Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2 : Everything You Need To Know

Like many amazing series that are based on fantastic light novels, ‘The Devil is A Part-Timer’ is known as Hataraku Mao-sama! in Japanese It is also inspired by the light novel series written created by Satoshi Wagahara. The novel first appeared in its first edition the 10th of February, 2011 and later inspired manga with the same title, which was released on December 27 the 27th of December, 2011. The novel was republished after a few years the light novel series, Hataraku Mao-sama! was made into an anime from White Fox, and fans finally got to watch their favorite anime on screen in April 2013. For the past eight years the fans of anime continued to be patiently waiting for the return of the anime even losing hope. The creators have shocked us with some exciting news! Let’s explore all informations of “The Devil Is A Part-Timer’ Season 2 anime below.

All We Can Know About The Devil Is Part-Timer Up To This Point

All We Can Know About The Devil Is Part-Timer Up To This Point

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1 was an adaptation of a lighter novel by Satoshi Wagahara.

The anime premiered on April 4, 2013. It spanned 13 episodes.

The final episode was broadcast on June 27, 2013. At the time, the audience for it was quite low.

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Netflix included The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1 in the future to its library of anime.

After this time, that anime began to gain popularity. It would even go on to gain a cult-like following that would continue until another season.

Let’s go over a brief recap of the events of Season 1. The story features two main characters that are Satan Jacob, the Demon Lord as well as Emilia Justina, the Hero.

Satan Jacob is an ambitious conqueror who aims to take on Ente Isla. It’s a continent desired by many – human as well as demons.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Emilia Justina comes in to end Satan Jacob in his mission. Emilia’s father is believed to have been killed in an attack by Jacob’s army.

She eventually defeats Satan with the assistance of her fellow soldiers and Sariel. Satan who is powerless and helpless, flees along with his General Alsiel.

She promises to bring him down. Satan Jacob uses a trans-dimensional portal. He believed it would bring him back to his homeworld.

But, he is re-enterred to the same world of humans but in a different area of it.

He’s stuck in Tokyo which is a city that has modernization. Satan Jacob vows to capture Ente Isla to fulfill his dream of a lifetime.

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He is however aware of the obstacles that stand before him. Also, he appears to have lost the magic he once had.

In addition, He was left feeling helpless. He decides to remain in the world of humans for a time. Satan assumes the appearance of a human being and names his self Sadao Maou.

He is then employed at a fast-food stand called MgRonald. This is where he is exposed to the world of business.

He realises his mistake. Ente Isla was just too tiny a vision. So, he decides he has to take on the corporate world to take over Earth.

He’s up and ready to take on any job (including odd tasks) to advance.

Sometimes, he seems to be in a state of desperation and overworked. The most funny moments in the anime are when he attempts to understand the ways of humanity.

He’s not used to eating, serving food, or acting like a human being.

In the future, he will try to learn all the characteristics of a successful corporate leader , such as – Understanding the proper manner to eat and paying bills punctually, being a professional in his job and so on.

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The title of the show is due to the fact that Satan Jacob works part-time to complete his mission.

He discovers one day that Emilia is as well located in Tokyo. She’s also in powerlessness, as Jacob in the human realm.

Then she disguises herself as Emi Yusa who is an agent at a call center. They have many meetings in the cafe at the location where Jacob is employed.

In the end, Yusa loses her job in the center for callers. She’s then required to work in MgRonald’s which is the place where Satan Jacob also works at.

The story is a mix of bizarre twists and turns, and unexpected twists and turns and.

There is also the discovery that Emi’s father is alive. In the meantime, she’s working in the cafe.

She also stays close to her coworkers – Maou as well as Chiho. Maou is also looking for a perfect companion in Emi.

She is appointed his Demon General in his Demon Army. Even though she doesn’t like the appointment, she is forced to accept the appointment.

She’s gone to fight her ally , Sariel. The show closes in a different way unlike the one that people would anticipate, initially.

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The pair discovers the location where Alsiel is working while they go to an establishment after being tricked. The first season concluded with Emi handing Maou an umbrella. Maou.

While it’s not a sign of any romantic relationship, it ended unexpectedly. The fans would have hundreds of thoughts in their heads What happens in the future Maou and Emi’s relationship?

What do you think Sariel react to the change in Emi? What will happen when Maou be able to conquer the world? And and so from now…

Official Announcements and Release Date of The Devil Is Part-Timer Season 2

Official Announcements and Release Date of The Devil Is Part-Timer Season 2

The season 2 of The Devil is a Part-Timer was announced officially on March 6, 2021.

The sources confirmed they believe that original actors would be able to participate within the sequel.

This announcement came during the Kadokawa Light Novel Expo 2020 event in Tokorozawa Sakura Town.

The producer White Fox Studio is the producer. White Fox Studio has not given a specific release date. However, viewers can anticipate Season 2 to get an exact release date before the end of 2021.

Because the Light novels were published, the authors would not be able to find it difficult to create.

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The first two volumes were modified to produce anime episodes for Season 1. So we can conclude the possibility that The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 will begin with the third volume.

But how many volumes from the source originally used to finish as well as how many volume are able to be made adaptable in season 2.

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More Source Material Information for the season 2 of The Devil is a Part-Timer.

More Source Material Information for the season 2 of The Devil is a Part-Timer.

The Devil is a Part-Timer is an adaptation of the Light novel of the same title.

The novel is composed by Satoshi Wagahara, and illustrated by Oniku. In Japan It is ASCII Media works who published the Light Novels.

In the meantime, the Yen Press published it in North America. Its first Light novel volume was released in February of 2011 (almost 10 years back).

It includes 21 main novels, which are accompanied by 2 prequel novels, a spin-off version, and three bonus volumes.

VolumesEnglish Release Date
Volume 1April 21 in 2015
Volume 2August 25 on, 2015.
Volume 3December 15 15, 2015
Volume 4April 19 the 19th of April, 2016.
Volume 5August 30 30, 2016
Volume 6December 13 December 13, 2016
Volume 7April 18 17th, 2017
Volume 8August 22 the 22nd of August, 2017.
Volume 9December 19 17
Volume 10April 17 April 17, 2018
Volume 11August 21 August 21, 2018
Volume 12December 11 on the 11th of December, 2018.
Volume 13April 23 March 23, 2019
Volume 14September 3 September 3, 3rd,
Volume 15December 17 2019, 2019
Volume 16April 21 April 21, 2020
Volume 17September 22 20th, 22nd, 2020
Volume 18December 15 December 15, 2020
Volume 19June 8, 2021
Volume 20August 17 2021
Volume 21——————-

The final chapter of the manga was included by the bonus releases. A manga anthology was released through ASCII Media Works in 2013.

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The first publication outside of Japan was released in April of 2015. It was made through Yen Press that held rights over North American publications.

In the year 2019 the year 2019, a spin-off version of this was released in a manga volume.

The title was Hataraku Mao-Sama No Meshi! The illustrations were created by Oji Sado.

The reason why it had this version was due to the increasing popularity of Netflix.

Sales and Profits For The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2.

The backend of the animation is a lot of work. This is where the most important choices are made.

The feelings of the fans are very little in this realm. This is a totally separate world, as you witness on Isekai. Isekai anime.

People in this field are more focused on sales and profit. There are three primary sources of their income.

Source Material Light Novel

The majority of anime shows are meant to promote source materials and to increase their use of the source material. In this instance this was one of the Light novels created by Satoshi.

The season ended and 1 of The Devil is a Part-Timer was a failure, sales did increase.

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It was listed at number 316 in 2016, and sold 12,000 copies by the year 2019. This is an impressive number.

Although the manga was released following the light novels, it was also a huge success. The majority of buyers were foreigners.

CD/DVD/Bluray Disk

These are the media via which anime can be sold. This is a way for producers to earn maximum revenue since it’s an direct sale.

Around 896 Blu-Ray boxes were sold until the end of 2018. 15500 Blu-Ray discs as well as DVDs were bought following the time that Netflix increased the audience for The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1.

They made around 16,128,000 Yen through these channels. It’s about $150,000. It’s a good profit, isn’t it?


The series was streamed on Netflix for quite a while. The OTT platform was the one that brought The Devil is a Part-Timer the greatest exposure.

But it was later removed from Netflix about 4 years ago.


Selling merchandise is another strategy to earn money. The main draw is the larger margins that can be made on the merchandise compared to the previous ones.

The products that were sold included T-Shirts, posters, stickers keys, etc. There’s not a lot of information available publicly available about how much was made through the sale of merchandise.

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Production Costs and The Success Of The Devil A Part-Timer

Production Costs and The Success Of The Devil A Part-Timer

Unfortunately, there isn’t any public information on the costs of production. But, rest assured and you’ll be able to gain an understanding as you read.

If you were to broadcast an episode of 30 minutes the cost would be around $15 million in the present.

Let’s think in terms of the inflation in the past. It would then be between $10-12 million.

This is close to 150 millions Yen. There were 13 episodes in The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1.

The estimates are $ the sum of 156 million. The producers didn’t earn much from the DVD/BDs.

A majority of it was accessed through OTT streaming and the source material sales.

Famous characters we Want To See in The Devil Part-Timer Season 2.

Famous characters we Want To See in The Devil Part-Timer Season 2.

The second best news that came in the form of the announcement of Season 2 was the cast .

The cast of The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1 will be back for Season 2.

Here are a few of the notable characters we’ll see during The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2.

Sadao Maou (Satan Jacob)

He’s the determined Demon Lord who is determined to take on Ente Isla. His plans to conquer Ente Isla are thwarted by Emilia Justina who teams up with Sariel.

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He retreats, and then reaches Tokyo together with the General. He adjusts to Japanese lifestyle by adopting his Japanese name.

The realization came when he realized he had lost his magic powers in the human realm.

He is an employee in the fast-food eatery Mgronalds. The funniest parts of the film are in which he adjusts to the demands of life.

Inexperienced with the topic before the event, he makes a lot of errors – some embarrassing.

He is promoted to manager. He is promoted shortly thereafter. He is convinced that he has the potential to take on the world by getting up through the ranks of the company ladder.

He meets Emi laterin the cafe, and they work together. Emi is attracted by his friend, however their connection is not clear.

He appears to be an incredibly compassionate and generous leader. Yet He is also naive and negligent too.

He was very concerned for his family and friends.

Emi Yusa (Emilia Justina)

Emi Yusa (Emilia Justina)

She’s the female character who vows to take down Satan Jacob. Her father was murdered at the hands of Satan Jacob during a raid of the army of demons.

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She joins forces with Sariel and overcomes Satan as he attempts to take on Ente Isla.

When Satan left, she followed his trail back to Tokyo. She changed her name after which she found work working as a customer service operator.

As Satan like Satan, she lost her magical powers. She was a part of Satan’s Mgronalds after she was dismissed at the company’s call centre.

She develops a bond with Satan and Chiho and Chiho, who are her coworkers. She is also a part of Chiho’s Demon Army and severs her connections with Sariel who is an angel.

In the end, she finds out that her father’s not dead, and that her mother was a fan of Satan. She also aids him in locating his General who is also hiding in Tokyo in disguise.

Emi is facing a problem when she is a part of Satan. Angels are watching out for her.

Shiro Ashiya (Alciel)

Shiro Ashiya (Alciel)

He is a General in Satan’s Demon Army. Following the retreat of Satan the Demon Army, he escaped with his army to Tokyo.

However, they parted ways at that point. None of them knew each other their identities. It took them a while to determine their places of residence and their identities.

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Shiro was employed by a different employer. He is faithful to Satan and seeks an avenue to restore his magic abilities.

He is also aware that he has to fight a lot in this arena. He also falls in the love of a female character called Rika.

However, he decided not to continue because the thought that she had fallen in love him as a human.

He is not his real “demonic” persona. Shiro is also committed to constantly seeking ways to help Satan.

Chiho Sasaki

Chiho is an ex-high school student who is employed part-time at Mgronalds. Chiho is a close associate with Satan Jacob and eventually develops feelings for him.

She’s an athlete, but she’s smaller than the average. After a battle with Sariel She is saved by Emi.

She’s the sole person on their side to speak the language spoken by Ente Isla.

The reason for this was that she was in the grip of a spell that was intended to Emi. Satan who is happy with her, appoints her an officer in his Army.

Hanzo Urushihara (Lucifer)

He’s one of Satan’s former Generals as well as an ex-angel. Lucifer would like to go back to heaven.

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He then joins forces with Olba to stop Satan. In exchange you can send him back to heaven to become an angel.

He is the child of an angel and demon. In his anime series, he changes into an Hikikomori.

It means that he lives in complete seclusion. He is able in order to avoid police.

This stay is in Satan’s house.

Sariel (Sarue Mitsuki)

He is the archangel who serves in his church, the Ente Isla church and works against Satan Jacob.

At first, he joins with Emi in order to defeat Satan Jacob. When they chased Satan to Tokyo and then he assumes the name of Mitsuki.

After recognizing that Emi changed sides with Satan’s army He sets out to destroy her. He is successful in destroying Emi and captures Chiho.

However, he was defeated by Satan and was soon defeated by Satan. He has a close relationship with Mgronalds, the owner of the café. Mgronalds.

Suzuno Kamazuki

Suzuno Kamazuki

She’s Emi’s friend and one of the team members of Sariel. She lives near Satan Jacob and has also taken on the task of killing him.

However, she’s not capable of adjusting to the living in Japan. In the future, she changes her appearance like Emi.

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After becoming close to Chiho and Chiho, she helps her save herself from Sariel in the midst of an attack.

Yuki Mizushima

Yuki Mizushima

She’s the manager at Café Mgronalds.

Rika Suzuki

Rika Suzuki

Emi is Emi’s work colleague in the call center, and also a close friend. It’s her who is in the love of General Ashiya.

She remained with her relationship even after he had told her that he didn’t care.

The crew behind The Devil is a Part-Timer Anime

DirectionNaoto Hosoda
WritingMasahiro Yokotani
Original workSatoshi Wagahara and Oniku
MusicRyosuke Nakanishi
StudioWhite Fox

Other determining factors for The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2

Other determining factors for The Devil Is A Part-Timer Season 2

After you’ve gained an idea of the characters you’ll see in Season 2, let’s look at the other aspects of Season 2.


The conclusion of The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1 was a dramatic cliffhanger.

The last twist of the story put the audience in tension. The entire dynamics and relationship between the characters changed.

Emi whom was an all-time ally of Sariel who was an ally of Sariel jumped into Satan’s camp. She now has enemies who were her former allies.

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While she is aware she is aware that Satan Jacob is more interested in slaying Earth, Sariel seems unaware of it.

Sariel is trying to make contact to the manager of Mgronalds and she is disgruntled Emi. The end result is that it illustrates the relationship with Emi Maou and Emi. Maou.


The trailer that was released for The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 was released a few days following the announcement.


Author of Light novels The author of the Light novels Satoshi Wagahara was threatened with death following the conclusion of the series.

It was reportedly due to readers being unsatisfied by the ending of the novel. One reader even destroyed his original versions from The Light novel.


As the producers have revealed Season 2 of The Devil is A Part-Timer The Devil is a Part-Timer, there’s not to be concerned about.

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