Brown hair anime boy characters : Our top 40+

Brown hair anime boy

Characters from anime sporting wavering brown hair may be non-living or fictional however their impact on culture is enormous. Hairstyles, clothes and accessories, sometimes even the superpowers and weapons are usually very popular with the fan base.

For instance, anime character hairstyles encourage fans to try them even without cosplay scenarios. For anime fans with brown hair or for those who are contemplating dying their hair brown, they can find some ideas from this collection that includes 40 anime character people with dark hair. Dress yourself in line with the length of your hair, facial shape and personality. You can also choose your the anime you prefer.

Below is a list of our top brown-haired anime boy anime characters:

40. Sorata of Pet Girl of Sakura Hall

Sorata of Pet Girl of Sakura Hall

In many ways, Sorata is one of the people who are most normal at Sakura Hall. In actual fact, in the beginning, he wants to do his best to make it to the normal dorms as Sakura Hall is filled with numerous weirdos. Yet, despite his typical appearance, he’s got some peculiarities that prove that he belongs in the dorm.

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39. Tabata is a character from The Daily Lives of High School Boys

Tabata from The Daily Lives of the High School Boys

Tabata’s design for his character is deliberate. He made him look as normal and ordinary as is humanly possible, but made him a character that is distinctly bizarre. He is known for his odd behavior however, he does it in such a normal, innocent manner that they’re made appear more strange.

38. Issei of High School, DxD

Issei of High School, DxD

Although some harem kings have a harem if they are remarkable, most character creators prefer male characters in their ecchior harem series to appear extremely average-looking. One of the reasons for the success of these shows is the fact that viewers think that they be surrounded by angels and demons who are obsessed with them, too.

37. Tetsudo Hisakawa (Anohana)

Tetsudo Hisakawa (Anohana)

Tetsudo Hisakawais one of the major characters from Anohana The goofy character who is too casual to give an F about even the smallest of things.

Without Tetsudo Anohana would not be as enjoyable or filled with laughter every now and every now and. Because this is the kind of person Tetsudo is.

If you removed him from the photo, it will cause Anohana boring more boring and “fun”.

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36. Yukio Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

Yukio Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

Yukio Okumura is the annoying little brother, who is a goody-2-shoes of Rin Okumura. They’re both “annoying” in their own ways. It’s not a negative thing.

Yukio is so attached to the idea of “justice” that he tends to preach, and isn’t great at evaluating situations from different perspectives.

However, on the positive aspect: he’s responsibleand will do what is necessary in the execution of his obligations.

35. Kenichi Shirahama (Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)

Kenichi Shirahama (Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple)

Kenichi Shirahama is was bullied as a child, abused and was abusedin the high-school by one person specifically. Everyone is a victim of Kenichi because he’s not got the determination to stand up and defend himself.

This changes when he meets Miu Furinji Miu Furinji, daughter of a professional martial artist who lives in an abandoned Dojo.

After Kenichi is exposed to these martial artists, self-confidence comes into his life. He develops the courage to take on his bullies and grow into more of a person. The ability to help those who are in need.

34. Sieg (Fate Apocrypha)

Sieg (Fate Apocrypha)

Sieg is an homonculus. Nothing special. Homunculus from all of Fate Apocrypha are treated like trashand they don’t even have own names.

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Sieg through chance ends in becoming one of the “runaway” Homunculus who goes to accomplish great things, inspiring the other Homunculus on his way.

Of the male protagonists I’ve watched in Fate anime, Sieg is a personal fan because he’s unique. His ideals aren’t of the typical type (like Shirou Emiya).

33. Houtarou Oreki (Hyouka)

Houtarou Oreki (Hyouka)

Houtarou Oreki is the introvert who doesn’t engage with you due to the fact that he has nothingworth to say. He’s the type of person that is the one who will look at you from a distance and say “he’s arrogant”.

The truth is: Oreki doesn’t care what other people think. He is a person who lives his life only solely for himself, and does not take into consideration what people would consider.

He’s smart enough to realize all of this is irrelevant at the end of the day, since all anyone who values the quality of your life, more so than… is you.

Oreki deserves more credit!

32. Sousuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic)

Sousuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic)

Sousuke Sagara is the OGof Full Metal Panic.

Born in the midst of war as a soldier, was raised as a soldier in the infantry, Sousuke has a terrifying level of skill, talent and knowledge about the terrorists, weapons and murder.

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In the animated, he’s 17-18 years old.

Due to his militancy background, he’s a bit stiff uncomfortable, tense and uncomfortable in social settings. And he doesn’t know how to speak to girls or even pick up on “que’s”.

It’s part of his charm that’s why watching his romance grow along with Kaname Chidori is so unique.

31. Osamu Dazai

Osamu Dazai

The intriguing detective, with a mystery past, was employed in a different field before joining the Armed Detective Company. He is very intriguing and intriguing things to say and he always leaves people in a state of utter ambiguity about his character. However, there is one thing that is that remains constant throughout his life. The dark hair. It looks great on him, no doubt.

30. Hiroto Honda

Hiroto Honda

Hiroto Honda (or Tristan Taylor in western version) is famous for his long, brown coat, which has a collar that is raised and a the white shirt he wears for dress. The not-so-social character from YuGi-On is also famous for his dark brown hair that has a an extremely distinctive spikes. As time passes, we can see Honda’s changes in his earlier manner of behavior, but his brown hair is always in the same spot.

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29. Shu Ouma

Shu Ouma

Guilty Crown’s Shu Ouma is known for his Power of the King and the brave adventures. The main character of The Anime is a favorite among fans to cosplay. Particularly with brunette fans. Since it’s very well-presented in a elegant manner!

28. Shinji Ikari

Shinji Ikari

The laid back main character of Evangelion was brought up with his sensei. He was comfortable and had an easygoing personality despite having been neglected by his father after the death of his mother. The neat and tidy persona is famous due to his eyes that are blue and long brown hair.

27. Akihisa Yoshii

Akihisa Yoshii

Akihisha Yoshi from Baka for Test for Shoukanjuu despite his status as Shoukanjuu’s “baka” or “idiot” is a very lovable person. He might not think deeply or understand the messages his peers want to convey however he is sure to love his friends. His dark brown hair, with distinctive bangs and the uniform of his school almost was a fact of his identity. He does, however, wear a white Polo.

26. Makoto Naegi

Makoto Naegi

The tiniest boy from Hope’s Peak is renowned for providing more in spite of his thin appearance. The boy wearing the green hoodie as well as the black open jacket is famous by his luck. This black-jeans-wearing man has more to provide in Danganronpa than we expected.

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25. Okita Sougo

Okita Sougo

Gintama’s Okita Sougo studied within Kondou Isao’s Dojo. At times, he’s referred to by the term “handsome”, and sometimes it’s said that his appearance and looks is his primary assets. However, Sougo is known as Shinsengumi’s top swordsmen. Let’s face it that he is quite nice looks. In addition, this is based on the youthful facial features, with dark brown eyes, reddish eyes, and dark brown hair.

24. Shinichi Kudo

Shinichi Kudo

Shinichi Kudo, the main character in Detective Conan is known for his extraordinary detective abilities. The teen sporting pale skin tone and dark brown hair is athletic in his body despite being extremely thin. He’s a bit of an outspoken character with a variety of unsettling events like being fed poison that transformed him into a child by the antagonists but he was able to come back.

23. Toru Oikawa

Toru Oikawa

Captain Oikawa of Hai Kyuu who is the captain of the volleyball team at Aobajosai High School is famous for his self-confidence. He’d make his subordinates’ bones shake with serious comments when he offers them a smile and a compliment. This has earned him the “opposite of love” from his coworkers and rivals. But the chocolate brown eyes as well as brown hair attracts attention and is able to draw attention to himself despite his appearance.

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22. Tsunayoshi Sawada

Tsunayoshi Sawada

The character “No good Tsuna” is the main character in Reborn. We witness him overcome his reluctance to accept himself and overcoming his poor grades and inability to embrace athleticism and becoming more confident. But, his blonde hair with spikes and eye browns made him appear cute due to his slim physique however.

21. Ryu


There are some characters that don’t require introduction, assuming you’re an anime fan or not. Ryu is among them. Ryu, the main character of street fighters has been popular and loved by a variety of generations from the eighties through this day. In addition, Ryu was seen with brunette hair, as seen In Streetfighter Alpha and Street Fighter II. The quiet, strong, and determined personality is famous for his dedication to work and desire to improve. 

Finally It’s difficult not to be impressed by his work. He’s served as a role model for numerous children over the course of Street Fighters.

20. Neji Hyuga

Neji Hyuga

Neji Hyuga, a believer in the divine by birth, is also the bearer of the extremely dark brown mane of hair. He is also famous for not being a cheerful person. As he was before the passing of his father. Although he believed his position was superior to those who were weaker than him, He would always defend the weaker ones. Additionally, his fervent devotion to Hyuga’s home is another strength of his character.

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19. Rolo Lamperouge

Rolo Lamperouge

Lamperouge the character from the 2 2nd Season of Code Geass, is shown to be a diverse range of personality. From kind and innocent to cold and unreliable, the character is a delight to be watching. However, eventually Rolo is a very selfless and generous person. His dark brown hair and eyes that are violet are what distinguish him.

18. Suzaku Kururugi

Suzaku Kururugi

Kururugi is a different person in Code Geass who has a extremely diverse personality. In the story, we witness the different aspects of him and what his perspective on the concept of good and bad shifts. Also, how he evolves as an individual. However, among the things that were constant about his height, was his figure, his green hair, as well as brown hair.

17. Kaname Kuran

Kaname Kuran

Kaname Kuran Kaname Kuran, the vampire with pure blood, is well-known for his antics. The father is Ai Kuran. This 100000-year-old vampire never fails to appear youthful and lively with his brown hair and blue eyes.

Also, this charming and charming vampire is famous for his fashionable clothes.

16. Satou Kazuma

Satou Kazuma

Konusuba’s main antagonist Satou Kazuma plays a child who is reincarnated following death in a world of fantasy. This boy was later unhappy about his new life in the fantasy world following finding out a tragic and unjust reality. But there’s an element of cynicism, cool manner of conduct. His dark brown hair and green eyes are a reflection of his youthful and innocent self.

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15. Shinichi Izumi

Shinichi Izumi

Shinichi Izumi of Kiseijuu is an intriguing persona with brown eyes and brown hair. He is a nice and caring person. But, his friends would label him as a liar. However, once he contracted the parasite that was on his right arm, things changed. Also, he’s so kind, the parasite was named Migi. After having Migi as a part of his life many things were changed.

14. Sosuke Aizen

Sosuke Aizen

Sosuke Aizen is a character with a variety of behavioral and physical traits throughout Bleach. Aizen is an individual with the right way and a sharp mind. When he ascended as Hueco Mundo Hueco Mundo, he hung his glasses and pulled the brown locks back. So, it gave a more aggressive and tougher appearance.

13. Shino Aburame

Shino Aburame

Shino Aburame comes from the Aburame’s family. He has been calm and serene since when he was a child. He is skilled in Aburame clan’s techniques based on insects. Also, The dark brown-haired character from the Naruto universe is wearing the Aburame clan’s distinctive dark sunglasses and a green jacket.

12. Choji Akimichi

Choji Akimichi

Akimichi Clan’s Choji is famous to be famous for 2 things. The loyalty of his family and his passion for food. In Naruto the character is known for his kindness and courteousness. However, he lacks confidence in himself and is therefore quite vulnerable. Choji is famous for his brown spiked upward hair that swirls across his cheek. But, he’s extremely sensitive to comments made regarding his body shape. He isn’t happy when he’s called fat or when someone else has eaten the last snack or chip.

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11. Yamato


The real name of Yamato is undiscovered. The mysterious man is Anbu who was from Konohagakure. Yamato (or ) Was the replacement for Kakashi Hatake from the Kakashi’s team Kakashi. He is famous for his leadership qualities and enigmatic nature. Short brown hair and dark eyes are his hallmark traits. His calmness in critical and stressful situations is what makes Naruto one of the most calm characters of Naruto.

10. Eren Jaeger/Yeager

Eren Jaeger

Eren serves as the principal character from Attack on Titans. He is known to be charming and warm. Eren has a strong sense of morality and justice . He will defend his home from bad guys following the Titans murder her mother.

Finally, the tragic incident has led to him becoming a hardcore fighter. He also has physical resemblances to his mother, such as the long rotund face and hair that is brown.

9. Raye Penber

Raye Penber

Raye Penber, the half Japanese FBI investigator of Death Note is a persistent person. He is famous for his ongoing investigation into Light Yagami. His dark brown hair and light eyes are his most distinctive physical characteristic.

8. Saji Crossroad

Saji Crossroad

Saji Crossroad is a fascinating character from the Gundam 00 universe. It is first thought of as a romantic and determined young man. He was the next door neighbor for Setsuna. Seiei. Through both seasons of Gundam we witness Saji experiencing numerous challenges, and growing more mature. The brown eyes of his brown hair is his distinctive feature, just like Kinue. Kinue.

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7. Alejandro Corner

Alejandro Corner

Alejandro Corner is the principal antagonist of the initial series of Gundam 00. He initially prefers the Celestial Beings, however things alter afterward. This great pilot has a God complex as well as a need to authority and power. He has his long, brown hair in a ponytail. He prefers golden suits.

6. Light Yagami

Light Yagami

Light Yagami, the protagonist of Death Note is famous around the globe. This noble young man wanted to make use of Death Note’s power Death Note to eliminate criminals. Light is an imposing, young man with dark brown eyes and light brown hair. Light is well-known among his peers due to his easygoing and smart person.

5. Hikaru Hitachiin

Hikaru Hitachiin

Hikaru Hitachiin from Ouran High School Host club is the oldest of the twins, Hitachiin. Despite being older He is well-known for his childish nature. He and his younger sibling can be difficult for anyone in Ouran to distinguish them. But, Haruhi can always tell them apart regardless of the tactics they employ. Hikaru typically splits his hair from left to right.

4. Karou Hitahiin

Karou Hitahiin

Karou is the younger of the Hitachiin twins. He is older and more calm than his elder brother. But, he’s the same sly like his brother. Similar to his brother, Haruhi is a fool for people who confuse their identity too. However, Haruhi is able to distinguish the two apart. 

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Also, he is the first to acknowledge that they will never be in the same way they’ve developed over time. Karou splits her hair on the left.

3. Syaoran Li

Syaoran Li

Li began his career in the role of antagonist to the Cardcaptor Sakura. He was cold and cruel toward Sakura. However, he grew warm to her as time went on and they aided each other. In addition, Li was less taller than his friends when first seen, with small brown hair and big eyes. Li grew in height as the seasons changed. He usually wears the uniform of the school.

2. Lyle Dylandy

Lyle Dylandy

Lyle Dylandy is the identical twin brother of Gundam Meister Neil Dylandy (Lockon Stratos). Like his brother, he too has handsome, tall features along with long brown hair and a flirty and charming personality. Lyle is also a proficient shooter, just like his brother.

Also, he was part of Katharon prior to being a part of Celestial Beings during Gundam 00. Because he was constantly being compared to Neil and Neil was often praised as the more skilled one, Lyle has developed an inferiority complex and has difficulty to trust others.

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1. Neil Dylandy

Neil Dylandy

Neil Dylandy is the original Lockon Stratos from Gundam 00. An important part of the Celestial Beings, Neil is famous for his kindness and warm nature. He has beautiful brown hair with long, long facial features. Neil and his younger brother Lyle are from Irish origin. Also, Neil has a strong dislike of terrorists as his parents and sister were killed in an attack by terrorists. Finally, he is the unknown leader of the Gundam Meisters and had an orange Haro. His sharpshooting abilities were flawless and earned him the nickname Lockon Stratos!

The 31 characters in the anime are each unique in wearing their brunette hair, each in their unique style (well it’s possible that the Dylandy twins could wear the same style but that can serve as an idea for twins who are identical with longer brunet locks). It’s always a good idea to do something different when it comes to your hair.

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