How Did Saitama Get His Powers ? – Our One Punch Man Theories

How did saitama get His Powers ? - Our One Punch Man Theories

One Punch Man is the first show that an otaku watches. He is not told much about the power and strengths of the protagonist when he starts to watch it. As soon as the show starts, Saitama is able to defeat the evil guys and other colossal monsters. This was a popular choice for many viewers. It was the scene that ended with Saitama slamming the final blow on the villains that has been loved the most. One Punch Man fans continue to explore the theories surrounding Saitama’s powers. What made Saitama so powerful? This is everything you need to know.

One Punch Man: How Saitama Really Got His Powers
By Screen Rant

Saitama didn’t give a convincing explanation as to why viewers and characters don’t know the source of Saitama’s powers. Genos, Saitama’s master, once asked him about his source of powers. The hero replied that he had been working hard for the past year. He did 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and a hundred squats each day. Genos refused to believe the answer and demanded a true answer.

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One Punch Man: The Origin of Saitama’s Powers

One Punch Man: The Origin of Saitama’s Powers

Saitama has yet to reveal the true source of his powers. Every time someone asked about his powers, the hero repeated the same story. Genos was convinced that One Punch Man does not know the truth. Saitama explains his position by saying that he was bald due to this constant training. Fans believe that God’s cube is true, in addition to what Saitama claims. This theory was first proposed by Homeless Emperor, who iterated on the origin of his powers.

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After he committed suicide, he revealed that he met God in heaven. God granted him extraordinary powers to live the next life in peace. The cube theory is a result of this. According to legend, Flashy Flash and Saitama touched the cube at The Monster Association during a street fight. One Punch Man was immediately transported to another dimension by the contact, where they were confronted by a godly man.

God gave Saitama the power of Saitama

God gave Saitama the power of Saitama

The floating figure asked the fighters to give up their current powers in order to acquire the god-given powers. Blast also arrived on the scene, asking from the third cube in the trinity. The host was given strange powers by touching the cube continuously, he confirmed. Three such cubes exist in the universe that could lead to the God’s Gate. Blast therefore sought the three.

In all this chaos, Saitama was imprinted with the trace of a cube. He gradually gained all the super strength he needed. This is where you might find the endurance and relentless training. One Punch Man believed that his hard work made him the ultimate superhero. This theory suggests that Saitama and Blast draw their powers from the same source. They might discover strange connections among their attacks when they fight one another. 

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One Punch Man’s power system

One Punch Man's power system

Your dreams will come true if you pursue them. This simple principle has many variations. Crab man loved crabs so he became crabman. In this instance, Saitama also wants to become stronger but is more focused on exceeding his limits than becoming stronger enough so that he can achieve unlimited power.

This is how we can explain the origins of all the power in the One Punch Man universe. We also can see who is more powerful based on their appearances. Bang spent his whole life training in martial arts. He appears to be a normal person with average skills. Sourface, who is also a martial artist, looks more anime-like. Saitama, despite being strong, has a fairly normal body. This makes him stronger than Darkshine, who is cartoonishly buff.

One Punch Man's power system

Summarizing, anyone who displays a certain level of obsession is monsterized. Those who are more pure and dedicated to their goals control and manage their powers better than those who have a greater degree of obsession (e.g. changing their appearance or body shape to suit their power). We can conclude that Saitama was the ultimate normie, because he held true to his ideals.

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Many anime series have a common theme of mental focus and obsessive driving as the keys to ultimate power. One-Punch Man is full of characters driven by singular motivations. There are plenty of examples to support the fan theory that Saitama and his colleagues achieved their extraordinary power levels. There are many contradictions, however, that make it difficult to explain how Saitama became the ultimate superhero, especially considering the existential crisis he’s faced throughout the series.

This was the story of how One Punch Man gained his powers. Although there are many theories about lineage and genetics that exist, the strongest theory is the one that remains.

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