KYUDAI GARAKI : Everything You Need To Know

In Mha, Kyudai Garaki Also known as Ujiko Daruma, He is a villain associated to the League of Villains and later the Paranormal Liberation Front. He is loyal servant to All For One, and later Tomura Shogaraki.


APPEARANCE Kyudai Garaki

Daruma, an older man of average height, has a mustache that is puffy and he is bald. He wears unusual glasses and a lab coat. He wears regular glasses in his hospital and looks very similar to the doctor who stated Izuku Midoriya does not have any quirk.  Daruma is equipped with the Life Extension Quirk. Without it, he has more wrinkles and large circles around his eyes.

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Daruma, an eccentric and mad scientist, obediently obeys All For One’s will. He was skeptical that Tomura Shigaraki would succeed as All By One. However, he believed in Gigantomachy and he promised his former master that Tomura would prove him wrong.

Daruma is proud of his Nomu creations. He calls them “children” as well as the Supreme Nomu’s “masterpieces”. Although he regards the Nomu offerings for All for One as his offering, he has given Tomura permission to use some of them at his request.

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Daruma is extremely cautious and secretive about information concerning his identity. He prefers to remain anonymous and avoid contact with anyone (other that All by One and Tomura Shigaraki) at risk of death. He prefers to communicate electronically over directly because he is unable to speak in person. This is only done on special occasions or with the assistance of Johnny Quirk.

He isn’t a jerk, even though he works hard. Daruma is a friend of All For OneKyudai may have cried when he thanked him for his patronage. Rumi later expressed his anger at the self-sacrifice of Johnny and Mochi‘s deaths during Rumi’s attack.

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Although little is known about Daruma’s past, he knows All For One well and was his assistant back in the time Tomura was an adopted child. Ujiko gave Shigaraki the hands from the family members he murdered, which Tomura will wear often in the future.

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PLOT Kyudai Garaki

PLOT Kyudai Garaki

Izuku’s childhood

Ujiko is a lot like the doctor that told Izuku Midoriya he was a freak. It is possible that he is indeed what he says. Daruma may have been researching quirks in the new generation of children to transfer their abilities and create new Noma.

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Collaboration With the League of Villains

Gigantomachy is first encountered by the League of Villains. They are then contacted by Ujiko via radio. Shigaraki recognizes him immediately by his voice. He tells the villains that Gigantomachy is a bodyguard and crony of All For One, and that this is a gift for Tomura.


Soon, the doctor calms the raging Gigantomachia by recording All by One’s voice. then teleports The League of Villains back to his base via a space warp. Ujiko tells Shigaraki that the villains have arrived at his place. He also recorded All by One’s voice and teleported the League of Villains to his base using a space warp.

Daruma helps Shigaraki to partially remember his past and understand his true motivations. He demands that the League of Villains improve its social status and that Shigaraki subdue Gigantomachia. Gigantomachia does not see him as an heir of All By One. He then hands the villains their radio communication devices, and promises Tomura that he will give the enormous power he had prepared for him if he succeeds in the task.

Emergence and Paranormal Liberation Front

Ujiko will next appear in the story after the League of Villains and ARIS confrontation. He sees Shigaraki as a worthy successor of the All For One cause, now that he has an army and his full power. He promises to give Tomura so much power that Even One for All will not be a threat.

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ABILITIES Kyudai Garaki


General Abilities. Kyudai is an extraordinary expert in quirks and has his own hospital. This is evidence that he’s a genius in biology. According to the Official Character Book of Ultra Analysis he has extraordinary intelligence. This is why he was able to create strong Noma capable of fighting even the Prospector.

Medical Skills Daruma was capable of rebuilding All for One after his first devastating battle with the Almighty.



Life Force (duplicated): Kyudai has a quirk that gives him a longer lifespan and makes him appear younger than his actual age. He has a duplicate of his quirk, and no longer owns the original. It is not clear what the difference is between his original quirk version and the duplicate. Kudai claims that he lived more than 120 years.


Interessant FACTS

Interessant FACTS
  • Kyudaya’s last name contains kanji “shell, shell” , and the name is composed of “round, ball, and sphere”  This refers to his appearance.
  • “Garaki” refers to the real surname All For One’s, “Shigaraki.”
  • Daruma’s first name and last name were originally “Shiga Maruta”. It was originally “Shiga Maruta” (Zhi He Wan Tai Shiga Maruta?). However, China pressured Daruma to change it to the current name because it was a reference to Unit731 (Maruta was used by Japanese military personnel to call prisoners by that unit).
  • Kudai can be called Daruma, a Daruma doll that is often depicted with one eye visible. This is also the case with Kudai.
  • It could also refer to Dr. Eggman, Sonic’s franchise.
  • Both are evil.
  • Both are genius scientists.
  • Very similar appearance, mainly due to the mustache.
  • They are loved for their designs.
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