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What are the top characters ever created in the past of anime? This debate has been debated over Internet forum since Internet forums came into existence. We decided it was the right the right time to revisit this highly debated subject and hopefully add some fresh perspectives to the debate We've put together an updated collection of some of the more unique and fascinating characters from Japanese animation.
anime characters

What are the top characters ever created in the past of anime? This debate has been debated over Internet forum since Internet forums came into existence. We decided it was the right the right time to revisit this highly debated subject and hopefully add some fresh perspectives to the debate We’ve put together an updated collection of some of the more unique and fascinating characters from Japanese animation.

There are many aspects to consider in this list: Legacy, impact, and recognition. For on this checklist, the most significant aspect was artistic excellence. We wanted characters that were unique in their time, unique and strong in their own unique way. Most importantly, we picked characters that changed the way we saw anime be. The characters that weren’t particularly memorable did not make the selection, even though they’re well-known. There are plenty of anime characters that are well-known and are the basis to a commercial machine however, sales and marketing alone aren’t what make an individual character outstanding. Design, writing and creativity make an individual character exceptional.

Therefore, we’ll be right there. If you’re searching at Naruto, Ichigo, or Monkey…you’re unlikely to see these characters on this page. They’re all entertaining in their own ways And no one will deny the commercial appeal of their films, however popularity does not always mean high quality. Like blockbuster movies do not always win Oscars and the most popular music stars don’t always win Grammys.We are aware that there could be some disagreements here. We’re actually looking forward to it. In terms of fandoms, the anime community is among the most informed people, and we’d love to hear whom you think are the most impressive examples of anime’s star power.

After that, we’ll move we’re now on the list!

Top 130 Anime Characters All Time

By Shadow Realm

60. Raizen Yu Yu Hakusho – The Most Badass Father Among anime characters

In Yu Yu Hakusho, Raizen was an powerful demon that was called the Mazoku (loosely meaning “Tribe of Demons” which is which is translated to Demonkin in the subtitles of FUNimation’s version of the original Japanese animation).

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Also, he was one of The Three Kings of Makai as well as Yusuke Urameshi’s maternal father. In the manga the episode, prior to Yusuke’s return into the Demon World, Raizen is named Toshin in the name of Hokushin. Because it can be translated as Battle God, it is probably a nickname, not an actual surname. He’s also known as “Master of War” or “Warrior God” in accordance with the meaning.

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59. Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho

In Demon Slayer, Shinobu Kocho (Kocho Shinobu) is an antagonist on the show Demon Slayer, she is a demon killer as well as the present Pillar of the Insect (Mushi Bashira). Shinobu was recruited to the Squadron following the loss of her younger sister Kanae at the death of High Moon Doma, her intention was to shield others from feeling the same grief she suffered.

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58. Shinobu Sensui

Shinobu sensui

Shinobu Sensui also known as the Black Angel, was the main antagonist of the Chapter Black Saga, as well as a former Spirit Detective in his youth, having been recruited by Koenma for his prodigious talents and his unequaled sense of right and wrong.

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57. Muzan Kibitsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji is the villainous antagonist (the final boss) in the anime “Onikidemetsuno no hanayiba”. He is the father or protector of the 12 ogre moons as well as the Ogre Oni that appear in the work. The one that ends from the existence of Jirou Sumitane’s family members and is the one who draws Jirou Sumitane’s attention.

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56. Sanemi Shinazugawa


In Demon Slayer, Sanemi Shinazugawa is is a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps the current Pillar of Wind. In addition, He is also the older brother of Genya Shinazugawa

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55. Razor

Razor hxh

In Hunter X Hunter, Razor  was one of the games masters and the creators of Greed Island. He is the leader of Convicts of Greed Island.

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54. Kenny Ackerman

Kenny Ackerman

In Hunter X Hunter, Razor  was one of the games masters and the creators of Greed Island. He is the leader of Convicts of Greed Island. He is Uncle Livai

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53. Carla Yeager

Carla Yeager

Carla Yeager  is Eren Yeager’s mother. She was Mikasa Ackerman’s adopted mom and Grisha Yeager’s spouse. She was Killed by “Smiling Titan” after the falling on the Wall Maria.

52. Cheadle HxH

cheadle hxh

In Hxh Cheadle Yorkshire is a Triple-Star Hunter, and is a member of the Zodiacs with the codename ” Dog” . The 14 on the list and the current chairperson of the Hunter Association, as well as an active participant in the Science Team created in preparation for the adventure towards the Dark Continent.

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51. Zeke Jaeger

Zeke JAeger

Zeke Jaeger of Marley’s army of Eldian warriors and the last user of Beast Titan power.

Also, Zeke was the child of Grisha and Dina Jaeger In addition to being a half-brother older than Eren Jaeger, Zeke was one of the last descendants of the royal Fritz family. Through the majority of his life, Zeke demonstrated a deep devotion towards Marley and confessed his parents for Marley’s Public Security Authorities after they entered the warrior program with the sole purpose of getting the founding Titan to the Restorers of Eldia.

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Ryuk is Shinigami (death god) and, as one would expect from such a animal: there’s nothing pleasant about him.

His appearance is a symphony of ugly, death and generally a sour environment that gives you chills. There is nothing positive to gain from being caught in his prescience all the time.

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If the Grim reaper were in fact real Ryuk may be an exact description of what the grim reaper could appear like


Rock Lee

Naruto: Naruto

Okay, let’s take a second to forget how amazing a character Lee is or was.

Then look him up physically.

You must admit that If you saw someone sporting eyebrows that were thicker than Snickers and a green jumpsuitand orange leg warmers You probably wouldn’t think “oh what a gorgeous sexy beast!”

The reality that Guy is a person I enjoy, is exactly the exact the same and is often with Lee isn’t helping. Particularly when someone is aware that Guy is not his father.

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Tomoko Kuroki

Animation: WataMote

There’s a reason glow-ups are a rage trend in the world of social media, because puberty can be a messy time often.

However, for the majority of the time the anime industry ignores this fact and creates every high schooler into model with the perfect face and body.

Then we have Tomoki.

She’s not sure what to wear, style her hair, rest for enough time so that bags don’t develop beneath her eyelids, stroll, and say”hello!… She’s an uninvolved victim.

All of this can lead her to look rather shabby that is worse when she tries to appear attractive.

We’ve every one of us been Tomoki at one point or another. It gets better.

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47.  Saya Sasamiya

Blue Hair Anime Girl - Saya Sasamiya

One of the first thoughts about Saya Sasamiya may be that she’s lazy, sleepy and unfocused. However, in reality, she’s much sharper and more knowledgeable than she appears.

And also driven.

Saya’s personality is what makes the “Interesting” to spend time with. Because she’s different and unconventional and also is a lover of all things tech.

46. Levy McGarden

Levy McGarden

“We must unite. The exam caused us to be divided and we put ourselves ahead of our allies. We can’t do this anymore. The adversary is a formidable one! We, Fairy Tail, must unite our forces to win!” – Levy McGarden

Levy’s intellect is among her greatest strengths. It’s also what makes Levy’s appearance so attractive and charming.

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She enjoys reading, books and learning, as well as educating herself and understanding the way that things work. No matter how difficult the task.

In case you’re not aware the character of Sheila plays in the Anime the Fairy Tail.

45. Hotaru Shidare – Dagashi Kashi

Hotaru Shidare

It’s quite insulting to state that Hotaru is a sweet-toothed cat.

She is sugar-laced to the max candy crush grills.

Since her parents were involved in the confectionery industry, Hotaru inherited this sugary passion.

It is done through two methods. The first is that she would like to see her company expand and we see her continually trying to acquire an important worker, Kokonotsu’s father.

The second is that she is determined to do her best. She is always putting some delicious food in her mouth.

44. Shampoo – Ranma 1/2

Shampoo Ranma ½

It’s what they are saying: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”.

I would have made it clear that they will not get in the arms of your foes at some time.

Shampoo’s character is best understood as it relates to Ranma. He is initially given the tsundere treatment because the woman who isn’t a victim of violence.

She softens as time passes. Now that she’s become more softer towards him, any other person who would like to put a finger on him, or even feel feelings will be able to grab her fingers.

43. Noelle Silva – Black Clover

Noelle Silva-Black Clover

If there is any aspect of Black Clover that is much more irritating than Asta’s screams, after that it needs to be Noelle’s stubbornness. Regrettably, her weak point in the direction of Asta and her would-be noble attitude get excessive used. Yet these are the facts that make her character likable. It adds an appeal to her as well as makes her heartthrob. Her tsundere qualities and IDGAF attitude suffice to draw in the weebs.

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42. Nao Tomori – Charlotte

Nao Tomori-Charlotte | white hair anime girl

So you are stating that you do not like a tsundere character that kicks you right in the face but also cares enough to fight for you? After that why are you shouting waifu when we state Nao? Well, we can not blame you. She has a character that knows when to be a tsundere and also when to in fact express the hidden sensations. If you ever discover such a woman, after that don’t even blink, simply marry her. Well, that could be hard therefore a character can just be in anime, and it’s none apart from Nao.

41. Elizabeth Liones – The Seven Deadly Sins.

Elizabeth Liones-The seven Deadly Sins | white hair anime girl

Elizabeth, who in their right mind won’t locate her magnificent?!? Yes, she does start as the “damsel in distress” character, but that is not all to her. But oh man, does she get a transformation or what. As the tale advances, two points changed. To start with, her character shifted from being the damsel to a heartbreaking damsel. As well as the various other is her power level that can even make Meliodas seem light. However the inappropriate foundling from the midget is something that stayed consistent.

DATTEBAYO! Imagine playing the role of the first Big 3? That’s rare, right? One of them are Naruto Uzumaki of the TV show Naruto.

Naturally, He is the main character of the show, which is why he is perfect for the attention and affection.

Don’t be fooled by the notion. He didn’t earn this high a rank simply because he’s the hero.

Oh No, my dear friend. In reality, the reason that he is standing so high is because of what he presented to his table.

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His inspirational and inspirational lifestyle is the reason he’s amazing. Although it may not occur right from the start the pure and kind character of Naruto is a magnet for the hearts of viewers.

The character is highly regarded for his erratic efforts and adored for his gruesome previous life. Whatever you think of Naruto there is no doubt that, as an Shonen series, the show was a success. than the other ones.

This is the reason the man is so prominent on this list.

39. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman

It’s time to discuss some Attack On Titan ladies and gentlemen! The anime that forever changed the world of animation and set an undisputed example by its rumble.

The storm, however, was far more destructive than you had hoped for. Even though it’s the plot that’s the primary draw for this series however, the characters aren’t a joke either.

The show has one of the top characters in recent animated series, Attack On Titan stands with some great characters in its ranks.

They include warriors such as Mikasa. She was the one who won the hearts of a lot of anime lovers around the world by her brave and strong nature.

The way she shields Eren and the amount of affection she has for Eren make this character a remarkable character.

38. Sakurajima Mai

Sakurajima Mai

All you ladies and gentlemen! We are here to discuss the queen of Waifus One of the most stunning female characters from the history of anime and an amazing work of art in her own right.

Yes, you read it right We will discuss Sakurajima Mai of Bunny Girl Senpai.

Sakurajima Mai or Mai San, is one of the main characters from the series.

She is recognized within the world of anime as being the most outstanding Waifu ever. After winning multiple Waifu wars , and the love of millions of fans of anime, Mai san rules the world when it comes down to amazing female characters.

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The reason she is revered in this manner is the fact that her behavior, character and character are nothing more than the characteristics of an angel.

She’s kind but firm and cute, yet strong She is the one who can make a difference among anime character and real people with her fantastical character.

In all honesty I could continue to rant about her, but you’ll see the image.

Sakurajima Mai is a total God when it comes down to anime heroes that are amazing and you won’t be able to top this.

37. Makise Kurisu

Makise Kurisu

While I am in love with Sakurajima Mai along with her beautiful persona, there is a female character who just seems to be a little too far is Makise Kurisu.

If you don’t know, Makise Kurisu is the leading female character in the animated series Steins Gate.

Scientist and would like to continue the research of her father in her own unique way.

But, her life is changed when she is introduced to Okabe Rintaro. What makes her an extraordinary character is the combination of the storyline in Steins Gate and her part in the same.

She was the jewel that brought a fresh perspective in this Steins Gate anime and the manner in which she did that is just adorable.

There is a character isn’t difficult to love If you’ve watched this particular show.

This is the reason she’s so high on this list.

36. Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa zoro

Have you ever had you heard about One Piece? That super long show that contains 20 million episodes or more?

It’s true, I’m talking about this one. In particular I am referring to an of the more beloved characters from the show the swordsman Roronoa Zoro.

Zoro has been one of the most prominent characters in One Piece and is widely considered to be the greatest companion character of all time.

His smug and badass attitude as well as his inspiring and motivating personality is what makes readers and viewers admire his character.

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He can be close to death but claim that ‘Nothing happened’. His persona his entertainment and his personality are perfect and no one will ever want to be around him.

This character is the core of the series , and all fans of One Piece fans know.

If you don’t, you’ve not seen One Piece. Zoro is amazing!

35. Sakata Gintoki

Sakata Gintoki

All you ladies and gentlemen this is the place to be. The top 10 anime characters are here and I’ll be honest with you: these guys are perfect for anime characters.

The way in which these people are written, and presented can be what make them real. The fact that I’m not exaggerating can be proven by the appearance of Sakata Gintoki.

If you don’t know, Gintoki is the main character in Gintama the series that is considered to be among the most popular among millions of anime lovers in the world.

While Gintama’s story can be described as episodic, for main portion, characters bring the excitement into the story.

The whole cast is amazing however the most impressive one is definitely Gintoki. Gintoki’s Dynamics of the character are so amazing that he will make you smile and tear tears.

The experience of being together with Gintoki is like experiencing it from the third-person viewpoint, which is an amazing experience on its own.

If you’ve not yet seen Gintama Man, you’re truly not seeing the full story. The show is amazing and so is the character.

34. Edward Elric

Edward Elric

When we discuss protagonists, we typically think of someone who will always be the main character in the story regardless of the efforts of other characters.

But, Edward Elric, from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, is the person who can reveal the amazing protagonist can do.

Despite being often referred to as the “short dude, Edward is the one who’s the most mature of the cast of characters from the series.

He doesn’t consume all the screentime in the show. He simply shows up at the appropriate time and let the other characters take their turn.

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The balance between his presence and his visions of the show are so excellent that I don’t think I could imagine him being any less.

Our alchemist may not be the cutest but he’s certainly the most trustworthy.

33. Izuku Midoriya

33. Izuku Midoriya

The next rank is the highest we will be introducing the protagonist from one of the more viewed shows of the last few years, My Hero Academia.

Now , let me set the record straight: being part of the ‘Big Three is not a joke, particularly in this time in which anime is more popular than ever before.

When you’re the main character in one of these series, fame and affection are sure to be lavished upon you.

Izuku is an honest man who is trying to be the next symbol of peace , based in his hero All Might.

His determination, hard work, and the drive to succeed regardless of the obstacles inspirational on a different scale.

If you’re watching My Hero Academia, you have plenty of chances to put yourself in the shoes of Izuku’s character and understand that life has the most difficult turn.

The one who conquers every single one is the sole person worthy to remain solidly.

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32. Kurosaki Ichigo

Ichigo kurosaki

As I wrote in my last post Love and fame will be lavished upon if you’re part of the ‘Big Three’.

This is particularly applicable if you’re the main character in any or more of the Big 3.

This is EVEN more so when you are the main character of the very first Big 3.

Oh my goodness, the index of admiration is set to rise right now for our handsome boy Ichigo.

For those who aren’t familiar, Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character in the TV series Bleach.

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This man isn’t a joke. From humble to an absolute war lord, Ichigo can take any form depending on who they are working with.

His style is dominating and fashionable and makes himself one of the most attractive Shonen protagonists .

It’s no wonder he found it to the list.

31. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha

I do not want to feel repetitious since I’ve mentioned this issue in my previous two posts.

However, it is in the same category, therefore I’m not going to be biased. Furthermore, this will demonstrate how important the idea of the Big 3 is in terms of respect and the acclaim of their fans.

Sasuke is among the most prominent characters from the show called Naruto. Sasuke is well-known for his charming and smug appearance, as and his aspirational character.

One of the most elite students at his school, Sasuke is a beast when it comes to fighting.

This is not a surprise that he made it to the top of the charts in popularity and affection without having to work.

Sasuke is loved by his fans for his role in the story, and even though haters aren’t without their own opinions, Sasuke ignores them as is his right.

A wonderful character indeed.

30. Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki

Look at the man we have. This is among the major characters from My Hero Academia and arguably the most beautiful one, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re discussing the hot but cool Todoroki Shoto. Shoto is among the most prestigious students in the U.

A. High Academy because of the admissions process through a recommendation. The son is a second (now 1st) hero who was ranked as Endeavor and therefore he has an excellent foundation from the age of.

Although he’s not very vocal but his combat skills and charming manner are evident.

This is the kind of man you must try to emulate.

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29. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

It’s time to roll your eyes at the sky, Ladies and Gentlemen. If you’re one of the few who believe that anime isn’t a good source of mature content and I’m certain that you’ve not watched Violet Evergarden at all.

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The main character Violet can change your perspective about anime and life in the long run. Violet Evergarden can be described as a TV series about Violet who can’t be able to understand human emotions because of her difficult upbringing.

She was always admired and treated as a weapon as an infant.

When the one and only person who was ever concerned about her passed away, she made the decision to comprehend his final words.

Those being ‘I Love You ‘. This search for emotions as well as human emotion is what makes Violet Evergarden one of the greatest female characters that you can see in anime.

Her life is a thrilling story that you cannot not help but fall in love with so deeply.

28. Bakugo Katsuki

Bakugo Katsuki

It’s no surprise that we’ve got new character to join the My Hero Academia franchise.

In his presence and his presence, the My Hero Academia trio is complete. Three of the main characters made it onto the top of the list. The one with the best standing among them was Bakugo Katsuki.

He has the same skills as Shoto in essence. hard work just like Izuku.

What can make him stand out lies in the fact that his character is most fully developed.

When you reach the next stage of your life, whether that’s adolescence from childhood or the transition to adulthood following an adolescent stage, you begin to realize the real nature of those who surround you.

He always believes that he’s superior to anyone else, however having to face the opposition of others is the essence of his character.

Although his conduct tends to be rough with everybody but he develops with time and his changes in character so captivating.

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27. Koyomi Araragi

Koyomi Araragi

If you’ve been an avid fan of anime for a long time, you’re probably sure you’ve heard of Koyomi Araragi.

He is, after all, the main protagonist of the popular Monogatari series. Although this may not be your top choice of series, it’s not hard to say the fact that Araragi is an incredible character.

This man can literally save the lives of hundreds of people by putting his life, yet he isn’t feeling guilty about it.

He is well-known for his actions that could be questioned at times , but in the majority of cases it is a worthy investment of your time.

If you’re going to search for some amazing written characters, you will encounter Araragi several times.

He is among the greatest storytellers of the history of anime’s protagonists.

26. Dazai Osamu

Dazai Osamu

Fangirl most loved new Ladies and Gentlemen. Dazai Osamu is among the main characters of the TV series known as Bingo Stray Dogs.

And he is renowned within the community of anime for his bizarre and unreal character which makes him unique.

He’s an amazing detective who is able to solve any problem with his wit. However, it seems that my man isn’t enjoying life as frequently and he chooses to make occasionally suicide attempts.

He stands above the rest of the pack and he’s well-known in the world of anime as a fan-favorite from the series.

In particular, he’s popular with female anime enthusiasts and I would guess that’s the reason why this self-centered character was included on this list.

25. Shigeo Kageyama

No no. He’s not the son to Tobio Kageyama who is from Haikyuu. He’s not even related to Haikyuu.

In reality, Shigeo Kageyama also known as Mob is the star of the highly acclaimed program Mob Psycho 100.

He is indeed an actor from the TV show Reigen is from. The reality is, Reigen is the mastermind for Mob.

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Like Reigen, Mob also gained an increase in his character and popularity because of the second season’s release.

This is due to the same reason as Reigen, Season 2 also featured character arcs that were specifically designed for Mob and Mob.

So, viewers could enjoy and appreciate the mindset of the character. At first, many saw the character as boring and uninteresting character.

But, everything changed after Mob displayed his true character in the 1st and 2nd seasons , and consequently captured the hearts of his fans.

If you’ve watched Mob Psycho 100 at any moment in the time. It’s impossible not to be in love with Mob.

He’s incredible.

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24. Kurapika


In the world of comics, Kurapika is known as a mysterious monster from the show, Kurapika is a character who became popular following his character’s arc.

My man is a part of the principal actors in the series Hunter x Hunter. Thus, he got lots of attention from those who watched the series.

The spike in their interest was evident in the form of an entire episode that was focused on Kurapika and showed how amazing he is.

I won’t go into this as I don’t want to ruin the show for you, but if watching Hunter and Hunter be sure to keep an eye for Kurapika because that guy will perform something crazy.

This will make you realize the reason he’s on the top of the list.

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23. Saber


The Fate series has always been the subject of debate. However, what we can be certain of is it has truly amazing characters in the series.

One such character is Saber. Saber is a “familiar” with Kiritsugu who is among the main characters in the show and has attracted the attention she ought to be getting.

But, it’s not excessive given how she’s portrayed as a character.

In the end, she is worthy of all the respect and admiration from the show and the viewers. Her actions have brought about some of the most dramatic developments in the plot and her impact is significant.

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It’s no wonder she is loved so widely by fans around the world.

22. Kaguya Shinomiya

In recent years, powerful women characters are now kind of rare, considering how they’re a tiny part of their numbers.

This isn’t speaking about strength in physical form. It is the quality of the character of a person.

Sometimes, however, every sometimes we meet women who address the subject. Recently, Kaguya Shinomiya has been the female.

Kaguya Shinomiya is the main character from Kaguya Sama”Love is War. She is a wealthy child who has a difficult background that gives her an the qualities of a top student.

In the end she’s not yet ready to face the harsh realities of her life, including her issues with her parents, as well as her quest for love.

Let me be clear, if haven’t yet watched Kaguya Sama, then you’re thinking that something is different from what actually happens.

If you’re watching the show, you’ll be able not to admire Kaguya and her engaging but shrewd personality.

Try this series This girl could end up as your most top choice.

21. Shinobu Oshino

Shinobu Oshino

Did I mention the Monogatari series previously? Yes, the show isn’t just about protagonists.

The anime instead has diverse characters who will captivate you by their lives.

This time, we are talking about Shinobu Okino who could be as young as 10 as old as 100 depending on what you’d like to call it.

Shinobu was afflicted by a supernatural illness she was able to experience something that she had that was never before seen.

In a world of isolation The story delved into the struggles she faces when confronting such difficult situations.

The manner in which she handles her life and the way she looks about every circumstance is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

If you were to watch the show you’ll recognize how amazing her character is, and thus, she managed to make it to the top of this list.

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20. Hikigaya Hachiman

Considered by many to be the most memorable anime character ever, Hikigaya Hachiman is a typical high school student who has defined views on society.

He says that the fantasy of a butterfly’s life is only a dream but in reality the reality is difficult and painful.

But, if we witness him confront the reality of his life and see him challenge his own beliefs forged by his previous experiences and experiences, our affection for him will increase exponentially.

He’d make you think about your teenage years and ask you questions that you could not answer.

Deep into the complexities of human relationships as well as teenage life Hikigaya Hachiman plays the main character of Oregairu and you must watch the show now to understand the reasons why this woman is so talented.

19. Hisoka


Sometimes, you have to question the decisions we humans make. This is often the case like to see in the case of Hisoka getting to the 30th position.

Yes, I am surprised. For those who aren’t aware, Hisoka is the villain of the Hunter x Hunter series.

He isn’t necessarily the villain, but he is a frequent adversary to our heroes often.

He’s the bad guy. But, people tend to be smitten with the villain due to how entertaining he can be.

Even though he’s a disgusting sexual predator, Hisoka has a charm nobody else has and that’s why the character is included on this list.

If you’re a fan of Hunter x Hunter You might be able to enjoy Hisoka also.

18. Roy Mustang

Roy Mustang

The most sexy character from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. The guy is the pinnacle of entertainment in style, and, without doubt is one of the most memorable characters in the series.

Roy Mustang is a man who has a moral code and beliefs that are superior to everything else, and he’ll never ever give up on these no whatever.

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This makes him an amazing persona Roy is. Apart from his inspirational character, Roy is also a exceptionally powerful alchemist who can destroy you in a matter of seconds.

He’s like a soft sweet gummy bear to his loved ones , and as tough like steel to fight the bad guys.

If you’ve ever seen Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, make sure you be on the lookout for this man!

17. Joseph Joestar

Joseph Joestar

So, guys I don’t believe the character doesn’t need any introductions, do he? This is our little Joseph from the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures franchise.

Of the other characters on the program, Joseph is arguably the most memorable. Since he is a member of the family and his sexy behavior will always be present.

But what is different about him from other JoJo’s is the contribution he makes to the overall JoJo series.

My man has always provided us the most entertaining entertainment through his appearance on the screen.

The manner in which he battles and fights the villains has a charm all its own and that is why his rank is 28th position at the top of the chart.

16. Gojo Satoru – LOL The Most Beautiful Eyes Among anime characters

Satoru gojo

In the midst of gaining popularity within a matter of minutes We are now able to watch Gojo Satoru. Gojo Satoru is among the main characters of Jujutsu Kaisen in addition to his character gained traction shortly after the movie’s release in 2020.

Jujutsu Kaisen was an incredible series that garnered plenty of praise and admiration. But, if I asked 100 Jujutsu Kaisen fans to name their top character, 95 would answer ‘Gojo Satoru’.

This guy right here created the show to be as successful as it is in the present. There is no greater achievement than becoming the main character of the show that you are an integral part of.

His personality is somewhat like Playboy similar, but that’s only the top of the line. What makes him so terrifying as well as cool is the ability to make cool.

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He is widely regarded as the strongest , and that is why his fights are always destined to being fascinating.

No wonder Jujutsu Kaisen is known worldwide.

15. Megumin

Megumin anime characters

We have a character whose character is somewhat explosive as you may have noticed. KonoSuba is an anime brimming with characters who aren’t the level of rationality you think.

But, of the many characters in this show that is a joke, Megumin is probably the closest to being rational.

So, she is an integral character in the series. It’s not difficult to understand that all characters share those naive habits which make them unique.

But, Megumin is just a girl who is awed by the magic of explosions more than anything else. The fact that she’s the most rational of girls is what makes her a fan-favorite.

She’s cute, adorable and beautiful. That’s why she’s at the top of this list.

14. Yato

Yato anime characters

Yato is God literally. What makes him an extraordinary persona is the fact that his character is grounded.

Literally. It’s true, Yato is the protagonist in the manga series Noragami and my character is looking to construct his own shrine to be a revered God.

But, if he provides all of his services for 5 Y, he’s not in a position to gather enough money to construct the shrine.

Thus, he is reliant on other strategies that one would never expect God to employ. As an individual, he’s composed, calm and a bit of an idiot.

If you discover the truth about his past, you’ll be able to show your admiration for his character.

I’m not trying to spoil anyone, but if ever you decide to go to Noragami be prepared for an inspiring backstory of my son Yato.

13. Spike Spiegel

Spike Spiegel anime characters

It is regarded by many as the coolest character from anime history This is the time to talk about Spike Spiegel.

Spike Spiegel is the protagonist of the famous Cowboy Bebop series that changed the world of anime for good.

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There’s no doubt the fact that Spike’s part in this shift was essential. With his confident attitude and mature speech, Spike won the hearts of a lot of adults when the show first began airing.

He is still considered to be the most biggest smuggle, the most powerful or the most brilliant persona many of us need to be looking at.

There’s not much to say about him, but if you’re a fan of Cowboy Bebop, there’s no reason to not love Spike.

There’s can’t be.

12. Kakashi Hatake – The Best Sensei Among anime characters

Kakashi Hatake anime characters

Now, let’s see whom we’re dealing right now. The famous Jonin the copy ninja Kakashi Hatake.

Kakashi is among the main characters of Naruto and his role in Naruto’s overall story is unparalleled.

He’s a giant in terms of strength and expertise, but that’s certainly not all.

He’s also an amazing persona based on his character and appearance, which makes him just as amazing.

You know What could be a more memorable gratitude than the villain telling us, “The Copy Ninja Kakashi, it’s an honor to meet you”.

This is probably the most important thing you could hear from the person you’re about to kill.

He’s kind, gentle but also rough and powerful. His charismatic personality and his contribution to the narrative are what make this character great.

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11. Saitama

Saitama anime characters

If you’re an anime enthusiast or not, there’s almost no chance you’ve not heard of this character.

One of the most popular anime characters We are talking about Saitama or One Punch Man.

Saitama is the main character in the animated series known as One Punch Man and has similar traits of personality as Shigeo Kageyama.

This is due to the fact that each of One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 are written by the same writer ONE.

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You might think that Saitama has a boring personality that has no distinct emotions. But, if you take the time to take the time to understand this person and his attributes, things become more fascinating.

One Punch Man isn’t a typical animated series. It’s one of the most popular.

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10. Rem – My Waifu Among anime characters

rem anime characters

A lot of people can agree that she’s one of the most adored Waifu ever.

Sincere, I’m with this. The sheer volume of enthusiasm that fans have for Rem is insane.

If you’re not convinced me, go to Google and search for ‘Rem Anime Figures’.

It is easy to see how insane the admiration of Rem is. It is my belief that such a huge amount of love is due to how beautiful Rem appeared in the animated.

I’m sure I didn’t mention it , but Rem was one of the principal characters from Re: Zero.

Yup that’s right, the same show which featured Emilia also featured a more famous girl. She is well-known within the community as being the standard girl who is rejected, but does she have an extremely sweet and caring nature?

Why is a girl a common target to be rejected? Watch the anime to find out about it.

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9. Kaneki Ken – Lol The Schizophrene Among anime characters

Kaneki Ken anime characters

When Tokyo Ghoul first aired, nobody had predicted that it going to get the same amount of attention in the way it did.

The manga is amazing and this sensational feeling stems due to being surrounded by Kaneki Ken.

In the days when Kaneki Ken first hit the manga and anime fandom went into a frenzy due to how violent and disturbing the plot was.

The people loved Kaneki more than anyone else. He was a nice child who wanted to lead an ordinary life.

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But, when he changed into a monster his ways of dealing with his new lifestyle and his view of humanity is the reason why people looked at him as a role model.

Furthermore, when he took the path that is dark in his life it was something virtually no one else had seen before.

This is why our character received lots of attention, and even now, he’s considered to be one of the most memorable characters in manga’s history.

He’s not surprised to be so high on the list.

8. Itachi Uchiha – The Best Brother Among anime characters

Itachi Uchiha anime characters

Alright. It’s time to discuss the most fascinating character from the Naruto series. Itachi Uchiha is the one character who is feared by all and is adored by everyone.

At first glance, it may not appear to be an exceptional person. But, once you know the background of Itachi You’ll have no option but to shed tears.

The way he has dealt with the harsh reality of life and the choices that he’s made are remarkable in ways that would not expect.

I won’t ruin it for those who haven’t yet watched Naruto yet. If, however, you’re watching Naruto and are near Itachi’s storyline, pay close focus on him.

He is among the greatest characters in the series. You’ll realize this sooner or later.

People who have seen the show are aware of the meaning of.

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7. Guts

Guts anime characters

Guts is the main character of the highly acclaimed manga and anime series known as Berserk. This time, the story of Guts is quite unique due to the fact that his popularity stems in Berserk, the Manga of Berserk by legendary Manga Author Miura Kentarou.

Like the other characters in this list, Guts had almost nothing normal about his life.

If you DO NOT think about the loss of a hand being beat to death, and taking on the whole day like a normal.

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My husband has lived through hell in a do-or die world. Only the strong survive, while the weak die.

This concept isn’t a play in Berserk. Because of Guts being the man who was a victim of murder, death and a myriad of other horrific things right before his own eyes, this man has abandoned humanity but continues to pursue it.

This ability to not sleep through the worst of situations is the reason he is so great.

6. Light Yagami

anime characters Light Yagami

Many of us believe that Light Yagami is the best ever protagonist. It’s not hard to accept the fact that he’s an amazing protagonist , or a remarkable character overall.

Light Yagami is the protagonist of the series Death Note where he goes against the greatest detective in the world L in a fight.

What can make Light unique is the question Light asks us when he is on screen. What exactly is a protagonist? ‘.

The method by which Light confronts the criminals before moving to a completely different mindset leads us to wonder what is the definition of a protagonist.

Aren’t the villains meant to be principal characters? Are the beliefs of Light the right guy? Or is his stance on the world untrue?

When a character has to deal with situations that follow this model then you can tell he’s unique.

This is the reason Light Yagami is so high on this list.

5. Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager anime characters

Its appearance Eren Yeager is not a surprise, given how the cult Attack On Titan is.

When season 4 was released everybody and their mothers were discussing Attack On Titan.

Being the center in the series, Eren gained some of the most the attention that a character from anime has ever received.

Does he deserve it? Sure. Similar to Light, Eren also makes us think about what is the definition of a protagonist, while also beautifully showing his own side of the story.

You may think his actions are stupid, but if you take a look at the world through his perspective and see the reality all around you.

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4. Okabe Rintaro

Okabe Rintaro anime characters

Did you remember we discussed Makise Kurisu earlier? Yes, she was the female lead in Steins Gate.

Okabe Rintaro is the main character from Steins Gate and one of the most memorable characters of anime.

Okabe could appear like an aspiring mad scientist in first glance. first impression. But, after the 12th episode of the show the storyline shifts in a different way.

The entire build-up of the past 12 episodes has paid off and we are able to see the other side of the character.

The person who appeared to be an untrained scientist, becomes among the more intriguing characters available.

I’m not trying to bore the story with details from the show, but mark my words, when the show is over, Okabe will be your favourite character.

There’s no doubt about it.

Monkey D Luffy anime characters

We’re in the Top five Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s official! The final part of our list. Let’s start with one of the most famous characters which is still seen on television to this day.

Yes, I am speaking of Luffy in the anime One Piece. And , oh my god, Luffy is one fine piece of an individual.

The trend of the dumb anime character is not new and we’ve got numerous examples of these.

Yet, not one of them is near to being as good like Luffy is.

Though he’s a fool in the sense of making decisions however, the amount of emotions that this man creates prior to each fight is awe-inspiring.

It’s like he’d get into a silly fight with a super-strong person and you’d be able to be hoping that he won.

That’s how amazing the man is. To summarise his personality I’d say my man has changed but isn’t ever.

If you’ve ever watched One Piece, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

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2. Lelouch Lamperouge – The Best Tactician Among anime characters

LELOUCH anime characters

The animated series Code Geass aired back in 2006 and it was that year in which Lelouch Lamperouge made an appearance on television screens.

From that day to the present, no one has stood against him on the basis of intelligence or Wit.

The man is basically an God of strategy, and is able to make you follow his rules even if you do not want to.

That’s how strong this guy is. But, just strength doesn’t allow a person to be on this list.

What is it that makes them worthy of being able to claim this place is the impact they make an impression on viewers.

It’s not hard to say that Lelouch is among, perhaps the most captivating heroes in the entire world of anime?

His intelligence is what draws people to him and this charm is what he uses better than you’d think.

He’s kind, charming and hilarious throughout. We also have the end of Season 2, but we’ll not get into that.

In the end, Lelouch is one heck of a character should not be able to take your eyes wander off.

3. Killua Zoldyck – The Most Beloved Among anime characters

Killua Zoldyck anime characters

In search of a spot in the top 3 spots we can count on Killua Zoldyck. Despite his age, Killua managed to grasp the attention of the entire Hunter x Hunter fans without having to work hard.

Since this guy is among the major characters of the show, and it is inevitable that he will get lots of attention.

In contrast to different characters Killua deserves all the appreciation and love that he receives from the community of anime.

The impact he makes to the story and his appearance on screen is incredible.

The sight of this child fighting terrible monsters and other hunters using his amazing strength and captivating personality are gratifying to the highest degree.

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His role as a companion and Hunter is something that we don’t get to see often in manga and anime.

This is the reason Killua is on the 3rd place.

2. L Lawliet – The Smartest Among anime characters

 L lawliet anime characters

In the runner-up spot, we have an extremely loved characters ever. It’s not ‘One of the Most Popular Animation Characters of All Time One of the most well-known characters.

Our boy L Lawliet is one of the most well-known characters in the field of literature, and let me say that L Lawliet deserves every bit of admiration and love he receives.

I don’t believe I have to mention it, however for those who aren’t aware, L Lawliet is one of the main characters in Death Note.

Yes, he is Light Yagami as the antagonist in the series. Like Light He also challenges the notion of the term Antagonist.

If you’ve were a fan of Death Note back in your days as a Weeblet You may remember how captivating his character was.

It was so to the point that a lot of us may have wanted to sit in his place or even drink tea in his manner.

His presence was stunning. But it’s not only his impact on viewers that’s so amazing but also the huge quantity of value is added to the Death Note franchise.

If you seek out anyone Death Note fan on the issue of the missing L in the tale, you’re guaranteed to receive negative responses.

Also, anyone who has seen Death Note regards L as the source of the series.

If not for his contribution, Death Note wouldn’t have been anywhere near how it is now.

This is the reason the reason L Lawliet is number 2 on this list.

1. Levi Ackerman – The Most Badass anime characters

Levi Ackerman anime characters

Finally, the first highest ranked player of our top 10 list a king of the hill. The man who has taken over the internet by using just two swords, and his knowledge.

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He is also widely known as the ‘Humanity’s Strongest Soldier ‘. Yes, you’re right, ladies and gentlemen. The top rank number one for our ranking is Levi Ackerman!

Levi is our boy. Levi was one of the primary characters in the Attack on Titan franchise.

This man, however, has been the one to contribute the most to the storyline through his character and attitude.

Similar to L we, many of us have attempted to drink tea just like him just to experience how it felt.

It’s not all that is left of this fun. A lot of anime fans still refer to “Levi” as “Captain Levi in sincere respect.

He is the most powerful character in his anime , yet he does not steal the screen time of the other characters.

He is humble, sweet but a little strict , but a pleasant person all around. Also, He will give up everything things he owns just to help his fellow comrades. He is an incredibly powerful characters in anime.

His serious manner of conduct enhances the humour of the show, and his presence in general makes the series more enjoyable.

I’ll be honest, thinking of the world of Attack On Titan without Captain Levi is extremely difficult. The character’s individuality is the heart of this show, and that’s why captain Levi as well as Levi Ackerman is at the first position on this list.

That’s all there is to it Weebs. These are among the Top 50 Anime characters that you’ve just looked at.

Don’t be disappointed or sour even if your favorite character did not make it to the top of your list or make it into the place you had hoped it would be.

The world of anime is huge and there are endless possibilities for the characters. This is precisely the reason we love this form of entertainment so much.

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