Declaration Of War Aot : Everything You Need To Know

In Aot, Declaration of War This is the sixty-fourth episode of the anime Attack of the Titans and the fifth of the fourth season.
Declaration Of War Aot

In Aot, Declaration of War This is the sixty-fourth episode of the anime Attack of the Titans and the fifth of the fourth season.

SUMMARY Declaration Of War Aot

SUMMARY Declaration Of War Aot

Eren and Reiner meet in a basement to discuss their shared past while listening to the speech by Willy Teyber. The last, assisted by a live performance and Shadow Theatre techniques tells the Story of the World, with several particularly important revelations.

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In the past, Bertolt Hoover told Annie Leonhart and Reiner Braun he couldn’t help but wonder what the man said before he killed himself. Reiner informs him that they won’t know. However, Annie believes that the man is seeking a form absolution. After abandoning Marcel Galliard, they are unable to judge this man. Bertolt is more likely to seek out someone to judge his actions.

Reiner discovers Eren Jager hidden in a basement. This freezes Reiner in place. Falco Gleis arrives and observes Reiner’s inability to speak. Kruger and Reiner were supposed to be good friends, as the mutilated man confirms. Reiner managed to speak a few words, despite the shock.

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Attack On Titan Declaration War

While Willy Teyber prepares for the outside, they take their places. He is greeted by Kiyomi Azumabito, who comes to support him in his bravery. Reiner asks Eren to sit down in the basement with him and listen to the show, just like the people who live there. Falco sees Eren point to the ceiling. The man tells Falco that it is just a scratch. Reiner is terrified and obeys. Eren stops Falco from climbing up again so he can listen in on the owners’ conversation. Falco is suspicious, but Reiner tells Falco to obey.

Kiyomi departs the city with her men, even before the representation. Karina Braun, on her side joins the family of the warriors to cross Mr. Leonhart, with whom she talks about Mrs. Hoover’s death and proud of her son’s sacrifice until his death. The father interrupts her as she begins to talk about the sacrifice of Annie Leonhart. She is certain that his daughter is still living somewhere, and promises to return to him. Theo Magath looks out from the top of a building. The Aspiring Warrior look down at the elite of Mahr army and the diplomats present. This is a testament to the Teybers’ prestige.

Finally, the performance begins with the sounds from the Cimbasso. This worries Udo as Falco and Reiner remain absent. Magath asks a Mahr soldier to come fetch the warriors.

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Willy Teiber

Reiner questions Eren in the basement about his activities. Eren tells him that he did not have a choice but to answer “the same as you”, because he couldn’t choose. Eren advises him to pay attention as the curtain has risen.

Willy begins to recount his story on stage. He tells how in the past the eldians had ruled the world, and that their titans had decimated 3 times the population. After destroying countless civilizations, the empire made them vanish forever. But Helos, one of the titans’ owners, seized the chance to overthrow King Fritz with the help from the Teyber, and fled to Paradise, where he established a legion. In response to the Mahr people’s titans, only the Dreadnought Titan returned. This left Paradise with its power intact.

In the basement Eren asks Reiner if he wants to save the world along with his friends. The soldier Mahr takes Sieg Jager outside and directs Peak finger and Porco galliard to join him. Peak convinces Peak to go with him and then questions him. She crosses his unit, which she warmly hugs before joining them. From the roof, Theo tells Koslo that he will report any suspicious activity. Private Mahr, who is leading the warriors into the house, cuts a rope that causes them to fall into the well under the floor. Falco, who is in the basement, wonders about Reiner’s fearful look and what the connection is between them. He eventually discovers that Eren Kriger and Eren Jager.

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Willy admits on stage that the story is false. He intends to tell the truth. Helos and the Teyber Clan do not consider themselves heroes, but King Fritz. The King couldn’t bear the suffering and wars anymore and promised Clan Teyber that a Mahr would look like a hero while his subjects and he would live in Paradise. He pledged to free thousands of titans from any threat to the established peace, even if he didn’t intend to do so. His will was passed to his descendants who were heirs to the Original Titan. The real credit for the peace is given to the former King, even though the Mahrs tried to seize the original or attack the royal family. The king wanted to live peacefully until his people were exterminated to atone for their crimes. After his revelations, the crowd becomes agitated. Willy then goes on to explain to them that the Teybers agreed to sell the remaining eldians on the continent to him and his family in return for safety. While he recognizes that his clan is not worthy of his position, he confides to them that this was done to protect the world against a great threat.

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Magath discovers on the roof that the warriors cannot be traced like the soldier they left behind. In the meantime, Peak, and Porco are able to regenerate in the house. They know that they must not transform because they could endanger their lives or be killed.

Willy looks at his sister and explains that the walls in Paradise are made out of titans, but that a revolution took part on the island which put to the reigns of peace. The original titan was then recovered by a dangerous individual called Eren Jayer who now poses a threat to the entire world.

Falco expresses disappointment at being manipulated in this manner and Eren recovers from the cellar. Eren apologises for the mistake but thanks him for his assistance. Falco recognizes there is a problem and Eren admits it was not intended for his family, but for his comrades. Reiner realized that Falco was talking about the Exploration Battalion.

Willy, who is on stage, explains that the Titans of the Wall pose a threat to their existence if Eren unleashes the Great Dig. Nothing can stop them and they all will die. Eren agreed with Willy’s view of the continent as a threat. Reiner asks Eren why his mother died. Reiner explains to him that they destroyed the wall in order to see the reaction from the king behind the walls, and get the original to save the world. Reiner asks Eren if he was there to cause the most terrible death possible on him. Eren replies that he can forget it because he has lived among them all and understands that the Eldians are manipulators. Reiner asks Eren if it wasn’t horrible for him. Reiner, stricken with remorse and unsure if he could have turned his back on Marcel’s death, but Reiner insists that he did so because he wanted the honor of being a hero.

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Willy, on stage, continues to curse his blood and want the end of the Eldians. Reiner begs Eren for his death while Willy, who is on his side, wants to live because the people must unite to defeat the common enemy. Eren assists Willy to rise, while soldiers advance towards him. Reiner is told by Eren that he will keep moving until he has defeated all his enemies. Then, he will transform into a titan. Reiner manages to capture Falco before the building explodes. Eren grabs Willy, and then cuts him in half.

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marley warriors aot
  • Reiner Braun (Analepse/Present)
  • Annie Leonhart (Analepse)
  • Bertolt Hoover (Analepse)
  • Falco Gleis (Analepse/Present)
  • Eren Jager
  • Willy Teyber
  • Kiyomi Azumabito
  • Karina Braun
  • M. Leonhart
  • Theo Magath
  • Koslo
  • Calvi
  • Gaby Braun
  • Sophia
  • Udo
  • Kord Gleis
  • Peak Finger
  • Porco Galliard
  • Sieg Jager
  • With goatee, Mahr soldier
  • Nambia
  • Mr. Ogweno
  • Armored unit, which includes Carlo
  • Clan Teyber members, including Lara Teyber

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NOTES Declaration Of War Aot

All members of the Armored Unit have a crush Peak Finger.
Willy Teyber says that the Great Titan War was ended by King Karl Fritz. Paradise wasn’t a threat so long as the Original Titan was his family’s property.

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