Todoroki Family : Everything You Need To Know

Todoroki Family

The Todoroki Family currently consists Enji Todoroki and his wife Rei, as well as their four children.

KNOWN MEMBERS OF Todoroki Family

  • Enji Todoroki
  • Rei Todoroki
  • Toya Todoroki
  • Fuyumi Todoroki
  • Natsuo Todoroki
  • Shoto Todoroki

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The Todoroki family does not have the usual family where everyone loves one another and every day runs smoothly.

Enji’s treatment of Shoto is the root cause of most family conflict. Enji forced Shoto to undergo an inhumane training program from a young age. He wanted to make him a hero, who would eventually surpass all Might. Shoto developed resentment toward his father’s plan. The idea of becoming Endeavour’s successor was rejected by Shoto. He finally discarded all his traits that were associated with his father. This includes his quirk fire. After defeating Izuku Mioriya, Shoto accepted the fire part his quirk.


Enji seems to have little concern for his children, except Shoto. Enji doesn’t push them to train as hard as Shoto and doesn’t seem to care as much about them. He refers to Shoto’s brothers as “things.” “

Natsuo is bitter about Enji and refuses to forgive him for his treatment of his family. Fuyumi is the most close to her father of all the children. She wants a balanced family and a normal relationship. Shoto has mixed opinions about Enji, but he is proud of his heroism. He has been a failure as a parent figure. Enji doesn’t expect his wife and children to forgive him. However, he wants to pay for all the wrongdoings he has done over the years.

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Enji Todoroki used all his influence and power to get married to Rei. Enji wanted to have a child with a powerful quirk, which would surpass All Might. They were not in love and they married to accomplish Enji’s personal goal.

Before Shoto was born with his hybrid quirk, the couple had a daughter and two more sons. Enji had Toya as his son before he adopted Shoto. He saw his quirk in Toya as a stronger version and saw great potential in him. Toya did not inherit Rei’s quirk so his body was unable to withstand the heat. Toya also became disillusioned by Enji’s intense training and lost his mind. He set a forest fire to fake his death in the wildfire. Toya was assumed to have died during the incident. Only a small fragment of his jawbone was found.


Enji taught Shoto how to be a hero by using cruel and degrading methods at the age of 5. Due to the intervention of his father, Shoto was unable to interact with his siblings. Rei tried to stop Enji’s Shoto training so hard but Enji insisted that she not train with him.

Rei was also a victim to Enji’s abuse, until she became mentally unstable. One day, she was overcome by Shoto’s left side. This reminded her of Enji throwing boiling water over Shoto. Enji took her to a mental hospital after this incident. 

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Shoto graduated high school and began to hate his father. He applied for U.A. Shoto graduated high school and later forgave the father he had abused as a child. He applied to U.A. 

Enji seems to have changed his behavior after All Might retired. He thanked All Might and told Shoto that he was a better father. 


Fuyumi and Natsuo visited their mother, and they have a great relationship. Natsuo says that he doesn’t remember his father and that this shows that Enji didn’t make the effort to educate his older children. Rei tells her children that Enji is secretly visiting them. However, they have never met in person. 

Natsuo accuses Enji for Toya’s death and refuses to forgive him, despite Fuyumi’s attempts to reconcile the family.

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