DOMA DEMON SLAYER : Everything You Need To Know

Douma monster of twelve moons in the constellation of the second moon.
Doma Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, Doma or Douma is a demon of twelve moons in the constellation of the second moon.

APPEARANCE Doma Demon Slayer

APPEARANCE Doma Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, Douma is wearing white pants that are flared at the bottom and a black cape as well as a turtleneck in red. His neck is black, and features some undertones. Sometimes, a peculiar headdress may be observed in his hair. The eyes of the demon are the rarest hue and appear to be glowing, and the hue of his hair looks like antique brass. This character is vibrant and memorable.

Douma was wearing a red turtleneck, the style of it gave the impression that the space in between his neck and his upper chest was covered in the black color that appeared to flow down his body. The similar design was also seen on his arms and wrists and also on the small oval “bloodstain” which he adorned on his head. In the midst of it, he was wearing an untidy pair of dark pinstriped pants, with their cuffs appearing loose and secured with the gold and pale green belt, with the buckle made of the white and silver. Sometimes Doume was also found sporting a black coat across shoulder, and two pieces of black and purple cloth with a rectangular design tied around his neck and the black crown-shaped hat that was covered in gold-colored front plates and had black ribbons that hung from the sides. Doume also wore two sharp fans, made of shining gold, with having a lotus-engraved image on them as well as an hoop of jade-colored strings hanging from their bases which served as his primary weapon.

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PERSONALITY Doma Demon Slayer

PERSONALITY Doma Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, Doma is friendly, and his speech style is quite soft and quiet yet nonetheless, brutal. He has a charming attitude and could be misinterpreted as a man of integrity but in actual fact, the truth is that he’s not as easy as it may appear. He is, however, an effective strategist, who is taking into account every move he takes.

Daume always looks after his friends, and is a remarkablely powerful. Daemon is an atheist too, saying that there is no god, Buddha, or afterlife or heaven, though while he was alive in his early years as an infant, the locals believed in him as an idol and treated him as a god. Daemon believes that when you die you become insignificant and no longer feel anything. Those who, in his words “couldn’t accept something so simple” are ignorant.

Douma was a nihilistic person and unresponsive to human emotions He admitted that in the days of humanity, the entire notion of emotion was foreign to Douma. Realizing the fact that this wasn’t normal Douma made up for the lack of a “heart” by lying, making up his feelings so that he could fool everyone even the sharpest of people. Douma turned out to be an alcoholic uncaring even to his parents who were dying and complaining only about the blood smell that was evident throughout the room after the death of his parents. Apart from his inability to express emotions, Douma also exhibited an unimaginable tolerance to pain that was like borderline congenital pain. The tests revealed that he had numerous disturbing behaviors like sticking his fingers into the skull, piercing holes in his temples and then rubbing his brain to trigger memories of a lengthy life, with a calm expression. When interacting with his one of his fellow High Moon, Akaza, Akaza did not show any negative reaction when his fellow High Moon mate smacked him with two deadly blows to the head. In reality,

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 was what he regarded as to be their own “welcoming” form of communication between the two “best friends.” Douma even suggests that he was actually enjoying the physical assaults, which can be seen by the way he questioned Muzan with enthusiasm about the kind of destruction he’d do to himself as a punishment for his failing and then expressed his joy at the numerous attempts by Shinobu Kocho to kill and poison the man. Even though he was a cult-leader, Douma was an atheist who believed there was no god or Buddha or afterlife. Douma believed that there was no afterlife and believed that those that “could not accept something so simple” were foolish and ignorant. In the end, however the man acknowledged that he was mistaken and that hell and heaven exist. He also admitted what could be his first real emotion, a love for Shinobu and asked: “Is that what people call love? You are sweet, Shinobu.”

HISTORY of Doma Demon Slayer


HISTORY of Doma Demon Slayer

In demon slayer, Doma was a child born with an eye color that was unusual which led his parents to believe that he was unique as he could sense the voice of gods. They raised him to become the head of the cult of eternal bliss and he is still the leader to this day.

Douma was a child. Douma was a kid his father would often cheat on his mother by forming the help of cultists, which caused Douma to lose all sense and even stab her father death, before intoxicating herself and dying along with his body. Even though it was a horrible incident, Douma felt neither sadness or feeling lonely. The only thing he desired in that moment was to let the room air due to the horrible smell of blood.

When Doma was just 20 an old man, Muzan Kibutsuji turned him into a monster.

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In Demon Slayer, One time, when Doma was still the sixth the highest moon Douma wandered through the red-light district and consumed the flesh of young girls that lived there. In one instance, he came across Gyutaro as well as Ducky both of whom were near being killed: Gutaro was slowly bleeding from a wound on his back. Ducky was so badly burned that it was difficult to identify her. As an “good guy”, Douma offered his blood to Gyutaro and Ducky to transform them into demons, if “He” deemed them worthy. Douma was later elevated to the rank of the moon’s second highest and was ranked ahead of Akaza but Douma was an undead before Douma.

In the 15th year prior to the events in the manga the teenager Kotoha Hashimara was brought to Douma and carried infant Inosuke with her. She fled from her husband and mother-in law who treated her with a cruel manner and sought assistance from Douma who accepted her in his cult that promised eternal paradise. In the following years, Kotokha’s mother and husband joined the cult, however Douma declared them noisy and killed them. Then, he left their bodies into the mountain.

While Douma believed that Kotokha as a fool, the girl admired her beauty and talent to sing, and he chose not to eat her to let her suffer naturally. But, once Kotoha discovered the fact that Douma is eating the followers of her when she left the temple along with Inosuke. In the hope of saving her son she threw him off an cliff into the water which she then was killed and consumed by Douma.

Some time prior to the present day, Douma was a fighter who fought Kanae Kocho. He inflicted a fatal wound upon her. However, she then forced to flee his sun, before he was able to eat her.

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In this Demon Slayer Arc, After being summoned to an assembly that was part of High Moons, Doma questioned Akaza’s lack of concern his safety by placing his hands over his friend’s shoulder. Douma expressed concern about their safety colleagues before speaking with Gyokko and had an unintentional discussion about his poopy mouth and the instructions he had been handed. An angry Akaza instructed Douma not to shake his hands, and then hit the man when he refused to obey.

After repairing the damage in a matter of minutes, Douma praised his mate and wondered if he had increased his strength after their last encounter. In the next moment, Kibutsuji Muzan arrived and declared Gutaro’s demise. Douma apologized, pondering what kind of punishment Muzan could inflict upon him, but instead was informed that there was nothing to be to be expected of him.

The bizarre Demon was questioned, however Muzan made a case for the existence of the family Ubuyashiki and the failure to locate that Blue Spider Lily, which led Douma confess that he wasn’t the most skilled at conducting investigations. Douma then approached Gyokko who wanted to join him on the new assignment however, Akaza smashed the top of his head due to not heeding the orders of their leader.

Doma quickly came back from thisand attempted to placate Kokushibo, who cut off the hand of Akaza. Not knowing that this was favorable to him the happy High Moon remarked that his superior’s suggestion to have Akaza surrender to a bloody struggle was an unnecessary waste of time and that he could not have prevented the attack intentionally. Then, he jolly said goodbye to Kokushibo and attempted to talk to Akaza in conversations, and then attempted to join Gyokko as well as Hanteng to assist them in the mission. In addition, he attempted to meet Nakime, the demon Biwa however, the demon Biwa was not interested. He was later taken back to his house in the knowledge that his followers were arriving. After putting on his ceremonial hat, he instructed the messenger to take everyone inside.

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In the role of supreme moon-2 Doma can be considered to be the third most powerful demon in Demon Slayer series. The combination of his fighting skills and abilities was strong enough to take on Shinobu and the Insect Pillar, without difficulty It was also noted that he also defeated Kanae Kocho who was the prior Flower Pillar in the past. The main method of fighting is to control his skills via his two fans, each with devastating and powerful attacks, and defusing his enemies with his attacks. As per Douma, Akaza Third High Moon who was the third High Moon, would have not had a chance to beat Douma in combat. This is why it’s probable that Douma is a very strong demon, even if it was not engaged in combat until he was massively affected by Shinobu’s poison.



Regeneration: Douma showed incredibly amazing regenerative powers such as at the time Akaza attacked his lower jaw as well as the high point of his forehead and he was able to recover quickly with any effort, not even considering the attack to be a friendly gesture. When he was fighting Shinobu the Japanese was able render the poisonous substances which were injected into his body useless by immediately generating antibodies to her poisons with any difficulty. Even after he absorbed the body of Shinobu and inhaled an amount of poison that was greater than 37kg (70 times the weight lethal) It took quite long before the poison could cause any negative effects on him.

Massive endurance One of Douma’s greatest strengths is his remarkable endurance and tolerance to discomfort. Douma has proven to be nearly invulnerable to the brutal attacks sustained from the High Moon counterpart, Akaza and his eyes were slashed by Inosuke as well as being repeatedly stabbed and poisoned by Shinobu and Kanao was wounded in the stomach. In no moment did Douma show any sign of anxiety, pain or discomfort about being badly injured while he was able to calmly and calmly fight, talk or complete what he had started doing with the same stoicism as if nothing were going on.

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Absorption The ability to draw prey into your body. The moon used this ability in order to soak Shinobu Kocho. It’s unclear whether other moons are able to accomplish this.

Accelerated speed He showed incredible speed when he took Kanao’s sword from her fingers and Inosuke’s mask off his head before anyone even realized the items had disappeared.

Demonic Blood Technique (Xie ketsuGui kiShu ziyutsu Kekkijutsu? ) Douma’s blood demonic techniques were based on the creation and production of frost and ice using his own blood and flesh.

ATTACKS From Doma Demon Slayer

ATTACKS From Doma Demon Slayer
  • Ice Lotuses (Lian hasuXie haBing goori Hasuhagori?) – Douma creates lotsuses of ice that be able to attack or trap her target.
  • Faded Hanging Gardens (Ku kareYuan sonoChui shiduri Karesono Shizuri?) – Douma is able to deliver 8-10 consecutive slashing hits to his fans.
  • Freezing Clouds (Dong iteTan gumori Itegumori?) – Douma moves her fans to create an icy cloud that freeze anything that gets them. This attack also disperses cold air, which can destroy the lung of the opponent if it is inhaled excessively.
  • Lotus Vines (Man tsuruLian renHua ge Tsuru Renge?) — Douma creates lotus-shaped ice-figures using a lotus to cut into the flesh of the victim.
  • White Blizzard Princesses (Han kanLie retsunoBai shiraJi hime Kanretsu no Shirahime?) – Douma creates ice characters composed of two women capable of blowing cold wind towards their intended target. This is like Freezing Clouds however Kanao Tsuyuri noticed the fact that this technique has a more extensive kill zone.
  • Winter Icicles (Dong huyusareBing Zhu tsurara Fuyusare Tsurara?) – Douma makes numerous ice stakes that pierce the target at a great distance.
  • Scattered Lotuses (San ChiriLian RenHua the ge Chiri Renge?) – Douma does many sweeps, blowing ice-like petals across the air to cut his opponent.
  • Crystal Divine Child (Jie ketsuJing shiyounoYu miZi ko Kessho no Miko?) — Douma creates miniature versions of himself, which can be made using the techniques he has developed. It has been demonstrated that he can make five clones at once.
  • Frozen Waters Frozen Waters Bodhisattva using Lilies (Wu muBing hiyouShui suiLian RenPu boSa satsu – Suiren Bosatsu?) – Douma’s strongest technique. He builds a gigantic sculpture of ice that represents the Bodhisattva capable of generating massive gusts of cold winds that freeze an individual to death.
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INTERESTING TO KNOW About Douma Demon Slayer

  • Douma’s name contains kanji for “child” ( Tong do?) or ( Mo ma? ) and ( Mo ma? ), which could be a reference to “polish”, “grind” or “improve”.
  • In the Japanese manga’s first edition Douma’s hair is defined as “birch” ( Bai Xiang ? ) A very light blonde/gold. However, the pages in Jump 2019 and Chapter 162 as well as the English translation describe the hair’s color as silver.
  • Douma was a believer in Muzan as the God in his Cult of Eternal Paradise. In spite of his love and devotion to Muzan, Muzan did not enjoy his worship.
  • Douma frequently complained to Muzan about his treatment of Akaza.
  • Sometimes Douma was sought out by his followers, and seeing them fall apart under the pressure of their needs whether it was money and status or love, appeared ridiculous to Douma. He was nevertheless curious about to know what it was like. Also, He had status, money as well as an almost invincible body, in addition to the love of his life. He changed partners periodically to playing the sport of loving.
  • Toom 12 mentions that over 100 years in the past, Douma was the sixth High Moon.
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