The Eminence In Shadow Characters

Here we are back with a nugget: the eminence in shadow characters. Age, the strongest.., everything you want to know about them stay until the end.

Let’s start by explaining the eminence in shadow:


The story follows the adventures of Cid, a young boy transported to another world. Suffering from chūnibyō syndrome, he manages to convince his new entourage that he is the head of a secret society recruiting powerful individuals and aiming to influence the course of events. He doesn’t realize that his lies are gradually taking on consistency.

Then let’s see the main characters:

Who Are main characters in the eminence in shadow ?

The eminence in shadow main characters

The Eminence in shadow main character are: Cid Kagenô, Claire Kagenô, Alexia Midgar, Iris Midgar, Rose Oriana, Sherry Barnett. We’re going to take them each now:

Cid Kagenô

Cid Kagenô

Inspired by TV shows, video games and other stories, Cid is obsessed with becoming the ‘Eminence in the Shadow’, a person who exerts enormous power and influence in the darkness of society. He spares no effort in dedicating himself to that goal and takes great pride in his achievements.

He appreciates other people’s hard work and disdains those whose strength is purely borrowed. Cid Kagenō (シド・カゲノー, Shido Kagenō?), formerly Minoru Kagenō, is the titular antihero and main protagonist of The Eminence in Shadow series.

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He is the leader of the secret organization Shadow Garden under the moniker Shadow, which he founded to live out his chūnibyō fantasies, unaware that his imaginary enemies actually exist.

Claire Kagenô

Claire Kagenô

The Eminence in Shadow characters, Claire Kagenō is the older sister of Cid Kagenō and heir to the Kagenō Baron Family. Following the “Red Moon Incident,” she became the vessel of the ancient Witch, Aurora, also known as the Demon Diablos.

Being the heir to the Kagenō family, she has to be uptight and stoic in order to maintain her family’s reputation. She also possesses a sharp tongue and doesn’t mind criticizing or insulting people including her own father, Mr. Kagenō, who she (like many people) called him as ‘Baldy’ due to his cowardice.

Alexia Midgar

Alexia Midgar

Alexia is shown as a well-mannered young lady whenever she was in school, but in actuality, she is spoiled and abrasive, looking down on others and think they could be swayed easily if offered money. This is best exemplified by her relationship with Cid Kagenō who she uses to avoid unwanted advancements.

This stems from feelings of envy, being constantly compared to her sister, Iris, and her wish for people to see her based on her own merits. After spending time as a couple with Cid, she starts to show a kinder side, developing fondness and even respect for him.

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When she was kidnapped, Alexia expresses worry for him. Deep down, she is a genuinely good girl who will put her own life on the line to protect others that she cares for.

Iris Midgar

Iris Midgar

The Eminence in Shadow characters: Iris is a brave, diligent, and prideful swordswoman who earnestly strives to fulfill her duty to protect her kingdom. This leads many to revere her as an exemplary warrior, but she is not without her flaws.

Though she takes her duties with high priority, this is overshadowed by her love for her sister, Alexia because she is very protective of her sister, so much that she is willing to give harsh treatment to those suspected of hurting her.

Iris is widely considered to be the strongest swordswoman within the Midgar Kingdom, being the top student as the Royal Spellsword Academy before her graduation. However, by her own admission, her skills are nowhere near the level of legendary figures like Shadow and Beatrix.

Rose Oriana

Rose Oriana

Rose Oriana is the former student council president of the Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy and princess of the Oriana Kingdom. Following a plot by the Cult of Diablos, however, she joins Shadow Garden under the codename No. 666 and is later made her country’s new queen.

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Sherry Barnett

Sherry Barnett

The Eminence in Shadow characters is a cute girl of moderate height with peach or pink on both hair and eyes. She has short, shoulder-length hair with a lock of hair sticking out on top and braided on both sides. He has a medium build and slender.

As a student she wears the Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy uniform with a navy blue blazer jacket with white and gold accents, tie, white shirt and skirt with navy blue and gold accents, black stockings, a pair of white high heels, and a black robe with red jewels on the sides.

The Eminence in shadow Characters Age

The Eminence in shadow Characters Age
Cid Kagenō / Shadow 15
Claire Kagenō17
Alexia Midgar15
Iris Midgar20
Rose Oriana17
Sherry Barnett16
Nu (#13)15

What’s more who are Shadow Garden member’s?

Who are Shadow Garden member’s?

Shadow Garden member’s

Shadow Garden is an mysterious hidden organization founded by Cid Kagenō also known as Shadow. Its primary goal was to eliminate the Cult of Diablos and prevent them from resurrecting the ancient demon, Diablos, but has adapted to also learning the truth of the Cult’s origins and what really happened between the Three Heroes.

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There is a The Seven Shadows: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta and Eta are the first seven original members recruited and granted power directly by Shadow himself, Then the highest Numbers members from 8 to 24 are direct subordinates of the “Seven Shadows” and receive a Greek name, thus they are Named Numbers.

Finally, Zeta’s Branch At some point, Zeta created her own sub-faction within the organization between herself, Victoria and Nina (who is not a member of Shadow Garden) so she can perform tasks behind the organization’s back.

1- Alpha

The Eminence In Shadow Characters
No.01: Second-in-Command

The second-in-command of Shadow Garden, being the first of the original “Seven Shadows”, as well as a descendant of the “Elf Hero” Olivier.

After being cured of Demon Possession by Shadow, she devotes her life to him and his cause. She was the first recruit to become co-founder along with Shadow, and it was thanks to her that Shadow Garden grew rapidly to be the most powerful organization in just two years.

2- Beta

The Eminence In Shadow Characters
Provides support to all other shadows in their labors

Beta The Eminence in Shadow characters Is the second member of Shadow Garden, being one of the original “Seven Shadows,” as well as a childhood friend of Alpha’s before both underwent Demon Possession.

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Publicly, she is known as Natsume Kafka, the author of numerous “original” pieces of literature across a wide spectrum of genre that are actually media from Earth told to her by Shadow, simply renamed and retold for the contemporary audience of her world.

From her renowned publishings, Beta uses her connections as a talented author to gather information for Shadow Garden, disguising her appearances as research for her books.

3- Gamma

The Eminence In Shadow Characters
Finance and Administration

Is the third member of Shadow Garden, being one of the original “Seven Shadows”. Publicly, she is known as Luna, the director of the Mitsugoshi Company which sells “original” and “innovative”

products through her company, which are all reverse-engineered products developed using the Shadow’s descriptions of goods from Earth. Either originally cooked liked the foods and drinks by Gamma, or built like the automobile and Rolapoid by Eta.

4- Delta

The Eminence In Shadow Characters
Main fighting force

Formerly known as Sarah (サラ, Sara?), is the fourth member of Shadow Garden, being one of the original “Seven Shadows”. As a Beastkin Wolf, she acknowledges only strength, swearing loyalty to Shadow in awe of his overwhelming power.

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5- Epsilon

The Eminence In Shadow Characters
Espionage and Infiltration

Epsilon The Eminence in Shadow characters is the fifth member of Shadow Garden, being one of the original “Seven Shadows”. Publicly, she is known as Shiron, a pianist and composer of numerous “original” pieces of music that are actually songs from Earth taught to her by Shadow, which she able to win various awards and gain popularity among the aristocratic class as she used her status to gather information.

6- Zeta

The Eminence In Shadow Characters
Exploration and Reconnaissance

Is the sixth member of Shadow Garden and one of the original “Seven Shadows”, as well as a descendant of the Legendary “Beastkin Hero” Lili. She is the head of exploration and espionage, also leader of her own secret sub-faction, which she founded due to disagreeing with Alpha’s leadership.

7- Eta

The Eminence In Shadow Characters
Research and Development

Is the seventh member of Shadow Garden, being one of the original “Seven Shadows”, as well as the person in charge of the organization’s research faction. Publicly, she is known as Eta Lloyd Wright, a genius architect whose work won Architecture of the Year, having implemented the architectural knowledge of mathematical and scientific principles taught to her by Shadow.

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Victoria The Eminence in shadow

N°559, A high-ranking three-digit number directly empowered by Shadow, secretly a member of Zeta’s secret branch, former church saint.


Nina the eminence in shadow

An unofficial member of Shadow Garden under Zeta’s direct command. 

Who are The Strongest Members Of Shadow Garden?

These are the group’s strongest members.

5 Beta

Beta the eminence in shadow

Beta appears to be the Jack of All Trades, “user of all, master of none,” within the Seven Shadows as she have reasonable proficiency in every field but doesn’t excel in any of them unlike her fellow Shadows.

Beta has shown to be a capable leader, though not at Alpha’s level, a strong fighter, though not as strong as Delta, a good infiltrator, though not as good as Epsilon, and possesses a great intellect, though not as great as Gamma and Eta.

She is tied with Epsilon as the fifth-strongest member of Shadow Garden overall.
Due to her identity as a famous writer, Beta has managed to gather a large number of influential contacts, which allows her to access information that not readily accessible to the public or even a princess such as Alexia Midgar.

4 Zeta

Zeta The Eminence In Shadow

From the anime’s depiction of her, Zeta appears to be a tomboy who likes fighting, similar to her fellow Beastkin Delta, yet she seems to have a greater degree of self-control compared to the “loose cannon”.

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Despite being a Beastkin, who is mostly known for being wild brutes, Zeta is smart and level-headed. She’s shown to be a loner, usually doing her missions on her own and only cooperating on a team if the situation demands it.

Zeta is the fourth strongest member of Shadow Garden, surpassed only by Delta, Alpha and Shadow. She is noted to be the most talented amongst the “Seven Shadows”, with Cid describing her as “good at whatever she does”.

3 Delta

Delta The Eminence In Shadow

Delta is the third-strongest member of Shadow Garden, behind only Alpha and Shadow. She has been noted by Cid to be the physically strongest of the “Seven Shadows” and possess excellent tracking skills that surpass even his own. However, she is utterly lacking in any other area, making her only useful for search-and-destroy missions.

2 Alpha

Alpha The Eminence In Shadow

Alpha is the second-strongest member of Shadow Garden, surpassed only by the Shadow himself. As the Shadow’s earliest recruit, Alpha is shown to be highly adept in many aspects, such as physical combat, magic power, leadership, and etc. Though, she is outmatched by her fellow Shadows in the field that they specialize in.

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Alpha’s strength is so unchallenged, that none of the Shadow Garden members think she can lose, including the rest of the Seven Shadows. By incorporating Cid’s “Shadow Wisdom”, Alpha was able to take simple martial arts and self-defense practices and evolve them into lethal combat techniques.

Even her master, Shadow was impressed by how much she had grown in strength and skill. Both Princess Rose Oriana and Alexia Midgar note that while Shadow may be the ultimate threshold of strength, Alpha has at least reached the level of his footing.

1 Shadow

Shadow The Eminence In Shadow

Iris Midgar, upon facing him under his “Shadow” persona, claimed Cid to be “the most powerful being in the world”, even though he was not even fighting her seriously. In fact, this also applies to other worlds, defeating Ragnarok, a demon that ruled another dimension, with relative ease. So far, even though he has yet to go all-out, all of Cid’s battles have ended with overwhelming victories, with the only opponents he had to get a “little serious” against being Aurora’s projection, Beatrix, Elisabeth, Alpha, and the aforementioned Ragnarok.

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