Gate Season 3 Release Date : Everything You Need To Know In 2021

the release date of Gate Season 3

“Gate,” known as Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri in Japanese is a fantasy-themed anime series inspired by a manga with the same title as well as a light novel. These light novellas were composed by Takumi Yanai. They are drawn with the help of Daisuke Izuka, and Kurojishi and were released in the beginning of April in 2010. The final volume was released on the 22nd of December, 2011. When the series was about to come to an conclusion, it was transformed into a manga manga with illustrations by Satoru Sao in July of 2011. Since the time three spin-off manga shows were released that are following the original. There’s no doubt that the show’s popularity is high and its fans are now eager to know when they’ll watch the new season.

What We Have Learned about Gate Season 3 So Far

What We Have Learned about Gate season 3 So Far

In 2020 the total number of 17 volumes published by AlphaPolis.

The manga manga began serialization in the year 2010.

The anime series was released in 2015 and concluded its “second season, part 2” In the year 2016.

The thing that fans must be aware of is that the show was launched using the format of cour (technically that is Double cour because it’s got 24 episodes).

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It’s basically one season, which has been divided into two parts. So to be clear we will call it Part 1 of Season 1 Part 1 and Part 2. Season 2 Part 2.

The primary plot of the show focuses on Lieutenant as well as Otaku Yoji Itami from JSDF who are sent through the portal to find out about the creatures of mystery that the new region is home to.

Utilizing his knowledge of tales of fantasy he’s read, Itami travels around the Empire.

After his extensive research and his ability to bring his team back to life The JSDF can begin peace talks, and even set up an operational base in the forward zone to defend the earth.

To ensure that these negotiations are a breeze. Itami takes help from his pals who are old but teen-like goddesses. There is even the princess Pina Co Lada whom is an Otaku also.

In Episode No. 24 Pina is saved by Itami along with the others when they make their way to their destination of the Imperial Capital with the help of the 3rd Re-con team.

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Zorzal is banished by Itami and the Emperor declares Pina as the heir . named the queen of The Empire.

In the meantime, Zorzal and his supporters have fled the land. But they are determined to exact their revenge on Japan.

Official Announcements and The Release Date of Gate Season 3.

Official Announcements and The Release Date of Gate Season 3.

GATE Season 2 Part 2 ended in the year 2016.

It’s been 5 years now but A1 Pictures has given no definitive confirmation of a time frame for the release of Gate Season 3.

The VFX team that worked on the first two seasons has also been hired for the third season.

In 2017 Sentai Filmworks has stated that they were overwhelmed by the reaction to the event.

They had hoped to complete the script by the end of the fall of the year that was to follow, but the script was never finished.

Numerous websites stated they would see anime return in the Gate new season of 2019 and 2020. However we know that it didn’t happen.

It is a typical pattern that popular anime shows are known to have long gaps between seasons. But with the manga is able to tell a story to go on building upon.

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In the absence of official declarations, we have to examine the our options and find out if there’s any specific reason for the delay?

We’ll first examine the original material to see whether there is enough accessible or not?

The Source Material Details for Gate Season 3.

The Source Material Details for Gate Season 3.

Gate Jieitai Kano Chi nite Kaku Tatakaeri The novel was initially self-published as a web novel by Takumi Yanai, published on Arcadia an online platform for self-publishing.

Takumi Yanai was a previous part of the JSDF and he posted his work on the site between 2006 and 2009 under the pseudonym Todoku Takusan.

Then, in 2010, AlphaPolis took over the novel on the internet and provided Yanai to publish it.

Five volumes were released between April 2010 and December 2011.

The covers for these books were designed by Daisuke Izuka.

Following the printing process had been published, contents was taken off Arcadia and, as of July 2015 five volumes of short stories were published.

AlphaPolis later in 2012 began reprinting the books as light novels. They split each volume into tankobon formats with fresh cover illustrations by Kurojishi.

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There is an update to the novel series, called Gate: Weigh Anchor which is not based on the JSDF rather, instead, the Maritime Self-Defense Force.

A gate is opened in this novel series of four parts and also where the JMSDF are in charge of the terrain and land politics as well as peace, while preserving the international control of Special Region. Special Region.

The series debuted between 2017 and 2019, and saw Daisuke Izuka taking over design duties for the same.

You can guess the gist of the story is highly political and is a strong symbol of nationalistic sentiment.

With amazing creatures that the JSDF or the JMSDF defends Earth from.


As is evident, the plot of the novels as well as the manga series are identical.

Yoji is joined by Taku Luna Marceau Lelei La Lalena Rory Mercury, and Yao Haa Dushi to save their world.

He also has a meeting with his princess Pina Co Lada from the Special Region, who is the successor to the Emperor’s throne.

Release Date Manga

There are five manga series that are based on Gate.

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The manga has been created by Satoru Sao. The manga started publishing in the year 2011, and continues up to 2020, with a total of 17 issues.

VolumesDay of Release
Volume 1June 15, 2012
Volume 2January 25 January 25, 2013
Volume 3July 18 13
Volume 4April 20 the 20th of April, 2014.
Volume 5September 22 September 22, 2014
Volume 6March 30 March 30, 2015
Volume 7June 23, 2015
Volume 8December 1st 1, 2015
Volume 9June 1, 2016
Volume 10December 1st December 1, 2016
Volume 11April 1st January 1, 2017
Volume 12December 1st 1, 2017
Volume 13June 1, 2018
Volume 14December 30 December 30, 2018
Volume 15June 30, 2019
Volume 16December 30 2019, 2019
Volume 17June 30, 2020

In 2018 Sekai Publishing has only two volumes that have been translated. Later, they cited issues with the quality of Volume two copies.

2021 was the year that saw Sekai Project dropping the entire project completely.

Others informations

Sekai didn’t anticipate the tribulations of the series , and subsequently dropped the show from their roster.

A comic strip with four panels was developed for the second manga as well as a third manga called 14, Pina Co Lada as well as the Rose Knights of the Gate Empire began in the year 2015.

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A fourth manga called Gate: Featuring the Starry Heavens which depicts the three female characters who want to be music icons also was released in the year 2015.

The same year also saw the spin-off manga series that was that was based on the manga in the universe within the Gate anime series.

The original material contains much more information than the material shown in the show.

People who have read the books can access information on the show, such as the background of Itami’s mother and numerous additional stories that seem to be diverging from the main plot.

Fans must be aware that the five volumes of the story are Gaidens that are, as previously mentioned are just stories that have been told as short stories.

In the final chapter of the manga, Japan quite obviously wins the battle against the Empire. Pina is crowned the ruler of the Empire that has fallen.

Tyuule also passes away in the final moments. Before fatally hurting Zorzal and attempts to abduct Lelei is carried out through Diabo as well as China.

The Gate structure has also been destroyed.

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However, in the sequel series Gate : Weigh Anchor, the gate is again opened in this world.

There’s plenty of content coming out for the new season , which A-1 Pictures handpick from, however we must keep an eye on the screen for tangible information.

Animation Gate Season 2

Animation Gate Season 3

Based on MAL (My Animation List) the announcement was made in December 2014 that Gate will get an TV Anime Adaption with the characters inspired by the light novels Illustrations.

The official website for the Gate was announced on the day of the show in 2015, with the domain name recorded in the month of October.

The series on television originates from A-1 Pictures and directed by Takahiko Kyogoku.

Original Credits were given to Yanai The script was handled by Tatsuhiko Urahata, Taaki Suzuki, and Kurasumi Sunayama who all contributed to different episodes.

Character design and the Chief Animation Director’s responsibility was assigned over to Jun Nakai.

The show was a major production houses’ names attached to it, such as Warner Bros Home Entertainment, Genco and, Of course AlphaPolis.

Japanese Voice Actors who are legends such as Junichi Suwabe , who provided his voice to Itami, Risa Taneda as Rory Mercury, Haruka Tomatsu for Pina, and Hisako Kanemoto as Tuka Luna.

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To voice this Dubbed edition of the show, David Wald played the role of Itami and Molly Searcy was the voice for Rory Mercury and Juliet Simmons for Tuka Luna.

What can we say about the animation of the 2 seasons

Twelve episodes from the series were released from July to September 2015 after a three month break, and then returned with 12 episodes between January and March 2016.

Gate Season 1 : Part 1, concentrates on Yoji making contact to the Special Region and its rulers getting the respect of those living there.

Gate Season 2 Part 2 is a focus on the political aspect, but has a darker and more sombre tone.

Despite Yoji initiating peace talks but both sides are able to wage war against one another.

The internal politics of the Special Region is failing and Zorzal is set to wage war against Japan.

He eventually betrays his own family members. Including his sister Pina to gain power.

In a tense combat, Yoji manages to intimidate Zorzal and force him to exile.

The final scene shows Pina becoming the crowning queen of the empire that is now gone.

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The anime was adapted to the story up to the 5th volume of the Light Novel.

The other volumes are mostly side stories that were released at the same time when you look at.

This could be the reason for the lack of connections within the timeline of the anime which can be corrected through the anime’s creators.

If you’ve watched the anime, you’re aware that the ending was a cliffhanger.

What will Gate Season 3 or Part 3 bring to the show ?

Promised Plot Of Gate Season 3

Promised Plot Of Gate Season 3

What you should know prior to getting into the plot that you are expecting is the fact that Gate as a tale is not for everyone’s cup tea.

It’s even thought of as an JSDF propaganda show that might be the reason the anime show itself isn’t being rebooted.

What is the next season’s or part’s storyline be ?

The light novels encompass numerous arcs and storyline that could be examined in the next season or part.

Zorzal might have been exiled, but his plans to destroy Japan remain alive.

In particular, he would like to take to exact revenge against Yoji.

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In a happier point, Yoji is yet to reveal his affection with Tuka in the entire Rory and Hardy storyline was just beginning to become fascinating.

We could also witness a war with Zorzal with Japanese troops. Japanese army.

The show will be action-packed , however we don’t have assurances or confirmation from A-1 Pictures on anything.

Another theory that is making quite a lot of noise online is, the third season may be inspired by The Gate : Weigh Anchor books and the characters in this novel takes place on the events that occurred four years of the Gate being shut.

The most interesting aspect of the novel’s plot is how it goes into an Xenomorph homeworld that is infested by this Special Region.

Sci-Fi fans may be aware of the meaning of Xenomorph is, but it’s hard to determine whether A-1 Pictures will be able to secure the rights of the popular film franchise in the event that Disney is willing to explore.

All these speculations sound exciting, but give us fans some concrete news!


Gate boasts an IMDb score of 7.5. This score is pretty good however it is not enough to make the creators to announce the next season based solely on this metric.

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There are 12 reviews available on the page Some have been able to give it a 9/10 rating while others have gave it two out of 10.

We’ve said it before that the show isn’t something everyone would be able to take in.

Sales and Profits Information for The Gate Season 3

Sales are among the most crucial factors in book revenue. The purpose of animation is to raise money for charity and when the show doesn’t bring profits to the creators, then there’s no need to take it on.

However, do we have a precise number that can tell us if anime was a success or not?

It’s hard to determine the exact amount because the anime industry does not release information about profit publically.

It is possible to examine the following indicators: DVD/Bluray sales, the availability of merchandise and manga sales to assess the profitability.

Let’s get started and discover what these indicators tell us ?

Website & Merchandise

If one were to go through the news section on the site for any recent developments, it could end up being an absolute flop.

It was updated in 2017.

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Surprisingly, the only rare item from the series on is available on the website is DVDs and Blu-Rays.

If you click on any of these volumes, you will see that t-shirts bearing the logo of the anime are included in the sets , as well as some books.

Some other volumes also include first aid kits included as an extra item.

It makes sense to offer fans an experience of life in the military presented in the form of their most loved anime series.


In 2017 The Gate novel series had sold more than 4.2 millions copies Japan all by itself !

The AphaPolis website, there is a banner on the site indicates it is Gate Manga has been sold more than five million units.

Fans would like to know more about the story, and they’ve bought the source material since the animated series has stopped and they’re unsure of the reason behind it.

How did the DVD/Blu-Ray sales perform ?

DVD/Blu Ray Sales

Thanks to the DVD and Blu-ray Box set of Vol. 1 to 12 on the website, numbers for the anime have been phenomenal. In 2015, the Blu Ray discs sales placed among the top 10 on Japan’s Sales, with a an overall an overall sales of 49696.

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The Gate Blu Ray Box-1 (First Edition) ranked at 7th in the Japan’s Animation Blu-ray Disc Ranking for November 2017, and an overall sales of 889 copies sold during an entire week.

In a list of 2016 Japan’s top DVDs, Gate Vol. 12 (Limited First Pressing) was ranked #14 with 798 copies.

The Blu-Ray Discs for Vol. 12 sold an astounding 3,822 copies within its first week of release. The week itself ranked #10 !

In a different list of 2016’s best sellers in 2016. It was noted that the Blu Ray sales for Gate Season 2 saw record numbers and sold 4999 copies !

This is a clear indication of the great show Gate was, and the reason these numbers reflect the yearning of the crowd for an exciting new season.

The Most Famous Persons That We Are Expecting to Meet in Gate Season 3.

In contrast to most anime shows there is a chance that we will have all characters returning Let’s an overview of the more well-known ones.

Yoji Itami

Yoji Itami

The main character in the series is also a adored actor of Gate. Gate universe.

Itami is an expert at one-on one combat. He is extremely adept at the detection of danger before it occurs Itami is smart and has excellent leadership abilities.

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It was because of his charismatic personality that peace talks were able to begin in Special Region. Special Region.

His motto in life is, “Eat, sleep, play, repeat.

And then the life that lies in between”.

Did we mention that is an Otaku?

Rory Mercury

Rory Mercury

A goddess who is one of the apostles of Emroy the goddess of war, darkness and death Rory Mercury.

It’s an incredibly excessive description for her portrayal of character.

Rory is an important character in the show and helps in the war in the fight against Special Region. Special Region.

Rory is superhumanly strong and immortality, is capable of using spells based on Hex and is extremely smart.

She is a prominent relationship with Itami.

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Pina Co Lada

Pina Co Lada

The daughter of 19 years old Emperor is set to take the throne.

Despite her name being tied with the beverage, she’s far from that.

In the anime, Pina is shown as more calm and serene character when compared to her manga counterpart.

She is an exceptional swordsman who understands and is able to play the game of political games well.

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Pina also has a lot of charisma that makes her the queen of the fallen empire toward the final episode of the series.

Following a meeting with Itami, Pina too becomes an Otaku.

Pina is also as a part of the Top 50 Anime Princesses List !


Tuka Luna Marceau

Zorzal is the King of the Empire, and is also the sister of Pina.

Zorzal has been portrayed as a villain by Pina and Itami’s eyes.

He would like to wage a war against Japan even when he doesn’t have the resources and manpower Japan is equipped with.

He’s the typical delusional, tyrannical dictator who is determined to rule with absolute power even if that requires sacrificing his own family.

Tuka Luna Marceau

Tuka Luna Marceau

Tuka is an Elf who is one of the protagonists in the show.

Tuka is a lively young woman, however she is somewhat reserved because of some traumatizing incidents that have occurred in her past.

She is a user of Spirit Magic and is an efficient Archer.

She is also a lute player and is a gorgeous singer.

Like Rory and the others too, Tuka is also attracted to Itami and even declares that she wants to marry him.

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The show doesn’t limit it’s protagonists to just a fictional world, Gate keeps a portal that allows the protagonist to move between worlds without difficulty.

The plot is fantastic and keeps viewers interested. But it appears that the writers aren’t enthused by the material that is the basis currently.

We’ll just have to be patient and watch. We’ll keep you informed when any information about season 3 is released in this Gate series!

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