Re Zero Season 3 : Everything You Need To Know

Re Zero Season 3

This past March, the second season of the popular Isekai anime “Re:Zero — Starting Life in Another World” finally came to a close, wrapping up its adaptation of the original light novel’s fourth arc. Originally written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shin’ichirō Ōtsuka, “Re:Zero” first released online in 2012. A manga adaptation released soon after, followed by the well-known Re Zero anime adaptation in 2016.

The anime follows a similar formula to many Isekai anime. It focuses on Subaru Natsuki, a teenage shut-in who is suddenly and inexplicably transported to an alternate fantasy world (via Anime News Network). However, this average Isekai beginning is subverted when Subaru discovers that he was also spontaneously granted a special ability. This power, “Return by Death,” allows Subaru to return to a previous, randomly determined point in time upon death, similar to how checkpoints function in a video game. Using this ability, the overall average Subaru is able to overcome conflict through repetition and planning.

Now, following the recent conclusion of the anime’s second season, fans are curious as to whether the show will continue its adaptation of the novels. With a four-year head start on the anime, much of the novels’ events have yet to be adapted. With that in mind, here’s what we know so far about “Re:Zero” Season 3.

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When will Re Zero Season 3 release?

When will Re:Zero Season 3 release?

At the current moment, no official announcements have been made regarding the release of “Re:Zero” Season 3. The previous season, which was released in two separate parts, had been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, it’s hard to gauge when the anime’s producers, White Fox, will continue their adaptation of the series. Sources such as The Cinemaholic predict a release date as late as 2025, but this is only speculative.

However, Sho Tanaka, one of the series’ producers, has alluded to the possibility of a Season 3 during a 2020 interview with Crunchyroll, saying, “I’m confident that you’ll all be clamoring for a third season once you’ve finished watching this one. Please look forward to it.” With that in mind, “Re:Zero” fans can sit comfortably knowing there’s a good chance that they’ll see a third season of the popular Isekai anime.

Who will be in Re Zero Season 3 cast?

Who will be in Re:Zero Season 3  cast?

Assuming “Re:Zero” Season 3 does come out, it is likely that the show will retain a good portion of its original cast. According to IMDb, Subaru is voiced in Japanese by Yûsuke Kobayashi (“Dr. Stone,” “Food Wars”). He is voiced in English by Sean Chiplock (“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu”).

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Furthermore, the original voice actors for the supporting cast are also expected to make a return. This includes Emilia (Rie Takahashi/Kayli Mills), Ram (Rie Murakawa/Ryan Bartley), and Rem (Inori Minase/Brianna Knickerbocker).

While it is unlikely that Season 3 of “Re:Zero” would make any abrupt changes in cast or crew, fans can likely expect to hear some new voices as the series introduces new characters. Unfortunately, no official statements regarding Season 3’s cast have been made. In this case, fans will have to wait to see if any new cast decisions can be expected from “Re:Zero.”

What's the plot of Re:Zero Season 3?

Since Season 2 of “Re:Zero” only covered up to “Arc 4” of the original light novels, there is still plenty more “Re:Zero” left for White Fox to adapt (via Re:Zero Wiki). The most recent arc followed Subaru and Emilia as they attempt to rescue the inhabitants of Sanctuary who are trapped via a mysterious magical barrier.

“Arc 5,” where the anime’s story is set to pick up, follows Subaru and his allies as they fight to unite the Royal Election Camps in Watergate City in order to defeat the Witch Cultists who have taken control. Whether the anime is expected to adapt just this arc or continue even further into the series is unknown at the moment.

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However, fans can be certain that Season 3 will include many of the story elements which define “Re:Zero.” In other words, “Re:Zero” will continue its long-held tradition of brutality and psychological torture, as Subaru’s Return By Death ability consistently proves itself to be both a blessing and a curse. Any further details, however, are likely being saved for the show’s (hopeful) upcoming release.

The Storyline of the Third Season of Re Zero

The Storyline of the Third Season of Re: Zero

In the second season, the viewers have seen how Subaru and Emilia have saved the citizens of Sanctuary from the trap of the magical barrier. The story of the series proceeds when Subaru attempts to fight against the Royal Election Camps in Watergate City to overthrow the Witch.

The makers of the show have not expressed anything about the storyline. So no one can predict any further details about the third season of Re: Zero.

The Teaser of the Third Season of Re Zero

The teaser of the third season is not out yet. However, it is obvious that after the announcement of the release date, the trailer of the upcoming new season will be broadcasted soon.

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The global pandemic has delayed a lot of work, even the filming and the release of different series. But hopefully, the makers will bring up the third installment of the sequel soon.

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Re: Zero Season 3 Renewal Status

Re: Zero Season 3 Renewal Status

At the time of writing Re: Zero hasn’t been officially renewed for a third season, although there’s plenty of source material to suggest that another season would be possible. Season 2 of Re: Zero finished airing relatively recently, in early spring of 2021. Several anime announce new seasons immediately after a season finishes airing, especially if the new episodes can be expected soon, but several series take months, or even years to make such an announcement.

As this is an extremely popular and profitable work, that keeps selling a lot of issues, DVDs, and other merch, it has a decent chance of being renewed.

Official Announcements And Release Date Of Re: Zero Season 3

All our Re: Zero fans, we have got good news and bad news for you guys.

Which one would you like to consume first? Okay, so bad one it is. The bad news is that there are no official announcements regarding the release of Season 3 just yet.

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To be fair, the second season aired this year itself so expecting a sequel almost instantaneously is kind of unreasonable.

Not saying that it’s completely impossible. I mean shows like Rent-a-girlfriend and Uzaki chan received a sequel announcement right off the bat but those are some exceptions.

Generally, anime takes time to talk about its sequel because the success of the original is a major factor of consideration.

Even absolute bangers like Attack On Titan or My Hero Academia didn’t receive a sequel confirmation months after their prequel aired.

So it’s not much of a problem. You could argue that it’s still bad news considering that anime sequel announcements have become quite prominent lately but hey, that’s not a trend yet.

It happens but not that often. So now that we are up with the bad news, let’s take a look at what the good news is.

The good news is actually an announcement but not an announcement. Let me explain. You see, in 2020, Crunchyroll had an interview with producer Sho Tanaka.

During the interview, Sho Tanaka mentioned something interesting. He said, “I’m confident that you’ll all be clamoring for a third season once you’ve finished watching this one (season 2).” That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the producer of Re: Zero has shown a positive approach towards our beloved series.

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Even though it’s not an official announcement, it comes from an official nonetheless. And a very significant one with that.

These guys aren’t playing around. Just the sole idea of considering an anime sequel is motivating in itself.

I mean, KonoSuba had a similar situation. One of the officials showed a positive approach and look, it has a sequel now.

Similarly, it is quite possible for Re: Zero to get another season based on Sho Tanaka’s statement.

So yeah, even if there are no “official announcements or release dates”, we do have an official statement from one of the individuals out there.

That’s quite motivating. But we aren’t going to stop just here. This entire article is an in-depth analysis so we have to look at other factors as well.

Sales, profit, source material are all factors that can decide whether an anime will be hitting the TV’s back again.

So let’s dive deeper into them.

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More Source Material Information On Re: Zero Season 3

Now let’s discuss the source material of Re: Zero. As you guys know, Re: Zero is based on a light novel written by Nagatsuki Tappei and illustrated by Ootsuka Shinichirou.

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These two amazing artists ended up creating our favorite series and we gotta respect it!

This fantasy drama series started airing on January 23, 2014, and is still under publication.

In other words, the series hasn’t had a finite conclusion to its story. For us, this is great news because more narrative content means more seasons.

Speaking of which, the series has a total of 27 volumes as of the time I am writing this.

VolumesEnglish Release Date
Volume 1July 19, 2016
Volume 2November 15, 2016
Volume 3March 21, 2017
Volume 4June 20, 2017
Volume 5October 31, 2017
Volume 6February 27, 2018
Volume 7June 26, 2018
Volume 8October 30, 2018
Volume 9February 19, 2019
Volume 10June 18, 2019
Volume 11October 29, 2019
Volume 12February 25, 2020
Volume 13July 21, 2020
Volume 14October 20, 2020
Volume 15March 2, 2021
Volume 16June 22, 2021
Volume 17October 26, 2021
Volume 18January 18, 2022
Volume 19
Volume 20
Volume 21
Volume 22
Volume 23
Volume 24
Volume 25
Volume 26
Volume 27

Out of which, around the first 9 volumes were covered in the first season, and volumes 9-15 were covered in the second season.

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Now we are going to do some simple maths here. The first season adapted 9 volumes of the light novel and the second one adapted 5.

So if we average it out, we can say that Re: Zero requires around 7 volumes for every season.

It wouldn’t be a mistake to say so. Keeping that in mind, does Re: Zero have enough source material to adapt?

Well, the answer is YES! For those of you who don’t know, if the source material is done or doesn’t have enough volumes/chapters out yet, the series can’t adapt it in the first place.

There has to be a story to create an anime and the lack of such a story could be the potential cause for no sequel like in the case of Bunny Girl Senpai.

Needless to say, this isn’t a major issue if the source material is still being published because as time would pass by, there would be new content coming out most of the time.

This aspect is in Re: Zero’s favor. The light novel is under publishing but it also has a lot of non-adapted volumes.

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If we assume that the next season would require 7 volumes of the light novel based on the average, we can rest assured because the series has over 12 volumes that are yet to be adapted.

So even if the season adapts more than 7 volumes, let’s say 9 like Season 1, we would still have content to watch for the next season.

Yup, a moment of happiness. Overall, all of my Re: Zero lovers can rest assured that the next season of Re: Zero has more than enough source material to back it up!

No need to hurry. So now that we have an understanding of the source material of Re: Zero, it is time to look at the popularity of the series.

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Expected Plot Of Re Zero Season 3

Expected Plot Of Re: Zero Season 3

Now let’s assume that the next season does end up happening. What is going to be the plot?

What would be the storyline for the upcoming season? Well, this is our moment to discuss it here.

Let’s try to theorize the plot for the next season. So if you guys remember, the series had an ending (which we are going to discuss soon) that seemed somewhat acceptable but didn’t have enough definition to consider it as an absolute climax.

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In other words, the series had a lot of room to expand its storyline. There are a lot of questions that need to be addressed.

And these questions vary from the creation of this realm to Subaru’s teleportation. Moreover, the story has places to move ahead such as character relationships and world-building.

We would love to see more of Subaru and Beatrice and their interactions with everyone else.

The story seems to have started and it can go in multiple directions. The most plausible one being the Royal Selection.

Yup, if you guys don’t remember, Emilia is yet to win in the Royal Selection to fulfill her promise towards Roswaal.

The next season is most likely going to be the adventure of our girl trying her best to outperform every other contender in the Royal Selection.

With Subaru and the group by her side, she is bound to become a better person.

Moreover, stuff like Rem and Subaru’s relationship as well as Subaru and Beatrice’s relationships need more exploration.

The characters have made it out of the first predicament without in one piece. But what does this new world have in store for them in the near future?

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Not to mention, the light novel is still going on which means that we have a lot of stories that can be covered in the anime.

The possibilities seem no limit but at the moment, they are most likely to go in the direction of Royal Selection.

So for now, the expected plot of Re: Zero is Emilia and Royal Selection.

Why Do We Want Another Season So Badly?

This is the question that might have come up in the minds of anime fans who haven’t watched Re: Zero or know nothing about it.

But since this is a comprehensive article, we are going to clarify that as well.

On the surface, there can be hundreds of reasons for fans to demand another season.

But the core reason for most fans here is the desire for more entertainment. Re: Zero has an amazing cast, with a great story and execution of the same.

For most anime fans, that’s all they want. Since the source material has a lot more stories that can be covered in an anime format, the series seems to be hitting the demand ceiling.

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So this is the core reason why fans want more of their beloved Re: Zero.

Ratings And Reviews Won So Far By Re: Zero

Myanimelist8.23(Season 1), 8.43(Season 2 Part 1), 8.56(Season 2, Part 2)

Now let’s talk about the ratings and reviews of Re: Zero. If a series is highly rated, it means that a lot of people had a fun time watching it.

In other words, it creates a lot of room for the next season and its fanbase.

Therefore, we must analyze the scores and thoughts of the series as well.


The series is available for listing on the world’s most popular movie rating site, IMDb.

There’s a huge fan base of entertainment over on IMDb so Re: Zero’s rating on this platform would tell us a lot about its general acceptance.

And if you check the website, you won’t be disappointed at all because Re: Zero is blessed with a great score of 8.1/10.

That’s impressive in itself. Goes to show how amazing the series was for a lot of casual anime fans out there.

A positive word indeed. The reviews also appreciate the nature of the series along with its dark tone.

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A work that is appreciated by many.

Profit And Sales Details Of Re: Zero Season 3

Now it’s time to talk about MONEY! The most important aspect for any anime is undoubtedly sales.

Even if Re: Zero is a passion project, it is bound to be shut without a third season if it doesn’t make enough money.

So did it make enough cash? Let’s take a look.

Light Novel Sales

Light novel sales can contribute significantly to the making of an anime sequel. So what does Re: Zero light novel contribute to the making?

Let’s find out. Well, great news! The light novel sold over 3 million copies. This is an incredible number and definitely supports the making of a sequel.

In fact, Re: Zero is one of the highest-selling Isekai light novels of all time.

So rest assured, they have enough bucks.

Blu-Ray/Dvd Sales

Even though they are not prominent at the moment, Blu-Rays and DVDs are still bought and are the most effective way to support the industry.

If a series has amazing Blu-Ray sales then it directly means that it made a lot of money.

So what’s the case with Re: Zero? Well, the numbers are amazing as they get.

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With an average of over 10,800 copies sold per volume, Re: Zero ranks higher than popular kings like My Hero Academia and Kaguya Sama in terms of Blu-Ray sales.

I don’t think there’s any more analysis needed here. Re: Zero has fantastic BD sales.

More than enough for yet another season.


And finally, we have merchandise. If you have been even a bit into merchandise, you know that Re: Zero merch is almost everywhere!

They have over 550 figurines which mostly include Rem and Ram as well as 3200 general items.

These are absolutely stunning numbers. Without a doubt, one of the best numbers of merchandise sales in recent times.

Across the board, we can be certain that they have made plenty of money for another season.

Heck if you add the total of $5 million from OVAs and online games from the franchise then it probably has enough money to make 2 more seasons.

Without a doubt, this dream project has its path paved for itself.

Famous Characters To Reappear In Re Zero Season 3

Now let’s talk about some characters that may return in the next season. If Season 3 does happen, many of our beloved characters will make their return.

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The most prominent ones are going to be mentioned here.



First up, is our beloved protagonist who seems to have no limits to fearlessness. His brave behavior has made him go from the weakest to the strongest and his life in this new world has just started.

The next season will have more of his idiocy filled with heroism. Looking forward to it!



Our beautiful Emilia tan is also bound to make a reappearance in the next season.

As discussed earlier, the previous season might follow the Royal Selection so there’s an extremely high chance that Emilia will have more screen time on Season 3.

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Although she had no spotlight in the previous season, there’s a pretty good chance that the next season might focus on her reawakening.

She has been a fan favorite since season one and abandoning her midway would disturb a lot of fans.

So she will be returning in the next season as well.



One of the most remarkable characters from the past season was Beatrice. Our cute loli did get her fair share of screen time in seasons 1 and 2 but part 2 specifically focused on her.

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In conclusion, she ended up picking Subaru as her number and continued living life along with him.

Her reappearance in the next season would give birth to more exposition of her character and her relationship with Subaru.

Other characters like Ram, Roswaal, Petra, Fredrica, Garfiel, Otto, etc. also have fair chances for a return in the next season.

Although from our expectations, the story might not be heavily focused on them, they would still be present.

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Other Decisive Factors For  Re: Zero Season 3

Now let’s quickly talk about some aspects of Re: Zero that could decide the potential for another season.

First up is the ending.

Ending Of  Re: Zero Season 2

The ending of Re: Zero was focusing on Subaru freeing the sanctuary as well as everyone within the sanctuary.

Moreover, Emilia, Ram, Roswaal, and Garfiel have overcome their pasts and are looking forward to a new life.

The ending of Re: Zero had a somewhat conclusive ending but it wasn’t definite. So there’s a lot of chance for creators to use that ending for another season if they are planning one.

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Which they are since producer Sho Tanaka has hinted at it. So overall, the ending of season 2 was good enough to let season 3 slide in without any issues.

Controversy Around Re: Zero

Controversy creates cash. But sometimes, it creates problems in the making of a sequel. Luckily for Re: Zero, that’s not the case.

There haven’t been any significant controversies revolving around Re: Zero. The only thing close to that was “Emilia.

Vs Rem” best girl fight. But that’s just the fandom being the fandom. Nothing too extreme.

It’s just an exchange of opinions and it turned out to be favorable for creators because the demand for Rem figures spiked.

It’s a win-win in my eyes.


To sum it all up, Re: Zero has extremely high chances of getting a sequel.

The only reason we haven’t had any announcements yet is that the last part aired this year itself.

Otherwise, the hint from producer Sho Tanaka as well as incredible monetary performance work in Re: Zero’s favor.

So all my Re: Zero lovers, don’t worry. Just wait for a while and you will get to see your favorite girl back again on screen.

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Thanks a lot for reading this. Until next time, Sayonara!

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