Top 15 : Best One Piece Characters

One Piece is a classic manga and anime series with an ever-growing number of fans. The series seems to offer a sense of kinship for those who enjoy anime and pirates, which leads to long-lasting relationships over the years. The fanbase is still passionate about anime and manga, and has not lost their interest. You can only imagine all the characters that we have met since the series began. There are many exciting adventures on the sea, including Pirates and the Navy. But which of these characters is the strongest? To answer that question, we’ve collected the best of the best. In this spirit, we present you the list of One Piece’s most powerful characters! Here’s our list of the most skilled living characters from the saga.



Doflamingo, also known by “Joker”, is one of the most hated Antagonists in the New World. He was a member the 7 Great Corsairs and also a part of the Celestial Dragons group. He is a Demon Fruit of “Paramecia”, the “Ito Ito no Mi”, and his greatest strengths include deception, his Haki Of Kings and his ability manipulate people. It also makes him appear like a cunning Captain. He can manipulate people as puppets using his “Demon Fruit”, which allows for him to control their actions. He was able to seal King Riku’s fate by forcing him to hurt his own people with the help his sons in order to claim the title of King.

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Charlotte Katakuri is the second son of Yonko Big Mama, and Sweet Commanders of her mother’s crew. He also has terrifying power and a bounty containing 1,057,000,000 Berries. His Haki of Observation, which allows him to see into the future, is his main strength. He is the strongest commander of the three. Even Capone Bege (one of the Eleven Supernovae members) is uncomfortable with him being there. He has the power of the Demon Fruit Mochi Mochi no Mi, which allows him to transform into Mochi (that is, sticky rice), and while it may seem adorable, it proved to be quite a formidable opponent in his fight against Monkey D. Luffy.


It’s difficult to overlook the next Pirate King in this TOP. We are talking about the Captain with a Straw Hat. Luffy has the Gear 4 and his Snakeman form but is still not powerful enough to challenge the most powerful antagonists of this world. He was also responsible for destabilizing Kingdom of Big Mom and acquiring a bounty of 1,500,000,000 Berrys. Luffy’s creativity, ambition, and the fruit of the demon Paramaecia were the reasons he was able get there.

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It also boasts the “Haki of Kings”, although we don’t yet know the details. His father, Monkey D. Dragon, is his grandfather, and his last name starts with the letter D. He is, without doubt, the best candidate to be the King of Pirates. We believe that Monkey D. Luffy, the next rank of One Piece characters will be on the podium.



Issho, also known by Fujitora or “The Purple Tiger”, is a formidable Admiral of Navy. He is blind and has the Demon Fruit ” Zushi Zushi No Mi”. Issho is able to manipulate gravity and create gravitational barriers using a variety of powerful techniques. It is also capable of controlling meteorites near the earth because it has mastered its fruit. He was able to master both the Haki of Armament as well as the Haki of Observation. This is quite common among Navy Admirals.

He loves the “Gravito” basic technique, which allows him to alter gravity vertically or horizontally with his sword. He is also a strong swordsman in the One Piece world! We decided to move Fujitora up to the 12th position in this ranking because of all these reasons!

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Aokiji, also known as Kuzan was once an admiral of the Navy. He partnered with Blackbeard, the new Yonko. He was still formidable, even though he was no more part of the Navy. His Demon Fruit “Hie Hie no Mi”, which he calls the Demon Fruit, allows him to manipulate frost at will. He can also cover many kilometers of ocean in a matter of seconds. Sengoku recommended Aokiji to be the next Admiral-in-Chief! To obtain the title, however, he lost to Akainu. Its demon fruit allows it to travel quickly across the sea, freezing the water beneath its feet. He isn’t afraid of water, even though he has a demon fruit.



One of the most powerful characters in the series is Dracule Mihawk (also known as Falcon’s eye). He is the world’s greatest fencer, a title that he has kept throughout the series. He is a Shichibukai, with an undiscovered bounty. We Mihawk is included in this rank. His superhuman physical abilities combined with his sword technique made him an swordsman master. He defeated Zoro using a simple table knife-like dagger at the start of the saga. Mihawk will be the master of Roronoa Zoro in due course, as he has seen an untapped potential in him. You should be ready for Zoro to appear in our next TOP!

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Monkey D. Garp is also known as “The Hero of the Navy”, or “Garp the Hero”. These names may not ring a bell if you haven’t seen a few episodes from the One Piece series. It’s Monkey D. Luffy and Monkey D. Dragons grandfather! He was a Navy instructor and was once Vice-Admiral. His title as “Navy Hero” is due to his defeat of the Rocks Crew with Gol D. Roger. Garp would have been 78 years old, and measure 2m87. Because he doesn’t possess a Demon Fruit, his fame and strength are due to his efforts.

However, he is able to manipulate different Haki forms in the same manner as the Admirals. Garp also manages his own army of soldiers. He has years of combat experience and can be considered one of the most powerful members of the Navy that we have seen in the series. He can throw a cannonball by himself. He was not without a rival, Gol D. Roger.



Sengoku was an Admiral and Commander in Chief of the Navy. He resigned after a long time! Because it bears the fruit of the Mythical Zoan demon, the “Hito Hito no Mi Daibutsu”, the name “Sengoku the Buddha”, the unit is also known by the nickname “Sengoku the Buddha”. He is now an inspector general of the Navy. He is an old friend of Monkey D.

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Garp who was the adoptive grandfather to Ace with burning Fists. His tactical skills, which are a result of years of military training and experience, are well-known. His demon fruit, “Giant Buddha”, is extremely powerful and has privileges and skills that are very similar to Garp. His fruit of the demon is what gives him an unimaginable strength against which can Pirates will not be able to match. Do you also know that Sengoku raised Don Quixote Rosinante?



Borsalino, a powerful Admiral in the Navy, is also known by Admiral Kizaru and simply “The Yellow Monkey”. After the 2-year ellipse, he will be the Navy’s only Admiral who will continue in office. Kizaru is more than an Admiral of Navy, he’s also a great fighter for the Navy and the world government. He is so strong that he can hold 1vs1 against Whitebeard, the former Yonko. Borsalino has a demon fruit from the “Logia”, type called “Pika Pika no Mi”, which is Luminescent Fruit.

Kizaru can move at light speed, shoot laser beams, or create a sword of the light with the help of the fruit. Kizaru is a versatile fighter and a dangerous enemy. Even though Silver Rayleigh isn’t part of this TOP know that Kizaru can face this beast of power!

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Dragon, the father of Monkey D. Luffy, is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and mysterious characters we have ever seen in the series. This man is so influential in this series that his nickname is “Dragon The Revolutionary”. He also leads his own revolutionary army. The world government considers him the most wanted man, so we know that he has incredible power! Its sole purpose is to overthrow current World Government.

One thing is certain about him: he is the father Monkey D. Luffy! Although One Piece has been around for more than 20 years, we don’t yet know what the Dragon demon is! However, we know that the powerful Revolutionary can control weather conditions and has meteorological power. It would be able, just like Tornado in X-Men’s X-Men to create lightning and tornadoes as well as rain. Monkey D. Dragon would also have the Haki of Kings, according to Ivankov in the arc war in Marineford!



We were matched up with Big Mom, the crew of the most well-known Yonko in anime One Piece for the penultimate arc. Also known as Emperor Charlotte Linlin. This woman is the leader of Totto Land, and the antagonist of Tougato Arc. Although it is hard to determine the exact premium of Big Mom’s, we do know that it revolves around the 3,000,000,000 Berrys! Her own crew is hers, with the majority of her top brass being her children. According to our records, Big Mom would have 43 husbands, with whom she would have 39 daughters and 46 boys! You thought Smoothie and Katakuri were strong.

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But wait! Her skin is extremely difficult to damage without Haki, making it very difficult to overcome. The power of the Paramecia demon fruit “Soru Soru no Mi”, which gives her the ability to interact with souls, and thus people’s lives, also allows her. She can also transfer her souls to non-animated objects, or bodies. These animated objects are called Hoomies. They live mostly in Totto Land.



Shanks, Luffy’s mentor and mentor, deserves to be among the top five most powerful One Piece characters. He is also known as “The Redhead” and one of the Four Emperors in One Piece. It is a Yonko just like Big Mom, Kaido and Blackbeard. Shanks is captain of the Crew at the Roux. He is a former member Gold D. Roger’s Team, and has vast experience in the New World. His Haki of Kings is the most powerful of all these powers. According to our information, only one person would be able to hold this power out of 1,000,000. Berrys estimates Shanks’ premium at 4,048,000,000.



Kaido, the Hundred Beasts’ captain, is also known as the “most powerful creature on the planet”. He deserves a prominent place on this list. The fact that Kaido is Yonko is enough to give away his name. His greatest strengths are his strength and endurance. Kaido is so strong it is difficult to hurt him. Kaido currently resides in Wano. Kaido is also a former Pirate from the famed Rocks crew. He has a “Mythical Zoan”, type demon fruit, and a bounty amounting to 4,611,100,000. Berrys!

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Blackbeard is also known as Marshall D. Teach, and is the Admiral for the Blackbeard Crew. Blackbeard, the last Yonko and also a member of the Pirate of Whitebeard’s Crew. She was part of the 2nd Fleet, the Yonko under the command of Portgas D. Ace. Blackbeard is a remarkable antagonist. He is the only person in the story who was able to absorb two demon fruits. This is a rare feat. The first is the “Yami Yami no Mi”, which is the fruit in darkness. While the second is the powerful “Gura Gura no Mi”, the fruit in the Tremor. These two fruits make the demon a respected and powerful man on the New World’s seas.

Its destructive power is absolutely insane thanks to the two demon fruits! He is capable of facing any opponent that comes his way in the future. It has also the fastest evolution of Prime to date in the history of the saga. It had a premium of 198,000,000B and a total of 2,445,800,000.000 Berrys. He also allied himself to Kuzan. Blackbeard is fully deserving of the 2nd position in this ranking for all of these reasons!

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2. BLACKBEARD Best One Piece Characters

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1. SAKAZUKI AKAINU Best One Piece Characters

Finally, we reach the TOP! Akainu Sakazuki, the Admiral and Supreme Command-in-Chief for the Navy. It is a demon fruit, of the Logia type. This is also known as the “Magma Fruit”. Although he was ranked number one on our list, it was difficult to choose with the fourth Yonko blackbeard. These two antagonists are incredibly powerful! Let’s all hope we get to witness a fight between the antagonists before we can decide a winner. Akainu is a master of his fruit and has an immense influence on the world. This is why we chose to place him first in the TOP. It will be a major obstacle for the Straw Hat crew!

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