KAIGAKU Demon Slayer : Everything You Need To Know

In Demon Slayer, Kaigaku was one of all twelve moons of the demon which occupied the place in his sixth high moon.
kaigaku demon slayer

In Demon Slayer, Kaigaku was one of all twelve moons of the demon which occupied the place in his sixth high moon. He was a demon hunter, a part of the demon slayers organization and was a disciple of Jigoro Kuwajima as well as Zenitsu.

APPEARANCE kaigaku demon slayer

Kaigaku was a young man who had black hair and blue eyes. When he was transformed into a demon, he was left with dark, flame-like marks that resembled his facial features, fangs as well as pale, tacky skin.

In the case of the moon was a High Moon was in full moon, he accumulated the kanji across both his eyes. He is usually wearing an black kimono and blue belts on top of his demon hunter uniform with yellow marks on the belt.

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PERSONALITY kaigaku demon slayer

In Demon Slayer, Kaigaku is very proud of himself, to the point that Kaigaku will help anyone who can see his strength. He is extremely clever using breathing techniques that work almost perfectly. His innate ability has been enhanced by his demon transformation, where he made use of the force of his blood to boost his breathing. He is averse to weak people, even when Kaigaku had been an apprentice with Zenitsu He clearly perceived Kaigaku as weak and the latter feared Kaigaku.

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HISTORY kaigaku demon slayer

History kaigaku demon slayer

In Demon Slayer, Kaigaku had been an orphan, and the thief who needed to consume slop and steal in order to make ends meet. This engendered a certain notion in his mind , and he was led believing that the strength of a person was all worthy of respect and that those who didn’t see the truth were weak and unworthy of reverence. He trained with Shihan as well as Zenitsu and was trained with Zenitsu’s ” Thunder Breath” style. 

He was able to be Shihan’s successor, and also his newly created Pillar of Thunder. But, Shihan said that he and Zenitsu were his successors. This, in conjunction with his weak will and timid personality led to Kaigaku more and more hate Zenica. Kaigaku was the kid who brought the demon to Himejima’s temple. Other children of the temple rebelled against him after learning that Kaigaku stole the temple’s money and then kicked the demon out at night. Himejima was not aware of the incident, and he refused to allow Kaigaku to be kicked out at night. This was due to this reason , the children claimed that Kaigaku had gone to sleep. A evening, Kaigaku disobeyed the temple rules and never came to the temple until after sunset. He stumbled on a demon. To protect himself, he requested the demon to devour Gemei and the remaining children, he shook off all smokers in the temple and welcomed him to the temple. After that, he embarked alone to track down Kokushibo and, since Kokushibo was not strong enough to even scratch the demon, he easily caught him and injured him. 

After the defeat, he knelt in front of Kokushibo to ask him to not to take him down. Kokushibo accepted with his offer of blood in order to transform Kaigaku in to demon which Kaigaku accepted. As a demon Kaigaku devoured numerous people and was a remarkably powerful creature. After Daka or Gyutaro passed away and he was renamed The Sixth High Moon.

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SKILLS AND POWER Of Kaigaku Demon Slayer


Extended Breath Techniques as an undead, Kaigaku’s Thunder Breath techniques have been developed and improved. Yet, he remained in tune with his new supernatural abilities prior to his death. Yushiro claimed that with another year of training and Kaigaku’s power had been available, he could have defeated Zenica immediately.


art sword

Thunder Breath is one of the breaths which Kaigaku was taught by his instructor. While he was not able to master the first one but he was able to master all the styles using Thunder Breath.

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Kaigaku demon slayer
  • Second-style: Ball Lightning – Five immediate attacks within a flash.
  • Third Style the A hum Mosquito Thunder – a rotating wave attack that can be seen in all directions.
  • 4th style Distant thunder the long-range strike at an extended distance.
  • Five Style: Heat Lightning – A sharp attack that splits skin and inflames flesh.
  • Sixth-style: Electric Soul Light – a series or blows that break the body of the target.


  • It is believed that the Kaigaku jewelry and necklaces represent Magatama ( Tomoe ). Before he became demons The symbols are yellow ( is a reference to good and illuminated ) and then he changes to blue ( signifies dark, bad deep ) when he is transformed into one of them. The broken magatama seems to be a symbol of his broken and unstable mental health.
  • Kaigaku was ranked 21st on the ranking of popular characters with 865 votes.
  • He was the 2nd well-known demon slayer that has turned into demon, the previous being Kokushibo.
  • Kaigaku received a kimono that was identical as the one that he had from Jigoro however, Kaigaku did not wear the kimono.

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