Yeagerists Aot : Everything You Need To Know

yeagerists aot

The Yeagerists are a rebel faction supported by civilians and former military pstrong>oligar soldiers. They are a rebel faction that is supported by civilians and ex-military soldiers. Their goal is to reunite Zika with Eren, and create a “New Eldian Empire”.

GOALS Yeagerists Aot


Yeagerists believe Eldia has reached the edge of its destruction and can only save it by joining Eren Yeager. They believe that anyone who does not follow the outdated rules of the current government will be able to destroy Paradis.

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yeagerists aot

The original grouping consisted of more than 100 members, many of which were Intelligence Corps soldiers. Their area of influence is not known, since many more soldiers and citizens are dedicated to Eren Yeager.

During the invasion of Marlia, Shiganshin held on to about 500 soldiers. According to the Yeagerists, they are able to control all things within the walls. This means that they have enough men to do this. Flock was granted the rights to recruit and lead new members by Eren.

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The formation of the faction started around the time Eren told Flock Forster about his plans to use Zike to obtain the Founder’s power. Jean was already informed by Flock that this occurred nine months ago, after the Earth Rumble activation. Flock started secretly gathering fellow comrades to aid Ehren. Eren acts largely on his own.

After Eren infiltrated into Marlia he was arrested. This led to the deaths of many soldiers from the Intelligence Corps. Louise, Holger and Wim were all Yeagerists. Meanwhile, residents start to riot, even storming the government hall, demanding Ehren’s release.

Soon, Ehren Yeager is seen as a savior by more and more people. They dedicate their lives to him.

The Yeagerists of the Intelligence Corps start secretly working with Helena, a follower Zeke’s, to procure wine for soldiers that guard Zeke the forest of giants. This wine was made from captured Marlian ships and has been laced in spinal fluid.

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A group of men eventually set fire to Darius Zakclai’s chair, which he had requested to be taken to his office. Zacclay is killed along with three others in the explosion. Hanji and Niall later discover that the chair was being carried in part by rookies from intelligence corps. They also learn that Ehren Yeager had escaped. His hammerhead skills have enabled him to create a tunnel through the chamber and bake it. This alerted the chase. Many Yeagerists have also escaped and freed their allies. Eren, his followers, and Zeke meet in the mountains. They declare that their goal for now is to find Zeke.

Hanji speaks out about how Zeke and they have failed to accomplish anything, wasted time, and risked the fate the island’s fate. So the Yeagerists have taken over the Yeagerists’ side, while the soldiers waited for active action. After the army had handed over the titan ancestor, the Yeagerists acted.

The top military officers meet up with Dot Pixis after Eren has fled. They speculate that the Yeagerists might be following anyone who may know Zeke’s location and will try to kidnap his replacement, the queen. Pixis promises to secure the two Eren targets and to negotiate with Eren. However, this is a ruse. He decides to ignore Zacclai’s murder, which is called “low cost” in order to avoid more deaths and sends Zeke’s head to the port to seek safety.

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Hanji decides that she will go to Nicolo’s restaurant because she has doubts. They discover that spinal fluid had been added to the wine and they are held hostage by the Yeagerists. Flock reports that Ehren refused to negotiate and has entrusted Pixis with the fate the island. The Yeagerists travel to Shiganshina.

They interrupt the training of the 109th Cadet Corps in Shiganshina. After stating that the army’s methods were outdated, and that they needed a leader who could make firm decisions, the cadets quickly agreed to join Flock. To prove their loyalty, he suggests that they beat the instructor and then demands that Hanji disclose Zeke’s exact location to them.

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