Anime Waifu : Our top 60+ Best Waifus of All Time

Anime waifu

The wars between the anime waifu have been ongoing for a long time in the past, with sporadic wins all over the world, but there’s no winner in the end.

It’s also easy to understand why, given the number of new soldiers who enter the arena each year.

So who are the most beautiful waifus of the entire world of anime?

We’ll try our best to examine some of the more formidable competitors, and hope we don’t get into another war by doing so.

60. Anime Waifu Hitagi Senjougahara

Anime Waifu

Animation: Monogatari series

Senjougahara is a toughest of customers.

In actual fact, the first time she saw the main character she did put the stapler into his mouth.

Isn’t that a fantastic story to share with your kids?

However, once she begins to soften her skin, she becomes the pure waifu.

She won’t be a victim and will stand up to you when you’re doing something wrong. However, she’ll also put her faith in you even when all the chips are gone.

She’s straight-forward, extremely smart and has the ability to do amazing voice acting!

59. Anime Waifu Mirko

Anime Waifu

Anime: My Hero Academia

If you’ve only seen the show, this choice could be a surprise as she’s only been seen briefly in the last season.

If, however, you’ve been reading the manga before, then I do not need to explain anything.

For those who watch anime Let’s say she has the charisma and determination to compete with her big brother All Might himself.

In all seriousness, this girl can’t be stopped once she’s started. She’s also a remarkably tough bunny. This should be enough of a justification in itself.

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58. Anime Waifu Miria Harvent

Anime Waifu

Anime: Baccano!

Miria and Isaac are an ideal couple that nobody brings to mind Miria in the Waifu wars.

And I shouldn’t be a spectator and overlook the evident “best girl” opponent.

She’s charming, sweet and innocent She also gives more help in comparison to those in the Canadian medical system.

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Whatever Isaac would like to accomplish, Miria is in it completely, no need to ask!

Since she’s not legally bound and isn’t bound by any laws, she’s the ideal partner in crime! Don’t sleep on this super-powered tool and get involved.

57. Anime Waifu Revy

Anime Waifu

Anime: Black Lagoon

Revy is nothing more than a beautiful loose cannon.

She’s similar to her counterpart, the Grim Reaper whenever she’s in the grip of the gun and has stared death with her eyes for so many times that she barely reacts any more.

She’s clearly never believed on the “being feminine” idea, since she’s known to out-drink, out-eat and possibly beat up any man who comes in her path.

It’s not that she’s wicked or anything. Actually, she’s very sweet.

You must put in the effort to reach the middle of the Tootsie Pop.

56. Anime Waifu Esdeath

Anime Waifu

Anime: Akame ga kill!

If dominance were a human being that was dominant, it would take its form as Esdeath.

She’s a formidable leader who can slash entire army units by herself and have the captain of the other side lick her shoes before the meal is served.

In love, she’s slightly more flirty and feminine. Don’t believe that it implies she’s a slave.

Even in love , she’s the boss dog and you need either accept that fact or be ready to transform into popsicle. If you’re a fan of your equal share of dominatrix wifus and sassy, she will fit the bill perfectly.

55. Anime Waifu Taiga Aisaka

Anime Waifu

Anime: Toradora!

Who doesn’t want a small Tsundere?

There’s something so cute about a ball that’s five feet tall. ineffective communication skills and anger that is bottled up, and Taiga is certainly one of the most well-known characters from this genre.

Since everybody likes to denigrate her due to the size of her body, she decided to take things in her own hands and built a reputation built on reverence and fear.

However, when she does get her moments of romance, particularly in the final part of the show it’s an unforgettable experience.

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54. Anime Waifu Morgiana

Morgiana Magi

Anime: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

To today, I’m amazed to know that Alibaba was able in order to protect Morgiana and not the other way around.

Alibaba is certainly proficient with an axe.

However, Morgiana is able to smack you with the force of the sun and then end you with a glare equally powerful. It’s not only her thunder thighs you need to be concerned about!

She’s extremely fast, could possibly engage a bear in arm wrestling to draw it and has senses that are that are so sharp, she can smell death.

It’s impossible to be or more “self-reliable” than this.

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53. Anime Waifu Akatsuki

Anime Waifu

Anime: Log Horizon

I’m not sure if I’d be averse to it even if Akatsuki killed me, since I think it is the most adorable method of killing me.

The assassin is bite-sized and committed to the point of breaking, and is adept at gathering data and taking enemies out from behind.

She’s also quite the jolly.

The idea of expressing emotions is a foreign concept for the tiny Ninja, and she has even got a friend at middle school.

We still love her for it.

52. Anime Waifu Ryuuko Matoi

Anime Waifu

Anime: Kill la Kill

Ryuuko is another battle-ready veteran, but she’s not exactly a soldier.

With her trusted companion in her skimpy attire and a slack outfit, she pounces into battle head-first, and tries to figure out the specifics in the future.

Her determination is impressive because she could be knocked down more than a dozen times, and yet manage to stand up.

She may not be as cheerful and positive as Mako but she can get the job done.

She also wears with a tomboy look that isn’t anyone’s business.

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51. Anime Waifu Chelsea

Anime Waifu

Anime: Akame ga kill!

Chelsea is one of my favourite characters on the show, because she had the cool older sister look.

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The only reputable assassin of the bunch.

She displays a strong appearance and enjoys blaming her coworkers however, we are aware that she comes from a positive source.

They are at risk every single day, so it’s crucial to keep your team members focused and practical. Although she may not have had the most amount of screen-time, she made a lasting impression.

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50. Anime Waifu Belldandy

Anime Waifu

Anime: Oh! My Goddess

Belldandy is the main persona from the Oh! My Goddess series.

She is a goddess from Heaven who appears first to Keiichi to give him his wish after Keiichi accidentally dials “Goddess Assistance Agency” while trying to make a purchase for food.

What is the chance? When she is tied to the earth through his wishes the main storyline of the series starts from that point.

Waifus are typically teenagers, and seldom older women. Belldandy can be described as an old female anime character who is nevertheless an attractive and mature character and not like the waifus who are young you’ll encounter.

She is a kindhearted person and can detect the emotions of others quite well, and she has lots of patience for people who are around her.

Belldandy is a fan of winds, which form the basis for her spells. She has the ability to summon tornadoes and alter weather conditions as she likes.

She is a most beautiful Lady Waifu that we have on the list. Belldandy has an AnimePlanet Popularity position at #314!

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49. Anime Waifu Miku Nakano

Anime Waifu

Anime: The Quintessential Quintuplets

The Quintessential Quintuplets is an animated show that follows the life of 5 sisters with poor grades, but who have truly complicated personality traits.

Miku Nakano, the third of five and is the shy and than docile of the five.

She has a deadpan look and displays a lack of confidence.

Also, She is obsessed with generals and leaders from The Sengoku Period and is fascinated by their ideas so that she attempts to incorporate them into her daily life too.

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She is considered to be more intelligent than her siblings and has a vast understanding of Japanese History.

Being an introvert, Miku doesn’t have many physical capabilities and does not cook well in any way.

She isn’t interested in romantic relationships and that is what explains her inability to grasp human interactions.

However, Miku is an adorable and affectionate character.

48. Tatsumaki

tatsumaki one punch man

Anime: One Punch Man

The tritagonist from the webcomic which has been transformed into a manga/anime, One Punch Man, Tatsumaki a.k.a. Tornado of Terror is an S Class Rank 2 Esper and a professional hero with the Hero Association.

Her appearance reflects her brash and hot-headed nature. She might appear petite but often is mistaken for younger.

But she has serious power into her small frame. Her eyes are emerald green which match her hair’s green naturally curly to the edges.

She does not have a thing for people who aren’t competent and hates being disregarded. As a Hero from the Hero Association, she considers her duty of moral integrity to defend all those around her at the request from the Association to take on monsters.

Tatsumaki however shows a more gentle aspect towards her younger twin sister Fubuki who can be seen as being too in control of her.

Tatsumaki is extremely strong and that is probably the reason her popularity is adored by so many.

47. Alice Nakiri

Anime Waifu

Anime: Food Wars

Everyone is aware that Shokugeki no Soma is a fanservice show that has food porn to go along with it.

One of the most talented chefs and cooks featured in the series is Alice Nakiri. A famous chef from the famous Nakiri Family from the series.

Alice is focused, determined and driven, which is why she excels at Molecular Gastronomy.

Despite possessing an extensive set of talents that she’s learned since childhood alongside her mother’s relative Erina Nakiri Alice has a more calm and grounded personality in comparison to the two.

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She has all the beauty of her mom. Her eyes are defined as when compared to the other female models on the list as well as prominent eyes with irises.

Her personality and appearance makes her among the most beautiful waifus that you can find!

In the Fandom Popularity Poll, Alice placed 7th in the very first poll, and 6th in the second pole, respectively.

46. Shinobu Kocho

Anime Waifu

Anime: Demon Slayer / Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Shinobu is Shinobu is a Demon Slayer from the Demon Slayer Corps. When her parents died in an egregious attrition by a demonic her life was saved thanks to a demon slayer to whom promises to join the group in the future.

Despite the difficulties she endured, she remained a positive and bright young lady, even in the face of danger.

In the mode of killing, Shinobu gets her game face and shuns the particular beings who caused her to feel sadness.

As a member of The Insect Hashira, she’s petite, young and beautiful with eyes that aren’t filled with pupils. She wears a purple ombre hairstyle, which is arranged in a bun that has a butterfly clip inside it.

She wears the identical Demon Slayer uniform as the other characters in the series. It’s an edgy straight-lined dark jacket with the hakama pants, which are tucked into an asymmetrical butterfly design.

She is a skilled swordsman with some incredible moves, such as that of the Butterfly Dance: Caprice, Dance of the Dragonfly: Compound Eye Hexagon and uses her Nichirin Blade to finish the task.

The strongest waifus are the most effective type of waifus. The Shonen Jump Demon Slayer Popularity Poll, Shinobu placed 6th in the initial poll, and 5th in the second poll , which took place in 2020!

45. Rei Hino

Anime Waifu

Anime: Sailor Moon

There must at the very least at least one Sailor Moon character on the list!

Rei Hino, also known by the name of Sailor Mars in the series is a sweet, but hot-headed young lady.

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Her character was dramatically altered for the anime than her character in the manga.

Rei is hoping to be an international business entrepreneur, perhaps even becoming a music icon.

It is possible that she is a little ignorant of the world, but she is very loving of Sailor Moon and always shows her the greatest affection.

She is beautiful with long black locks that are long and long, as well as eyes that are black to match her fair complexion.

Japanese TV stations NHK requested their audience to choose their favorite character from the Sailor Moon franchise.

From the top 20 of the lists, Sailor Mars ranked at 16 in the ratings!

44. Teletha ‘Tessa’ Testarossa

Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

Anime: Full Metal Panic / Furumetaru Panikku!

Teletha Testarossa is a child prodigy who spent the majority of her time in submarines/warships or military facilities.

She rose through the ranks to become the Captain at the tender at the age of just 16!

Tessa is a cute young woman with gray eyes and hair. She is caring and kind. for her coworkers.

Tessa is an expert in strategic planning and exhibits exceptional military tactical skills in difficult situations.

Being in such a high position is not without its challenges and Tessa however, despite her anger, she realizes that it is her duty to carry out her tasks.

Tessa serves as the captain of Tuatha de Danaan, a submarine that she was a part of the design process and is also the inventor of the AI on the sub known as Dana.

Discuss some real women’s power here!

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43. Sheele

Anime Waifu

Anime: Akame Ga Kill!

Another ungainly but powerful person on this list would be Sheele who is from Akame Ga Kill! The character is an assassin as well as an active member of the Night Raid.

Sheele is always losing her glasses and is always tripping when she is doing chores.

But, on the battlefield Sheele’s “get loose screw” transforms into the cold-hearted killer by using her Teigu making her a skilled killer.

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She takes care of her team and the people close to her. Her and Mine become all over the battlefield , too.

Sheele is a slim and slender woman with long, violet hair and similar shades of eyes. She is seen wearing a pair of glasses and is often seen with Teigu.

In 2014, as part of an online poll conducted in the Akihabara Gamers Main Store’s Akame Ga Kill’s Memorial Museum, Sheele ranked #7 on the popular poll.

42. Ram

Anime Waifu Ram

Anime: Re: ZERO Series

Lugnica has been home to a variety of exceptionally talented Onis. However, the most dominant of each were sisters Ram and Rem.

Each had a single horn which allowed them to access their Oni capabilities. Ram being the elder sister, was skilled in magic than the other.

Rem is a big fan of her sister, but she also wants to be more than she is. When Ram’s horn is cut off in an attack that was carried out by a cultist group Rem is elated.

After this incident, both girls get taken to the residence of a powerful mage in which they serve as maids.

Ram is extremely powerful, despite having lost her horn. She can absorb the mana that surrounds her.

She is a formidable force of strength along with speed and expertise. Even though she’s a terrible maid she’s certainly a skilled magician!

In Crunchyroll’s top Re popularity poll with zero characters, Ram had a total of 616 people vote for her.

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41. Bulma


Anime: Dragon Ball Z Series

One of the most powerful female characters and longest-running in the DBZ universe, Bulma is the second most influential character from the series behind Goku.

Bulma is an astronomer, 2nd child of Dr. Brief, the wife of Vegeta and mother of Trunks as well as Bulla.

She has been able to change her appearance during the course of the film more often than anyone else, and she has also been given various hairstyles.

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Also, She can be an absolute tomboy, to being the girly girl from time to time.

She is spoiled and utilizes her appearance as an advantage to her impulsive behaviors. Despite her temperament she is a rational person due to her intelligence , making her an outstanding scientist.

She might not have fighting abilities like the Z characters, but she has her gadgets which have proven useful in combat situations.

According to the DBZ Fandom popular poll Bulma was ranked 9 in the initial poll, and 17th within the eternal poll.

She is also ranked at 590 on the Anime-Planet in the list of the best liked user of the site.

40. Mai Sakurajima

bunny girl senpai

Anime: Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

An actress, model and a student and someone who turns invisible. Mai is a beautiful young woman who is the main character in Seishun Buta Yorou Wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai.

She is friendly as well as sensitive and logical. Mai realizes that her mom used her as a way to make more money as she ran a photography business herself.

After taking a break from fronting the camera, Mai decides to attend high school. There, she becomes an instant success in the school as well as Sakuta Azusagawa’s love-interest.

In the 2018 Anitrendz popularity survey, Mai stood first amongst the other actors!

39. Lenalee Lee

Anime Waifu

Anime: D. Gray-Man

The main protagonist of this series D. Gray-Man, Lenalee is an exorcist who kills Akumas.

When her parents were murdered by Akumas The Black Order takes her away at once, against her will.

There Lenalee is attempting suicide, but fails. she spends her entire life in the protection of those she considers her family and acquaintances.

After a turbulent childhood, Lenalee shows determination and determination while fighting for the people whom she cherishes.

She’s also serene and friendly, which makes her easy to speak to. In the anime she is dark green with hair and eyes that are purple.

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The woman accidentally burned off the majority of her hair on one incident, making her look sexy.

Her outfits typically consist of fitted short jackets that have long sleeves, and paired with skirts or shorts.

The golem is even that has bat-like wings. She also has a large eyes that has only a pupil and no iris.

38. Megumi Tadokoro

Anime: Food Wars / Shokugeki no Soma

Ah, the list keeps going with a few more awkward girls. Megumi is a shy and nervous chef from the Totsuki Generation alumni.

She’s a great chef, but she fails under pressure, making her appear as if she is weaker than other chefs.

She also gets anxious a lot but she is more cautious when she says and does things.

When she is ready she is able to receive some encouragement from a fellow classmate , and can unleash the “Sports Shojo Manga mode” inside her.

She might be all that, but she’s also kind to her food and has the ability to make delicious meals when she’s doing a good job.

This awkward approach to Megumi makes her look like a cute waifu.

37. Eru Chitanda

Anime Waifu

Anime: Hyouka and Classic Literature Club Series

To all young otakus who are out there Learn on Eru Chitanda. Eru Chitanda is a well-mannered friendly, calm young lady of Kamiyama High School.

She comes from a prestigious farming family who are known as Chitanda however she does not let her wealth define her.

Eru is the president of the Classic’s Club and vice president. Eru is always positive and does not dwell on negative thoughts.

She is very interested in topics of interests. She’s a fantastic cook she loves matcha, and is physically fit too.

However, there are a few negatives with her. She is extremely observant and can become extremely hyperactive while ignoring other people’s privacy.

The girl with the purple eyes is definitely someone to be admired by!

According to the Website, Eru ranks at #128 users’ rankings, and is liked by 1339 people who use the website.

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36. Kyoko Mogami

Anime: Skip Beat!

From the 2000’s acclaimed anime series Skip Beat, Kyoko Mogami provides an ideal cup revenge tale.

She learns that her former acquaintance and lover, Sho Fuwa, who has become a major famous around the world, she asks her to stay with him not for their friendship , but because he needed her to be maid.

Kyoko decides to take revenge by turning into an actress of the highest caliber and is able to make him realize that she’s betrayed her affection for her.

She’s a hardworking woman and has even reached the point of having three jobs in order to fund Sho’s goals.

However, once the transformation occurs within her she ceases to love, and is a determined and determined individual to become the most effective actress on the industry.

Her look is often altered but she’s usually wearing her Love Me jumpsuit.

In a poll of 2007’s popularity conducted in 2007 by Hana to Yume Shojo magazine, in celebration of Skip Beat’s 100th anniversary, Kyoko ranked #1 with 2699 votes. And in a different personality poll she was placed as the most popular character by a margin of 2640 votes!

35. Shinoa Hiiragi

Anime: Owari No Seraph / Seraph of the End / Vampire Reign

A sarcastic and dry-humored Shinoa Hiiragi plays the female main character in Owari No Seraph. She is from the wealthy Hiiragi family.

As human she was the officer in charge of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army until she is taken over by Shikama Doji, who strips her of all humanity.

Shinoa was a difficult person to work with other people because of her uncompromising and insensitive personality. In the years that follow, it’s discovered that she had problems in her childhood and may be vulnerable in her.

Once she is possessed, she will become brutal and will attack all those who fall that falls under Shikama Doji’s influence.

In the Jump’s popular poll of 2016, she was ranked at 5th and 2nd in the 2019 poll that was held on the site of the anime.

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34. Kurumi Tokisaki

Anime Waifu

Anime: Date a Live

We have a sinister waifu in our midst, Kurumi is the third the fourth, and Takoyaki the most vicious spirit to be seen on the Date A Live series.

She has killed over 10,000 people to devour their mana. She transforms herself in order to become close to Shido Itsuka’s school in order to consume mana within of Shido Itsuka.

As vile as she was Kurumi is captivating and charming in her manner of dealing with Shido.

The skin is ivory that is black with black hair. Eyes that are almost homochromatic and her right eye is tinted red and her left eye is gold with a dull clock face that indicates the time she has left.

On site, Kurumi ranks #32 as the most popular character. She has 2558 fans who love her.

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33. Nao Tomori

Anime: Charlotte

Nao will be the protagonist from The Charlotte series. A first-year student who is also the president of the Student Council of the Hoshinoumi Academy.

She is mostly seen with her camera recording the power of these users.

She could be hard-working and smart , but she could be hot-headed and Narcissist too.

Nao is also a lover of children and enjoys playing with children. Nao has one remarkable capability, and that is to vanish on her own discretion, which is limited to one person at one time.

She is usually seen dressed in the uniform of her high school.

32. Emilia

Anime: Re: ZERO kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Series

The main female characteris an elf and an elf who could be the next leader in Lugnica, the Dragon Kingdom Lugnica in Lugnica, the Re: ZERO kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu.

As a major component of the show, since the majority of the anime revolves around her.

Emilia is a kind and selfless young girl who is obsessed with caring for the people in her.

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Even though she’s an infant and she is a teenager, she still uses the same archaic phrases that only the old are known to employ.

It is apparent that she is an introverted and childish girl, but that was before she was living in the woods.

Emilia has gorgeous long silver hair with purple-blue eyes. She is wearing a white and purple outfit with the white flower that is on her head.

An interesting fact is that she’s sequentially 115, but is mentally a teenager. According to MAL’s top Re: Zero character checklist, Emilia ranked #2!

31. Onodera Kosaki

Anime: Nisekoi: False Love Series

Onodera Kosaki is one the most prominent characters in The Nisekoi series. As a member of the family of pastry and confectionery makers Kosaki has a zany family that lives in Japan.

Instead of praising her family members, she is an introvert, innocent, gentle and hesitant. She is a victim of self-esteem loss and demands assistance from the rest the characters.

Also, She has a lot of trouble with boys in the school, and she even makes close to her fellow classmates.

She is a great caregiver for Raku Ichijo, who is severely injured. Finally, She has natural talents, such as the love for animals, a fantastic decorator and an amazing chef.

Kosaki is among the most well-known characters of the show.

30. Mine

Anime: Akame Ga Kill!

From the critically-acclaimed, Akame Ga Kill! Mine is a key part from The Night Raid.

A beautiful bright hot pink hairstyle with twin tails big eyes, and wears a pink dress with a high collar as well as an oversized pink wrap.

She’s hot-headed and may be easily annoyed. Her appearance can be angry, cold and emotional.

She would playfully mock Tatsumi at first, because he was the most recent member of the assassin’s team however, later on, there was a lot of people who resigned their relationships.

Of course, as two sides of the same coin, she is be warm and friendly,, but she will only do so to people she feels are close to her.

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Additionally, with foreign blood in her, she wishes for all of humanity to get free of discrimination based on race since she was frequently the target of hatred herself.

In a CBR of 2019 The most-watched characters from the series, Mine ranked #6.

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29. Kyoka Jiro

Anime Waifu

Anime: Boku no Hiro Akademia / My Hero Academia

From the anime show of the same name, My Hero Academia, we get Kyoka Jiro. A character with a unique personality from the show who is a proficient swordsman and extremely intelligent, scoring excellent marks in school examinations.

To be added to that, she also can play bass guitar as well as the guitar too.

Kyoka is an easy-going and relaxed personality However, she also loves to make fun of others who may be a bit uncomfortable.

One of her peculiarities is that she wears these Earphone Jacks hanging off her earlobes. When connected to a surface , can trigger the most violent vibrations out of her heartbeat!

What a cool idea! In addition she has other awesome moves, including the Counter Balance and Heartbeat Distortion as well as the Heartbeat Surround.

She has her slack face. It is accentuated by her triangular, onyx eyes.

She is a brunette with dark hair with reflections that resemble heartbeat monitors that are situated on the opposite side the top of her head.

In her costume as a superhero she is wearing the black leather jacket as well as a long-sleeved t-shirt and black pants and boots.

In the Weekly Shonen jump’s Second poll on popularity of characters, Kyoka ranked #7 amongst the other characters.

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28. Raphtalia

Anime: Tate no Yusha no Nariagari / The Rising Shield Hero

The very first real friend in her Shield Hero, Raphtalia was initially taken into the world as a slave by her master Naofumi.

He was never harsh with her which helped her build an intimate friendship with him. When she spent time in his company, she appeared unwell and shy because of the trauma she had suffered from the devastation that her home had suffered.

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She would like Naofumi to be hero-like however she is frustrated when he fails to accomplish his goal.

After a while location, she acquires the coveted, Vassal Katana and becomes the Katana no Yuusha.

Raphtalia is also her own Heavenly Emperor after she overthrew her predecessor. As a shy young girl, her character chart in the series just goes up as she grows into an influencer to reckon with.

Who wouldn’t want an adorable waifu?

27. Kagami Hiiragi

Anime: Lucky Star

One of the principal characters from the 2007 smash anime series Lucky Star and the older sibling of Tsukasa Hiiragi. Kagami Hiiragi.

She’s a tiny ball of flame who can change from being this self-centered, egoistic girl to lonely and intolerant at times.

Like Kagami, her sibling, Kagami cannot cook well and hates chores in the home. However, Kagami is a wonderful partner and deeply cares for each one of them, particularly Konata.

But, she is unable to conceal the fact. Kagami has long , dark purple hair that is tied in twin-tails of red ribbons. She is always seen wearing her school uniform, which highlights her small frame.

She makes a great loveable dog!

26. Megumin

Anime: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! / Konosuba

A Arch-Wizard from the world of fantasy, Megumin belongs to the Crimson Demon Clan.

Megumin is one of the principal characters from the show and exhibiting eccentric characteristics that are inherited from Demon Clan, Megumin has the ability to be a bit over-the-top all the time.

She often brags about her power, which upsets Kazuma often. While she’s powerful , she’s a little too childish.

She is obsessed with using the power of explosions so she will use all her strength to perform this particular action.

Naturally gifted Megumin is the most talented player on Kazuma’s team. On the website, Megumin has 10560 users who are like them as waifu!

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25. Zero Two

Anime: Darling in the Franxx

Human-Klexo sapiens hybrid Zero Two is the deuteragonist of the show, Darling within the Franxx.

Zero Two experienced a tough childhood, growing up as a hybrid and some regarded her as a monster. However, to those who knew her, and did not consider her being a monster, come out as a bright and happy girl.

But, Zero Two is a danger to beware of and is quite ruthless, unruly and self-centered.

Even though the memories of her beloved were erased. Her eyes turn red when she’s upset, even when she’s wearing a cape with two horns protruding out.

She often wears the red uniform of her military and white boots with black leggings.

There are 5893 likes for her on website, and is ranked 5th on the same list. People who are dangerous are bound to love her as a Waifu, according to the reports.

24. Ino Yamanaka

Yamanaka Ino

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Ino Yamanaka is a kunoichi of Konohagakure’s Yamanaka clan. The sole child of Inoichi Yamanaka, she is a confident, strong and outspoken kid.

However, she is warm and caring with the people she’s close to. Like the majority of girls in this Academy, Ino too had an interest in Sasuke.

She dreams of beautiful men who will fight for her affections! However, Ino is skilled in Ninjutsu and Chakra Control and has a tremendous amount of intelligence and also.

Ino is fair-skinned and has platinum blonde hair and bangs that are on the left side of her face.

The actress has blue eyes that are striking and is most often seen wearing this outfit of purple with a collared top and an Apron skirt.

With all these incredible abilities and a wonderful persona Why would you want to pass to Ino and not choose her as your next waifu?

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23. Minori Kushieda

Anime: Toradora

Perhaps one of the most cool people on our list. Minori has this much-loved tough, hard-working, and idealist young girl.

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Captain of the team’s softball team, who holds at least four positions to fund her goal of becoming a member of the national league for softball.

However, she does this as she doesn’t want to become a burden for anyone.

She is an athlete, always positive and is able to change a negative sequence of events around and be positive about it.

She is a foodie to the max and says she is always on a diet however, she is not.

While she could appear an airhead for the course of time but she’s extremely perceptive and can assist people in her vicinity.

It’s possible to say that she does all these actions to conceal the sorrow that is underneath her, and that’s what is a truly solid character in the series.

She is a stunning young girl with eyes and amaranth hair which is typically seen in her uniform at school.

In the Crunchyroll, Toradora popularity poll, Minori ranked #3 with 40 votes, which was a lot more than the other characters.

22. Anime Waifu Rem

Anime: Re: ZERO

Of course, she has to be included on this list! Rem is most likely to be the best waifu of all waifus!

Rem might seem charming and courteous on the surface , but she doesn’t think most of the time.

She is weighed down by the burden of trying to feel valued following an incident with Ram which has forced her to accept that she could be one of them.

After Subaru rescues her from an near-death experience Rem is in love with and adores her regardless of the circumstances.

Being a magician just as her sister, Rem is able to heal herself, but she can also be quite tough when she is in the Oni state.

She is armed with her Morningstar that allows her to strike enemies from a distance , and fight close combat.

You’re sure that you’d like to have someone similar to her within your own life don’t you?

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21. Anime Waifu Uryuu Minene

Anime: Mirai Nikki / Future Diary

Minene was the keeper of the Ninth Diary known as the Escape Diary. Also, Minene often wrote the possible routes to escape in her diary within locations that were preparing to attack.

Minene is an excellent strategist and can make deductions quite quickly in her head. In a life of by herself, Minene feels like she has no one to talk to and is also self-loathing herself.

In addition, She is a master terrorist who is proficient in C4 bombs as well as other explosives. She has a knack of disguise herself as who she wants to be for her to conduct the plan without being observed.

In addition, She is a young lady wearing a patch of gorgeous eyes, which she loses in a fight.

The blonde actress is wearing an unisex jacket, sleeveless jeans and tank top.

In an QFeast Mirai Nikki character popularity poll, Minene ranked #3!

20. Anime Waifu Kyou Fujibayashi

Anime: Clannad

The main character in the most sad anime of all time! There is Kyou Fujibayashi, the main character from Clannad. Although the show is depressingAlso, Kyou is this fierce female, aggressive and an obnoxious mouth.

She is very talkative and has absolutely things to talk about. She is called tsundere, and is extremely popular with males.

A bit violent and difficult to talk to, Kyou has a more calm aspect when it comes to her love affair with Tomoya.

She handles her school obligations well . Aso, She is an A-grade student and is also very athletic!

And, of course she’s an excellent cook, too. Do you think this is waifu perfect?

19. Anime Waifu Mikoto Misaka

Anime: A Certain Scientific Railgun

Level 5 Esper and ranked as #3 by Academy City, Mikoto is a formidable waifu. She is she is also the primary female protagonist from A Certain Scientific Railgun series.

Being a powerful woman implies that she has the characteristics of a tsundere and be selfish and unwise.

Many think Mikoto as a very attractive woman, however she’s not but she does have a playful aspect to her, and she’s very proud too.

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She is a lover of her company and is averse to the imposed restrictions and regulations. She is smart and an adept problem solver.

Mikoto has blonde hair that is light with a clip to the side. Their eyes are also brown.

She is usually seen dressed in the uniform of her high school.

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18. Anime Waifu Ochaco Uraraka

Anime: Boku no Hero Akademia / My Hero Academia

A family girl who is on the list, Ochaco is also known as “Gravity” and is One of the major female characters in Boku no Hiro Akademia.

A cheerful, funny and open-minded girl is always doing her best to help her family members that make up her most reliable support system.

Her peculiarity is that she has the ability to alter gravity. How amazing! However, she isn’t able to use the power for long as it can cause her to feel nauseated The costume she wears is tuned to allow her to make use of the power for a long time but.

The main reason she chose to be hero was to make the money needed to support her family in difficult times.

This is just so adorable. Congratulations to you!

17. Anime Waifu Rin Tohsaka

17. Rin Tohsaka

Anime: Fate Series

The deuteragonist in the Fate Series, Rin Tohsaka is a member of the imminent Tohsaka Family. Rin is also an archer Master Archer who participates in the Fifth Holy Grail War since her father died from fatal wounds during the Fourth War a decade ago.

Also, Rin is a calm, competitive and a top student at her school. Rin possesses the deep respect to honor the family and the history that is the Tohsaka family, and will go to all lengths to safeguard the legacy.

When you watch the show you’ll be amazed at how the arrogant and elitist woman can be , but all to maintain her privacy and to protect the people who are around her.

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Based on the Manga Tokyo Poll held in the year of 2018, Rin was ranked as the third most-loved character in the entire Manga Tokyo franchise!

16. Anime Waifu Akame

Anime Waifu

Anime: Akame ga Kill!

Assassin turned slave, Akame is certainly the most well-known character in the show.

In the course of her education she chooses to go to the rebels and become an integral member of the Night Raid.

Anyone who has watched the show will know how important Ga Kill is to Ga Kill universe.

She appears to be a boring and uninterested girl because of her training as a sassyncrat, but actually, she’s awkward in social settings.

She is prone to conceal her emotions from people because she isn’t able to effectively express them.

The only time you’ll see an reaction from her is in the field, and she’s absolutely brutal!

On one side, the lightest of Akame she has an enormous appetite as her sibling Kurome and is also the most calm about food.

The brunette has long black hair and red eyes. Her outfit is an sleeveless dark dress, the red tie, and a white collar. She also wears the dark skirt.

Akame is also known by the name ‘Akame from the Demon Sword Murasame’.

15. Anime Waifu Rias Gremory

Anime: High School DXD

Also known as the ‘Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess Rias is the ‘Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess’. Rias has been the primary female protagonist in the series . She is also the heir to Gremory Clan. Gremory Clan.

Being a princess can be enjoyable all the time and Rias wants to keep her normal life and privacy, particularly from the eyes of men who would love her just because she’s an heir.

She is a jolly young lady who cares deeply for everyone around her . However, she can be very flamboyant if someone teases her about her school.

She is a fierce competitor with a bit of a spoiled lifestyle, and is a fan of ‘Rating Games’. Rias’s talents are based on her Demonic Power, allowing her to transform into a high-class Devil.

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She also holds an oath of Power of Destruction and Castling. And, did not we mention that the whole collection is an online fan-service!

14. Anime Waifu Yoko Littner

Anime Waifu

Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

From the hit series Gurren Lagen. Yoko Littner is your choice If you’re looking for a woman with a range of guns.

Yoko is shown as this well-informed, rational and intelligent woman who is also mature and loving in the same breath.

The actress is regarded as a superb rifleman; an honor she is something she is proud to have earned. Yoko has long , red hair pulled into a ponytail, with bangs on the right of her face. She is amber-eyed and has mature looks.

Also, you can see her sporting an unbroken skull as hair accessory, as well as two yellow chopsticks, which are used for melee guns.

On the website, Yoko ranks at #95 and has 1528 people using them as waifu!

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13. Anime Waifu Holo The Wise Wolf

Anime: Spice and Wolf

One of the prettiest waifus we have on our list, Holo is a wolf harvest god. Her role is to ensure abundant harvest to the town she’s established in.

However, over time, the village have become self-sufficient and don’t have any need for her. Then she decides that she must return to her native land and is assisted by the merchant Kraft Lawrence.

We follow Holo through her adventure and discover that she is as human as you can get.

She’s also an alcohol addict and drinks frequently. She is a mockery of Lawrence’s masculinity often, something Lawrence does not like.

Other than that, Holo is a sweet woman who takes care of. Who wouldn’t love a compassionate woman like her?

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12. Anime Waifu Kallen Kozuki / Kallen Stadtfeld


Anime: Code Geass

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This fierce character from the Code Geass universe has maintained an unshakeable hold on your hearts, just like she did in the series.

Kallen is a strong courageous, rebellious and determined defender. Also, Kallen is half Britannian as well as Japanese. In addition, Kallen experienced a turbulent childhood following the loss of her brother, which affected relationships with parents.

Over time, she is able to change things to make things better. Kallen is a key player in the fight to liberate Japan which her brother was trying to achieve.

She is caring and kind however she is a fierce fighter. She is also an expert tactician and pilots the Knightframe superbly.

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11. Anime Waifu Mirajane Strauss

Anime Waifu

Anime: Fairy Tail

We meet Mirajane as “The Demon”, she was fearsome among all things that moved.

There was an uneasy rivalry with Erza when she was a little girl. She was a loudmouth , and was known to disrespect every person.

In this period she was very perplexed as to whether she was human. However, after the passing of Lisanna and her younger sister Mirajane changed.

She grew calmer and began losing her magical abilities. Also, Mirajane has become a caring and compassionate person.

She is even a maternal character to the group. Finally, She has changed her only goal is to protect the people she regards as close to her, and even strangers.

As per Fairy Tail’s popular poll, Mirajane stood at #12 further behind!

10. Anime Waifu Kurisu Makise

Anime Waifu

Anime: Steins; Gate

Kurisu’s philosophy of life is to treat others the how you’re treated, and there’s nothing wrong with this!

Kurisu has been one of the major characters in the anime sensation, Steins; Gate. She is intelligent and mature and is also very simple.

Also, She is not happy when people behave in a negative way and she ensures that she offers them confidence.

Kurisu can be lovely when you’re nice with her, but if you’re sexually perverted then you’re in trouble.

Kurisu has accomplished quite a lot at such a young age. She has made others be jealous of her achievements.

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In addition, she has her own father! Kurisu is a well-known character from the show, she has a red hair color and dull violet eyes.

The model is typically seen wearing her lab coat and white shirt that she tucks in her shorts, and a black jacket.

Kurisu has MAL’s popularity as a member of 73,011. This is a massive number!

9. Anime Waifu Saber

Anime: Fate Universe

It’s no surprise that Saber was required to add the list. Saber is the Saber Class Servant of Kiritsugu Emiya from the Fourth Holy Grail War and Saber Servant Class for Shirou Emiya during the Fifth War, Saber has had it all.

One of the most powerful servants of The Fate universe. She is the most powerful of any character from the series, and her magical resistance is unimaginable.

Saber as a major character is depicted with this constant desire to safeguard those she is concerned for.

She is generous, kind and a highly knowledgeable woman. She is a solitary person, but she is loyal and can be known to conceal her emotions at times in the name of obligation.

She’s an exquisitely cut-out character that fits the mold of a Waifu quite well!

There’s no doubt that Saber is the top choice in all polls on the characters of The Fate universe.

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8. Anime Waifu Sasha Braus / Sasha Blouse

sasha braus

Anime: Attack on Titan

Hey The ‘potato girl of the AOT series made it onto the list! Sasha Braus /Blouse in English is a member of both the Survey Corps and 104th Training Corps.

She was a member of the force following Eren’s intense desire to destroy all Titans. She’s polite, kind and a gourmand!

She is a huge potato fan. There’s always a slice of bread, potato or other kind of food throughout the show.

The girl was friendly and fun to be around however on the field, she was a brutal killer. It was apparent that she displayed hesitation when shooting at children, but.

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On the First Character Popularity Poll held on the official site, Sasha ranked #4!

7. Anime Waifu Yoruichi Shihouin

Anime: Bleach

The character who is the supporting one in the Bleach series, Yoruichi is the former Captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei and the former chief for the Onmitsukido.

Phew! This is a tough girl there. However, she leaves those posts to work at the Urahara Shop, in the human world.

She has a wealth of knowledge about Soul Society. Soul Society and is extremely charming, yet mature and calm.

Yoruichi can change into a human form from her black cat body and vice versa.

The most formidable Hoho master of all Soul Society as well as Hakuda Master. She’s proficient in Shunko as well as a Shank swordsman master.

Her Zanpakuto has earned Bankai however she is relying on her skills often during fights.

You can only be amazed by this kind of strong waifus appearing to the lists!

6. Anime Waifu Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia bleach hair anime girll

Anime: Bleach

Then, we have another famous Bleach character Then we are greeted by Rukia Kuchiki. Rukia was raised from humble beginnings and later was adopted by the nobility.

She is extremely considerate of other people and does not forget her roots. Rukia is often perceived as a cold and cucumber-like cool girl, and often causes her to conceal her true feelings from the public.

Rukia is an important but an under-rated character of the series. Also, She is currently the captain of the 13th Division.

She is an outstanding swordsman. In addition, She is an excellent Kido or Shunpo specialist, as well as an excellent Hakuda combatant.

Rukia has the Sode no Shirayuki Zanpakuto. In Shonen Jump’s first Bleach character Poll, Rukia ranked #2 behind Ichigo!

5. Anime Waifu Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai

Anime: Mirai Nikki / Future Diary

The main female character of Future Diary, Yuno Gasai is the proprietor of the ‘Yukiteru Diary’ or the Journal of Future Love’.

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The fascination of Yuno with Yukiteru the main character of the series , is some ways a bit bizarre. Yuno can be described as two different sides of one coin.

Around Yukiteru she’s this shy, timid and almost female-like woman. However, when he’s not around she has an icy, deadpan, and calculating personality.

It’s due to her parents’ deaths before they even started the Survival Games began. Yuno has a personality that’s shrouded in mystery, and you’ll never know when she’ll strike next, to the point that she even makes warnings of death to the person who stands with her. Yukiteru.

The blonde has long, pink hair that is tied in pigtails, and eyes that are pink. She usually wears a blue skirt and blue shirt with high-heeled socks.

If you’re crazy about your favorite thing, Yuno is your waifu.

4. Anime Waifu Lucy Heartfilia

Anime: Fairy Tail

Lucy was once part of the wealthiest family in the world, however because of her strained connection with her father she flees the fortune and estate to start a new living on her own.

Lucy is aware that her sex appeal does well for her, and she utilizes it to gain access to the best of everything. She’s depicted as a woman who is snobby.

While she gives vanity more weight, Lucy is also kind to her fellow humans and even the Celestial Spirits.

In contrast to the other girls She actually puts in the effort in trying to be happy! Lucy is a gorgeous and voluminous girl with brunette hair, brown eyes and blonde locks.

Lucy’s Fairy Tail stamp is located in the bottom on her left hand. According to the Weekly Shonen magazine’s 26th issue’s popular poll, Lucy ranked #1 with the highest number of votes!

3. Anime Waifu Hinata Hyuga

Anime: Naruto

The wife of famed Naruto and a formidable Ninja her own, Hinata Hyuga is finally on the radar for those who have been looking forward to seeing her.

Hinata was set to be married to Naruto right from the beginning, as Naruto was her love interest.

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She is a Nature Type with two, Lightning Release, and Fire Release, both of which she doesn’t use very often, but have proven to be useful in combat.

Hinata completed a total of 33 missions during her career as a Shinobi.

Also, she is known by the name of the ‘Byakugan Princess as well as been called ‘Legendary Queen Gluttony’.

This is something she has actually earned. In an Naruto popularity poll, she was ranked #6 out of all the Naruto characters!

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2. Anime Waifu Asuna Yuuki

Anime: Sword Art Online

From the disputed anime series Sword Art Online, we have Asuna Yuuki. A friend and lover of Kirito.

An assistant leader in the Knights of Blood and a proficient player throughout Aincrad.

She is among the most agile character in games. She is an expert with the rapier and also make use of daggers in a close combat scenario.

The girl is a tsundere girl who is sweet and loving. She has a gorgeous face, with amber eyes and brown hair.

Let’s face it, every girl on the list of the Top 10 with Asuna are fierce, and that’s the reason they’re the top females of 2021!

1. Anime Waifu Erza Scarlet

Anime: Fairy Tail

Fan favorite of the Fairy Tail series and to the top of the list would be Erza Scarlet!

One of the most powerful characters of the Fairy Tail universe who quite literally has the power to be a hero but be a dark side.

It’s the way the character of Erza is. Erza has an inexplicably strong affinity for armor and weapons.

Her stats in battle are close to perfect! She is a formidable swordsman who excels at speed strength, power, and also intelligence.

Erza could also be female, she’s self-conscious and, most importantly she can’t maintain her drinking habits!

Naturally, she’s friendly and compassionate also but when it comes to battle you must steer away from her!

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