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Snk Scout Regiment

The Exploration Corps is also known as Scout Regiment. The smallest troop, whose mission is to find a way out of the titans. It is the driving force behind plot and the story . This is because it is the most active branch of troops in battles and studying titans. The Corps is not a great success but they are still a symbol of “the hope for mankind”. Their emblem is the Wings of Liberty. They hope their efforts will one day change the world and restore lost territory to humanity.

“For the Glory of Humanity”.


Exploration Corps Aot

In Aot, This branch of the Military is responsible to search for and find territories once belonging to humans as well as liberating them form the titans. The Reconnaissance Corps had explored the lands beyond Wall of Maria before the fall of the Wall of Maria . However, due to heavy losses in ongoing battles against the Titans, it was unable to continue its exploration.

It provided the resources needed for the area between Trost and Shiganshina, in preparation for the mission of closing the gap in the wall.

The Corps recently had to investigate and monitor the Titans. Since there was only one way for them to break through the Wall, a lot of information was discovered about their pain tolerance, dependence upon sunlight, and even their intelligence and logic.

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ADVANCES Aot Scout Regiment

Aot Scout Regiment
  • The study of titans has made significant advances.
  • Guarding and training Eren Yaager, Titan Man (Attack Titan),.
  • Taking Annie Leonhart (Female Specimen), into custody
  • The identities of the Colossal (Berthold Hover) and Armored (Rainer Braun), Titans were revealed. The unveiling of the new Titan Man, Ymir(Jaws), was also part of this event.
  • Revolution and overthrow of King
  • The development of the most effective weapons against the Titans (Weapons of Target Capture and Long-Range Detection etc. )

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Aot Scout Regiment

The Corps was consistently in the forefront of the battle against Titans. However, many cadets have refused to join the Intelligence Corps due to the high number of deaths and low effectiveness. This is evident when less than 10% (21 persons) of the 104th Cadets sign up during distribution. The Corp is constantly in short supply of soldiers. Those few who choose to join the Corps to save humanity often risk their lives. While most recruits are killed in their first battle, every successful operation increases the chance of survival for those who survive. The Corps’ veterans are the most skilled soldiers in the army. Their discipline is unmatched, even in a time of shortage. There is no corruption in the Reconnaissance Corps, and there is more trust among soldiers than in the Police Corps.

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Every Corps soldier has a strong commitment and is ready to fight until the end. For example, Ilse Langnar has not lost her fighting spirit despite being left in Titans territory alone without a vehicle or horse.

“I don’t fear death. As a member the reconnaissance squad, my duty is to fight until the end, even if that means I have to die. Although I don’t have weapons, I can still fight. This is my attempt to help save the world. I will do all that is possible. I will not lose. There is no way I will lose. “

– Diary of Ilse Longnar

Unfortunately, this particular military branch is also under constant criticism and facing financial and political difficulties. Despite the greatest record of commander and soldier performance, many officials and influential conservatives hate the Reconnaissance Corps. They consider it a waste of money and resources. There are no clear successes and a high rate of mortality. Many ordinary villager have expressed dissatisfaction at the insistence on increasing taxes to supplement the budget of Intelligence Corps. The Intelligence Corps is still there and protected from greedy officials as well as hostile conservatives, thanks to the King’s “support” and the immense efforts of the Commanders in-Chief.

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STRUCTURE Aot Scout Regiment

Exploration corps Aot

The Intelligence Corps, which has a total of 300 soldiers, is the smallest Division. As they were afraid of being killed behind the Walls, cadets have joined the Reconnaissance Corps less and less over the years.

The entire structure of Reconnaissance Corps is managed by the Commander, who also has four squad leaders. They then divide the Reconnaissance Corps into 10 groups based on their composition and location.

Recon Corps also includes 6 specialized military physicians, 5 veterinarians responsible for the care and condition of horses and 5 reward officers stationed with Commander’s squad.

This structure divides the 270 soldiers in 10 groups that are divided according to the experience of the soldiers.

Group commanders, such as Dita Ness (for example), are responsible for preparing and training the Scout Corps. Long Range Detection is the most important thing cadets should learn when they start their service in Reconnaissance Corps. Expeditions is a crucial part of Survival. Soldiers can only survive in titan-occupied areas if they know and understand the formation.

Squad leaders can divide the Reconnaissance Corps into smaller units, and then lead them as they please.

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Exploration Regiment Aot

Apart from the Reconnaissance Corps’ basic structure, there were also squads that were specialized in a particular task.

  • Elite Decatchment Levy This squad’s mission is to protect Eren Yeager as well as perform any other tasks that are assigned by the command. The elite soldiers of Corps recruit the squad through personal selection by Corporal Levy. Status: Active.
  • Surveillance Squad This squad was assigned the task of observing former members of 104th Recruitment to identify Annie Leonhart’s possible accomplices. The unit was comprised of Corps veterans under Mike Zacharius’ command. Status: Destroyed.
  • Exploration Squad This squad’s main task is to study the titans. They perform various experiments on captured titans. The most mentally gifted members in the Corps make up this squad, which is commanded by Hanji Zoe. In action, almost all of the Corps’ personnel were killed.


Aot Scout Regiment

The high mortality rate in the Corps forces its members to think more carefully about battlefield options. This helps the Reconnaissance Corps keep its casualty rates to a minimum. They take all options that are available to the Reconnaissance Corps into one.


An approximation of the formation

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This was the Commander Erwin Smith design before the main events in the manga. This formation was created to prevent battles with titans and expand their reconnaissance capabilities. Reconnaissance Corps soldiers are divided into large groups to provide maximum visibility. A red signal is issued by the group that spots a titan. All groups close to the signal begin transmitting it more quickly. The signal is sent to the center by the Commander group, which sends a green signal telling the formation where it should go. The formation becomes a sort of human radar by doing this. The Commander gathers information from all areas and is able coordinate the entire Corp. This avoids heavy losses of soldiers as well as allowing for time to send orders to all squads. The Reconnaissance Corps’ losses are further reduced due to the fact that only a handful of soldiers can be hurt when they encounter titans.

Be that as it might, the Corp sometimes encounters deviants, who, following their instincts and heading for large crowds, ignore forward units. A black signal is given in such cases to warn of danger and to order the removal of the titan as soon as possible. There are supply wagons located in the formation which, with their speed, are likely to collide with the deviant specimen.

Some messages must be sent by soldiers on horseback. The commander of the left flank, Levy, received the news from Petra. This is because the signal flares don’t have such a signal.

This formation looks like a poorly drawn circle. The forward position is occupied by the commander’s team, while the remainder of the soldiers are located around the perimeter of the circle. The supply wagons transport supplies, weapons and other equipment during an operation. They are located in the middle. The soldiers at the inner borders and center of the circle supply the squads with horses and help to quickly spread information (signals).

The entire formation is divided up into 10 groups under the command of 4 squad leaders and the Commander. The forward group is Group 1. They are responsible for locating the titans and relaying information about their location. They are basically the “eyes” for the formation. They are often the first to spot titans and relay information on their location. Groups #8-10 protect supply wagons. They are located in the middle of the formation with the supply wagon. The remaining groups (Nos. 2-7) are equally distributed between the front and center of the formation. They occupy the “ready” position.

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Attack On Titan Scout Regiment

The defense soldiers create a shield around the titans to protect them from the attack by the supply wagons.

The forward units are the most vulnerable to such losses, as they are often the first to meet the titans.

Soldiers in advanced groups are split into small units. The closer the position to the center is, the more soldiers there are.

This formation has one major drawback. In bad weather (rain, fog), the squads are unable to communicate quickly with each other using signal flares. The powder in the signal cartridges becomes wet. The “radar” stops working and the command loses contact with the other squads. The leaders of each unit use the beeper in order to regroup their subordinates into larger groups. This prevents catastrophic losses.

Even after bad weather passes, soldiers must change wet ammunition to their flares to dry ammunition. The signal messaging system can’t be reactivated until then.

This weather can also make it difficult for the squad to spot the nearby squad. It is also nearly impossible to spot the titans in fog. They can attack at any time. Even experienced Corps soldiers can get nervous in such situations.

A second problem is inability to resist a large number anomalous titans simultaneously. The titans destroy any oncoming soldiers formations so fast that they don’t have time to alert other squads. The Commander is then unable to regroup the Scout formations before suffering more losses.

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The average speed for a formation is 35 or 30 km per hour . All depends on the speed at which the supply wagons travel. The speed of the supply wagons is approximately 20 km/h. The formation moves between titans and loops around them, often avoiding collisions. Horses can generally run faster than normal titan individuals, and they can sometimes evade them when necessary.

This formation decreased Exploration Corps losses for each Expedition by 30%.


While not an official tactic in combat principles, the Corps was involved in two operations that exemplified the basic principle.

A plan for an ambush attack includes:

  1. The target is lured to an area where Corp members have an undeniable edge. In other words, he or she is lured into the woods (Where UPM can most effectively be used) or into dark terrain, where titan activity drops dramatically. This makes it easier for Scouts, and reduces their losses.
  2. A special target locking gun is used to immobilize the target. If such a weapon is not available, the target is immobilized using a special target strong>locking weapon.
  3. The chance of escape is reduced by having soldiers surround the target. To be able quickly redeploy, Scout formations must stay close to the target.
  4. The soldiers will minimize escape chances if the target is kept immobilized.
  5. If the target escapes (for instance, the Male was twice ambushed), soldiers attempt to stop it from fleeing and disable or regroup.
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This method can only be used in conjunction with an outside deployment unit. These units are responsible for attracting and sometimes eliminating potential titans who come too close to an ambush site.


Attack On Titans Regiment Scout Members

Despite the best efforts of the Commander in Chief, at least 30% of the Scout Corps personnel are lost to every sortie (not counting special case). This is why Humans are stronger than Titans. Throughout its existence, the Corps has experienced a massive loss in personnel. Presumably, the Corps lost at least 1,000 men.

Erwin Smith Over 90% of the scouts died in the past four years. This is just four years. [chapter 21, volume 5]

This statement can be interpreted as indicating that Lossless Expeditions for Reconnaissance Corps never existed and that new ways to reduce losses have just emerged.

The soldiers of the Reconnaissance Corps were also affected by each Expedition beyond the Walls. Sometimes, it was only severe bruises and sometimes a broken limb. It was often frightening to see the returning Scouts with their mangled bodies. Many of the wounded fighters were left disabled and unable to use a UPM or ride on a horse. The fact that soldiers survived and weren’t crippled is a testament to their courage and faith.

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shiganshina fall

The Reconnaissance Corps returned from an unsuccessful Expedition a few hours after Colossal had smashed the doors of Shiganshina. They tried to reach further territories than usual, but they ran into a group titans and were defeated. Only a few of the 100 soldiers that crossed the Walls survived and were left with injuries. The citizens of the city looked down at these “heroes” with a scathing look and rebuked their ineptness. There have been many suggestions to “dismiss these freeloaders entirely”, since the Reconnaissance Corps budget consists of these workers’ and peasant taxes.

One year after the fall of the Wall of Maria the government sends 250,000 people to the “Campaign to Recapture the Wall of Maria”. It was obvious that the Government wanted to dramatically reduce the number “eaters”, i.e. refugees, in this manner, and also to probably destroy the Reconnaissance Corps. People believed that the Government was lying and set off on a suicide Expedition. Nearly all of them died. The miraculously survived few were the only ones to return, leaving a total of 100 survivors. The government paid this price to solve the problem of hunger, food shortages, and get rid of most of Reconnaissance Corps. This was a group that was on the brink of dissolution due to a shortage of soldiers.

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Paradise island attack on titan

The Reconnaissance Corps was rediscovered in popularity a few years later. The 56th Expedition was escorted by people with cheers and comments that included “Kick these titans’ asses, Commander Erwin” or admiration. Humanity’s most powerful fighter! Not unlike what it was three or four years back.

The Corps of Exploration is quickly restored as the Colossal Titan has again destroyed the gate. This time, he preys on Trost County which was the beginning point of the Expedition. The Reconnaissance Corps lost just one soldier. Captain Levy managed to escape Eren Yeager’s titanic form blocking the gate with stone and saved Eren.

The Reconnaissance Corps closes the gap in the gate within days. Two titans were captured during the sweep: a 4-meter Sony, and a 7-meter Bean. Eren was taken into custody by the Corps and put in a dungeon. Eren and Levi have a conversation that confirms Eren’s desire to kill the titans, mindless creatures.

  • Levi Ackerman — Make your decision already. What do you want?
  • Eren Yiager I would like to join the Intelligence Corps… and take down Giants right away, sir.
  • Levi Ackerman Wow! That’s a great start.
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However, things are not going as smoothly and as planned. Words of the Titan Man are spreading throughout the cities. People were skeptical about the news and many believed it. The Supreme Court Martial of Eren was formed, with the Commanders of the two divisions, Military Police and the Reconnaissance Corps in attendance. Supreme Commander Darius Zakklai was the judge. Each side made their own demands during the hearing. The Military Police demanded Eren Yeager be turned over to them for further destruction and medical examinations. The Intelligence Corps wanted Eren to join their ranks for the next Expedition beyond the Walls. They argued that Eren’s strength could help the Intelligence Corps reach Yeager’s basement in the Shiganshin District and reclaim the Wall of Maria simultaneously. One of the wealthy officials then intervened and said that all of the districts’ gates should be blocked with the exact same stones. The priest interrupted him immediately.

  • Pastor Nick sins! This blasphemy is too much! The Wall of Roses, a precious gift from our Lord, is a perfect gift! It is a shame that men can disgrace it.

Soon Darius Zakklai takes a final decision in support of the Intelligence Corps. Eren Yaager joins this Intelligence Corps.

The Reconnaissance Corps receives its former Headquarters from the Government a few days later. This is for Eren Yager’s research. The former Headquarters was far away from the Walls or the river of communication. This only worked in the Corps’ favor, as it was unlikely that the locals would disturb them by their presence. Levi immediately orders soldiers to clean the castle of dirt and dust, which they do. In conversation with Petra, Eren discovers that Captain Levi was once a bandit. Levi enters the room to inform Yeager that he is not clean and will be spending the night in Headquarters’ dungeons.

One week later, deep into night, unknown assailants invade the HQ grounds to use drives to kill Sonja and Bean, the titans’ test subjects. An investigation among the cadets is done to determine who performed the drive without permission. However, the culprits are never located.

To protect Eren, a Elite Squad consisting of soldiers handpicked personally by Captain Levy was created.

Soon, the former cadets were assigned three units: Garrison and Military Police, as well as Intelligence Corps. Ervin Smith convinced 21 recruits to join Corps during his speech. He even included the eighth cadet in the top ten. However, the rest of the cadets walked off in anger.

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The Reconnaissance Corps Headquarters is where the cadets will be sent the next day to start their service. The cadets are taught mostly the tactics of the Ranged Detection Formation, but they also receive the regular training with UPM as well as group combat tactics. Hanji Zoe also conducts experiments to determine Eren’s abilities, including the speed of transformation, temperature of titanic forms, well-being changes, and other peculiarities of the Major…


After a month’s training, the command embarks on the 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls in order to prove Eren’s value. As the gates of Trost have been sealed, it is impossible for Trost to pass through the Caranes district as the starting point. It is now nearly twice as dangerous and long to get to Shiganshina. This has resulted in an increase in the Expedition duration and minimal casualties. It was impossible to guarantee that the Reconnaissance Corps would reach Shiganshina first time.

The soldiers leave District without incident and immediately form the Long Discovery Formation. They quietly move away from any titans for an hour, not straying far from their path. However, an anomalous titan that looks very much like a woman appears on the right flank, thus its name, the Male Specimen. She is so fast that she approaches the Scouts but ignores them. However, when Dita and Luke Ciss attempt to attack her neck, she quickly dismantles them using their cables. Armin is stunned by the fact that the titan only ignored humans until they attacked, and the lack of the “joy” of killing. One of them continues her adventure, quickly catching up to Arlert. After catching up to him, she knocks him off his horse and Scout falls to the ground. But instead of instantly killing him, the titan first removes his hood and then considers his face before he stands up and continues his adventure.

Rainer and Jean soon arrive and after a brief conversation decide to keep the Female Entity away for as long as they can. Based on its behavior and body anatomy, the cadets believe it to be Ehren. The titan closes his eyes, fully aware of the weakness. They briefly stall the female entity, but she eventually gives up and runs away. The Female Entity continues her adventure. According to Armin she is moving towards the end of the central columns, where Eren was believed to be.

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The cadets’ position was crucial: Armin was slightly injured, and there was only one horse for each three boys. Jean and Armin had both escaped. Rainer gave a distress signal to hope someone would respond. Krista soon arrived with a spare horse for Rainer and Jean’s horse that had run away. Each Scout now had something to do. They set off to catch up with their formation.

The Female Entity continued to penetrate the Scout Corps formations, and destroyed any units that tried to resist her. Unknown to her, a large number of agile abnormal titans appeared behind her and destroyed her right flank. The Scout Corps continues to move south towards the Giant Tree Forest. Erwin reports that only units from the central column can directly enter the Forest, while those remaining must travel to the sides and the Forest. This will occupy the trees and keep the rest of them out of the Forest.

Connie Springer– It seems that only the center column has entered Forest. What will happen to the formation?

MikasaAckerman – There is no more formation. We can only get around the forest because the left and right flanks were not allowed to enter it. The enemy is now impossible to avoid as it was before.

Levi’s special team also enters the forest. They move along the main road but, a few seconds later, the Female Entity comes in and speeds up to capture Eren. Several Scouts from the defensive squad follow her and attempt to stop the titan. He doesn’t even turn around. Eren and her companions ask Levi permission to switch to driving, but he refuses, telling them to stay with the horses, and to be ready to maneuver. The Feminine Species pushes a few more soldiers into the trees. Petra and Levi stopped Eren from becoming a titan.

The Squad is quickly caught up by the titan and they gallop at full speed, following Levi’s orders. The Female Specimen has already reached out to grab Eren but the fighters are able to ambush the other Scouts who have missed Levi’s squad and activate the Special Target Grbbing Weapon. They then immobilize their enemy in a matter of seconds.

Erwin Smith orders Levi to attempt to slice into the neck of the Species. The scouts’ knives almost touched the skin of the Species, and it crystallized. The Major returned to the trees while Levi remained on top of the Female Entity’s head. Erwin commands the soldiers to place explosives onto the forearms of the Species to make room for the man in titan’s body.

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She opens her mouth and makes a sharp sound that causes almost all soldiers to cover their ears. Within a matter of seconds, all the titans in close proximity to Les began to rush towards it. Mike spotted this and warned Erwin about the approaching titans. Erwin ordered that the titans be diverted from the specimen. This was answered by several soldiers of Exploration Squad. The titans ignored them. The Female Individual was devoured by all the advancing titans. Erwin commanded that the specimen be protected at all cost and everyone raced to kill the titans.

The Species titans continue to devour the soldiers despite their best efforts. They leave behind a thick layer containing their steam that prevents soldiers from seeing the man inside. Erwin orders his soldiers to retreat after realizing their target had evaded them. After this brief fight, almost all the soldiers are exhausted. Levi informs Erwin he plans to return to his unit. He must refill his gas tanks first, insists the commander. After a while, Ackerman agrees to refill his gas tanks before he leaves for the supply group.


To reduce casualties, Corps soldiers employ a variety of technically advanced weapons.

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This battery was developed by Major Hanji about a year ago to capture abnormal titans by humans. A battery contains 6 barrels that are attached to wooden or sedentary structures. They were probably assembled on-site after being transported in small pieces. Each barrel contains seven tubes of steel with flexible ropes inside and a boom tip at the ends. The mechanism must be activated by pulling the rope. This will cause the rope to fly out of the tube, and then, thanks to an arrowhead, to plunge into the titan. The ropes become more immobilizing as the target attempts to escape. To immobilize a single titan, it takes five to six perimeter batteries. The shots sound a lot like the rumble from cannons. This weapon was only used twice in anime and manga. You can also split the entire design into individual barrels and place them on top of buildings for urban combat. However, the weapon’s effectiveness is reduced.


Signaling missiles can be used to send signals or orders among squads that are separated (e.g. In a Ranged Detection Force The Reconnaissance Corps transmits the signal in a domino-like manner, i.e. From soldier to soldier/from squad to squad. The signal’s color can have a significant impact on its importance and value.

  • Red Signal – Titanium Spotted.
  • Black Light– Anomalous Tiium Spotted.
  • Purple Signal – An Emergencies.
  • Blue Signal– A way to regroup and retreat.
  • Green Sign – To change the formation’s direction. In this instance, the commander fires in the direction that will initiate the movement.
  • Yellow Signal Notifies all soldiers about the end of the mission.
  • Beeper was used by Captain Levy, a later Armin, to warn soldiers who can hear the sound.
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Gunpowder powers the mechanism. To actuate it you need to first cock the trigger, then activate the trigger mechanism. When fired, the gun makes a loud noise similar to a pop. You must replace the rockets after each shot with the correct signal color. These charges are kept in the bag of every Scout.

However, Signal Rockets are ineffective in adverse weather conditions, as we have already mentioned.


Although they are not easily classified as weapons, these horses are very useful. Horses are specifically bred to the Reconnaissance Corps. They can travel at speeds up to 75-80 km/h, which is very impressive compared to other modes of transportation. Horses are the best way to escape titans in open terrain. They are about 160 cm tall and weigh 450-500 kg . This makes them an ideal transport option for Corpsmen. The scout horse comes with a comfortable saddle and a leather pouch to hold charges for signal rockets or dry rations.

There are approximately 600 horses living in the Reconnaissance Corps’ stables. Six military veterinarians and their aids take care of them. This horse is highly prized for its low fearfulness and docility, which are very helpful for animals who often come in contact with titans.

Wagons can also be harnessed to the horses of corps horses. The wagon can move faster thanks to the combination of the harness and the horse’s pulling ability.

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Every Exploration Corps wagon comes equipped with a harness. Its mechanism parts are made of a tough material that is comparable to steel for UPM blades. This material can only be produced in large urban factories. This cart can travel 20 km/h on any terrain. These carts can carry large quantities of cargo such as supplies or weapons. The speed of the entire Long-Range detection formation is determined by the speed of its Wagons. They are the most secure in the formation because they have no escape route from the titans.


Scouts all wear the same uniforms: short, light brown leather jackets that have a squad badge at the shoulders and front, center back and left pockets, light colored shirts and dark brown belts to cover the hips. They also have light brown pants and dark brown leather knee high boots. Members of the Reconnaissance Corps often wear a waterproof, heavy duty green cloak that has a hood and wings of freedom on the back. This reaches down to their thighs. The uniform is made from quality material which increases its strength, durability and longevity. Titan blood does not leave a mark on the fabric and it is unlikely to cause any damage.

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The Battle of Rebelio preparations were so hectic that the Scouts managed not to be detected when they infiltrated Marlia. They used an improved UPM that allowed them to place four thunderbolts around each arm. Semi-automatic pistols were also introduced to replace the bulky, heavy pistols. These modifications enabled the Reconnaissance Corps fight the Marly soldiers.


After the Eren Yeager Trial gave the Reconnaissance Corps the former Headquarters to study Eren’s incredible abilities. The Headquarters is an old castle that is somewhat overgrown with greenery, moss and is far from major cities and population centers. There are stables in the courtyard, as well as an area for training or building. It was used primarily by Hanji Zoe for research on the captured titans Bin and Soni. The castle contains barracks and commanders’ offices as well as an armory, warehouse, mess hall, and some classrooms in which commanders can teach cadets new tactics or explain the essence of a mission. Under the castle was a hidden dungeon, which was used to protect Eren from the underground bombers . The Research Squad Laboratory was located next to the dungeons. This is where Hanji Zoe, her assistants, conducted research and experiments. Many rooms were covered in dust and had been meticulously cleaned by Captain Levy, who organized a cleanup immediately after arriving at Headquarters.

Annie Leonhart was captured by the Reconnaissance Corps and transported to the HQ dungeons.

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Interessant FACTS About Scout Regiment

  • The Reconnaissance Corps used to be called a “Bunch Of Useless Soldiers.”
  • Kees Shadis was the former Commander in-Chief for the Intelligence Corps.
  • The Expeditions Beyond the Walls is not for all Reconnaissance Corps members. Around 120 soldiers travel directly to the Expedition while the rest remain at Headquarters.
  • The badges are located on the left front jacket pocket and have the name of the soldier as well as the Expedition number.
  • The Reconnaissance Corps was hit with its most severe casualties (60%) during the 57th Expedition beyond Walls.
  • The Reconnaissance Corps, which is the only corps with an emblem on its cloaks in addition to the one on the uniform, is the only one.
  • The Reconnaissance Corps is equipped with nearly every human invention.
  • Scout Corps’ budget is large, largely due to taxes collected from the public.
  • Indirectly, Reconnaissance Corps also participated in the creation and maintenance of the UPM because it was close to Ancher, the inventor.
  • An Intelligence soldier’s combat efficiency is one order of magnitude greater than Garrison or Military Police soldiers.
  • There are approximately 49 members of Intelligence Corps.
  • The Latin corpus is the body or the whole. The word “Corps” is derived from this Latin term.
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