Soul Eater Characters : Our Top 10+

Soul Eater

Soul Eater characters are a fact. They are not only powerful but also charming to meet and entertaining. Although the Manga was available from 2004 to 2013, the anime television series aired from 2008 to 2009.

There are more than 30 characters in the show, including the Soul Eater and Not Soul Eater Not, Gorgon Sisters and as well as Witches. We have selected the most memorable characters from all of these.

Fascinating Soul Eater Characters

1. Death the Kid – Among Soul Eater Main Characters

Death the Kid Fascinating Soul Eater Characters
  • Father Death
  • Age 13-15 years old
  • Weakness : Asymmetry
  • Power:Lines for SanzuWavelength Regulation
  • Role Meister the Demon Twin Guns

Kid is Shinigami’s son. He was born from a small part of his body, but quickly develops a unique sense of self. Also, He can be very complex and can become very mad at times, but he is also very loving.

He is a master of many abilities, including the ability to become invisible. His only weakness is his inherited asymmetriphobia. This OCD causes him to search for order in all things to keep his mind from going mad. He is bound to be the Grim Reaper.

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2. Maka Albarn – Among Soul Eater Main Characters

Maka Albarn Fascinating Soul Eater Characters
  • Father – Spirit Albarn
  • Age:13 years
  • Weakness – Soul (Without Soul, she can’t do anything)
  • Strength:Anti Demon Wavelength
  • Role: Weapon master of Soul Eater Evans

Maka is the main character in Soul Eater. Spirit’s daughter, she is her. However, they don’t get along well. She is a bright student with a goal to be a powerful meister, far more powerful than her father.

She is brave, strong-willed and mature for her age. These qualities make her the ideal person to be Soul’s weapon partner. She continues to grow professionally and personally throughout the series. She is skilled in soul perception, antimagic wavelengths, and demon weapon characters.

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3. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa – Among Soul Eater Main Characters

Tsubaki TopSoul Eater Characters
  • Father: Sanjuro Nakatsukasa
  • Age: 17 Years
  • Weakness : Too trusting
  • Power;Speed. Scythe fighting
  • Role: Tragic Weapon

Tsubaki is Black Star’s weapon partner and shadow weapon. Although she can transform into many types of weapons, she is also a patient, gentle, and easy-going soul.

She comes from a powerful line of warriors that inherited the first demon weapons. After she has swallowed the soul of her brother, she gains incredible power, a weapon called an enchanted blade.

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4. Mifune

  • Age Unknown
  • Weakness – Love and passion in the lives of children
  • Strength:Skills
  • Role Human, Samurai and Bodyguard

Mifune is known as the God of Swords because he can mash to weapon even against gods, spirits and death scythes.

He is a bodyguard to Angela the witch and a fighter in Arachne’s mafia network. His soul power is equal to 99 normal human souls. Mifune is Black Star’s sworn enemy.

5. Asura

  • Father Death
  • Age – 800+ Years
  • Weakness BREW and Death the Kid
  • Strength:Stronger than all other and has many special capabilities
  • Role: Grim Reaper

Asure is the main antagonist of Soul Eater and a demon god. He is one the Great Old Ones. In addition, He was created from the Shinigami fragment that holds his fear. He is strong, but also irrational because of this.

He can unleash madness on anyone who stands in his way. After swallowing his weapon Bahrain, he gains immense power and can consume souls to become a god. He is a terror-wielding monster that can be found anywhere he goes. The others must defeat him.

6. Spirit Albarn

Spirit Albarn
  • Father Scythe
  • Age 31 years
  • Strength:Full Weapon Transformation and physical capabilities
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Spirit is a chronic womanizer and a death scythe presiding at the DMWA and North America. He is Maka’s dad. Marie replaces him as Stein’s weapon companion for a time. He is the Soul Eater’s most powerful death scythe.

He is determined to win his daughter’s trust despite his lame ways. Also, He is a consort to the legendary Shinigami. His amazing wavelength control allows him to transform any meister with the power of his welding.

7. Black Star – Among Soul Eater Main Characters

Black Star
  • Father – WhiteStar
  • Age:13 years
  • Weakness : His intelligence is low and his abilities are diminishing
  • Power,Wavelength control, madness
  • Role: DWMA assassin

Black Star is Tsubaki’s meister. He is a powerful ninja assassin and the last remaining member of the Star Clan. Sid raised him after the brutal murder of his entire clan.

Black Star is one the most talented and brightest students at the academy. His arrogance leads him to promise to be greater than God one day. However, some believe that his path will lead to more evil and soul-consuming like his father.

8. Marie Mjolnir

Marie Mjolnir
  • Age Mid 30’s
  • Weakness – Can be debilitating
  • Strength,Wavelength Control Shapeshifting
  • Role: Demon Weapon
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Marie is one the most memorable characters in Soul Eater. Franken Stein’s weapon companion, she is also a death scythe king of Oceania. Her soul wavelengths are a healing tool that can resist or counter madness techniques.

Marie is a formidable talent, but she doesn’t know what she does on most days. One thing is certain, though, her anger and power will wreak havoc on anyone who crosses her path. She doesn’t mind going above and beyond in order to get what she wants.

9. Liz and Patty Thompson – Among Soul Eater Main Characters

Liz and Patty Thompson
  • Parent Unnamed mother
  • Weakness: Various
  • Powe:Demon Weapons, and Sleeping Powder
  • Role: Demon Weapon

Death the Kid’s powerful weapon partner, Elizabeth Thompson and Patricia Thompson are Elizabeth and Patricia Thompson. The sisters are completely opposite. While Liz is mature, resourceful and resourceful and is terribly afraid of ghosts and anything else that creeps, Patty, on the other hand, is childish, trusting and cheery-eyed and goes into a rage only during battle.

They have semi-automatic pistols, which fire energy bullets. This is technically Kid’s soul wavelengths. They can both control one another even if their master is absent.

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10. Soul Evans – Among Soul Eater Main Characters

Soul Evan strongest Soul Eater Characters
  • Family: Unnamed grandmother (Wes Evans), older brother (Wes Evans).
  • Age 13-15 years old
  • Weakness: Overdeveloped women
  • Power:Can be transformed into a scythe that Maka can use
  • Role: The Death Scythe (manga).

Soul Evans, also known by Soul Eater, is the main protagonist of the series. He is Maka Albarn’s weapon partner. He strives to appear cool so he is often nonchalant and carefree in all situations.

Soul is a descendant of a distinguished family of musicians and an accomplished pianist. Also, Soul prefers to discover the limits of his weapon abilities rather than join his family’s musical legacy. 

Finally, Soul has big goals for himself and is ready to kill, eat, and fight to reach them.

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