Kill La Kill Characters Ranked And Power Explained

Kill La Kill Characters

These are the most powerful Kill La Kill characters, whether it’s an Elite Four member or someone on Honnoji Academy’s board of directors.

Kill La Kill was announced in 2013. This excited action and school anime fan. The show was met with great enthusiasm by fans.

It was only 24 episodes long, but Kill La Kill was a great success. The visuals, soundtrack and characters were loved by viewers. Fans debated who was stronger and who could defeat who. Some epic fight scenes were shown that clearly showed who had the best in this department.

10. Mako Mankanshoku – Among Kill La Kill Main Characters

Mako Mankanshoku Kill La Kill Characters

Ryuko’s best friend was an important character in the series. Despite her silly appearance, she was actually quite strong. She was remarkably adaptive, and her strength was greatly increased when she wore her Two-Star Goku Uniform.

Mako is also skilled at kicking her opponents. Mako loved to use a golden bat that was stabbed with nails. Most opponents avoided close combat. Mako, who was hyperactive and obsessed with food, was generally very energetic.

9. Houka Inumuta

Houka Inumuta Kill La Kill Characters

Hoka was one the Elite Four, and was responsible for the information and strategy committee. Hoka was a brilliant hacker who was able bypass any security barriers by the age 15.

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He was the most intelligent of the Elite Four and that made him extremely dangerous. Hoka used optical camouflage to avoid being seen by his enemies. Hoka’s signature move was a powerful, precise punch that disfigured many of his stronger opponents.

8. Nonon Jakuzure

 Nonon Jakuzure

Nonon was a fan favorite because of her extraordinary strength and unique appearance. She looked like a majorette in her Three-Star Goku Uniform, and everyone loved her long, pink hair.

Fans found her to have a strong personality. She was known for being arrogant and enjoying annoying people. It was funny to see her do this. Nonon was a natural talent, which she added to her extraordinary power uniform. As protection against all incoming strikes, she could build a dark barrier around herself.

7. Shiro Iori

Shiro Iori

He was also the president of the Sewing Club and a member of the student council. Shiro was a unique sewist, with unique skills that were naturally acquired and enhanced by his Three-Star Uniform. Shiro was always considered serious and on-point.

He was a key reason Kill la Kill was regarded as one of the most bizarre animes. When activated, his Uniform gave him four additional tentacles. This proved to be a great advantage, even though Shiro seldom engaged in fights.

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6. Uzu Sanageyama

Uzu Sanageyama

Uzu was a typical jock. He was confident, relaxed and always showed his masculinity. He was a member the Elite Four and was responsible for all the athletic clubs at the academy. His ability to grow and change was what fans loved about him.

He became more determined to improve after his defeat to Ryuko and stopped being the assertive person that he used to be. Uzu was also an excellent swordsman and had one of the strongest Goku costumes in Kill La Kill. He also had enhanced senses. These were his natural talents, which he worked hard to improve.

5. Ira Gamagori

Ira Gamagori

Ira, another great example of masculinity, was another jock. Also, He was the leader of the disciplinary committee and never hesitated to enforce the rules.

In Addition, He often called himself Satsuki’s impenetrable Shield, which clearly demonstrated his loyalty to his leader. He was the most loyal of the Elite Four. Ira was cruel to students who broke the rules, but wouldn’t have hurt them. His Three-Star Uniform gave him superhuman strength and made him a strangling mummy.

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4. Nui Harime – Among Kill La Kill Main Antagonist Characters

Nui Harime

Isshin Matui was the murderer and Grand Couturier for the Revocs Corporation. She was easily one of the most powerful characters in Kill La Kill. Nui was often seen as playful and childish, but she was actually a psychopath who loved to hurt others. Due to her powerful powers, Nui was almost unstoppable.

She was also a Life Fibre-infused person, which gave her superhuman strength, regeneration and mind-seizing abilities. She was a beloved and hated character on the show, and she is still quoted by shonen anime lovers today.

3. Satsuki Kiryuin

Satsuki Kiryuin Kill La Kill Characters

Ryuko’s older sister was Honnoji Academy’s absolute leader. He had control over all the grounds and nearly everyone. She was the antagonist for most of the series until her mother came on the scene. She was a strong-willed character who never lost her determination and divided fans.

Satsuki was also extremely intelligent, but she looked down upon most people and often called them pigs. Satsuki’s natural talents were exceptional prowess, which enabled her to have incredible reflexes, endurance, strength and endurance. This, combined with her intelligence, made her one the strongest students at Honnoji Academy.

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2. Ragyo Kiryuin – Among Kill La Kill Main Antagonist Characters

Ragyo Kiryuin Kill La Kill Characters

Ragyo Kiryuin, the CEO of Revocs Corporation and a member of the Honnoji Academy’s board of directors was the main antagonist at the end of the series. She was Satsuki’s mother, Ryuko’s mom, and most fans hated her.

She was strong and loyal, and she hated opposition. Ragyo’s life fibers made her even more powerful. She could regenerate herself and others, control her mind, and fly without the aid of a Kamui. It is possible that she had other abilities not even revealed.

1. Ryuko Matoi – Among Kill La Kill Main Characters

Ryuko Matoi Kill La Kill Characters

Ryuko moved to Honnoji Academy in order to find his father’s killer. Undoubtedly, she was the most determined character in series and would go to any lengths to find the truth.

Later, it was revealed that she was related with Ragyo and Satsuki. Ryuko was fearless, and she didn’t care much about authority. Nothing could stop her. Ryuko was also infused in Life Fibres, which gave her similar abilities to Ragyo. Her powers were greatly enhanced when she discovered the missing half to her scissors blade.

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