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Dororo Season 2 : Everything You Need To Know In 2021

Dororo season 2

The film “Dororo,” a lord from Japan’s Warring States period pledges that will do anything for demons that help him rule and protect the country. Therefore, when his promise is granted — even though the child is born without some of his organsand he hands the child to a midwife for the disposal of. The midwife isn’t in a position to make this happen, so instead she places the child in a boat before taking him to the river. A sage discovers young Hyakkimaru and creates organs to replace those that he lost, and teaches the young man how the art of becoming a Samurai as a result. Dororo is an abandoned child who has become a theft thief who joins the thief on his journey to defeat the demons that have consumed his body partsand restore his body piece by piece.

This anime, based off an original manga written by Osamu Tezuka (the “godfather of Japanese manga comics”) it actually was aired on TV in 1968, and then as live-action film in 2007. The series even was the inspiration for a video game called “Blood Will Tell,” in 2004. The game was revived just a few years ago in Japan and then made available for worldwide via Amazon Prime (via Anime News Network) in the year 2019. So far, there’s been one season of 24 episodes.

Are there plans for a sequel to the season “Dororo,” though? Here’s the information we have about the season 2 of the dark fantasy anime Dororo.

Everything We Know About Dororo Season 2

Everything We Know About Dororo Season 2

A girl of the age of Dororo is an orphan who has become a theft victim, meets Hyakkimaru an teen who was beaten in the name of his parents to be a sacrifice to the province. Hyakkimaru was then fed to demons.

The boy spent his years without artificial organs and legs, but was a master at the sword.

Their story is advancing as Hyakkimaru is determined to eliminate the demons and all souls with red lights to gain the organs that he lost back.

The plot is distinct unlike any other action-thriller. It is a straight-up genre called “Dark fantasy” with constant scenes of gore and violence.

As the story unfolded, it was the method by which Hyakkimaru gets his organs one after another fighting the demons, which are shown in a very clear and brutally, with plenty of blood.

The anime illustrates how a bond formed by love and trust is able to easily eclipse blood relationships.

The bond that binds Dororo with Hyakkimaru has been described as being one of a most unique. But, on the other hand it also reveals the feeling of sadness after losing your loved ones.

The series also takes its time to explore comedy side by incorporating humor in a few scenes.

The characters are well-defined and well written, which makes it easy to follow, avoiding any confusion, and stands out from other anime.

Official Announcements And Release Date Of Dororo Season 2

Official Announcements And Release Date Of Dororo Season 2

The first season of the anime was released from January 7, 2019 until June 24, 2019.

The season was comprised of 24 episodes. the season caused a stir because of its original plot and animated.

Two years have passed since that amazing season. What would you like a new season? The answer isn’t yet known.

The show, which is co-produced through MAPPA along with Tezuka Productions still doesn’t have any information about the upcoming season.

In social networks There is no mention of the show is available. In the Official Twitter page, following 2019only, in July 2020, broadcasting tweets can be located at the top.

It’s all depressing, but let’s slow down and see if we can find something.

We will examine what was originally written and then see if adaptations are completed or if there is enough plot left to be told in season 2.

Source Material Information For Dororo Season 2

Source Material Information For Dororo Season 2

The show was adapted from the manga with the same title, “Dororo” by Osamu Tezuka.

The first chance to present this work on screen was made with the help of 26 episodes, aired between August of 1967 and July 1969. This was made possible by the Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday, which was later ended.

In 2004 the video game under the title “Blood Will Tell” was made available based on the manga.

A live-action movie was made after 3 years i.e. 2007. After 10 years of the film the manga came out available under the title “The Legend of Dororo and Hyakkimaru” by Satoshi Shiki.

The show we’re talking about was released of the year 2019 and 24 episodes from MAPPA along with Tezuka Productions.

The first episode premiered on the 7th of January, 2019, and received a huge response throughout the entire season.

However, the TV series was ended on June 24, 2019. The manga consists of four volumes that included 48 demons while the TV series only featured 12.

The main point of the show ended with Hyakkimaru taking all of part of his body.

The manga has its own rights, as does the show. They are two distinct entities, each of which piques an interest in readers and viewers.

It is important to know that anime has covered a lot of manga. Therefore, in order to get an additional season, a fresh story or a larger volume of manga are required.

Expected Plot Of Dororo Season 2

The storyline of the new season will be largely based on the adult lives of the principal characters.

The first season ended with a scene when Hyakkimaru is taken off on his way to discovering his true self, while Dororo promises to be waiting for his return.

The last glimpse of the 24th episode we saw fully grown Dororo moving towards Aniki.

The whole predetermined plot will focus on their lives after a gap.

According to me, season 2 won’t contain much in the way of storylines since the first season had a satisfying end.

But, will supporters be quiet over “no” season two? I doubt it. The reactions I’ve seen below are extremely overhyped.

Why Do We Need A Dororo Season 2?

There’s a wait. Let me add my list. So, here. Ahem! Do you really want to know what our tiny Dororo has done with all the money she had?

My mind is occupied. Are you certain Hyakkimaru’s mother as well as his brother were burned during the fire that raged inside the castle?

Personally, I don’t believe in. Therefore, I’m in need of clarifications. What is the story behind Hyakkimaru’s oka-chan? I swear I wept in the scene, if you know what I’m talking about.

Are our talented and sweet priest on another adventure? One of the most frequently discussed questions in the heart of Dororo followers can be answered: Hyakkimaru and Dororo will be an actual thing?

In other words, will they form a romantic relationship? I’ll surely be in trouble If they do. However, I’m not worried about it.

Ratings And Reviews For Dororo Season 2

I’d be lying if I said Dororo is an unpopular anime. It’s not.

Dororo is the action-oriented animation that will impact your emotions. The stunning animation, a captivating plotline, or amazing character development, Dororo got everything.

Here are some rankings from the top agencies.


The score is quite excellent for an anime which is “not” a samurai. A thrilling action-packed anime that fights against demons as well as Samurais is extremely satisfying.

Let’s take a take a look at a review written by an individual fan on myanimelist.

Sales And Profit Margin For Dororo Season 2

Dororo(film) which was released in 2017, earned an estimated box office of Y=3.45 billion and an estimated budget of 2 billion dollars.

Blu-Ray/DVD Sales

In the year of 2019 the total sales for Blu-ray/DVD was 3884 copies, which isn’t as impressive, but we have to recognize that we are in the age of streaming, so it’s not surprising.

Streaming platforms such as Netflix Prime Video and others are now the most popular choice to stream great anime.

Manga Sales

I was unable to determine the number of sales for manga, but it’s popular with manga enthusiasts. It was awarded an award in 2009 called the Eisner Award which proves it is worth a try.


The film was presented with a few awards in 2020 by the Crunchyroll Animation Awards, and was also nominated for several.

The list below.

Best DesignSatoshi, Hiroyuki
Best ProtagonistHyakkimaru
Best BoyHyakkimaru
Best Ending

Based on the Winter Vol 1 rankings, the BD sales reached 2K in the initial week of the release date when they released it on the 22nd of May, 2019.

The awards and sales clear any doubt regarding the success of the series, even though it was reintroduced after nearly fifty years.

Popular Characters That Could Reappear In Dororo Season 2


Dororo season 2

A main protagonist in the series. Dororo is the cute girl who is disguised as a male up to the very conclusion of the show.

As a child, Dororo lost his parents in succession and then left him an orphan in the world of evil humans and demons.A day after being beaten by a few criminals for stealing things He then stumbles upon the second lead in the show, which alters his life.

The character she played has proven courageous and inspirational throughout the entire show. Dororo is the mainstay of the Hyakkimaru and has been there to support him throughout his quest to gain the body parts.

The character of Dororo was voiced in the voice of Rio Suzuki, who was just 14 at the time.


Hyakkimaru dororo season 2

Here comes our favorite boy, Hyakkimaru. A teenager who was born unlike any other human child.

Because of his father’s agreement with the demons for village wellbeing The child was devoured away by non-humans, with the exception for his head which was saved by the sacrifice of Buddha.

He has only a unique ability to see into the souls of humans or demon.

White is a symbol of purity while red represents danger and is a reference to demons.

The little boy was taken away immediately after he was born. He is later found to be someone who has repented of his sins.

The person who is identified as be Jukai who gives the boy all the needed components and makes him a wholesome young man before he is sent off to an improved life.

He then meets his partner, Dororo. This character was voiced by Hiroki Suzuki.


Tahomaru dororo season 2

Tahomaru is the heir to Daigo Tahomaru, third son of Daigo lord, Kagesmitsu Daigo, Kagesmitsu Daigo.

A handsome young man, a year older than his brother Hyakkimaru is a charming persona throughout the series to be truthful.

His genuine and generous self was the subject of a change in character in the latter part of the series , which brought us an adrenaline rush.

All in all it’s a diverse one. Shoya Chiba was the voice actor and I would like to add that the production was fantastic.

Kagemitsu Daigo

Kagemitsu Daigo

This is the most awful father you could ever meet. I’m not a fan of my anger, so I just couldn’t resist it.

This man fed his infant to the demons to seek protection from them, and to help save the village.

He would always leave the baby to die shortly after the birth. He even dared to refer to his son as half-demon when in fact the cause was him. the rumor.

I could go on for hours about this silly excuse of man, but not the voice actor.

The voice actress Naoya Uchida has done such a fantastic job, and we felt the anger as the voice resonated across the screen.

Nui No Kata

Nui No Kata dororo season 2

Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru’s mother Daigo’s wife and a woman who is helpless. *sigh*. A selfless mother who was devastated by the departure of her son.

Her entire life was grieving, and she prayed to be forgiven for not rescuing her son Hyakkimaru from the clutches of demons.

Her other son Tahomaru is longing for his mother to gaze at him and show him all the love and affection he deserves, but Oku (her husband refers to her as the latter) was too consumed with remorse for her son’s death.

In a deep regret for not being able to save her son, she gives up her luxury items and sets out to search for her son.

Then, with a deep regret for Tahomaru she dies with Tahomaru with her in her arms.

Her voice reveals despair, which were amply portrayed by Chie Nakamura.

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Hyakkimaru’s “Oka-sama”. I am getting emotional. Let’s start with the business. Jukai was one of the doctors who was a servant of Lord Shiba that ended in a horrible way.

To alleviate the guilt of his past, he began helping the poor for free. After realizing that the boy that he raised at a early age, lost both parents due to the actions of Lord Shiba the Lord of the Shiba, he feels completely broken.

He determines that the final child he’ll create artificial limbs of will be the child who is in need, Hyakkimaru.

He brought Hyakkimaru until he reached a certain age and took him away to discover his purpose in life after 16 years.

After that, he begins a new journey to make the prostheses of the dead who lost theirs during the conflict.



Our beloved old priest is present. Biwamaru is a blind old priest with similar abilities to Hyakkimaru and being able to see the colour of the soul.

He is a friend to the duo of Hyakkimaru and Dororo as they travel towards discovering the monster. The character has proven nothing short of helpful throughout the entire series.

In the very last episode i.e. episode 24 he was helping Dororo to find her aniki.

The voice artist of Biwamaru has done a fantastic job of letting out a smoky and deep voice.

The artist in question is Mutsumi Sasaki.


Processed with VSCO with g6 preset

Pretty girl who appeared just for a few minutes but has stirred the soul of our sweet little boy Hyakkimaru.

Mio adopted orphan children with parents who died during the conflict. To provide them with nutritious food, she sold her body each night.

Mio’s appearance was just after Hyakkimaru has just restored his ears and the ability to hear, and everything else but Mio’s voice was irritating him.

He enjoyed listening to Mio’s melodious tune. One time, after serving on both sides in a conflict, Mio was followed and killed by Kagemitsu’s soldiers.

After watching Mio die and become the only lover of Hyakkimaru and Hyakkimaru, he was the first to kills human beings.

He is rotting the colour of pure white his soul. Voice actor: Nana Mizuki



The father of our child Dororo. His role was to lead the troops which fought against the torture of the Samurais.

The couple, along with their wives Ojiya as well as his daughter Dororo resided with all of his other male friends.

But, Itachi, one of his closest companions, decides to betray his trust in order to secure an easier life with an Samurai.

Hibukuro is initially able to escape however fate takes them back into the spot in which he dies during a fight, in front of his family.

Actor: Voice Kenta Miyake



Mom of Dororo and adored lover of Hibukuro. Ojiya was a brave woman who refused to give her heart to odd jobs or hardships, and tried her best to ensure that her daughter was in good health after the death of her husband.

She is a food source for Dororo with anything she can get her hands on, but she never indulges in any physical activity in order to make money.

She passes away from cold and hunger but makes sure she informed her daughter the location that the treasure Dororo was rightfully hers.

The grave of the deceased was revealed to have been dug by Itachi in order to find the location to the hidden treasure.

The voice actor is Ayumi Fujimura



Itachi had been one of the most powerful men of the Hibukuro group. However, his lust for power and wealth rendered him ineffective to bow to the samurai, and even betray his master.

He doesn’t seem to be regretting his actions, even after Hibukuro’s demise and even went even dig the grave of Ojiya.

In the next chapter He encounters Dororo and takes her hostage to find out about the other half of the map leading to the treasure.

While en route to the location, he declares that he has no longer worked for the samurai since they had betrayed him and his men.

He continues to say that his mentor, Hibukuro was always right. Again, there was no reduction in his desire for money.

After battling the shark demons and attempting to take out one by using Dororo’s wits, he tie her up before advancing toward the treasure.

But, he doesn’t have anything from his side since he is killed when the samurai strike the location.

Actor: Voice Setsuji Sato



One of two Tahomaru’s men , and also his friend from childhood. Hyogo and her sister Mutsu was a resident of and worked for Tahomaru.

He always stood by the master following his being taken into the fold by Kagemitsu. Hyogo along with his brother both lost their fathers to those who opposed Daigo.

They learned alongside Tahomaru every day. Three of them formed an extremely close connection.

Hyogo was left with a broken arm during an encounter with Hyakkimaru and was later replaced by Hyakkimaru’s rotten arm by the twelveth demon.

This leads to Hyogo becoming the demon, and losing the ability to think rationally.

He is killed by the ghoul horse, Midori who tears his head off and his body.

However, he is successful in striking the horse. Voice actor: Kenichiro Matsuda



Hyogo’s older sister was also an integral component of the three. She was extremely thoughtful and logical throughout the entire anime.

On first sight, it’s easy to think she was a beautiful man who is stunning until you discover her real identity in later episodes.

She visits an area in the province, and she gets contact with the man who was at the brink of death due to an extremely dangerous and infectious skin disease.

After a few days, Mutsu starts getting the symptoms of the disease. She continues to fights Hyakkimaru and she loses one of her arms.

As her brother is killed, she takes on the horse that is also close to her death.

The same way as her brother, she’s granted Hyakkimaru’s arm, which turns her into the form of a demon.

Other Decisive Factors For Dororo Season 2

Now, let’s go on a few details that are crucial for the coming season.

Ending Of Season 1 Of Dororo

Personally, I think that the season’s end one was extremely satisfying.

Hyakkimaru has embarked on his journey to discover his true self after acquiring all his body parts , and conquering the 12 demons while Dororo waits for her partner in crime was an enjoyable sight to witness.

What we also observed was Dororo is now all matured in the previous scene and is now running towards her aniki who is back from his trip.

The end was straightforward and straightforward To be sincere. But, a gorgeous image of Dororo and the beautiful growth of Hyakkimaru has planted the seeds of romance in the eyes of many viewers.

If this happens it will be the form of a 360-degree turn and that’s for sure.

What do you think of this? *sigh*

Controversies For Dororo Season 2

The manga that is animated is not involved in any disputes and has flown without a hitch.

Or , should I say, is going smooth? The 1969 version of the manga did not kept on the screen.

The manga was, in other words, ended. Anyone who has been reading the manga have an concept of the amount of demons that appeared in the anime.

For your information , let me say that there were 48 demons that fed on Hyakkimaru’s body.

But just 12 were considered in the 2019 adaptation of the manga. Hyakkimaru got all his body parts within only 12 episodes.

It was a disappointed for anime fans and more than justice might have been served to each episode, was the phrase.

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The anime, Dororo is a rare gem that is a perfect mix of action, emotion and humor.

However, if you look at all the factors it’s very unlikely to be resurrected.

Let’s pray for the most successful. Until next time, Sayonara! !

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