to practice Tanjiro and to explain the situation of his sister and him that he was able to resolve. He then went out to find them.
After he discovered them, he impedes Tanjiro from attempting to take down the Demon by cutting it with his knife declaring that he would not be able finish the creature using an unwieldy weapon. 

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He warns him about how to defeat it, he sees Tanjiro trying to figure out ways to defeat the demon. He decides, using the senses of smell that Tanjiro is not a pro at killing demons since the demons he fights are still friendly.

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