When is Darwins Game Season 2 Release Date ?

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Is there a second season of Darwin’s Game? Darwin’s Game was originally a manga that was created and illustrated by FLIPFLOPs. The 25-volume manga series was published in December 2012 and has been viewed more than 25 times. Nexus decided to adapt Darwin’s Game into an anime after the success of its manga series. The premiere of Season 1 took place from January 3 through March 20, 2020. After the success of season 1, Darwin’s Game fans eagerly await season 2.

Kaname Sudou is the central character of Darwin’s Game. Kaname Sudou is a high school student aged seventeen who receives an invitation from a friend to participate in Darwin’s Game. Kaname doesn’t know what the real reason is for creating a game that involves the concept of death and life. 

When is Darwins Game Season 2 Release Date

He realizes after being trapped in Darwin’s Game that he must survive to escape his death. He will surely die under the attack of his opponents.

Darwin’s Game is a warning about installing unknown apps without thoroughly researching the details. The anime series focuses on how to survive in the death game. This article contains more information about Darwin’s Game, as well as the latest news regarding season 2.

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What happened in Darwin’s Game Season 1?

What happened in Darwin's Game Season 1?

Season 1 of Darwin’s Game begins with Kaname Sudou, the main protagonist. A high school student receives an invitation from Darwin’s Game. He accepts the invitation. He discovers the truth about the game and tries to get his name back, but is caught off guard. He must now play the game in order to survive.

The first season of the game covers his struggles. Because Darwin’s Game focuses primarily on killing or surrendering your opponents, he discovers that a killer dressed in a panda costume is trying to kill him. Season 1 focuses on the battle against Darwin’s Game by the Kaname Sudou and how he will fight to escape death from his opponents.

Because of the decisions made by Kaname Sudou, Sunset Ravens, the end of season 1 is a plus point in Darwin’s Game. They took the decision to destroy Darwin’s Game, and also decided to ban all opponents from entering their region. They also tried to find its creator to ask their intentions behind creating a game such as this.

What’s the story in Darwin’s Game Season 2?

What's the story in Darwin's Game Season 2?

Season 1 of Darwin’s Game ended in suspense about the game’s creator. Season 2 of Darwin’s Game will reveal the mystery that was kept in season 1. The characters will also try to unravel other mysteries related to the lore. We all know that Darwin’s Game is filled with mystery. Season 2 will involve solving each mystery one at a time. We can also expect romantic scenes between Shuka Karino and Kaname Sudou. There are high chances for romance to continue between them.

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As mentioned, Darwin’s Game Season 2 may focus on the main suspect behind the game, and possibly also try to solve the final plot. Season 1 left many mysteries unsolved, so season 2 may attempt to solve all of them. We all know that game-oriented anime can have both a positive and negative impact on viewers. There is always a hidden message behind anime series like Darwin’s Game Season 2. We can expect the same from Darwin’s Game Season 2.

Season 2 of Darwin’s Game : What Will Happen?

Season 2 of Darwin's Game : What Will Happen?

There is no official Nexus news regarding Darwin’s Game Season 2, but season 1 was released in spring 2020. If we take this as an example, it is possible to get Darwin’s Game Season 2 in Spring 2023.

It also depends on the availability of resources and materials for Darwin’s Game Season 2. They have enough materials for season 2. If they decide to make use of all the resources and materials available, we can expect another season in Darwin’s Game. We don’t have any official information regarding season 2 at this time, so we can expect news from Nexus in the next two to three months.

Official Trailer for Season 2 of Darwin’s Game

Official Trailer for Season 2 of Darwin's Game

We all know that Darwin’s Game Season 1 premiered in 2020. However, Nexus has not released any official news. The trailer for season 2 of Darwin’s Game is now available and fans eagerly await it. We can expect Nexus to announce some news about the trailer and future plans for this anime series within two or three months.

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If you’re interested in the second season of the show, we’ll keep you updated on our website. The trailer for season 1 is approximately 1 minute 22 seconds in length. It reveals the concept and history of the plots. The trailer for season 2 looks very similar.

Release Date for Darwin’s Game Season 2

Release Date for Darwin's Game Season 2

The release date for Darwin’s Game Season 2 is still unknown as Nexus has not yet provided any official information. Fans of Darwin’s Game are still waiting to hear from the production company. It’s been almost a year since any news was released about the anime series. However, we can expect more information from them in the very near future. We may hear some news in the middle this year about the release date.

We all know that Darwin’s Game Season 1 premiered on January 3, 2020. The announcement regarding the release date was also made in the same year. If Nexus plans to continue Darwin’s Game, we will hear an announcement about Season 2 sometime in 2022 or next year. They have no plans at the moment and adaptation work for season 2 has not begun.

Season 2 of Darwin’s Game: Resources and Materials

Season 2 of Darwin's Game: Resources and Materials

We all know that Darwin’s Game was originally a manga series. The manga series released its 25th volume only recently. If we use that as a guide, the manga series still has much to offer. Nexus also has the resources and materials necessary to produce another season of Darwin’s Game. They have enough resources to help them. If Nexus tries to use all of these resources and materials, they will be able to give us Darwin’s Game Season 2.

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Darwin’s Game Season 1 also covers the majority of manga series up to Volume 9, and has plenty left for future seasons. There are 16 volumes. Each volume has a rich plot that will help them create an exceptional season. Nexus can use all available volumes to produce season 2 of Darwin’s Game.

Where can you watch Darwin’s Game Season 2 on YouTube?

After having read all about Darwin’s Game Season 2, Darwin Game fans might want to rewatch the original season. If you want to see Darwin’s Game Season 1 again, then one can visit the following streaming sites: Netflix. Crunchyroll.FUNimation. They have the streaming rights to Darwin’s Game Season 1. They would likely also receive the streaming rights for the next season after it is produced.

These streaming platforms will allow you to access other anime series such as One Piece, Naruto and Boruto. You can also purchase their monthly subscription plans to enjoy uninterrupted online streaming of your favorite anime. Crunchyroll or FUNimation allow streaming anime for free, but a premium subscription plan allows you to view the episodes without interruptions.

Darwin’s Game manga ending relatively soon

Darwin's Game manga ending relatively soon

The anime’s story is inspired by the Darwin’s Game manga series created by FLIPFLOPS. Yuki Takahata, an illustrator, creates the art. Shu Miyama, a writer (formerly known as Ginko), creates and writes the story.

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The scripts for all episodes of the anime adaptation are also written by the manga writer.

Since 2012, the Darwin’s Game manga has been published in the Bessatsu Shonen Champion Magazine. Volume 25 was released as of January 2022.

It was announced in the volume that FLIPFLOPs would release a spinoff manga focusing on Rein Kashiwagi.

Darwin's Game manga ending relatively soon

Bessatsu Shonen Champion magazine revealed in December 2020, that Volume 22 was the “last event” in the main story. The manga series reached its climax when Volume 25 revealed it.

This means that Darwin’s Game’s manga’s end is very near. Although the last chapter or volume of the manga has yet to be revealed, it was announced the manga will enter its final story arc on January 11, 2020.

There has been no official English translation by any North American publisher of Darwin’s Game manga. Unofficial scanlation projects by fans have been keeping up with the series’ progress, and even the most recent chapters are being translated quickly.

Darwin's Game manga ending relatively soon

Fan-made translations allow for literary freedom by adding humor to the manga. Here’s an example of the events that occurred in Darwin’s Game Episode 5.

“Shuka entered an underground mall. Shuka encountered water bender. Shuka tried to escape. Water bender uses ice wall. It was extremely effective. Shuka fainted. Kaname and BS Detector came to her aid.”

When manga series are adapted into anime series, scriptwriters often condense some events to achieve a good ending point in the overall story.

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Darwins Game manga ending relatively soon

The In/Spectre anime, for example, was based on a manga series and a novel with a lot of dialogue. Therefore, certain scenes had to be skipped.

One of the manga creators has been adapting the story for the anime as the scriptwriter in the case of Darwin’s Game. This process might seem to result in an anime adaptation that is 100 percent faithful to the source material. However, it has been proven to be the exact opposite.

Instead, anime has refocused the story to just the most important moments and characters.

The anime actually removed the police officer characters from Chapter 1, effectively removing a large portion of the manga.

Darwin's Game anime ending relatively soon

Tagonaka Yukimasa, a Tokyo Metro officer, becomes a participant in the Shibuya Treasure Hunt Event. He suspects that Ayano Kuji, the police superintendent, is a traitor to the force.

The involvement of detectives is not required for the advancement of the main plot. The story was enhanced by the detectives’ early investigations into “human-shaped vandalism” first, and then Darwin’s Game later.

The anime added color to the story with Hamada (original character) who was a friend of Kaname and was killed in the beginning. Originally, Kaname was the only one who faced Rookie Hunter Banda–kun. It was his friend Kyouda Hiroyuki, however, that died in Chapter 1.

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Darwin's Game anime ending

The anime version shows Hiroyuki accompanying Kaname in the first battle. Hiroyuki’s death added more emotion to the horror of that opening scene.

The anime managed to condense the first few chapters, as the manga spent pages on Banda-kun’s joining of D-Game and his motivations for doing so (it turned out that he was a teacher linked to Hiroyuki).

The story could be reduced to fit in an episodic format. The story of Shibuya Treasure Hunt is lengthy and doesn’t provide any good stopping points. Therefore, some concessions were needed to get to the end of King of the Eighth’s story.

The anime is able to speed through manga chapters quickly due to the condensing. The ending of Episode 4 was exactly the same as that of Volume 4: Chapter 13.

Darwins Game anime ending

At the halfway point of Episode 5, the end corresponded with Chapter 15. The episode concludes Volume 4 with Darwin’s Game Episode 6.

Although Chapter 21 of Volume 6 is the end of the Shibuya Treasure Hunt story, it was not the best point. Darwin’s Game Episode 11 ended with Chapter 30 of Volume 8. However, the last scenes of the anime only summarized parts of earlier chapters. The anime’s ending explained how the Sunset Ravens had implemented a D-Game ban.

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There is plenty of material available to create Darwin’s Game Season 2. Based on the pace of the story so far, it’s likely that a Darwin’s Game Season 3 anime will be required to adapt the ending.

Even better, English-only manga fans who wish to jump ahead of the anime series’ episodes can use the online fan-made translations and access Volume 8.

Predictions for the release of Darwin’s Game Season 2

Predictions for the release of Darwin's Game Season 2

Aniplex, Nexus or any other company involved in the production of the anime have not confirmed the release date for Darwin’s Game Season 2 as of the last update. The production of a sequel to Darwin’s Game has not been confirmed.

This article will be updated once the news has been confirmed. It’s possible to speculate as to when or if the Darwin’s Game Season 2 premiere will take place in the future.

Predictions for the release of Darwin's Game Season 2

Episode 11’s ending by teasing the next major story arc could be taken as an advertisement for manga reading or it could simply be hinting at the possibility of a second season.

Studio Nexus has not yet announced any additional anime projects for 2020 and 2021. If the first season was financially successful, Studio Nexus may move on to the production of the second season.

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Let’s hope Darwin’s Game Season doesn’t end up looking like Btooom! Season 2 was never produced, leaving the anime audience waiting to see the end of the death game’s story in the manga.

Spoilers for Darwin’s Game Season 2 (plot summary/synopsis)

Spoilers for Darwin's Game Season 2 (plot summary/synopsis)

The moral of this story is: Don’t trust free-to use apps. The story has an end goal.

This is not a King’s Game in which everyone will die. Kaname instead hopes to end Darwin’s Game.

Kaname wanted to be granted a privilege which would allow him to take over the Shibuya territory of the Eighth’s clan. The Sunset Ravens, Kaname’s clan has outlawed any D-Games in their territory and have promised to punish anyone who breaks the ban. They also disperse shelters for regular solo players.

Spoilers for Darwin's Game Season 2 (plot summary/synopsis)

How can you end the game? Rain believes that one way to end the game is to kill the game planner and destroy the D–Game system. However, Rain suspects that the game-ending condition will be that a Class A1 player rises to trigger a final event. The highest-ranked players are A4 so maybe the goal is to force players into a higher level of survival of the fittest.

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The Sunset Ravens now include Shuka, Rain and Ryuuji. The D-Game ban is being enforced by their allied clan, Danjou Boxing Club. The club can still create D-Game matches that are managed safely and make money betting.

Spoilers for Darwin's Game Season 2 (plot summary/synopsis)

Although the subplot of the police investigation was not covered in the first season, it is possible that Darwin’s Game Season 2 will bring the matter back to the forefront, once the matter has escalated. Police now have video evidence that shows a D-Game player being murdered block by block.

Except for one VCR tape, all digital evidence was erased. Detectives presented this evidence to the Prime Minister of Japan. The national government now recognizes the conspiracy and initiates an investigation.

After a month, Shibuya is now an unoccupied giant. Some clans make a fool of themselves by trying to place their clan flags on these unoccupied areas. But the Sunset Ravens will not let that happen. They will kill anyone who breaks the peace.

Darwin's Game Season 2 (plot summary/synopsis)

Rain met Suzune, the daughter Hiiragi died from the Florist. Suzune is a poor heart patient and her doctor insists that she use her father’s money to get a transplant. Rain is also insisting that Suzune use her father’s money for a heart transplant, but Suzune wants to live her life as she desires, even if it’s short.

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Suzune also wants to know the truth about her father’s death. Rain cannot tell Suzune that “D-Game” is not the right word. However, Suzune is still unsuccessful after a few weeks.

Players have been fleeing the area due to D-Game ban. Others have begun a “cultivating” practice where they trick people into joining D-Game, only to have these newbie players hunted down.

Darwin's Game Season 2

Poor Suzune is wrong. A poison user called Red Viper turns out to be one among those cultivators. Despite Suzune’s grim prospects, the battle awakens her Sigil and transforms her into a powerful creature.

Kaname is now reaching out to large family clans from the Kansai region to form alliances. Kaname is trying to find collaborations that are focused on mutual non-aggression in order to achieve his goal of becoming an A1 player.

Japan is monitoring the Sunset Ravens and the United States’ CIA are investigating Darwin’s Game. Maria Anderson, a member from the US-based clan AGE Lab, is sent to investigate after one of the CIA agents is killed.

Darwin's Game Season 2 Anime Release Date

These events upset the Sunset Ravens’ enemies, as it reduces their profits in Kanto. Kaname is now underground and has not been seen. One of the enemies in Trinity, however, has a game privilege power to force players to attend an event.

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Kaname only has a 30 second notice and is teleported to an island on the Pacific. He quickly realizes that he is alone, as no other Sunset Ravens have been part of this event.

The next event is the Hunting Game (Volumes 9, 9 and 13). It is a cooperative effort to gain 10,000 Life Significance points based on the killing of creatures. A rabbit, for example, is worth one point and a human 100 points.

Darwin's Game Season 2

Killing Darwin’s Game players earns you 200 points. This is in addition to any points earned by killing other people. Kaname once more starts to gather allies, starting with Ouji Kimihiko (a young warrior-bod) as a player.

Kaname believes there is another secret to the Hunting Game Event. When they discover a statue covered with old vines, the mystery surrounding the island grows. This is a landmark they remember from Japan. Where in the world is this statue located?

To see what happens next, anime fans will have to wait until Darwin’s Game Season 2 is released. Keep watching!

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