Kanae Kocho : Everything You Need To Know

Kanae Kocho

Kanae Kocho is a demon slayer and floral pillar and is an older sibling of Shinobu Kocho and the adopted daughter of Kanao Tsuyuri.

Appearance Kanae Kocho

Appearance Kanae Kocho

Kanae is a thin woman and pale complexion. She has bright , lilac eyes and black hair that runs down her hips. (buy ambien canada) Her hips are covered in butterfly-shaped pins affixed to the sides. Kanae is a little larger and stronger than her sibling.
She is dressed in an dark, purple demon-slayer outfit and an white haori with butterflies wings.

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Kanae was depicted as a gentle and jovial girl with a the most radiant smile. She envisioned a world where humans could live alongside demons peacefully and harmony, a vision that was later taken up from her older sister Shinobu.

Yet, Kanae also has a tough side, as demonstrated when her spirit directed Shinobu to continue fighting. Shinobu to fight Douma. Additionally, Kanae was quite observant and observed she could tell that Douma even though she claimed to be she was not feeling any emotions. She felt for him that she was sorry even though he shattered his body to her.

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Kanae was born to the Kocho family. She lived with her father, mother as well as her younger sibling Shinobu. She was a part of a loving and loving familial unit until she and her parents’ were murdered by a demon right in the presence of her sister.

As the demon was set to attack them, they were rescued by the pillar of gemei himejima which cut in the neck of their adversary. After the suffering and pain they went through, Shinobu and Kanae decided to become demon hunter to protect each other, as well as making sure that others did not suffer the same fate as they did. Following their success in Goemei’s exam, they convinced that he let them meet the trainer of slayers. This is which is where Kanae invented his Blossom Breath.

A few days ago, as demon slayers Kanae and Shinobu came across one of the men who was leading a small girl by rope. Kanae, despite Shinobu’s annoyance, decided to join the girl her. They decided to chat with him, however he just dismissed them rudely. Shinobu was throwing money in the air and as the man tried to retrieve it The girls grabbed her and took the girl towards Butterfly Manor. The sisters took the girl back to their home and cleaned her down and, after giving Kanao the title Kanao she made the decision to make her the tsuguko. Since Kanao was unable to make her own choices, Kanae gave her a coin to flip each time she had to make an option.

A few years prior to the events in Manga, Kanae engaged in a battle with High Moon Douma and was fatally wounded in the process. Douma was determined to devour her, but he didn’t have the time as it was getting to dawn , and the slayer was forced to leave. As he slowly sank into Shinobu’s arms Kanae is begging her sister to quit the ranks of demon slayers and lead in peace However, she soon is aware that Shinobu is determined to take to take revenge. Kanae recounts the demon she faced before she eventually passes away.

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Kanae’s spirit comes to Shinobu when she’s almost defeated during a fight with Douma. Kanae advises Shinobu to fight until the very end, despite her injuries.

When Douma dies in the hands of Kanae or Inosuke, Kanae and Shinobu are shown running towards their parents in heaven.

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Skills and Power Of Kanae Kocho

Skills and Power Of Kanae Kocho


  • Second style: Plum Spirit is a technique for defense that is that is used to ward off attacks using an elongated blade.
  • Fourth style: Scarlet Hanagoromo is a single, twisted sword attack.
  • 5th style Peonies of emptyness  – a barrage of 9 consecutive attacks.
  • Sixth style: Spinning Peach is an approach used following or during dodge. Kanae takes a turn and then attacks with the weight of her body.
  • final form The Scarlet Eyes of the Equinox – Kanae is focused and expands her kinetic vision up to the highest level, allowing her to look around in slow moving. However, this method is extremely risky, since the enormous strain placed on eyes triggers blood vessels to rupture and cause complete or partial blindness.

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