Violet Evergarden Season 2 : Everything You Need To Know In 2021

Violet Evergarden

The universe of anime enthusiasts is vast and most of the time those who love anime are extremely committed to their favorite shows. The same is true of “Violet Evergarden.’ The anime series is built on the Japanese manga with the same title. Kana Akatsuki was the author of the series and Akiko Takase illustrated the manga. The show is an excellent one, and it’s been awarded numerous awards, which comprise the fifth Kyoto Animation Award’s novel category in 2014.

“Violet Evergarden” was the first series of anime to win a prize for the novel, scenario manga, or scenario category. A TV adaptation of the show with the same title aired in January and April 2018 and other prior screenings took place. In addition to awards for animation The show was named with the award for Best Animation during the 2019 Crunchyroll Animation Awards. In the year 2018, a brand new animated short was made available in the month of July of 2018. Alongside that the spin-off film that was inspired by the show launched in September 2019 and a different anime movie made its debut from Japan in September of 2020.

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Yet new reports suggest that the second season of the show has been delayed due to a variety of reasons. The first season was released on the 18th of January in 2018, and was a huge success with the newcomers and those who are fans of the manga. Since since then people are asking about a sequel season. When will we receive one. This is all you should be aware of.

However, the first thing to remember is. There are multiple sources online that claim that the show was renewed. It isn’t yet confirmed reports.

Official Announcements and The Release Date Violet Evergarden Season 2.

Official Announcements and The Release Date Violet Evergarden Season 2.

The film’s premiere, Violet Evergarden: The Movie provoked a furor in the world of anime fans. What, then, is the most-anticipated season 2 or not?

The most likely solution will be “yes”. The wait will soon be over. Violet Evergarden, produced by Kyoto Animation is likely to return at the close of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022.

The exact date for release hasn’t been confirmed. However, if you take into consideration the other aspects like popularity, profits ratings, reviews, and ratings you can be certain of the release date.

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So far , in the violet franchise , one anime, two films are out.

Movie/SeriesRelease Date
Violet Evergarden11 Jan 2018 to April 2018,
Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll6. September, 2019 (Japan)
Violet Evergarden: The Movie17 September 2020 (Japan)

All We Can Know about Violet Evergarden

All We Can Know about Violet Evergarden

It follows Violet Evergarden, an emotionally detached soldier’s “after war” life. Her life as an Auto Memory Doll allows her to see people all over the world who face similar or more difficult issues as a result of conflict.

You’ll find yourself crying at times and then laugh at her innocence.

The major goal of her life is understanding the meaning of her guardian and mentor, Major Gilbert’s last words “I I love you.”

Information: One of the more emotionally charged episode in Violet Evergarden episode 10. (I could not stop crying. I’m not a fool.)

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Source Material Information For Violet Evergarden Season 2

Source Material Information For Violet Evergarden Season 2

Violet Evergarden, a Japanese light novel written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase, aired its debut episode on the 11th of January, 2018.

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The director of the series is Taichi Ishidate. The screenplay was written by Reiko Yoshida.

The incredible animation came to the end of its season on 5th April 2018 and featured 13 episodes.

The film with the same title was released on September 18, 2020. The film was delayed because of the covid-19 pandemic.

The first season of the anime show spanned two books of the novel from four volumes.

VolumesThe Original Release Date
Volume 1December 25 25, 2015
Volume 2December 5 December 5, 2016
GaidenMarch 23 March 23, 2018
Ever AfterMarch 26 April 26, 2020

But, not totally. Both the light novel version and the animated version of the show are certainly distinct from one another.

The episodes which are adapted from the novel that were featured in the initial season of the animation are from chapters 6,7 and 11.

The remainder have been altered in a complete or semi-changed manner, so that 1,8,9,12 and 13 are harmonised on the basis of the centrality of the chapter in question and modified accordingly.

We’re likely to be watching more from third and fourth books of the novel during season 2.

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The light novel reading experience is highly recommended by me due to the modifications that the group has made. They appear to be different in many ways, which makes each one of them unique in their own ways.

Expected Plot Of Violet Evergarden Season 2

Expected Plot Of Violet Evergarden Season 2

The storyline of the new season could show more of the fresh reactions and behaviours of our main character, Violet.

By God’s grace Oh, and thanks to the director’s grace, we’ll also learn the location of Major Gilbert, which indeed is the most anticipated topic for the coming season.

The viewers who chose to view the film, got their angst out about Gilbert.

However, those of us who love watching anime, must be patiently waiting for the release of the season.

Volumes 3 and 4 are likely to set the stage for season 2 and certainly highlight Gilbert’s character.

There are discussions regarding Gilbert being kept from becoming lost to ensure that Violet can keep her character’s development.

It’s not correct. The reason Violet kept living was only due to her desire that Major Gilbert returned to her.

Based on the light novel the more time passes, Violet is confronted with her feelings toward Gilbert and is also able to understand the feelings he has for her.

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However, the real question is, can she really recover herself after having lost her final chance of hope due to Gilbert’s death.

Or Gilbert is coming back, and she’ll be the one to confess. The final episode from season one included Violet smiling at someone who was at the door, which many of us believed to be Gilbert.

We will however get the answer to this question when season 2.

Why Do We Need Violet Evergarden Season 2?

Why Do We Need Violet Evergarden Season 2?

This isn’t even a matter of asking. Do you desire to know how gorgeous Colonel Hodgins’s daughter’s future is going to be?

Aren’t you curious to find out if Erica and Benedict will be in a relationship? What’s the background story of Cattleya?

The most important question is: will Erica, Benedict, and Cattleya be in a love triangle? Are they going to Leon and Violet be reunited?

The million-dollar question is: Are Major Gilbert still alive? In truth, there are far plenty of reasons we really need another season.

Rating And Reviews For Violet Evergarden Season 2

It is clear that this show has captured millions of hearts around the world, but you can choose to watch this masterpiece by examining the ratings.

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Here are the ratings from some well-known agencies.


The ratings show clearly the public’s “awe”. In the review section which, we could assume, are stating the similar fact.

Every word of the above review screams “truth”.

Do you think the reviews are favorable for season 2? Absolutely, they are.

Sales And Profit Margin For Violet Evergarden Season 2

After the release of this film, Kyoto Animation announced that the sales of the film had exceeded 1.28 billion yen by the 12th October.

The film came in 6th place at the Japanese box office during the first week of release. The film then made 831 million yen in Japan.

The animation was awarded numerous awards across a variety of categories. They are listed as follows:

Kyoto AnimationViolet Evergarden
Crunchy roll AnimationViolet Evergarden
Tokyo Anime AwardsMikiko Watanabe
Tokyo Anime AwardsViolet Evergarden
Tokyo Anime AwardsMikiko Watanabe
Tokyo Anime AwardsReiko Yoshida

Light Novel Sales

It is widely known the fact that Violet Evergarden has four volumes in all and that all of them performed fairly good in Japan.

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Each volume is, at minimum, sold 8.7K copies for around $100, which is an overall view of Anime.

Blu-Ray/DVD Sales

The Blu Ray Disc sales of Violet Evergarden amounted to 5,761 and topped the charts for one week.

Blu Ray and DVD Blu Ray and DVD was launched on the 8th of April 2021. The release was delayed because of COVID, however the estimate of at the time of release was 22,441.

The estimates clear our doubts regarding the effectiveness that is the Animation. It gives you a lot of reasons to see it even If you haven’t yet.

Movies Box Office

Two films based on the story of Violet Evergarden have been released in the years of 2019 and 2020.

The 2020 film made 39 millions US dollars, with an international collection. The 2019 movie on the international market earned nearly 1 millions US dollars.

Are these films successful in terms of commercial appeal?

I’m not sure. However, we are certain the company would’ve paid the cost of production and could make a decent profits.

So, we have an ideas about the profitability of sales Let’s see who’s likely to come back in season 2.

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Most Popular Characters That We’d Like To Watch In The Violet Evergarden Season 2

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

What would be this Anime without our fantastic protagonist? Violet captured hearts with her innocence and her stoic personality however, this season will reveal the best in her.

A lot more expressions and emotions and more. I am excited. “Violet” is a title she was given by Gilbert to replace her usual address as”tool” “tool”.

She was given the full moniker “Violet Evergarden” was mentioned at the time Gilbert took her to his most trusted family members, whom subsequently adopted her legally.

Her story began as a young soldier with no feelings inside. After meeting Gilbert and learning about certain aspects that will help her be successful in her the life she wants to live.

Like speaking and writing, reading and, most importantly, an identity. Yet, no feelings. After the war, her life throws her a surprise with her disability that has changed, her arms removed.

But, his guardian’s wishes to allow him to have the freedom to roam “freely” is what keeps her going the new way of life.

But, what’s next? The season’s end revealed that Violet isn’t taking orders anymore, something she had been doing from the beginning.

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Season 2 will feature the other aspect of the main character Violet Evergarden, who will be exploring more aspects of her life and hopefully.

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Gilbert Bougainvillea

Gilbert Bougainvillea

Major Gilbert is the most sought-after character from the series. The reason that most people be dragged into the next season is this guy.

Gilbert Bougainvillea, a major in the army, followed in footsteps of his elder cousin, Dietfried Bougainvillea, a naval captain in the navy.

Gilbert’s character portrayed a calm man who is grieved and sadness for having chosen the 14 year old boy as an “weapon”.

The change in timing for Gilbert’s character uncommon and is mostly from the past, in season one, which has us wanting to see even more from him during the coming season.

The new season might show the different angles from the perspective of Violet. Perhaps more on the reason why the man who was a grown man, fall in love with the teen years of his life?

Claudia Hodgins

Claudia Hodgins

The man who has provided one of the most important reasons for the young girl to be alive and people can’t not wait to be more impressed by him.

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The red-haired man. Former Lieutenant Colonel, Claudia Hodgins. A good friend of Gilbert who was the one to take the charge of Violet at his friend’s and junior’s suggestion.

This gentleman had a charming persona with humor, emotion and more. The way he gazed at Violet was like a fatherly love.

In that one scene He was looking at a father and daughter pair and was unable to see Violet because she was in the war zone.

In truth, that was exactly when he won more hearts. We are looking forward to his personality becoming more affluent.

Cattleya Baudelaire

Cattleya Baudelaire

It seems that this woman is more than you could ever imagine and that’s the reason the reason we should be using her.

Sincereally speaking, Cattleya shows off the glamour that is not uncommon in Japanese anime.

As I’ve said before , she’s much more than what you’ll see. As a highly accomplished Auto Memory Doll of CH, Cattleya is also a close friend to Claud as well as Benedict.

Her flirtations with the colonel and constant battles with Benedict make it more difficult to find a match for her with single one.

However, viewers prefer her relationship with Benedict. This, in turn, could be a different way of thoughts about why another person also likes the blonde boy.

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Erica Browne

Erica Browne

A little innocence under the glasses The girl has proven to be among the most serene characters of the series that is fascinating in her unrequited love affair with Benedict.

Her relationship in the scene with Violet in the very first episode from season 1 was unique in its unique kind.

The first to comprehend Violet from the rest of the group. Her inspiration was Molly Dr. Orland’s wife.

Doctor was one to invent his Auto Doll Service which helped his wife who was blind to write novels.

Furthermore, Erica seemed to like the idea quite a bit.

Iris Cannary

Iris Cannary

We’re definitely hoping to get to see more of the first doll from CH.

Iris’s character is quite fascinating, yet it’s also a very basic persona in Violet Evergarden. Her back story on her unrequited love pushed me to the edge.

We were expecting the man to run to the station, but that just didn’t seem to make sense, bearing the fact that he was averse to her.

A no is a yes. Regardless gender. Moving forward ……

Benedict Blue

Benedict Blue

Benedict shocked everyone, even me in the final episode, when he pointed at another bomb in the train.

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There are many opinions about him as the most popular character in the show, and I can’t agree with them.

The man had a sense of humor. In his conversation about his first meeting, we were greeted with plenty of good-natured spirit.

As time passed, he became an aside character. *sigh*.

The action scene in the final episode showed the incredible abilities of Benedict as he walked along the rod, which is thin, before leap off the bridge and securing the shaky barrier.

It was simply amazing. That is why we are asking which is how Benedict prepared to be a pro?

How? Actually, there are few other characters we’d like to be able to see in season two:

Luculia Marlborough

Luculia Marlborough

The gentle girl from Violet’s Auto doll’s training school. Despite a rough history, this girl did her best to assist Violet and they formed a wonderful relationship between the two.

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Leon Stephanotis

Leon Stephanotis

Leon became a friend of Violet when things were completely different. Leon was one of the characters that played with Violet’s heart strings.

Additionally, an appeal than this one due to the tiny assurance they made about meeting their former selves in the night under the starlight.

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He will provide a tough challenge against Major Gilbert.

Ann Magnolia

Ann Magnolia

The kid from the most emotionally charged part of the show. The epilogue to the series did show her developing into a beautiful woman, but the rumors surrounding her character in the movie differ from the movie.

I am eagerly awaiting for the shift we’ll be witnessing in the series.

Dietfried Bougainvillea

Dietfried Bougainvillea

The last, but certainly not least, Dietfried. We are not sure but Dietfried was the main basis for why Violet was introduced to Gilbert’s life.

While his character did display some frustration and anger at the heroine in our story, this was able to justify his grief at losing his beloved brother.

It’s understandable. The development of the character was evident when he took Violet to see his mother.

Other Decisive Factors For Violet Evergarden Season 2

We have been through a lot, but we must consider two crucial elements that could have a significant impact on season 2.

Ending Of Season 1 Of Violet Evergarden

The final Episode of Violet Evergarden featured some amazing scenes. From the action sequence at the train, to the touching scene when Violet meets Gilbert’s mother.

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The experience she began through an undiscovered world brought her to the realization of many of her emotions.

The amazing feelings of love for someone, losing someone and feeling sad about someone. What intrigued me is her smile as well as blush as she got to the house that was allotted to her.

Who was she with? Is it Gilbert? The questions and excitement won’t let me rest.

Do you agree? Are you as excited about season 2 as like I am?

You can clearly hear my responses on the screen. Just kidding.

Controversies In The Series

The animated film hasn’t been involved in any major controversy, however there have been some questions regarding it being LGBT.

And, of course, that was after watching the trailer for the film. Perhaps, those Anime fans should be patient until the release of season two.

Another “so-called” fashion of the animated series Violet Evergarden, was Gilbert as an alleged paedophile. The story isn’t the case, in all honesty.

The location of the show is World War 1 that lasted between 1914 and 1918. One who has a basic understanding of the history of the time would be aware that girls were married to men who were much older than them at the time.

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Another illustration of this could be The wedding between Princess Charlotte along with Prince Damian’s wedding from episode five.

The Princess was 14 years old, while prince was still in late twenties. This is the conclusion that the period was different from the present but don’t judge.


In the end we can say that the launch of season two of the show will garner immediate attention.

We are fortunate enough to be able to predict that it’s coming closer. Let’s see what happens when Violet will take us in the coming season. It’s like the second season of ngnL.

Till then, Sayonara!

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