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In Aot, Zofia Was an Eldian warrior serving in the Marley government. He was also an aspiring successor to all the powers of the Battleship Titan.

Appearance Zofia Aot

Zofia aot | Attack On Titan

In Aot, Zofia was a little girl. Her hair was short and light with a fringe of hair on her forehead. She often wore an edgy expression. Her eyes were light-colored and, as her co-warriors. Zofia wore the traditional outfit of the Marley soldiers. She also wore the armband which made her appear as an Eldian.

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Personality Zofia Aot

Personality Zofia Aot

In Aot, Zofia did not seem easily scared She was calm, displaying no reaction to most situations and dealing with situations that were not her style using humor. While she wasn’t typically extremely friendly or fearful but she was kind to her fellow soldiers. When her friend Udo is frightened by the thought loss of the war Zofia would just laugh as her bandages were applied to the Falco.

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Biography Zofia Aot

In Aot, Zofia was hired to join the Marley’s military as part the Eldian fighter program. In the midst of the conflict in the Middle East between Marley along with the Allied Forces of the Middle East, Zofia along with her fellow cadets was placed on the frontline in the hopes of taking over Fort Slava. Following an incident in which the battle,Falco gets injured following an explosion His older brother Colt is able to save him and bring Falco home to his trenches. Gabi questions him about his injuries and, along and Udo along with Zofia they begin treating the injured man. The injury to his head resulted in Falco to forget the circumstance they were in. Gabi reminds him that they’ve been fighting for 4 years, and in order in order to win, they need to be able to capture Fort Slava and sink the Middle Eastern war fleet. 

Biograohy Zofia Aot

Zofia is puzzled as to why Marley’s navy can’t help them and Udo responds that over the past the past four years, they’ve struggled to gain charge of the ocean, and with the consequence of losing over half their warships. In a desperate reaction to the circumstance, Udo presses Falco’s bandages with a lot of force, not realizing and Gabi scolds the man while Zofia smiles. Falco is unsure why cadets like they are on the frontline. Gabi says that the commander Magath tests them, in order to discover which will become the next generation that comes from Battleship Titan and participate in the mission to eliminate Paradis Island. 

Udo as well as Zofia mention the credentials of the cadets, however Gabi responds by saying that she, in contrast to her fellow cadets is prepared to take the fate of the Eldians upon her shoulders, and slaughter those “demons” inhabiting Paradis and remove Paradis “good Eldians” from their prisons.

When that the Allied Forces of the Middle East deploy an armored train the Magath, the commander Magath intends to destroy it by making 800 Eldian soldiers attack the firing of the enemy, in order to remove the threat that stops Marley from using his form-shifting titans. But, Gabi decides to take the initiative and ask Magath whether she can fire down the armored train by herself. Magath is hesitant however, at the young cadet’s request, he permits Gabi to shoot. Zofia is witness to Gabi’s success in the demolishment of an armored railway but as a cadet she is instructed by Magath to remain within the trenches. Zofia is later sent in the trenches.

Biograohy Zofia Aot

Destroying the train that was armored permits for the 800- Eldian troops to move toward the enemy with the assistance of two titans Galliard as well as Pieck. After a short time, Magath announces the withdrawal of the infantry as the air assault will begin immediately. (zolpidem online apotheke)  Zofia is witness to the moment when Zeke transforms a bunch of elders to titans and then throws them into the Slava fortress, breaking the fortifications and eating nearby soldiers. After the attack on the fortress has been completed it is discovered that it is discovered that the Middle Eastern fleet is sunk but Reiner Braun the Battleship Titan is severely injured. The war ends with the victory of Marley. Following the fight, Zofia and Zofia’s soldiers are killed.

Following the battle, Zofia and her warriors are able to rest in the nearby Middle Eastern city. On the dock of the city, Zofia overhears Udo raise the question of where the Eldians are, since titans might no longer be useful in the fight. Zofia alters the topic and jokes that her neighbor had told her that the water in the ocean is salty due to the fact that the person who urinates in it. 

The group is able to see several distressed half-Eastern soldiers that are taken to their home country to give evidence to the world about the inhumanity of having to make use of pure titans in battle. When Udo kicks an object discontented by the precarious situation where the Eldians find them, Reiner appears reprimanding him. The cadet warriors meet him with enthusiasm and with a smile, except for Falco. Gabi tells Reiner that they’ll shortly be able to go back in Liberius and invites him to join them in exploring the city for the moment. Udo isn’t convinced that it’s an ideal idea, as the commander Magath advised the children that they shouldn’t be in tents, however Zofia claims that she witnessed the commander leave. But, Reiner stops them, explaining to them that they’re in no way old enough to enter the local shops.

In the evening, Zofia, her companions and her superiors depart by train that is heading to her home in the Middle East for Marley. Zofia is watching the other warriors celebrate while Gabi succeeded in bringing an armored train down in the battle at Fort Slava. 

After the battle, Zofia returns to Liberio and, in the interment area , she is welcomed with family members. Then, she begins her cadet training within the Military Academy with her fellow cadets. She and Udo praises Falco for overcoming Gabi in a race for rifles because no one in training was able to beat her. In the evening prior to an annual Liberio festival the Noble  Willy Tybur hosts an event which brings together foreign ambassadors who were welcomed to Marley to learn what the king has to say regarding the issues facing the people from Paradis Island. Zofia along with others cadets are invited to serve as waiters at the event.

The following morning, Zofia as well as the rest of the group were taken to the carnival by Reiner before going to the principal event of the contest. After a few hours, she took her place next to her fellow participants and the soldiers in the theater that was built to commemorate the event. After Willy’s declaration that declared war on Paradis the armed forces Eren Jaeger is revealed as a titan in the ceremony to kill Tybur. Zofia gets crushed the pieces of debris from a building which were tossed into the air following the transformation of Eren. Zofia has also been crushed by the pieces of debris from a building which were tossed through the air after Eren’s transformation.

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Skills And Abilities Zofia

Skills And Abilities Zofia

In an Eldian warrior program that is part of Marley’s service, Zofia has undergone extensive military training. Zofia is part of the Eldian warriors program, which is in serving with Marley.

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She has a birthdate together with Luke Siss.

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