God Eater Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know In 2021

God eater season 2 release date

God Eater anime is an adaptation of the game “God Eater”. Bandai Namco was behind its creation.

Then it gained popularity among young gamers, much like wildfire. The show aired on television just five years after the initial RPG game’s release.

The popularity of the game set an excellent foundation to the animation. It paid rich dividends, too.

However, it’s been nearly 6 years since the initial series was released. The long time between the initial series has put viewers in a bind.

In contrast sequels to video games are reaching players quickly.

God Eater 2 was launched in 2013 and God Eater 3, in the year of 2018. So the need for the fourth sequel to the game as well as the sequel series of the show is taking off.

The movie follows roughly similar lines, namely the post-apocalyptic world of 2071. Fenrir continues to protect humanity from the evil Aragami.

The God Arcs have been the most sought-after friendly forces of the human race.

Everything We Need To Know About God Eater

Everything We Need To Know About God Eater

It’s 2065, and the the first episode begins. The prologue gives a glimpse of what’s to come for the human race.

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The Aragami prisoners are sent to a nuclear facility that will eliminate them.

However, they then rebel and begin to attack their fellow God eaters. After a long struggle the Aragami is able to escape the explosion and God devourers are later airlifted away to safe haven.

Aragami are demons that want to wipe out human beings from the world. Once they have been released they are free to do what they want. God eaters have to alter their plans.

They need to develop new strategies and learn to combat the modern conflict. This is the time the time when it’s the time that New Asian Union is formed and plans for the next war are drawn up.

They are charged with protecting the human race from these creatures. They sometimes fail, but, have managed to form an entire group called Fenrir which was successful.

They create special weapons using bimolecular substances called God Arcs.

The show is concluded with suspense. A person who is not known sits in the audience in front of Soma who is one of the top God eaters.

The sequels to video games are far ahead of the game, demonstrating the difficult time God eaters are going to have.

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Official Announcements And Release Date Of God Eater Season 2

The second season of God Eater was to premiere in 2017. But, it was delayed and was due to be released by the year 2019.

In addition, the second and third sequels to the video game came out.

Most animated films are produced to help highlight the original material. However, in this case, the source material wasn’t one of the genres, such as Manga or any other light novel.

It was an online game. The sequels to the game also performed well without a season 2.

At the moment there have been no officially announced announcements for Season 2. UFOTable is a studio that hasn’t yet decided whether there will be additional season.

We can expect an announcement regarding season 2 in 2022.

Other Source Material Information About God Eater Season 2

The material that is the source material forms the basis of an Anime. It’s made either to enhance the material that was used in the beginning or to make a sequel to the original.

God Eater 2 inspired by video games, not like the standard Manga based Anime.

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Additionally, two sequels to the game are out and the third will be released very soon.

Thus, there’s a source material and a story that can be easily adapted for the animated series. Furthermore the profitability and demand appear very positive (discussed further below).

An anime and a game combination is a brilliant idea. The reason is that the people who watch it are not only watching it.

They are able to play more. The chance to play similar to being part of the plot and feeling what characters feel and do.

HTML0 This table provides when God Eater will be released. video game God Eater.

Game VersionJapan
God EaterFebruary 4, 2010
Gods Eater BurstOctober 28, 2010
God Eater ResurrectionOctober 29, 2015

This table lists the various platforms God Eater video games were played on.

Game VersionPlatform
God EaterPlayStation Portable
Gods Eater BurstPlayStation Portable
God Eater ResurrectionPlayStation 4,Vita,Windows

There is a huge list of back-end staffers that make any show successful. This table shows their contributions.

Original WorkBandai Namco
ProducerHikaru Kondo
DirectionHirao Takayuki
Character DesignShimizu Keita
MusicBandai Namco Studios

Expected Plot Of God Eater Season 2

The planned plot is likely to follow the same path as the game. It is unlikely that the producers in the next game depart from the established course.

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This is evident from the fact that sequels to games became extremely popular.

God Eater Season 1 ended in 2071. The most tragic thing about it is the death of Lindow’s hands during an encounter.

He was an God Eater, and fought against the hated Aragami. Thus, the chances of a new lead being created are very high in this particular season.

Two players have the chance are Lenka Utsugi and Shio. In both cases, Lenka is preferred more since fans anticipate to see that.

Fenrir will be more powerful and would also create more powerful weapons. The currently available God Arcs began to be obsolete by the time of Season 1.

Go through the following section to find out why the season 2 is crucial.

Why God Eater Season 2?

Let’s begin with Season 1 before we learn more details about it. Season 1 began in 2065, and continued to cover events up until 2071.

In the post-apocalyptic universe the conflict among Aragami as well as God Eater is the major topic.

It started by the deportation of Aragami. They were sentenced to death by an nuclear facility.

Their unfortunate escape led to after-effects. The following anime episodes will reveal what happens when the God Eaters take on the God Eaters.

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They weren’t prepared at first for a war of a massive scale. However, they joined forces and formed a group called Fenrir.

They are able to design special bioweapons that are called God Arcs.

Fenrir fights to stop the disease of Aragami. The members of the group are referred to as “God Eaters”.

Lindow is their leader in the beginning of the season. However, he is injured and is injured in the fight with the enemy. This makes him resemble an esoteric.

This season consequently is packed with more interesting things to look forward to. It’s also the conflict that’s ravaging the planet. Should the God Eaters defeat, the entire world will be destroyed.

Another reason is to find out the outcome of Fenrir. The fans will want to know who will take over to be the next leader following Lindow’s accident.

Are you sure that Lenka be the next to take over? Or will Shio be the one to lead? It’s a fact that the fans want Lindow to come back.

The other thing is that there’s a source material for the next game. As the 4th Version of the game is expected to arrive in the next few months It gives me the possibility of a new game.

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Reviews And Rating Score For God Eater Season 2

Overall, it got positive feedback. This is why it was rated as high. IMDB is a well-known website gave it a rating of 7 and Myanimelist rated it 7.3 Here are the information:

Since it was a video game animation, the majority of people who watched it would’ve played the game as well.

Based on the demographics bar it is clear that younger generation are the biggest supporters of this.

Let’s look at what other websites’ ratings of the show, here:


The HTML0 score of the game


Sales And Profit Information For God Eater Season 2

The profits and sales of the series are key elements in sequels. It’s a common pattern that sequels to anime are less successful than the original work.

This trend is however well-known and is well-known.

Therefore, the majority of sequels are created to market sources of material.

An experienced veteran of the anime field – Masamune Sakaki claims that it costs three million dollars to produce 13 episodes of an anime.

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Producers wouldn’t be keen to invest a lot of money in the sequel. They’d do it only in the event of a profit.

Since there is no Manga or other light novel sources, we aren’t able to look at this. So, let’s take a look at what each part of God Eater’s story played out:

CD/DVD Sales

This is comprised of 3 categories: anime, game and combination. The combined DVD sales sat at 5345 copies.

It also included the off-shot bundle, too. The bundles that came with it made the highest sales. So it is estimated to be around 2000 copies of God Eater anime.

Here’s a table that shows what the anime accomplished.

God Eater6,10,000 copies
Gods Eater Burst2,63,000 copies
God Eater Resurrection1,67,857 copies

Of the 610,000 copies sold of God Eater the 2,90,000+ copies were sold within during the initial week. The sales net can be estimated as around $10 million.

This isn’t a bad thing for the brands that make them as they would have not lost money but earned an impressive amount throughout the years.

Merchandise Sales

Because it was a game-based animation, it had plenty of potential for merchandising.

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A few of the products that were produced included mobile phone cases, mobile accessories, mobile straps along with garage kits.

The products didn’t do quite as well as the games or the animation. It’s hard to tell the amount they made.

However, it is known that they did not earn enough money, and they were forced to stop the business.

A different reason could be that the experience wasn’t enough realistic. This could hinder the selling of the game, unless it is a gained a fan base.

Production Cost And Success Of God Eater

There’s not a lot of information from the open source on the budget. However, we can draw an assumption from the other anime shows.

God Eater had 13 episodes just like My Hero Academia. The year 2016 was the last time it cost 14.842,560 dollars to create My Hero Academia.

This is a basic marker. God Eater was more grand as well as ambitious show. It would have cost more than $2 million to make it.

This is an estimate that is conservative.

Let’s try a different way of analysis to better understand.

The cost for a single minute 2D Animation is around $5000. So, a complete episode is expected to cost about $100,000 or $300,000 depending on the other elements.

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This is a massive amount. Let’s figure out how much a 12 episode long season would cost. It’ll be approximately $ 3.6 million.

These are not all the costs of production. There are many other expenses associated with an animated film. These include advertising satellite, licensing, satellite as well as other legal expenses and so on.

If we compare this data with the one of the sales figures that, it is an overall success. However, the reality is that games performed better than anime.

The second season could do better if it’s launched along with the game’s new version.

Famous Characters We Hope To See In God Eater Season 2

Lindow (Rindo Amamiya)

Lindow Amamiya | Wiki | God Eater Amino

He leads The God Eaters’ first unit. He also commanded the extermination team. He has the highest survival rate of any of them.

He has the old-style long Blade God Arc.

Sakuya Tachibana

Sakuya Tachibana

A deputy commander for the first unit. She’s an expert shooter who has mastered her sniper God arc. She’s famous for her hidden abilities.

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Soma Schicksal

Soma Schicksal

A member of the first unit who is under Lindow. He is an introvert who is averse to interactions with other people.

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He is a mighty as well as rare God Arc named Old-Type Buster Blade.

Although he doesn’t have the greatest survival rate, he does recover faster than a normal human. He’s Johannes von Schicksal’s son.

Johannes Von Schicksal

Johannes Von Schicksal

The Chief is for the Far Eastern branch of Fenrir. It’s situated within Anagura in the NAU. The NAU is the authority on political matters. The God Arcs.

The most effective negotiator and taskmaster. His calm approach to dealing with stress makes him popular. He is the father of Soma.

Hibari Takeda

Hibari Takeda

An Far East Branch operator of the God Arcs. She coordinates teams for missions and writes reports for supervisors.

She is also in charge of the processing of reward. She is determined to be on the Gods Eaters. However the unfavorable bias of her employer destroyed her hopes.

Kota Fujiki

Kota Fujiki

An ordinary first unit combat volunteer. He is equipped with the ability to attack God Arc and is an expert in combat without weapons.

Alisa Ilyinichna Omela

Alisa Ilyinichna Omela

The first-timer from Russia. Has fought Aragami before. In the Long Blade Assault is her God arch. She excels in close-quarter combat.

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Tsubaki Amamiya

Tsubaki Amamiya

Lindow’s sister. She is the commander of one of the units, as well as second and third divisions from the God Eaters. She has escaped a number of mortal wounds, and she inspires God Eaters.

Paylor Sakaki

The founder of Fenrir. He is the Chief Supervisor of the Far East Branch’s Aragami Technology Department.

He is the one who discovers that there is a Bias Factor and leads a research team to learn more.

Aisha Gauche

The founder of Fenrir. Also the Chief of Aragami Research Lab. The couple is Johannes von Schicksal. Soma Schicksal’s mother.

Licca Kusunoki

Female mechanical technician. She is employed by God Arc Maintenance Crew. God Arc Maintenance Crew. Her specialization is repair.

Tatsumi O’Mori

A veteran of the 2nd Unit who was under the 2nd Unit. He also leads his own Defense Unit. He is also the owner of his Short Blade God Arc. He is proficient in combat with weapons.

He’s also known for his engaging in flirting while he’s not working.

Other Decisive Factors For God Eater Season 2

We have covered the most relevant aspects up to the present. However, there are additional factors that impact the continuous flow.

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As we can see in this Reddit response above, the fans are eager for more seasons. This is due to the fact that they want to know how things will turn out for Lindow God’s Arcs, Lindow, Aragami and Humans.

The conclusion of the cliffhanger in Season one was very successful. The show could have concluded by an ending.

Perhaps by revealing who would succeed Lindow or what happens to Finrer.

Most likely, they didn’t make the decision as they wanted to ensure that doors were open to the following season. Without a flawless conclusion such a demand will not be created or re-energized.

The Trailer Of God Eater Season 2

There’s no trailer for Season 2 yet. The reason for this is because there are no official announcements.

Here is this trailer from God Eater which debuted in the year 2015. After the official announcement is set to be announced it will then be released.

The Controversy Around God Eater

The game was well-known in Generation Z as well. This is the reason it was not subject to a lot of criticism.

There were however outrages and protests against the graphic scenes of violence. It was a small incident and did not impact the scale of this.

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Conclusion God Eater season 2

To summarize There’s a good chance that an announcement for the season 2 announcement to be announced by either 2021 or 2022.

This is contingent on a number of other aspects other than the ones mentioned above.

But, the fans should not lose faith. Although there is speculation of Season 2 will never come but it isn’t confirmed.

If it is not from the creators of the show We should not trust in any rumors.

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