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Yuri On Ice Season 2 : Everything You Need To Know In 2021

Fans are eager to see the adventures that Victor and Yuri have in store for them ahead of the debut season of Yuri On Ice. The anime series’ first season tells the story of Yuri, a Japanese figure skater who loses confidence in his abilities and is brought under the wing Victor Nikiforov, a legendary champion. Victor also mentors Yuri, a Russian figure skater. The two Yuri’s compete in the Figure Staking Grand Prix. The series consisted of 12 episodes. It was written by Mitsurokubo and produced by animation studio MAPAA. It was helmed By Sayo Yamamoto.

Recent anime doesn’t have a lot of revolution. Recent anime shows such as Attack On Titan or Death Note have given new direction to the medium through their huge success.

But, it is important to note that one series has been overlooked because of its impact on the genre.

Yuri On Ice is the anime. This anime series gave anime creators new ways to express their ideas in the hope of finding success.

All We Know About Yuri On Ice

All We Know About Yuri On Ice

Yuri On Ice, or “Yuri!” On Ice is a TV anime with 12 episodes that aired from 6 October 2016 to 22 December 2016.

It’s an original anime directed by Yamamoto Sayo, animated by Studio MAPPA.

She was the director of series such as Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko To Iu Onna, and Michiko To Hatchin before Yuri On Ice.

She has also been a storyboard artist on many popular shows, including Death Note, Ergo Proxy and High School Of The Dead.

Fans around the globe love her performance in Yuri On Ice.

Studio MAPPA would be remembered for their performances in Jujutsu Kaisen and Kakegurui.

That was after the airing of Yuri On Ice. Before the release of Yuri On Ice MAPPA was well-known for its amazing works such as Terror In Resonance and Rage Of Bahamut.

These men were well-known for their determination and achieved amazing feats in creating our beloved series.

The studio was also working on a movie of Yuri On ice, which was to air in 2019.

But, there was a problem with the production and release of a certain disease.

At the time of writing, Yuri On Ice’s movie titled “Yuri!” is still in production. The official release date for On Ice The Movie: Ice Adolescence is not known.

Although it is currently in production, there have been many delays because of this particular disease.

Let’s not forget Studio, creators, and releases. Let’s now dive into the summary of the series.

It feels like the show was over in 2016. Here’s a quick recap in case you forgot a few details.

Yuri On Ice tells the story of Yuri Katsuki (an approved Japanese figure skater) who was not only considered the best in Japan but also the best anywhere.

Victor Nikiforov is the Russian figure skater who holds a title that is unattainable.

He was so loved by every figure skater and fan of skating that they looked up to him with a spark in their eyes.

Victor is quite something. However, Katsuki Yuuri, our boy, was unable to make such an impression on himself.

His Grand Prix Final position was 6th, which means he finished dead last in world-class competition.

If you take it all in perspective, everyone would be able to learn from this experience.

It’s heartbreaking to be last after so much hard work. That’s what happened to Yuri.

He couldn’t get his head around it and was devastated. He looked up to Victor and couldn’t help but feel devastated after losing him.

So Yuri made the big decision to quit figure skating and take a giant step. Although it was an emotional decision, there was some logic behind it.

Yuri is now back in his hometown to enjoy the hot springs a few months later.

He also meets his old teacher and his parents during this time.

Yuri visits the spot where he learned to figure skate when he first started.

This is where the story really gets interesting. He can’t help but take off his skates to get back on track when he visits the Ice skating area.

He was skating casually, but ended up performing a great victory dance.

Victor Nikiforov visited Yuri after the performance and agreed to become his coach.

Because Victor’s video of Yuri replicating Victor’s figure skating performance went viral, Yuri had to have a look at it.

The world is stunned that Victor, 5-time world champion, is now a coach and no one wants to accept his retirement.

Yuri, on the other side, is shocked that the man he considered his God, has now stepped up to help him.

So Yuri decides that she will return to the arena and win a medal.

Victor is Victor’s coach and Yuri is on the road to victory.

It would be a victory that would showcase the beauty of Yuri on Ice to the whole world. That’s all for the introduction.

The next season is what we should be focusing our attention on. Here’s some trivia.

Did you know that real-life skating stars were greatly inspired by Yuri On Ice’s realistic portrayal of a life for a skater?

This show had an impact on real-life people. Amazing right? This is only the beginning of our second discussion. Now we will move on to the main course.

Let’s find out what Yuri On Ice has for us.

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Official Announcements and Release Date For Yuri on Ice Season 2

Official Announcements and Release Date For Yuri on Ice Season 2

Let’s now take a closer look at the real stuff. This is a crucial step in the evolution of anime sequels.

Official Announcements! We can’t confirm if an anime has been confirmed until we have an official announcement and a release date.

We wouldn’t have to do any research if we had one. If we don’t have one, the best thing for fans to do is to research every aspect that could determine the likelihood of a sequel.

What do we have? Is there an official announcement about Yuri On Ice

The answer is yes, but no! Oh wait, don’t get confused. Let me explain!

We don’t have any official announcements or release dates yet for Yuri On Ice, as you can see.

It’s not known if it’s currently in production. There is no trailer or teaser. There is nothing to confirm the possibility of a second season.

We have something to SPECULATE about the possibility of season 2, and that is a statement.

This is a statement by one of the most important people involved in the creation of Yuri On Ice.

You have guessed that I am referring to Sayo Yamamoto who is the original creator of Yuri On Ice.

We were able to pick up an interesting statement from her.

This statement is based on an interview she did with Otaquest. Our beloved, talented director was asked many questions by Otaquest during this interview.

While answering one of the questions, she stated that “I feel like the story about ‘Yuri! On ICE’ could be summarized in 12 episodes. But I would be lying if it said that it was finished. [Laughs] We can’t, we won’t, we refuse to end!”

Director and creator of the series, Yuri On Ice, said that it is still a story.

This is huge! There are two main reasons for this. The first is that she was the one who created this show, so she has a huge influence on its sequel.

This is a second hint that the next season may be in production. She said, “We can’t, we won’t, we refuse to end!”

This confirms that there is still a season. We must discuss every aspect of the story.

It isn’t an announcement. While we can be certain that the creator is motivated, jumping to conclusions from our end would be foolish.

We must therefore examine every aspect of the series, as it could be what makes or breaks its next installment.

It is important to remember that she has not mentioned that it would be another series.

We can see that she claimed that the story could be summarized in twelve episodes if we look closely.

The story isn’t over. This could be interpreted as 2 things. She could have meant to suggest that she has only a few ideas left for the story.

This movie will contain a few of these content. A movie about Yuri On Ice is still being produced.

Perhaps she was hinting at it. Oder she may have a lot of content and was hinting at a sequel.

We would get more of Victor and Yuri, regardless. Will it be in the format of a movie, or a movie + 2 seasons?

This is the question. We don’t know if the success of the movie will be enough to produce season 2.

Also, there is a good chance that the movie will be a hit in the marketplace, so we might get another season.

Based on the success of anime movies such as Demon Slayer Infinity Train or My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission at the box office, Yuri On Ice is not a distant possibility.

These pieces have been gaining much traction in recent years. This is an educated guess.

We will always see our favorite figure skaters, no matter what happens.

We are done with our discussion on the official announcements, release dates. Let’s get on with the business!

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Additional Source Material Information on Yuri On Ice Season 2

Additional Source Material Information on Yuri On Ice Season 2

This is the part where I don’t have much to say. This is because there isn’t any source material for Yuri On Ice.

Let me quickly explain the anime medium to those who are not familiar with it. Anime is often adapted from original material.

It’s like Harry Potter movies were made with reference to J.K. Rowling’s books.

Manga (Japanese comics), light novel, games and other forms of entertainment such as novels and folklores are used to create anime.

Japan ensures that entertainment is at its best. There are exceptions.

Those exceptions are known as “Original Anime”, which are anime that were created directly without reference or material.

It’s a kind of idea that goes from the brain to your screen. Yuri On Ice is a similar case.

Because it’s an original anime, Sayo Yamamoto’s brain is the only source material.

And I’m not a psychologist to know what she may be thinking about the storyline for Yuri On Ice.

Psychologists, I believe, can’t. We don’t have any information about Yuri On Ice from which to draw.

But I do have the “Popularity Information” about our favorite series. Let’s take a look at it.

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Expected Plot Of Yuri On Ice Season 2

This franchise may bring something new to the table in its next season. Victor could return as a competitor, making the relationship between Yuri & him a little more complicated.

We might see another clash between Yurio or Yuri, with the exception of them being more elite.

The series is based on character relationships, so it wouldn’t surprise to see a new character in the series.

We can go to the most powerful route, Victor returning to figure skating and Yuri as his coach. This is the ending we wanted to convey.

Yuri has yet to win a full championship. There’s a good chance the sequel will feature something similar.

Regardless of what, there are still more things to discover, as Sayo Yamamoto suggests, and whatever happens will only increase our enjoyment.

This is certain.

Why do we want a second season so badly?

Why do we want a second season Yuri so badly?

A second question that may pop up is “Why do we want season 2?”

What’s the point? It had a fairly decent ending so why bother?

The simple answer is yes. There’s always more! A Yuri On Ice fan longs for season 2. This is because the series doesn’t have a definitive conclusion.

Victor and Yuri have a lot more character dynamics to go. Yuri hasn’t won any championships yet, so we have the opportunity to do that.

There are many things that could happen in this story. We need to know what happens to Victor and Yuri. The real question is “How will their relationship end?”

This series’ excellence is in its characters. We want a second season of Yuri On Ice.

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Reviews and Ratings Won So Far by Yuri On Ice


Let’s now take a look at the reviews and ratings for Yuri On Ice. Commoners and critics are more likely to get a sequel to a series they like than one that is criticized.

It is common sense. It’s common sense.


IMDb is the first website to give us an idea of Yuri On Ice’s critical appeal.

IMDb is a very popular website, so it’s obvious that IMDb is much more reliable.

What score did Yuri On Ice receive on its testing? It got a solid 8.3/10.

This is a fantastic score, in my opinion. The reviews are generally positive, with only a few negative comments.

The appreciation of the same relationship between the genders, which is more open-minded than other series, stands out.

We can also enjoy the IMDb reviews of Yuri On Ice.

It is as motivating and as exciting as you would imagine.

Sales and Profit Details of Yuri On Ice Season 2

Let’s now take a look at money. The amount of money an anime makes is a measure of its success.

It is important to take a close look at the potential for a sequel.

Let’s get into it.

Blu-Ray/Dvd Sales

Yuri On Ice is an original animated series. There are no sales of the source material.

Blu-ray is a great way to make money from this series. What does Blu-ray’s sales say about the series?

The numbers are amazing. Blu-ray discs’ first volume sold more than 35,453 copies. That is incredible.

Anime discs usually cost between 3k-10k depending on the series, but these high numbers show just how popular this anime is.

Did I mention that Yuri On Ice climbed to the top of Oricon sales with over 50k total sales?

The series is a financial success. This anime is a great example of originality.

We can be certain that they have enough money to purchase another part.

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We can see that there are around 80 official merchandise products on dekaianime.

Although it may seem like a small number, Yuri On Ice’s demography shows that merchandise is not something we would expect.

Yuri On Ice’s audience consists mostly of young and old females. Females can buy figurines and other stuff but they are much less than what males buy.

However, key chains and other items are often bought by girls. To be fair, Blu-ray’s revenue would be sufficient to fund a sequel.

They don’t have to rely on merch. Thanks to BluRay disc sales I feel confident that there is enough money for the series to continue its second season.

This is because original anime has a low number of viewers so it was more surprising than you might think.

You can also call it outperformance.


Yes, it is out, but I am still writing this segment. This segment is still being written because I believe the movie will play an important role in season 2.

Movies today decide if an older series has enough fans to warrant a sequel.

As mentioned, anime movies have been making a comeback in recent years. If the Yuri On Ice Movie Ice Adolescence is successful in regaining its popularity and sales, then there’s a high chance that the next season will be produced.

Let’s hope that the movie turns out well.

Famous Characters To Reappear In Yuri On Ice Season 2

Famous Characters To Reappear In Yuri On Ice Season 2

Let’s now take a look at who will be in the sequel.

You are familiar with Yuri On Ice. It is well-known for its incredible characters. But, right now, we will be focusing on the most important.

Let’s go!

Yuri Katsuki

Yuri Katsuki

Yuri, as the protagonist, will also be returning for the second season.

He was the star with the most glowing skin in the series, and his inspirational journey is a highlight.

Victor’s relationship was what drove many viewers to the show, and may also be the basis of a sequel.



Victor, our star and God, is the absolute soul of the show. His presence is both charming and funny.

His relationship with him, just like Yuri’s, would be disastrous in the upcoming storyline. Even his career choice would be critical.

He is a magician everyone admires and his absence will diminish the series’ shine.

We look forward to seeing him again.

Yuri Plisetsky

Yuri Plisetsky

Many other fans were captivated by the other Yuri. Although he’s not the main character, he contributes greatly to the story.

He wins the Grand Prix, making room for the next season.

He is charming, arrogant and alluring. This is a character you can’t ignore. JJ, Pichit and Yuko were also part of the story, and will be making an appearance in the next seasons.

Before we close our conversation, let’s take a quick look at the last few factors that could decide the fate of season 2.

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Other Decisive Factors for Yuri on Ice Season 2

Other Decisive Factors for Yuri on Ice Season 2

This segment is where we discuss a few topics more in depth.

These factors can be used as the basis of a sequel, and they are important to address.

Let’s take a look.

Ending Of Yuri On Ice Season 1

The ending is the first. The last season ended with Yuri Plisetsky winning Grand Prix, with half a point more than Yuri Katzuki.

We learn later that Victor hinted at his return as the coach for Yuri.

This would make the story more interesting and worthwhile.

It is important to note that the series opens with a fantastic opening for a sequel.

We can therefore be certain that the end will not be a hurdle.

The Controversy around Yuri On Ice

The Controversy around Yuri On Ice

The last factor is controversy. It can cause problems for the next section if Yuri On Ice is at the center of a significant controversy.

Fortunately, Yuri on ice is not a subject of much controversy. Although some people have criticised it for its boy-on-boy narrative, this is a positive for many more.

This series has a wonderful way of promoting this type of love and is therefore highly appreciated.

In fact, Sayo Yamamoto’s rise to fame is due to Yuri On Ice and the love presentation.

Overall, there are positive signs for Yuri On Ice.

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That’s it for this series. It was a huge success, and we have no regrets.

It is evident by the popularity of Twitter and its sales. The movie is the main deciding factor right now. If it achieves the studios’ expectations, then we can be 99 percent certain that the next season will.

Let’s all hope for the best, because fans and heroes are always right. Thank you for reading.

Until next time, Sayonara!

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