Sad Anime Boys: Top 15+ Most Depressing Boy Characters In Anime

sad anime boy

Sometimes, life gets to your home and everything you have taken for granted might be taken away. Changes happen at the speed of sound and you’re in a completely new situation without knowing what to do or how to handle it. In these instances you need to be ready, fight and attempt to adjust. What isn’t changing, however it is the fact that certain events could turn you into someone who is very unhappy; that sadness can change your life forever. Like us all the characters in anime have to deal with a variety of bizarre situations which make them sad characters. These include the loss of a loved one, a troublesome family, being bullied or becoming distinct from human (boy) beings. The characters in anime, too, are constantly changing and when they fight the emotion of sadness alters their moods. This list was created to tell you what transpired to these 10 boys , who had to deal with a variety of events and incidents which made their moods sad. Some could not accept the reality of what was happening and struggled to deny it the reality of what was happening, while others did nothing, and a few of them even cried. What they all have in common in common is that, despite of their sadness they all battled with all their strength to rise up!

15. Shouya Ishida, from A Silent Voice

Shouya Ishida

The Silent Voice is known for the fact that its fans shed long tears. Shouya Ishida, who was branded for being a bully went through for a long period of his life without ever seeing the gazes. He was engulfed in regret. Anyone who has experienced regret will know how it can be difficult to maintain an unwavering mind when mistakes of the past keep haunting your mind. Shouya Ishida was written with the same concept in the mind.

14. Kakeru Naruse, a native of Orange

Kakeru Naruse

Orange is an animated series which depicts the aftermath of depression. The protagonist is able to talk to her past self in order to save her most sad masculine characters: Kakeru Naruse. The series does a fantastic job of showing how many people are ignorant of what someone is experiencing mentally. Someone who is depressed might appear to be in a good mood when they’re in the midst of a crisis and Orange is a master in capturing this. The character loses her mother early in life and experiences a series of tragic events that are following. In the end, suffering from depression and anxiety, he commits suicide. The protagonist attempts to escape the future by talking to her former self.

13. Guts come from Berserk

Guts come

Berserk is among the first shows that come to mind when we think about dark-fantasy anime. The show is packed with an array of intricate and sophisticated plot twists that have left many viewers with jaws dropping. The plot is more bizarre with Guts who could be some of the saddest male character you might encounter. Berserk tells the story of his dark and tragic end. His traumatic experience may afflict viewers emotionally. First of all, Guts was branded and cursed to be pursued by demons for the rest his life. This meant that he was required to be constantly worried. As a youngster He was without parents and his early life was a complete mess. In the end, he lost his hand as well as an eye. The eye that was left it was able to see his best friend assault his lover.

Guts continues to endure these traumatic incidents that tear viewers in small increments as the story unfolds.

12. Nine and Twelve in Zankyou no Terror

Nine and Twelve

The anime is halfway through, Twelve and Nine are two characters that appear to be two psychotic terrorists who enjoy creating chaos in the world. But eventually the stories of their characters unfold and they are more dark and sadder than what we have imagined. The two protagonists were both brought into a prison and were subjected to suffering throughout their childhood. They spent their teenage years trying to discover the hidden facilities where children were tortured. In order to draw the government’s attention they made their name look bad and were branded terrorists. Then, after they had been succeeding, but the darker aspect of the government came to light Twelve and Nine fell to a gruesome death.

It’s a very sad conclusion that has left a number of viewers crying.

11. Arima Kousei, from Your Lie in April

Arima Kousei

The movie Your Lie In April been famous for its tears-inducing story. The characters in the story have made people cry , both joyful or sad. The emotional component that the plot has is extremely intense. The character who triggers this sadness is Arima Kousei, who is the main character of the story. He is among the most sad male characters you will meet. After a difficult growing up, Arima becomes unable to hear the sound that his keyboard makes. Even though he gains a significant character growth thanks to Kaori however, it takes time and we witness him struggle with his depression numerous times throughout the show.

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10. Takashi Natsume is a character from the Natsume’s Book of Friends (Natsume Yuujinchou)

Takashi Natsume

Takashi Natsume is the sole person on this list that is in a tough spot right from the beginning. He is an orphan that moved from one family to another year after year as everyone thought the character too odd to be dealt with. The oddity, however, is a blessing. Actually, he’s able to see the Ayakashi (spirits) but because everybody else can’t normally see them, he is often in trouble.

At the start of this series, we see how depressing his situation is. There is no one to talk to or family and his difficult childhood have made him an unwelcoming person. This is just a façade however. Natsume is actually friendly, and sweet. He’s just suffering. to defend himself He just learned to pretend to be something or two things. He believes in spirits, yet he behaves as if he does not. He would like to be friends however he’s too afraid to talk to strangers, which is why the way he behaves is cold.

The tables are turned when he discovers his Book of Friends that his grandmother – who also could see spirits too and left behind after her passing. After meeting Madara Nyanko-sensei an incredibly powerful spirit that has been trapped in the form of the “maneki neko”, he embarks on a quest to return to all spirits who are named in the book, all of their names. The trip will provide him with lots of lessons. He gradually becomes more open to people again and even help humans or spirits. When he offers spirits their names and learns about their sorrow and solitude, and that’s the thing that causes him to feel them. He’s an orphan and this sadness cannot be erased In fact, it will be a constant reminder of the moments of joy when he was with his parents. However, it is when he realizes the rightness of what’s given to him and that’s the basis for his rising of the spirit.

9. Aoyagi Ritsuka of Loveless

Aoyagi Ritsuka

Let’s take the 9th spot with a sad-looking boy who appears to be haunted by numerous things. Aoyagi Ritsuka, who is from Loveless is in a tough family life, since her mother has a mental illness, and his brother Seimei Seimei has been murdered. Although it’s as tragic as it may seem the situation gets more complicated when the two meet Agatsumi Soubi. The fateful meeting with Soubi is a glimpse into the existence of a whole new world. A world of sacrifices and fighters that sees two people who share the same name battle and as one “fighter” fights, the “sacrifice” protects. In the event that it gets more dire, Ritsuka discovers that Soubi knew his brother from the past and was once fighting with his brother. They shared the identical name Beloved. Beloved and Ritsuka discovers that Soubi has knowledge of the death of his brother.

When Soubi requests Ritsuka to be His “sacrifice”, even though they don’t have names that are similar (Ritsuka’s initials are Loveless) Soubi agrees. He is motivated by the conviction that Soubi has more information than his brother’s history, and Soubi would like to know what was the fate of Seimei and so they decide to join because of the affection they shared with Seimei. Ritsuka is a teenager and he witnesses a lot happen to him. At the end of the day the teenager begins to feel opposing feelings toward Soubi. Do they love each other? Does he dislike him? He isn’t able to figure it out by himself, so he goes on and on, not having any idea of the best way to handle it. The pain cannot be erased completely and the battles which involve both are hazardous and painful. But, Soubi seems to see some of the Seimei who is not forgotten in Ritsuka. While the end of the anime is it is evident that, in the sorrow both Ritsuka and Soubi share, they’ll attempt to understand and help the other in spite of numerous difficulties.

8. Shion from No.6

Shion from No.6

Shion of No.6 is a depressed boy who has the courage to adjust to the changing circumstances. In reality, he leads an idyllic life in elite society, living in an enormous house that has all the luxury he can wish for, and his intelligence is enough to earn him an entry into the Special School. It is possible that perhaps he’s slightly spoilt. However, he’s not one to stand back from situations, and so when Nezumi who is covered in blood appears on his balcony, he simply helps Nezumi. After a while, his help to Nezumi led to him being sacked from his position in society. Therefore, he was forced to leave the comforts of his life, and begin a new way of life. Again, he’s not one to take a step back. He simply adapts and fights with his responsibilities.

The situation is changed after one of Shion’s coworkers diesand he’s accused of being the murderer. This is the time that Shion is beginning to lose his mind. He’s about to be detained, but Nezumi who has been missing from the night before appears and rescues the man. He leads Shion away from The city No.6 and, there Shion finds out the shocking truth that the people who are deemed to be socially unjust reside in the poorer cities in contrast to the larger cities, struggling live.

Shion develops a disease and his hair becomes white and a long scar is left across his body. The pain of seeing his body alter and for witnessing his life destroyed and to be separated from his mother not as great as the sorrow he experiences when he sees how people are treated within the confines of No.6. It’s the support of Nezumi who gives the strength to move forward and believe that it’s possible to accomplish something. All he has to do is not turn his eyes away from the scene in the center of his vision.

7. Mikaela Hyakuya, from Seraph of The End: Vampire Reign (Owari no Seraph)

Mikaela Hyakuya

Mikaela Hyakuya is a sad and depressed character who is removed from his life. He had hoped to live a happily with his family, away from the wrath of the vampire However, his plans turned into a disaster. Actually just before dying, he’s turned into vampire by Kurl the queen of vampires from Japan. Then, he escaped death, but became one of those creatures he disliked the most.

In the show We can watch him struggling with the person he has changed into. What annoys him the most is the idea of Yuu who is his sole family member who lives and believes Mika was dead. While Mika fights to find Yuu and to reunite with him He isn’t sure what Yuu’s response is going to be. He is unsure of how to confront Yuu after he has discovered that the vampire is his, and, more importantly, Yuu is seeking revenge from the vampires that have destroyed their hopes for the future.

As his despair grows worse each day due to the fact that he is in need of more blood, yet refuses to accept it from human beings while retaining his human counterpart The meeting of him with Yuu can give him some hope. This hope isn’t enough to make him feel better but it can serve as a starting point for him to recognize that perhaps the dream of a future with Yuu is still attainable to be realized.

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6. Ouma Shuu, from Guilty Crown

Ouma Shuu Sad Anime Boy

Ouma Shuu, our tragic protagonist aged 17. He has a special ability called that of the Power of Kings – with whom he can take weapons from bodies of others. From the beginning, we can see the lack of energy that he is as he would prefer to stay clear of trouble. But, eventually trouble appears to confront him in the person of Inori Yuzuriha. He must leave his peaceful existence and take part in the struggle against the GHQ group, which has taken over Japan.

The feelings he begins to feel toward Inori make him feel angry but it’s not enough to bring him to a state of mind with the circumstances he’s in. It’s even more difficult is the fact that he doesn’t know what Inori really Inori likes him. Apart from the romantic aspect He is adamant that it comes to fighting. He wants an easy life, and it’s hard for him to adjust to the changes. He is just a child who wanted to lead a normal life with his normal family and to build a better future using the help of his own hands. As he’s denied his goals, he does not want to adjust. He can’t take on what’s happening however, despite this, all that’s left for him is fight. To overcome his sadness and despair, he’ll do anything hoping that someday everything he’s done will result in a positive outcome and maybe he’ll get his life back.

5. Haruto Tokishima, from Valvrave The Liberator (Kakumeiki Valvrave)

Haruto Tokishima Sad Anime Boy

Our 5th place is held by a character that lives within the area within a division dubbed Module 77. Haruto Tokishima is a peaceful life as a student, until someday something happens, and his life is altered forever. In the wake of an attack from the Dorrsian Military Pact Federation, Haruto is forced by circumstances to be an Valvrave pilot, however the man doesn’t realize that becoming an Valvrave pilot is actually giving all of his humanity.

When he is made pilot, he realises the fact that he’s no longer human, because there is a desire to smack someone or drink the blood of a person as vampires. The sorrow strikes him in a variety of ways, because the pilot wants to safeguard Sashinami Shouko whom he adores and his childhood acquaintance, but to accomplish this, he must create a distance between them. The situation becomes more difficult when he accepts the responsibility of protecting all people, and begins to behave according to the situation. He is not happy with how the situation came into what it is but he’s on one goal in mind and will do everything to achieve it. He’ll go to the extent of having to make the most sacrifice in the calm of the assurance that he has been able to save everyone.

4. Kou “Tanaka” Mabuchi from Blue Spring Ride (Ao Haru Ride)

Kou Mabuchi Sad Anime Boy

Kou “Tanaka” Mabuchi from Blue Spring Ride is a character that, right from the beginning, appears to be cold toward others, or perhaps an irritant. When Kou Mabuchi as well as Futaba Yoshioka were at Middle School, the two shared an obsession with each other. However, one day Kou was gone from Futaba’s view and without saying even a single word. Futaba later, over the next three years, pondered for a long time about him until suddenly an afternoon, she discovers Kou in the high school she attended.

Today, as a teenager, Kou looks totally different than what Futaba was when he was a kid. He was sweet at the time with a smile that was always there. The person she meets right in front of her is an young man who smacks her constantly but is insecure and refuses to allow anyone to come closer. Futaba’s feelings remain but she’ll dig into his background to find a disturbing truththat leaves her speechless. Kou’s parents split and Kou was reunited with his mother to an undiscovered city. In the following years, his mother passed away because of a severe disease and he had to return to Tokyo to reside with his brother and father.

Kou’s strategy of avoiding contact is a way to defend himself. Kou was silent about in the aftermath of the passing of his mother, and the separation from her, alone in a city that was that was far away. He lost faith was able to have in people after as he watched his father deal to the issue, and also how his brother was constantly “busy” and couldn’t visit his mother and he frequently. The pain Kou felt created a massive hole in his chest and he’s convinced that it’s best to remain in a safe distance from other people. Futaba however, is determined to help Kou open his heart once more. She will teach him that he is able to cry when he needs to, and is no longer alone to carry the burden of life on his path.

3. Shinichi Izumi of Parasyte the maxim (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu) – Sad Anime Boy

Shinichi Izumi Sad Anime Boy

At the start of the story Shinichi Izumi appears to be a normal high school student with normal living conditions and a loving family. This is so much so that Shinichi Izumi is able to see that he’s fortunate when a parasite gets into in his body, and steals over the spot of his hand. He is scared of what could befall him, and seems to be very human, as he doesn’t conceal his anxiety, nor does he hide his desire to escape when his parasite – named Migi informs him that there’s a second parasite around.

As his new life moves forward, and he manages somehow to confront the new parasite that is a troublesome “friend”, he has to hide from the world what’s happening. He is required to safeguard the family members and his friends and he doesn’t want be a guinea-pig because it is the only human being that has a parasite that hasn’t taken over his brain. The situation gets worse when his parents take a trip , and his mother is killed due to the parasite. He doesn’t understand what’s happening, but the next day, he gets a strange phone call from his father and the next day the call, his mother arrives at his home. Migi insists on telling Shinichi that she’s no longer his mom, and is rather a parasite. Shinichi cannot take the news as gospel and is unable to fight back. He’s almost dying, but gets saved by Migi. When he awakes and finds strange marks across his chest, Migi sees the incident and that reality hits him.

After the incident, he was an apparently cold and unfeeling person however, he actually suffers often. He vows to protect all and begins to act in a manner that is consistent with his vow. At that point, however there are many experiences and losses bring him into the brink of a mountain, but the same sorrow he experiences will drive him to do his best to safeguard the people that he cherishes.

2. Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul – Popular Sad Anime Boy

Ken Kaneki Sad Anime Boy

Ken Kaneki, a student at the university, is a student with a tendency towards intellectual girls. This is the cause of the abrupt change within his personal life. He is a friend of Rize who appears to be a smart girl however, she is actually an Ghoul which are creatures that eat humans. He ends being beaten by her. After a procedure his life is now secure however, he’s now half ghoul and half human due to being a victim of Rize’s kagune(a weapon of a ghoul) has been implanted inside his body in lieu of a kidney that has been transplanted.

His new existence is challenging. He is taught that he can never eat what human beings consume, and that his ghostly side is difficult to manage. He has a person would like to keep safe however, and that’s his closest friend Hide. He will begin doing what he is told to do. He goes to the Anteiku cafe which is an establishment where ghouls are employed pretending to be human beings . He is trying to manage every issue. The situation isn’t as simple as it looks. Tragic things continue to happen to him. He sees the mother of his best friend being killed right before his eyesand is unable to take action to save her. He must distance himself from Hide as there is a risk of being in danger. Then, he’s taken prisoner, tortured and at the end, the ghoul decides to leave even his ghoulish friends.

He would rather be the victim and not let people around him suffer. However, He doesn’t know the way he acts ultimately hurts everyone who loves him as he is an individual whose life has been shattered and has no direction to take. The end of the story remains a mystery, as the manga continues and yet Ken will be able to carry forward, but the fight he waged could prove to be useless, because in the end, a touching scene where he carries his best friend’s body with his own hands.

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1. Shinji Ikari of Neon Genesis Evangelion – Best Sad Anime Boy

Shinji Ikari

Here we are , with the 1st place in this list, which was awarded to a character who is famous from a popular show! Shinji Ikari, who is from Neon Genesis Evangelion is a pretty ordinary guy. He’s so normal that we’d think he is pretty basic right from the beginning. In 2015, with the world in danger of devastation, our only chance for humankind’s future lies in the Nerv group that owns Evangelion huge robot that has the ability to battle the Angels.

Shinji’s life is altered after he is forced into joining the organization. He is the son of Gendou Ikari. Gendou Ikari chooses those pilots who are compatible with the Evangelions. And when Shinji is reunited with him after many years the wound in his heart is open a second time. Because the man he loved was left behind from his dad, Shinji felt like unloved and unwanted, and Gendou when he sees Shinji, his child after these years has remained cold towards Shinji.

Shinji has a difficult personality to work with, and he is reluctant to build bonds with people. One person he’s unable to allow in, Kaworu Nagisa, gets close enough to tell Shinji that he himself is a angel. The shocking revelation will leave Shinji stunned, and feeling terribly taken advantage of. To make matters worse, the situation the moment Toji Suzuhara – one Shinji’s most beloved friends is captured by an angel who is third Shinji is ordered to kill Toji as well as the Evangelion which he’s in to help save Tokyo. This is why a variety of negative events happen to him and Shinji, who was introverted since the beginning, is constantly losing confidence in himself.

He’s not your typical character. Shinji isn’t a jolly jumper in the Evangelion and doesn’t show any enthusiasm for the mission. Instead He behaves as heroes would never behave. He isn’t trying to become an improved person, and he doesn’t believe he’s a good fit being an Evangelion pilot. However the pilot doesn’t bother to resign himself from the task, as he is afraid that others will come to dislike him. He avoids contact with humans simply because he’s fearful of injury and also pilot the Evangelion. It’s important to know how in the final two episodes, he is often unsure of what he’s really scared of, and then He admits to himself that he knew all his life but was unable to accept: He is scared of his father. At the end of it all, he’s simply a sad, small child, caught in a difficult position that wants to be accepted of his parents.

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