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"Future" Trunks Saga

The “Future” Trunks Arc (“未来 “トランクス編, “Mirai” Torankusu-Hen) is the third arc of the manga and fourth arc of the 🐲 Dragon Ball Tremendous anime and fourth subarc of the Gods of the Universe Arc. It premiered on June 12 with episode 47.


Occasions of the years 795 and 796

In Trunks’ alternate line from the longer term, Trunks, Bulma 💪 from the longer term and Mai from the longer term are the one survivors after the looks of an enemy with an unbelievable harmful capability, and who’s seemingly invincible, named by the survivors as “Black”. Bulma has managed to assemble the facility supply of the time machine for a yr, and as quickly as she provides it to Trunks, Goku Black seems destroying the plant the place they’re, killing Bulma in a fast and forceful manner. Trunks manages to flee by reuniting with Mai to move to the time machine, however they’re adopted by Black, who knocks Mai unconscious.

Trunks has a struggle with Black, however is immensely outmatched by Black who claims he shall be killed by him. Whereas within the current, Goku is harvesting his lettuce backyard, competing with Piccolo as a check of coaching. Krilin reveals that Bulma instructed him that Vegeta is with Whis coaching, so Goku teleports to Beerus’ planet instantly. Trunks tries to outlive Goku Black’s assault, trying to take the supply of the time machine and handle to adventure to the current.

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Black manages to noticeably wound Trunks in fight, however after throwing his sword at him and after an assault by Trunks, Trunks manages to flee after the distraction. Trunks climbs into the time machine, however on the skin he encounters Goku Black, who tries to kill him, however Trunks manages to efficiently adventure again in time, simply earlier than being hit by a Darkish Kamehameha.

Trunks’ adventure to the previous

Within the current, Trunks from the longer term would seem within the courtyard of Bulma’s home from the current, being noticed by Little Trunks and the Pilaf gang. Trunks calls Bulma who contacts Whis, to warn Vegeta and Goku concerning the arrival of Trunks from the longer term. Goku teleports to Earth together with Vegeta, Beerus and Whis after which heads to Karin Tower to ask for Senzu Seeds. When Trunks from the longer term recovers after consuming a Senzu Seed that Goku introduced him from Karin Tower, he tries to assault Goku, who parries his blow nearly effortlessly, instantly, shocking everybody round him. After the misunderstanding and confusion Goku Black seems out of nowhere in a storm and in a really threatening technique to struggle the Z Warriors.

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After Black arrives previously, he already is aware of Goku, Vegeta and Beerus. Trunks from the longer term instantly needs to go struggle Black, however Vegeta tells him to not. Goku challenges Black to a struggle, whereas Whis and the others watch the battle with Whis’ scepter.

Goku does not final lengthy preventing in his base state as after Black crashes him right into a mountain Goku transforms into Supersaiyan 2 and he instantly raises his Ki. Black had the benefit till the darkish vitality of Time begins to take Black and he weakens and that is when Goku kicks him within the chest and he raises his Ki once more, because of Goku’s kick making him stronger, he throws Goku to the bottom arduous inflicting a wind wave that makes the time machine fall down and because of Trunks’ scream from the longer term, Black notices and will get distracted to which Goku comes and hits him however the darkish vitality comes again to attempt to take him however this earlier than leaving destroys the time machine and takes Black to the alternate future line, when he returns he squeezes his chest tightly because of the sturdy kick and hit that Goku gave him and falls all the way down to the bottom and recovers fairly shortly to finish up laughing in an evil manner.

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Returned to the current, the others are watching the Time Machine burn, Trunks from the longer term will get offended realizing that there isn’t a extra hope however Vegeta tells him that this isn’t his true energy nor Goku’s, then the Pilaf Gang seems dressed as firemen and with a hose to place out the hearth of the Time Machine, Bulma will get an concept and runs off to seek out one thing in her lab. After a dialog with Whis and Beerus, Trunks turns into unhappy however Vegeta encourages him by telling him not to surrender. Till lastly Bulma seems all soiled with a capsule which accommodates Cell’s time machine and as a remaining scene Mai from the Alternate Future is seen and found to be alive.🪐

After Bulma unveiled the Time Machine during which Cell traveled, to which everybody was shocked and confused however she instructed them how she saved it. She tells what occurred once they discovered it and in addition tells that when Trunks was going to his future, she requested him for the capsule the place Cell’s time machine was to research about them however ultimately he did not perceive something and forgot about it. The machine was very soiled so once they ask Bulma if they’ll already go to the longer term, she says no. Goku asks Bulma if there may be nonetheless time, she says sure and he instantly asks Whis to coach him however he refuses to coach him since so many time machines have appeared, and that upset him. Piccolo tells him that why does not he practice with Vegeta, however Vegeta refuses and goes to coach within the Gravity Room. Goku, seeing that nobody needs to coach him, went with Kaio of the North, however he additionally refuses and tells him to depart his planet. Whereas Black continues to destroy what’s left of a metropolis. Returned to the current, Bulma’s dad and mom arrived from their trip and are shocked to see all of the destruction, these go to greet everybody, Panchy greets Trunks from the Future, and asks him if he got here to coach with Goku however Bulma tells him that there isn’t a time to speak. Bulma asks her father to assist her perceive how the machine works and asks the Pilaf Gang to assist her restore the machine, to which they comply with assist her steal the expertise of the longer term and conquer the world.

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Trunks from the Future sees Mai and grabs her hand and he or she asks him what occurred to his future self, then Bulma tells the others that it is time for them to get to cleansing the machine and tells Piccolo and Krilin to get to cleansing the yard, they get discouraged however Piccolo tells Krilin to assume prefer it’s coaching, whereas Mai retains speaking to Trunks from the longer term about his future self, Trunks tells him that in Goku Black’s first assault half of humanity was destroyed, armies from all around the world attacked Black nevertheless it did not work, and says that the individuals who have been left shaped an alliance to defeat Black and that the chief is Mai, whereas watching how the resistance fought in opposition to Black, the remaining troopers begin taking pictures at Black however he grabs all of the bullets and begins taking pictures vitality waves at everybody, making some troopers die and the remaining ones cover in a bunker, besides Mai who hid behind a wall to set off an explosion which knocks down a bunch of buildings which fall on Black, however when Mai thinks she defeated him, he comes out of the rubble with excessive Ki, and that is when Trunks seems in Supersaiyan, Black tells him that people are a mistake and should be eradicated, making Trunks livid however Black defeats him simply, throwing him in opposition to the bottom, Trunks stops and raises his Ki launching a burst of vitality in opposition to Black, nevertheless it does nothing and simply when Goku Black goes to assault him, Mai shoots inflicting a flash that makes Black cannot see, thus rescuing and saving Trunks, then they return to their shelter and Mai is therapeutic Trunks’ wounds whereas encouraging him so he doesn’t really feel responsible with the identical. Trunks from the longer term finishes telling every little thing to Mai from the current, she feels very flattered however Trunks from the current feels jealous and asks his future self why he did not include Mai, to which he solutions that it is as a result of she is lifeless, then Pilaf and Shu arrive to search for Mai to assist them repair the time machine, and Trunks tells Mai that she has saved him many occasions in his future, then Goku seems and tells Trunks to calm down, Bulma tells the others that earlier than fixing the time machine they need to clear it and Mai retains enthusiastic about Trunks from the longer term however younger Trunks continues to be jealous of his counterpart. Beerus is speaking to Whis about Goku Black’s unusual Ki and Whis tells him he’ll look into it.

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Bulma is fixing the Time Machine, Mai and Shu are serving to Bulma, bringing her instruments, Bulma asks Mai for a device which is in one other lab, Trunks needs to assist by taking Mai to the lab, in the meantime Dr. Temporary is working with Pilaf, Mai is on the lookout for the “Wave Deformer”, Trunks needs to assist nevertheless it confirmed fallacious issues, Trunks got here up with an concept to beat Mai, he imitates Trunks from the Future, however Mai exhibits no curiosity. In the meantime in the Gravity Room, Vegeta is coaching and a grudge involves him from Black for annihilating his household in the Alternate Future, enraging him and thus destroying all of the coaching machines. 🐲

Whereas within the backyard of the Capsule Company are Beerus, Whis and Goku and he and Beerus have turn out to be hungry, Whis begins to research who Goku Black actually is. In the meantime in a room is Trunks of the Future sleeping, whereas he has a dream about Goku Black killing Mai of the Alternate Future and he wakes up considering that Black is there with him, taking out his sword to defend himself, he reacts and goes to the place Bulma and the others are, Trunks asks Bulma that how is she, she tells him that it’s going to take time to repair the Time Machine however she already is aware of which is the gasoline that makes use of the machine, which is the one she was creating in previous episodes. Bulma tells him that it’s going to take a day to fill the gasoline tank of the machine, Trunks is shocked by how briskly it is going to be since of their future it took them a yr to fill half of it, as a result of they have been wanting uncooked supplies. Bulma tells him to take off these soiled garments and placed on the garments she left him in his room. Piccolo and Krilin are fixing the backyard however Piccolo does not wish to proceed working, Trunks from the Future goes to the backyard the place he sees Piccolo and Krilin working, he asks him the place Gohan is, however Piccolo instantly tells him that it might be ineffective to take Gohan to the Future, as a result of he’s already a pupil, however he did not ask about that, Trunks tells them what occurred along with his trainer sooner or later. Trunks goes to attend for Gohan to come back out of his assembly, Gohan lastly comes out of his assembly, he passes by Trunks however does not acknowledge him and Trunks does not acknowledge him, Gohan retains strolling and realizes that it is Trunks from the longer term, he greets him however Trunks is shocked that it is Gohan and that is how Trunks and Gohan meet once more with Trunks’ amazement to see an grownup Gohan completely totally different from the one from his time. Gohan invitations him to eat an ice cream to which Trunks accepts, Trunks doesn’t stop to be impressed and to cease considering that an individual so sturdy and with lots of energy grew to become a pupil with a really low degree and weak. Later he invitations him to eat at his home and meets Videl and Pan, which additionally impresses him about his household. Pan begins misbehaving and begins flying round the home and Gohan turns into the Nice Saiyaman inflicting Trunks to be surprised with embarrassment. Trunks is watching movies with Mr. Devil and Pan, whereas Videl cooks and Gohan makes a report, Videl tells Mr. Devil to assist her leaving Trunks taking good care of Pan being unable to maintain her because of his inexperience with infants inflicting Pan to destroy every little thing. Gohan lastly finishes his report, when he enters the room the place Trunks and Pan are, she is attempting to take the sword from Trunks, Gohan stops her. Then Gohan and Trunks are within the courtyard sitting on a swing speaking after which Gohan begins taking part in with Pan and Videl calls them to eat, Trunks is left seeing all of the happiness and peace during which they dwell and imagines what life can be like if Goku Black had not appeared. Within the night Trunks leaves and says goodbye to everybody. Gohan forgets to ask Trunks why he got here again to the current. Trunks returns to Bulma’s home and arrives in his new garments. Goku, Beerus and Whis are seen touring to Universe 10. On the finish, Zamas seems.

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Three adventures to the longer term

Trunks from the longer term, Vegeta and Goku are defeated by Black, with severe accidents. Black acquires the Pinkish Supersaiyan and Zamas from the longer term seems as a supposed ally of Goku Black. Yajirobe from the longer term rescues them together with Mai and the three handle to flee to the previous.

Trunks from the longer term, Vegeta, Goku and Bulma adventure. Black manages to noticeably harm Goku, revealing to him that his id is Zamas from the current, who switched our bodies with Goku after making a want to Tremendous Shen Lengthy and killing Gowas and solely saved his coronary heart inside the Saiyan’s physique, killing his household. He would later adventure to the longer term to ally with Zamas from the longer term. After accusing Trunks of being a “sinner” and seeing Goku and Vegeta unable to struggle, Trunks turns into enraged and reaches the Irate Supersaiyan, managing to momentarily include Zamas and Black whereas the others adventure to the previous.

Goku learns Kame-Sen’nin’s Mafuba 💪 and Vegeta plans a method to adventure to the longer term once more. Gowas has determined to intervene, because it was due to him that Zamas brought on all this disaster and tragedy within the timelines and the twelve universes.

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As Zamas makes one other criticism about humanity’s shortcomings, Vegeta asks Goku for the Mafuba vial. Goku realizes it was within the time machine. With out the jar, Vegeta figures he has to take them on with punches. Earlier than they’ll begin preventing, Gowas and the East Kaio-shin arrive, having come by the time rings. Gowas feels ashamed with Zamas out for his actions, however his two counterparts stay unrepentant. Gowas tells Zamas that it isn’t too late to repent; that they’ll even use the Dragon Tremendous Spheres to revive these he has killed. However the two Zamas point out that they already destroyed them. In any case, Gowas and the East Kaio-shin are decided to remain and see this matter by to the tip.

Vegeta opts to tackle Goku Black, since he would not lose to the true Goku, so naturally he will not lose to the faux one both. The 2 start to struggle, and Black is amazed on the quantity Vegeta has improved in such a short while. In the meantime Goku trades blows with Zamas, whose immortality is available in as helpful as ever. The battle continues, and Vegeta appears to have the higher hand. He says that Goku Black miscalculated when he stole Goku’s physique, as a result of finally solely Goku can use that physique to its full potential and it’s nothing greater than a faux, whereas he’s the true prince of the Saiyans. Vegeta continues to beat him, however is aware of that he is not going to die so simply since he improved his powers once more, Black realizes that it was Vegeta’s accidents that allowed him to enhance so shortly. Though he considers unleashing rage “a grimy killing method,” he makes use of it to create a brand new assault, The Work of a God, combining his sword expertise, his Saiyan energy and his rage.

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When Trunks confronts Zamas, he begins to assemble Ki from Yajirobe, Haru, Maki and the remainder of the refugees watching the battle. Goku and Vegeta contribute their Ki as nicely, and with everybody’s energy channeled into his sword, Trunks cuts Zamas in half. Goku congratulates Trunks on a job nicely finished, evaluating his sword to the Genki-lady, Bulma and Mai arrive with the time machine to thank him as nicely. Trunks says he could not have finished it with out everybody’s help. All of a sudden, nevertheless, the sky is stuffed with darkish clouds exhibiting numerous copies of Zamas’ face. Though he has misplaced his bodily physique, he nonetheless survives in an odd, gas-like kind. Gowas speculates that Zamas is now attempting to merge with the universe itself. Goku and Vegeta attempt to turn out to be Blue Supersaiyan, however uncover that they now not have sufficient vitality after utilizing the Ultimate Kamehameha as Vegetto. Independently, they hearth explosions into the Zamas clouds of their common states, together with Trunks Supersaiyan. Nevertheless, none of their assaults have any impact on the Zamas clouds, which quickly cowl the Earth and begin raining down vitality blasts that fall on people all around the world. Goku and the others defend Bulma, Mai, and the time machine, however all through the world, Umigame, Android Quantity 8, and everybody else are worn out. Within the current, Trunks and the remainder of the Z-warriors see the laughing face of Zamas within the sky. Whis and Beerus say that one thing is fallacious in their very own world. Zamas is someway affecting the current, like when Goku Black invaded them earlier.

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When the smoke disappears, Trunks can not sense one other individual’s Ki. They’re now the one survivors on Earth. Though his assaults do not work on Zamas, Goku refuses to surrender, and takes another Senzu seed. There he finds the button given to him by the King of Every thing. Goku asks the Japanese Kaio-shin if the King of Every thing would nonetheless be current on this future. Kaio-shin thinks so; in any case, nobody might ever defeat him. Goku presses the button, and it seems straight away. Nevertheless, that is the King of Every thing from the longer term, and he has by no means met Goku. He asks who Goku is, the place he’s, and why the place seems to be a shipwreck. He finds the faces of Zamas laughing within the sky, irritated when Goku suggests he get rid of them, the King of Every thing as a substitute decides to destroy all the world. Goku tells everybody to flee within the time machine, whereas the Kaio-shin use their Time Rings to flee. Zamas and all the future world disappears, however Goku and the others handle to flee to the current.🐲

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Within the current, Goku tries to seek out Future King of Every thing with the time machine and takes him to the Palace of the King of Every thing the place Goku introduces him to his counterpart from the current to allow them to be mates and play.

Earlier than Goku Black’s imminent arrival, Whis from Line 1 arrives on Line 7, dividing it once more, and tells Beerus from this line to take care of Zamas earlier than he can insurgent, stopping the Zero Human Plan. Trunks and Mai from line 2 come to dwell right here, as their world was destroyed. This results in having two Trunks and Mai current side-by-side on this timeline, although they do not have an issue with this.

“Reviving” Kaio

In Capsule Company, Bulma goes into her lab and secretly begins engaged on constructing one other time machine. She is aware of it is a severe crime, however as a scientist she will’t flip down that job. She nonetheless has her counterpart’s notes. However the time machine requires a sort of blue crystal that’s apparently unattainable to acquire in the current.

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In the meantime, Goku guarantees Kaio, Bubbles and Gregory that he’ll ultimately convey them again to life. Since they solely used one want the final time Shen Lengthy was summoned.

Bulma identifies one other blue crystal. present in the Earth’s core to make use of instead, Goku all of the sudden teleports to her lab. She panics and turns off the lights to forestall him from seeing her time machine, however when she learns that Goku is there to borrow the Dragon Radar, she calms down and palms it over.

When Goku flies off to get the spheres, Bulma realizes that she will ask Shen Lengthy concerning the blue crystal. Elsewhere, Quantity 18 goes purchasing with Marron and Chi-Chi, and wonders if he ought to get one thing for Krilin. At Kame Home, Kame-Sen’nin needs to hang around with sizzling chicks, similar to all his life. Again at Capsule Company, Beerus and Whis present up with Bulma’s want to deal with them to the tastiest meals. She decides to feed them shortly to get them to depart earlier than Goku returns with the Dragon Spheres permitting him to complete his time machine in peace.

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Whereas taking them to a seafood restaurant, Goku returns with the spheres, and summons Shen Lengthy. Because the sky grows darker, everybody realizes Shen Lengthy has been summoned. Bulma makes an excuse and heads again, leaving Beerus and Whis on the restaurant.🪐

On his time without work, Gohan returns residence, the place Videl assumes that yesterday’s taking pictures lasted all evening. Earlier than she will clarify, Barry arrives with the incriminating pictures. Videl although just isn’t impressed. She is aware of Gohan nicely sufficient to comprehend that he is not the kind to do that, and that there should be some motive. Barry threatens to show Gohan’s id because the Nice Saiyaman to the media, however Gohan merely forces him to depart. Outdoors, Barry turns into enraged and is quickly parasitized by the Watagash. Barry strikes again by beating Gohan and kidnapping Pan. Leaving a message difficult the Nice Saiyaman to satisfy him at the TV station.

At the TV station, a crowd of TV reporters and onlookers gathers earlier than Gohan arrives. The Nice Saiyaman begins to struggle Barry, who underneath the affect of the Watagash transforms right into a monster. Videl flies and carries Pan to security. Barry now turns into a fair greater monster and sends Gohan flying into a close-by tower. In the meantime, the film director arrives and begins filming the battle. Jaco arrives and prepares to make use of his ship’s cannon in opposition to the Watagash, however Gohan stops him, as he does not need Pan to witness Barry’s dying. At first he appears to be shedding to Barry, however Videl just isn’t apprehensive. She explains to Cocoa that she is aware of Gohan would by no means lose to Pan. Listening to his spouse and his daughter’s applause, Gohan transforms into Supersaiyan, which the movie’s director calls Tremendous Nice Saiyaman, counterattacking and defeating Barry. Jaco seals the Watagash in one other container, and wonders what he ought to do with Barry.

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The complete film Nice Saiyaman vs Mr. Devil is launched in theaters. Barry retains Gohan’s id a secret, in any other case Cocoa would accuse him of being the monster. The entire Son household attends the film, however Goku falls asleep; he loves preventing, however finds it boring to look at.

To have a good time, Jaco stops on the identical ramen retailer as earlier than, not realizing that the container holding the Watagash breaks once more.

In the meantime, within the forest they each rebuke the enemies with a double Kamehameha. The enemies disintegrate, and Goku means that they return to seek for the Paradise Grass. Krilin is nervous concerning the reappearing phantom enemies, however the Saiyan simply thinks it makes it attention-grabbing. Krilin cannot perceive the cheerful angle of this one, nevertheless, he needs to go residence, and that it isn’t value this sort of emotional trauma. Goku protests that if he does not get stronger, he will not have the ability to struggle the following time a tricky opponent exhibits up, however this one mentions that he is high-quality with out preventing, since he is not like him.

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They each go after the grass, however quickly their path is blocked by a barrier of timber. Flowers sprout and expel thick smoke, which causes extra ghosts of the identical previous enemies to kind, this time a lot bigger than earlier than. Large Tambourine beats Krilin to the bottom, and realizes that they won’t be able to depart till they’ve accomplished their mission for Kame-Sen’nin. The 2 proceed to struggle the infinite wave of phantom enemies, whereas at Kame Home, 18 and Marron discover that too arduous. She scolds Kame-Sen’nin and Baba for his or her dangerous style in tidying this up, however when the hermit means that she go save Krilin, she decides to remain, since her husband is preventing in opposition to himself in any case.

Goku decides to complete off all his phantom enemies instantly, and transforms into Supersaiyan 3. However his enemies develop even greater in response. This offers Goku an concept: he reverts to his base kind, closes his eyes and concentrates, making the illusions disappear, Kame-Sen’nin wonders if the opposite has figured that out. At that second, Krilin is being threatened by numerous ghosts of Freeza. Goku hears their screams and desires to fly to their help, however realizes that if he flies then extra ghost enemies will seem. So he calls the Kinton Cloud and leaves.

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Krilin assaults with a Photo voltaic Flare and a Destroyer Disk, however neither has a lot impact, this one realizes that it’s his personal ki that powers these enemies. As he sits and meditates, the enemies freeze in place. It was his personal worry that made them bigger and extra quite a few. By controlling his personal feelings and ki, he makes Nappa’s illusions disappear.

18 and Marron are delighted, however Kame-Sen’nin and Uranai Baba 💪 have another trick up their sleeves. As Goku continues to seek for Krilin, a ghost of Tremendous Shen Lengthy seems and surrounds him and Kinto-un like a large python. With the 2 of them so shut collectively, Goku cannot break away with out destroying the Cloud, and he has no alternative however to depend on Krilin to save lots of them each. Luckily he’s there and has conquered his worry.

Concentrating first, Krilin hits Tremendous Shen Lengthy within the brow, inflicting him to recoil in ache and free Goku and the Kinton Cloud. Goku turns into Blue Supersaiyan, he and Krilin hearth a double Kamehameha to complete off the dragon. Sparks from Tremendous Shen Lengthy immediately sprout into a considerable amount of paradise grass, which they harvest and take to Kame Home. Goku seems earlier than Kame-Sen’nin with the paradise grass, whereas observing that the entire concept of all of it was fairly hasty. Kame-Sen’nin leans on educating them the key to immediately ignite their ki, whereas 18 thinks it was only a deceive trick them, Krilin thinks in a different way: the key managed his personal feelings and ki. Goku finds this concept convincing, however Baba just isn’t so positive.

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Kame-Sen’nin eats the grass, claiming he’ll dwell one other thousand years, simply lengthy sufficient to pay his sister her ten million zeni. Again at Krilin’s home, 18 shaves his head, and Marron tells him he seems sturdy. Goku stops by the place to coach once more, and Krilin fortunately agrees, so long as Goku does not rework into Supersaiyan.🐲


  • Episode 47 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 48 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 49 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 50 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 51 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 52 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 53 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 54 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 55 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 56 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 57 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 58 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 59 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 60 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 61 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 62 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 63 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 64 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 65 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 66 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 67 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 68 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 69 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 70 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 71 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 72 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 73 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 74 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 75 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
  • Episode 76 (Dragon Ball Tremendous)
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  • Ch014 (DBS)
  • Ch015 (DBS)
  • Ch016 (DBS)
  • Ch017 (DBS)
  • Ch018 (DBS)
  • Ch019 (DBS)
  • Ch020 (DBS)
  • Ch021 (DBS)
  • Ch022 (DBS)
  • Ch023 (DBS)
  • Ch024 (DBS)
  • Cap025 (DBS)
  • Ch026 (DBS)


  • Son Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Trunks from the alternate future
  • Mai from the alternate future
  • Kaio-shin from the East
  • Beerus
  • Whis
  • Little
  • Trunks
  • Mai
  • Gowas
  • Different Future Gowas
  • Zamas
  • Zamas of the alternate future
  • Zamas Pothala
  • Goku Black
  • Vegetto
  • Kaio of the North
  • Suppaman
  • Kinoko Sarada
  • Obotchaman
  • Mr. Pig
  • Turbo Norimaki
  • Champa
  • Fords
  • Kogamera
  • Uranai Baba
  • Tambourine 🪐
  • Nice Demon King Piccolo
  • Dabra
  • Cell
  • Pilaf
  • Shu
  • Chi-Chi
  • Son Goten
  • Son Gohan
  • Kame-Sen’nin
  • King of Every thing
  • King of All the Alternate Future
  • Excessive Priest
  • Assistants to the King of All
  • Kaio-shin Elder
  • Kibito
  • Yajirobei of the Alternate Future
  • Bulma of the alternate future
  • Krilin
  • Brown
  • Gatchan Norimaki
  • Akane Kimidori
  • Taro Soramame
  • Peasuke Soramame
  • Aoi Kimidori
  • Midori Norimaki
  • Kurikinton Soramame
  • Botamo
  • Magetta
  • Cabba
  • Amaguri Cocoa
  • Watagash
  • Napa
  • Tremendous-Boo
  • Raditz
  • Freeza
  • Dr. Breve
  • Panchy
  • Bulma 💪
  • Android Quantity 18
  • Mr. Devil
  • Videl
  • Pan
  • Zuno
  • Kaio of the North
  • Bubbles
  • Gregory
  • Umigame
  • Umigame of the Alternate Future
  • Babarians
  • Alternate Future Dabra
  • Babidi of the Alternate Future
  • Alternate Future Quantity 8 Android
  • Arale Norimaki
  • Senbei Norimaki
  • Dr. Mashirito
  • King Nikochan
  • Servant of King Nikochan
  • Profession
  • Funds
  • Yamcha
  • Barry Kahn
  • Decide up
  • Burter
  • Ginyu
  • Jeice
  • Guldo
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Manga exclusives

  • Jaco Thilimentempibossi
  • Tights
  • Yakon from the alternate future
  • Pui Pui from the alternate future



  • “Dreaming ceaselessly”
  • “Yoka-Yoka Dance”
  • “Chǎofàn MUSICA”
  • “Aku no Tenshi to Seigi no Akuma”

Earlier Arc

  • Universe 6 vs. Universe 7 arc. 🐲
  • Champa Saga thirtieth Anniversary Poster

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  • Common Supervision Arc

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