Vinland Saga Characters : Characters Ranked And Skills Explained

Vinland Saga Characters

Vinland Saga Characters: Vinland Saga is a great historical anime for you to get your teeth into. The captivating story of revenge and betrayal is written and illustrated by Makoto Yamamoto.

Vinland Saga is an action-packed, well-written story. It’s also beautifully illustrated and contains some of the best battle scenes you’ll see in a series. We’ll be seeing who the strongest Vinland Saga characters will be, not to mention the engaging characters.

Popular Vinland Saga Characters

Vinland Saga Characters Statistics Chart

This chart will provide the heights and ages of the main characters from Vinland Saga. For any character whose height or age has not been disclosed, unknown will be used. The figures that have been used are from the first season of the series.

Character Age Height Updates In Season 2
Thorfinn 18 153 cm 19-22 years old and 155cm tall.
Askeladd 44 170 cm N/A
Thors 39 180 cm N/A
Thorkell 50 230 cm Does Not Appear In The Arc
Canute 18 170 cm 19 years old.
Bjorn 38/39 180 cm N/A
Ragnar 45 175 cm N/A
Helga 44/45 150 cm Does not appear in the arc
Ylva 27 170 cm Does not appear in the arc
Floki 35 (During his first appearance) 170 cm Does not appear in the arc
Einar 20 184 cm Debut arc 
Thorgil 24 176 cm Debut arc
Snake 34 172 cm Debut arc
Ketil 44 175 cm Debut arc
Sverkel 68 145 cm Debut arc

15 Einar

Einar is a key character in the Ketil Farm story. Einar was a farm worker after he was purchased by Ketil. He met Thorfinn while he was still working on the farm and they became good friends.

Einar’s character is similar to Thorfinn’s in the first season. He can be emotional and get into trouble quite often. Fans should pay attention to Einar’s role in the next season.

14 Thorgil

Thorgil, the oldest son of Ketil and has a thirst to fight. Thorgil is more violent than any of his family members. He decided to join Canute after his passion to fight other people got outof control. Ketil was glad to see Thorgil go because of his unpredictable behavior.

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It didn’t take him long to reveal his true colors when he returned to the farm. Thorgil, a brute, doesn’t bring much value to the story. This makes him very limited in his contribution to the story.

13 Snake

Snake was chosen to lead Ketil’s farm guards. He has faithfully served Ketil since then and kept the farm from any danger. Thorfinn has recognized his abilities as a skilled fighter. Snake is closer to Sverkel, despite being hired by Ketil.

Snake has been seen helping an elderly man with various chores on several occasions. The father-son bond between the two is evident because of the amount of time they have shared.

12 Ketil

Ketil will be the main antagonist in the second season Vinland Saga. Although he looks old, he is strong. Ketil is a normal man who appears kind and offers his slaves the chance to pay back their debts by working.

But there’s a different side to him. Ketil’s actions during the arc make him an obstacle to Thorfinn’s and Einar’s goals.

11 Sverkel

Sverkel is an elderly man. Sverkel is the father to Ketil, and the grandfather of Olmar and Thorgil. Sverkel is a hard worker for his age. Sverkel does not live with his child. He lives alone in a small home.

Sverkel is a busy man who does farming and other chores. However, he needs help from others. Sverkel may not be a strong, determined fighter but he gives Thorfinn valuable advice.

10 Thorfinn

Thorfinn, the main protagonist in the series. He is the son Thors and Helga. As a child, he aspired to be his father. Thorfinn’s world was thrown into chaos when Askeladd killed his father. He vowed to avenge his father but, in order to become stronger, he went with Askeladd’s group.

Askeladd’s men ambushed Thors and his men, but it didn’t take long for Thors, the king of the hill, to overpower them. Askeladd wasn’t ready to be fair and took Thorfinn hostage. This allowed his men to kill Thors. Askeladd sent Thorfinn to dangerous missions which made them very powerful. By the end of the first season Thorfinn had inflicted Thorkell in a fight. Thorfinn will also play a major role in the next season.

9 Ragnar

Ragnar served as Canute’s caretaker until the end. Ragnar protected the young prince from any harm. There were even assassinations attempts. After spending much time together Ragnar became close to Canute and went to great lengths to protect him. Canute was completely changed by the news of Ragnar’s death.

8 Thors

Vinland Saga Characters

Thors, undoubtedly, is the strongest character from the first season Vinland Saga. Due to his extraordinary physical strength, he was called “Troll of Jom”. Every warrior knew Thors’ name and he rose quickly to fame. However, he changed his mind one day. He faked his death, and he fled to Iceland with his family. 

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The plan worked for many years until Floki found him. He forced Thors into joining the Vikings. But it quickly became apparent that this was a hoax.

7 Askeladd

Askeladd was the star of the first season Vinland Saga. He was responsible to the death of Thors and then used Thorfinn to accomplish his goals. Despite his evil deeds, Askeladd was a strong character who won over the fans.

His personality is the main reason for his popularity. His intelligence and wits are unmatched. His ability to quickly create a strategy in minutes helped him get out of even the most difficult situations.

6 Thorkell

Thorkell is a powerful character. His only defeat was at the hands Thors. Thorkell admired Thorkell for this reason. He is a huge man and has a constant desire to fight.

Thorkell can become restless if he isn’t fighting for long enough. Thorkell, despite his appearances, is not cruel. He only pursues soldiers and trained fighters.

5 Canute

King Sweyn’s son, Prince Canute. Canute initially appeared in the series as a timid man who needed to be protected. However, Canute’s character changed after Ragnar was killed.

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He was a manipulative person who used his brains and manipulated his opponents. Canute eventually defeated all threats to his position and was elected the first-runner to become the next King of Denmark.

4 Helga

Helga is Thorfinn’s mother. When Thors was still part of the Jomsvikings, she was married to him. The two of them left Iceland after Thors changed his mind. There they lived together in peace until Floki discovered them.

Helga wasn’t a major role in the first season. However, it is important that we remember that she helped Thors raise Ylva as well as Thorfinn.

3 Ylva

Ylva was born to Thors and Helga. Ylva was responsible for the care of her mother, Thorfinn and Thors after they left Iceland. Ylva, unlike her mother, is bold and not afraid to confront other people. Ylva is a talented person, capable of hunting, fishing and many other things. All of these attributes helped Ylva’s mother and father to survive the absences of Thors and Thorfinn.

2 Floki

Floki is one the most hated characters of the series. He was the reason Thors was murdered and Thorfinn was sent on his path of revenge. He was a commander in King Sweyn’s army and made sure to make the most of his position.

Floki’s greatest quality is his ability for strategizing. It was because of his planning that Thors died. He is also extremely ruthless and will kill anyone who stands in his way.

1 Bjorn

Askeladd’s close friend, Bjorn served him for many years. Bjorn was loyal to Askeladd but knew very little about him. This was because Askeladd loathed Vikings.

Bjorn was a skilled fighter, and Askeladd was his number two for many years.

Smartest Vinland Saga Characters

Smartest Vinland Saga Characters
Smartest Vinland Saga Characters

Let’s go…

7 Thors


Although he was killed in the Vinland Saga series, Thors was still a strong figure. He was the powerful captain of the Jomsvikings, and the father to Thorfinn. He was superior to Thorkell in intelligence and planning, as well as his superhuman strength.

Thors gave up fighting after the birth of his daughter and adopted pacifism. He pretended to be dead and began a new life in Iceland as a farmer. His intelligence and bravery are a testimony to his intelligence. He was able, simultaneously as being captain, to lead the Jomsvikings and then to successfully fake his death. Although he is very intelligent, his brute strength earned him the nickname “Troll of Jom.”

6 Asgeir

Asgeir Vinland saga

Thorkell, “the tall” is assisted by Asgeir, his second in command. He is the brains and the leader of the current Jomsviking crew. He is usually cool under pressure and ready for the future, even if his fiery captain has gone. Thorkell shows respect for Asgeir by his willingness to listen and follow his orders, even if he does so reluctantly.

Thorkell recognized Asgeir’s talents and gave him responsibility to their long-term plans. Asgeir, one of Thorkell’s troops, puts safety and the safety of his fellow soldiers above personal glory when faced with danger. As soon as he entered Thorkell’s duel, it was clear that he valued his safety above all else and offered Thorkell his head if he would be happy.

5 Ragnar

Ragnar Vinland saga

Prince Canute was raised by Ragnar. He became too protective of Prince Canute and this led to Ragnar’s inadequacy about men’s plots. Ragnar, despite his dislike for Norse traditions and protectiveness towards Prince Canute, was a smart man. Without his brain, Canute wouldn’t have made it to adulthood.

He used his intelligence to protect Prince Canute from his father’s power-hungry court, fully aware that Canute would not live up to their plans. Ragnar was a man who loved Prince Canute and perhaps he was too loyal. Askeladd planned to kill him as he was hindering Prince Canute’s development by protecting the young man. His plan succeeded.

4 Floki

Floki Vinland Saga

Floki, is one of many shady characters from the Vinland Saga Series. As he demonstrated when he hired Askeladd as his slayer, Floki uses deceitful methods to achieve his goals. Floki is known for being a cool and calculated man.

He was one of the Jomsviking commanders who fell under King Sweyn’s control during his reign. King Sweyn believed in Floki’s abilities and he followed through on every assignment. After Sweyn’s passing, he served as both Prince Canute and King Sweyn. This shows his intelligence and foresight.

3 King Sweyn

King Sweyn Vinland Saga

An incredibly powerful and dangerous military leader. Sweyn was King of England. He was an incredibly driven man. Even as King of Denmark, his aspirations were global. He was on the right track to become the sovereign of England before his tragic death at the hands Of Askeladd. This was one of his life goals. Sweyn was known for his intelligence, ruthlessness and decisiveness as well as his battle-tight tactics.

Because he loved being in command, he was always aware of the events in his realm and across England. He responded to threats and realized that the crown was not the monarch’s ultimate source of power. He refused to let go of the crown, even when there were threats to his life or the throne.

2 Askeladd


Askeladd is a key character in the first story arc of Vinland Saga. Askeladd is a strong fighter who can take on many types of opponents. Askeladd’s intelligence and cunning make them much more dangerous than their impressive fighting skills. Askeladd is the one that kills Thors “The Troll Of Jom”, the most powerful Viking warrior of the series.

After losing a strength contest, Askelad had to resort to deceit in order to get rid of Thors. As the anime series begins, Askelad shows his intelligence and exploitsThorfinn’s vengeful nature to save King Sweyn from Denmark. This ensures Canute’s survival.

1 Canute

Canute Vinland Saga

At the beginning of the anime series Canute was a young, inexperienced boy with no knowledge of politics or fighting. His princess-like appearance and inability to fight or use his fighting skills made him a liability. Canute, however, grew quickly after spending time with Ragnar and his men and Askeladd and the rest of his gang.

He was able to quickly master strategic maneuvering and manipulative skills. Because of his exceptional leadership skills, Thorkell, the Jomsviking general, was even taken under his wing. When Canute proved himself to be a leader, many people wanted to follow him. He even plotted against King Sweyn, his father.

Top Strongest Vinland Saga Characters

Top Strongest Vinland Saga Characters

Let’s now rank all the Vinland Saga manga characters that have been strongest, based upon sheer strength and power scaling.

10. Gardar

Gardar Vinland Saga Character

Gardar is intimidating due to his scarred, large physique. His story is tragic.

Gardar was a Viking warrior who had a loving wife, and a son. But he was taken from them when he became an slave. He promises to make amends with his family, and to run away with them.

Gardar is sent to Ketil’s home to save his family. But he must face Snake’s mercenaries as well as Snake himself. Although he kills some mercenaries he is unable to defeat Snake. He dies from serious injuries sustained during Snake’s encounter.

9. Hild

Hild Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga Characters Hild has many similarities to War arc Thorfinn. Like Thorfinn, she wants to revenge the deaths of her family. Her revenge plan includes killing Thorfinn, as he was responsible for her father’s death.

Hild uses a crossbow to fight her opponents on her own turf. The element of surprise helped her defeat an unarmed Thorfinn in their first encounter in forest.

8. Bjorn

Bjorn Vinland Saga Characters

Askeladd’s second-in-command was Bjorn. His fighting style was reminiscent of the Viking fighting tradition that used berserker mushrooms.

When he was sober, Bjorn didn’t fight very often. He ate berserker mushrooms to go berserk. He was in berserker mode and took down almost ten Canute companions.

However, his berserker mode was not enough to stop Thors. Askeladd eventually killed him in the War arc.

7. Wulf

Wulf Vinland Saga

Wulf’s position in Canute’s Royal Guard is an indication of his true strength. Wulf is Canute’s head Thegn, and his faithful teacher.

Wulf was present at the battle of Ketil Farm in the Slave Arc. Although he wasn’t fighting actively at the beginning, he was forced to intervene when Thorgil attempted to kill Canute.

Although he was able to hold Thorgil for a few seconds, he was not strong enough for him to stay there for too long. Wulf had to release Thorgil after he brutally gouged out his eye using his naked hands.

Wulf is not discouraged by this incident. Wulf assists Thorkell during the Baltic Sea War as a personal security guard, which proves that he’s still in the game.

6. Thorgil

Vinland Saga Characters

Evidently, Thorgil’s ruthlessness is enough to scare his father. Thorgil, like Garm or Thorkell, enjoys killing and fighting people.

Thorgil was a former Thegn for Canute’s which accounts for his formidable combat skills. He kills many Vikings during the Canute-versus-Ketil battle before they react. He even slit the arms of Canute’s guards with no restraint.

His only weakness is his inability to resist counters or attacks he doesn’t anticipate. Canute blocks Canute’s sneak attack at the end of Slave arc.

5. Snake

Snake Vinland Saga Characters

Snake appears in Vinland Saga for the first time during the Slave Arc. He is Ketil’s head guard who protects Ketil’s farm from all dangers.

Snake’s identity was kept secret at first. Later, however, it is revealed that Snake was once a Varangian Guard officer for the Roman Emperors. (pharmacy ambient temperature nz)

A Varangian Guard is a person who serves as the personal bodyguard to an Emperor. This shows that Snake is a lot more powerful then he appears.

Snake used his combat skills to save Thorfinn, and other slaves, from being subjected to harsh punishments during the Slave Arc. Snake is considered stronger than Old Askeladd by Thorfinn. Snake is twice as fast as Thorfinn in terms of speed.

4. Askeladd

Vinland Saga Characters

Vinland Saga Characters Askeladd is a smart, clever Viking who uses his brain and clever strategies to win his battles. When he combines his intelligence with his swordsmanship, Askeladd is a formidable opponent.

Askeladd was so proficient at using his sword that he killed veteran warriors like his father as a child. By ultimately killing Berserker Bjorn, Askeladd even beat him in combat. Ragnar, Canute’s bodyguard and many other Vikings are killed by him in countless battles.

Askeladd was fighting Thors in his prime and the latter had to employ a strategy to stop the latter’s sneak attacks. Thorfinn, a skilled Viking, couldn’t defeat Askeladdin during Askeladd’s lifetime.

3. Thorfinn


Since the prologue, Thorfinn has grown tremendously as a Viking fighter and a fighter. He’s now a seasoned fighter after fighting many opponents twice his age.

Thorfinn prefers quick, deadly strikes to heavy punches in his fighting style. His agility allows him to dodge his enemies and strike their vital points to incapacitate them. Garm is easily defeated by his swift spear attack. (provigil buy europe)

Thorfinn is also very durable. Thorkell even throws him around as a toy in their first battle. He survives. Drott, who is a notorious bear killer, also gives him nearly 100 hits.

2. Thorkell


Thorkell, also known as Thorkell The Tall or Thorkell Invincible, is one of the most powerful Vikings who serve under King Canute.

Thorkell’s speciality is his extraordinary strength. Thorkell can defeat powerful beasts such as bears without even breaking a sweat. He can lift a boulder weighing several tonnes during the War arc. He is barely deterred by the fact that he has lost two fingers.

He is also very fast and has excellent reflexes, despite being tall. Thorfinn was unable to dodge his fast punches in their first battle in chapter 19. He is also able to keep up with Garm who is well-known for being agile.

1. Thors Snorresson

Thors Snorresson

Vinland Saga Characters: Thors Snorresson may be a pacifist but it isn’t hard to believe that any character in Vinland Saga can match his fighting skills and raw strength.

Hand-to-hand combat can be used to take down entire ships of enemies. He can beat an armed Thorkell by just using his naked hands. He is a strong character in Vinland Saga because he has great endurance and can dodge multiple enemy attacks simultaneously.

Thors was undefeated until his death. Askeladd was able to kill Thors because he used submissive means to do so.


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