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In Mha, TodoMomo a get-ship between Shoto Todoroki & Momo Yayoyorozu of the ” My Hero Academy fandom



Momo and Shoto have a very good relationship, even though their screen interaction is limited. They share many commonalities, including being recommended to Yuei, their rich and famous families and strong quirks.

Momo often compared herself with Shoto because she believed he was always one step ahead. This ruined her already low self-esteem. Momo began to admire Shoto’s self-confidence.

Shoto, in turn, deeply respected Momo’s observational skills and natural leadership. He voted for Momo during the class president election. However, she soon felt that she couldn’t resist following his orders. These acts were done by Shoto while he was still a cold, aloof individual who wasn’t interested in friendship and communication.

Todomomo festival

The official CD “Ennichi Festival” is available. Todoroki, Yayorozu and their friends walk together at the festival. Shoto praises Momo for her yukata and says it suits her very well. They also have a lot of fun talking about one another. He first believed he was burdening Yayoyorozu by telling Yayoyorozu about how he felt regarding his family. Yayorozu advised him to express his feelings more, as the entire class is important to him. Todoroki was seen with “Pretty Girl” by the other Class 1-A girls. They suspected that they were on a date.

Todoroki and Iida tour the store in the official CD “Donki Store”. Todoroki scolds Yayorozu and Iida for being too enthusiastic about the shop’s variety of prices and items. He also reminds them that they have a mission to save Bakugo.

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Todo Momo

Season 2 

When it became necessary to select their team for the Battle of the Chariots at the Sports Festival Arc’s Sports Festival Arc, Todoroki invites Yaoyorosa, acknowledging her strength, to his team. Todoroki and Yayorozu join forces to defeat Aizawa, their teacher, during the Arch of Examinations. We see that Yayorozu is insecure around Todoroki throughout this arc. Even though they were recommended to Yuei and had the same training, Shoto developed much faster than hers and displayed a lot of unique skills. Yayoroza almost gets caught by Aizawa and runs back to Todoroki. Shoto gives his support to Yayoroza and tells Momo that he voted in her favor during the election for class representatives because he believed she would be an outstanding leader.

Season 2 TodoMomo

These words gave Yayoroza the confidence to rescue Shoto and carry out the plan Momo had devised in order to capture Aizawa–sensei. After their plan succeeds, Aizawa-sensei and Todoroki praise Momo’s excellent plan and Yayorosa is moved to tears by the joy of seeing it come to fruition. Shoto is concerned about Momo’s health and suggests that Momo apply the “special point”, which will stop her “nausea”.

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Season Three

Season 3 Shoto & Momo

Todoroki, Kirishima and Yayoyorosa ask Yayoyorosa for help in saving Bakugo from the League of Villains. She initially doubted that it was the right thing to do but, after reflecting on her thoughts, she realized she “trusts Todoroki” so she agreed to help them. Momo bought the boys clothes from the store to hide her intentions. Todoroki asked Momo why Yayoyorozu did not use her Quirk to make sets of clothes, and Momo replied that she wouldn’t do it for nothing, because it would be a disaster for the economy. According to Midoriya’s plan to rescue Bakugo from Iida and Midoriya, Kirishima and Kirishima took off together. Momo and Shoto managed to escape together and accomplish their mission.

Momo was happy to see Todoroki pass first stage of exams during the Examination Arch. Yayoyorozu was also worried when Shoto failed the second stage.

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The Two Heroes Movie

COuple Shoto & Momo

Momo shouts his name to alarm when Todoroki, Bakugo and Bakugo decide to stay behind and restrain the villains so that everyone else can escape.

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Season Five

Todoroki, in addition to his comments during Momo’s match with Kendo’s, joins in protesting prejudiced comments made by the Blood King, Class 1B’s class-rook.



Todoroki was worried about his father when Prospector faced High End Nomu during the fight. Yayorozu was the first to call his name and voice an anxiety note in her voice when Todoroki entered.

Todoroki made the following comment on the situation during the Joint Training Arc with class 1-B when Kendo was fighting Yayorozu:

“If Kendo separate Yayoroza and her team out of caution then I think she underestimated herself.”

“If she wanted Yayoyorozu to be safe, she should have made her 4 on 1 at the beginning, using all the strength of her team.”

Todoroki said “… I hope her self-esteem does not drop after Yayorozu was defeated by Kendo.”

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FANON TodoMomo

Todo & Momo
By RennoMiya

The TodoMomo peyring is third on AO3 in writing Shoto fanfic. It is second in Momo fanfic writing, behind TodoDeku and TodoBaku. It is also the 14th most popular My Hero Academia tab.

Because of the complicated, sometimes hate-love relationship fans have with the spike, this spike is well-known in the fandom. It’s the most loved geth-ship in the franchise, after IzuChako or Kamijiro. On the other, it causes a lot hatred, because it threatens MomoJiro (the most popular womenh-ship) as well as popular slash sheep like TodoDeku, TodoBaku, and TodoDeku. TodoMomo is causing a lot of controversy. Geet fans need to support this spike.

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  • Shoto Todoroki’s seiyu Yuki Kaji confessed in one of his interviews that Momo is his favorite female character from the My Hero Academy series.
  • Momo and Shoto both have high collar sweaters with similar designs: Shoto has one in black, while Momo has one in cream.
  • Shoto is an emotionally reserved personality, while Momo is a character who tries to help and share his emotions.
  • This is similar to the situation in “TodoDeku,” a slash-sheep where Midoriya helps Shoto (an emotionally restrained character) to show his emotions.
  • TodoMomo shippers Colleen Clinkenbeard (English voice actor of Yayoyorozu) and David Matranga (Todoroki), are Colleen and David Clinkenbeard, respectively. Colleen Clinkenbeard expressed her desire that TodoMomo be made canon and also posted an admiring reply to a tweet about Momo and Shoto being children.
  • The official CD is titled “Ennichi Festival”. Todoroki, Yayoyorozu and others walk together at the festival. Shoto praises Momo for her yukata and says it suits her well. Ennichi (Yuan Ri) is a day that is believed to have a special connection with one of Japan’s deities. The most romantic time of the year in Japan is July-August.
  • Twitter has compiled a list of all Yuki Kaji’s praises for Momo. He also said, “No matter what you think about her, she is perfect.”
  • Yuki Kaji used to have a TodoMomo fan wrapped around his arm.
  • The official game is based on My Hero Academia. When Shoto is paired up with Momo, he states, “Paired again with Yayorozu… It’s just fate. Shoto is also told by Momo that “Todoroki” is an amazing player. To which he responds, “Yayoyorozu! I look forward to your brilliant plans.” If a player decides that Shoto and Momo will be paired together in one of the special events, his first sentence would be “Yayorozu. Are you on this team?” Apparently, we’re connected…”.
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Shoto & Momo
  • Yayorozu is seen in official artwork with My Hero Academy’s female characters. She wears a kimono, and has a red-and-white rose hidden behind her ear. This symbolises Shoto and his hair color. A white rose, also known as a wedding rose, is symbolic of unity and new love. A white rose at weddings conveys a message about purity and new beginnings. Roses are a symbol of romantic love. Red roses can signify that you want to continue the love and passion between your partner.
  • Shoto and Momo are seen in another official artwork standing under a blooming Sakura tree with IzuChako, another popular hetship.
  • One of Horikoshi’s assistants created an art of Shoto drinking tea with Momo.
  • Studio Bones is where the official artworks such as Izuocha and KiriBaku, Denki, Iida and Shoto are found. They are combined into “Team Todoroki.”
  • Pixiv is an art site that allows Japanese anime fans to draw. TodoMomo has received a total of 39726369 views, and 2643 illustrations.
  • On AO3, there are 915 stories that include a pair TodoMomo.
  • Fantasy!AU: Horikoshi portrayed Shoto the prince and Momo the knight
  • The spin-off “My Hero Academia : SMASH!” Shoto hugged Momo’s hand at one point and she blushed.
  • Official art shows Momo and Shoto celebrating Christmas together. The Japanese view Christmas as a romantic holiday, just like Valentine’s Day.
  • The official merchdesign has stickers that show Shoto and Momo wearing the same color clothes. This is a common trend in Japan among lovers.
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