Lewd Anime girls : Our Top 20+

If you are looking for some sexy Lewd Anime girls recommendation you are at the right spot. If you are here that means you have already watched some amazing ecchi anime and are looking for something similar. Ecchi anime is popular for how there well-driven plot, sexual humor, and naughty fan service.
lewd anime girls

If you’re in search of an sexually attractive lewd anime girls recommendations you’re at the right place. If you’re here that is a sign that you’ve seen an amazing ecchi-based anime and are seeking something like it. Ecchi animation is well-known for they have a plot that is well-written as well as the sexually humorous and even a naughty fan service.

We set out to make an extensive list of sexually explicit anime that readers might not have watched yet and you’ll find many under-rated shows on this list of anime. This is the top 10 Lewd Anime girls who will put you in Echi Mode. These anime ladies are among the top in their field.

19. Miyamae Kanako

19. Miyamae Kanako

Maria+Holic is a TV show that centers around Miyamae Kanako’s story of moving to an all girl’s Catholic school to find lover of her dreams. The dirty-minded girl has earned an image of suffering with chronic nosebleeds as a result of her frequent fantasies of her peers in sexually inappropriate situations. The raunchy antics of her have earned her the name “pervert” within her circle of friends.

18. Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi susumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya may simply appear as an old dirty man in the form of a young girl. She’s not even trying to hide her sexuality. In reality, she’s clear about her sexually unruly side and prefers to show it through funny jokes and touching sessions.

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She also enjoys framing the male protagonist of the film The Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya as the naughty one, whereas she’s the one that gets the pleasure from it.

17. Yukari Sendo

17. Yukari Sendo

Miss Yukari Sendo is never averse when she has the chance to get the feeling. Because she wants bigger breasts for herself she is attracted to the large chests of the ladies who are part of The cast in the show Rosario and Vampire. Although her grasping is (mostly) depicted as innocent, her uncontrollable urge to squeeze on women’s breasts can be entirely sexual in its nature.

16. Rias Gremory – The Bombshell Among Lewd Anime Girls

Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory is one of the doms in a show devoted to providing fan service. Through the High School DxD she plays and plays with the character Issei Hyodo as well, and her pleasure that she derives by manipulating him is clearly sexual. Additionally, she’s an evil demon who fights thinly clad angels (who have also been her peers).

15. Chitose Ikeda

Chitose Ikeda

Chitose Ikeda is the victim of frequent nosebleeds due to the fact that she’s unable to keep the thoughts from wandering into filthy places. Her brain is able to turn seemingly innocent situations into a complete naughty enclave.

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In case her mental pictures of her peers causing an unruly and violent storm were not enough, every time she eats chocolate , she’s to a make-out session with anyone she wants to within YuruYuri and even her sister. She claims it’s because the “alcohol” of chocolate is the reason for her behave this manner, everybody else is aware that it’s just a cover-up for her sexually naughty behavior.

14. Shino Amakusa

Shino Amakusa

The best part to say about Shino Amakusa from Seitokai Yakuindomo is most likely the huge bear that she keeps wrapped in rope and has an oversized ball. Although she appears to be an ideal student, beneath her elegant exterior, she is a person who enjoys making jokes, much like many of the students who are in the class.

Her mind is often occupied with thoughts of what her classmates like, as well as the various “positions” that the judo club can be capable of.

13. Chizuru Minamoto

Chizuru Minamoto

Kanokon‘s most famous Fox demon, Chizuru Minamoto is obsessed with performing “disgraceful actions” when she is in the public eye. Chizuru Minamoto claims that she is in a state of disconnection from the world of humans and the argument seems plausible considering she’s nearly 400 years old. But, it seems that she has a passion for revealing the virginity of her protagonist in public.

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12. Nobara Yukinokouji – The Nymphomaniac Among Lewd Anime Girls

Nobara Yukinokouji

Nobara Yukinokouji isn’t able to get enough of women. She’s not a stranger to dancing around breasts (that aren’t hers) and showing off her endless list of fetishes that she has for every part of female anatomy.

She’s famous for sharing her sexual desires to women on the Boku x Inu SS without any restriction, no matter if they agree or not.

11. Momo Deviluke

10. Shirai Kuroko

Momo Deviluke in To Love-Ru is a sexy, down up to her boxer-sniffing muse. She is absolutely determined to build a successful sexual harem for the protagonist of the show, Rito, who she also has an obsession with. She is not ashamed and proudly shows her affection for illicit activities.

10. Shirai Kuroko

10. Shirai Kuroko

While she’s a trustworthy person you can trust However, she also has quite a fascination for her best buddy Mikoto from The Certain Scientific Railgun. She’ll grab every opportunity to allow her to have a physical relationship with Mikoto and is susceptible to intense jealousy when Mikoto concentrates her attention to another person.

9. Miwako Mizukoshi

9. Miwako Mizukoshi

Miwako Mizukoshi is one of the female characters in the show Hen Zemi which is interested in certain kinky things. While she has a partner who is into his own puddle in the world of other things, Miwako has more passions than him. She offers open invitations to men who harass and exploit her.

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She also gets offended by the demands from her teacher, who’s task is to continuously challenge his students to their most terrifying breaking points. She’s so obsessed that her fantasies usually result in her drooling before everyone else.

8. Tomoko Kuroki

Tomoko Kuroki

Tomoko is a little less sly about her desires than other girls because she’s slightly shy. She’d prefer listening to a yandere music instead of engaging in any type of social interactions. You can watch WataMote‘s main character making up funny scenarios in her head over her pals, and they usually involve full-on gropes together with the girl she loves most Yuu Naruse.

7. The Yamada High School Goal

When Yamada first enters the high school of the B Gata H Kei She decides that her objective is to engage in informal hookups with 100 other people. It soon becomes apparent that this could be tricky.difficult since she is a novice and knows how to do it, and she is also somewhat uncomfortable about her body.

However, she comes across an easy solution by contacting A fellow virgin. She sets her sights on the virgin in order to begin with a small amount of experience to go on her 99 other adventures. The show’s title, Yamada’s First Time B Gata H Kéi, is a bit of satirical and lewd wordplaythat refers to her body size, as well as the “H” as well as her “Hentai” style of behavior.

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6. Momioka Risa

6. Momioka Risa

In To Love-Ru Risa’s favourite hobby is playing with Rito and embarrassing her friends by yelling at them. Risa is also very sensitive to her classmates, often making them feel uncomfortable and whispering phrases that make you blush.

5. Sarutobi Ayame – The Stalker Among Lewd Anime girls

Sarutobi Ayame

Since Sarutobi (also known as Sa-chan) crashed into Gintoki’s bed after falling off his roof and has fallen in love – or perhaps and obsessed with the Silver-haired, lazy hero from Gintama. Sa-chan also utilizes her amazing ninja abilities by following Gintoki. The Yorozuya may be seen at home hidden in drawers or watching Gintoki behind the mirror in the bathroom. She’s also extremely perverted, with a love for S&M she is awed by every snarky comment and angry outburst that Gintoki is able to throw at her.

4. Kajou Ayame – The Panty-Faced Terrorist Among lewd anime girls

4. Kajou Ayame - The Panty-Faced Terrorist Among lewd anime girls

In a country that is rife with morality codes, Kajou Ayame from Shimoneta is determined to herself to organize an uprising for the purpose of preserving the last vestiges of sexually sexy world.

On the off days the blonde covers her head in an outfit of pants and is known as “Blue Snow,”” broadcasting dangerous media and making profane jokes. She also recruits others to join her group, so you can tell them how draw funny photos or — occasionally when their hairstyle is reminiscent of something that is phallic.

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3. Rika Shiguma – Nerdy Scientist Among lewd anime girls

3. Rika Shiguma - Nerdy Scientist Among lewd anime girls

Miss Rika frequently takes every chance to incorporate an innuendo in an article or a situation. She is extremely forthcoming about her vast collection of yaoi Doujinshi as well as it is no secret that “mecha sexuality” is a favorite for her.

While Haganai‘s Rika Shiguma appears to be a scientist She believes that she’d be boring if that’s the only thing she was doing. In line with this her personality is quite blunt and straightforward with her sassy nature.

2. The Suminoe Twins

2. The Suminoe Twins

Although they’re technically two persons the Suminoe twins of Kissxsis have the same affection and love for their stepbrother Keita. They’ll go to any lengths to be close to Keita, and often get into arguments over who has the privilege of spending time with Keita. However, at the end of the day, they all have the same objective and make up naughty plans to engage in sexually inappropriate activities together.

1. Anna Nishikinomiya – Best Yandere Among lewd anime girls

Anna Nishikinomiya

The story of Shimoneta Shimoneta, Anna Nishikinomiya is a responsible , adult student council leader, at the very least, on the outside. When she comes across Tanukichi Okuma she’ll change the gears before turning into an obsessed yandere. She has not only broken into his home and tried to impose herself on him and play with him, but she’ll often play playing with sharp knives or other objects with individuals Tanukichi has a relationship with.

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