Anime Wolf Girl : Our Ranking Cute Anime Wolf Girl Characters

it is a idea called "moemorphism" where artists convert everything into an adorable anime wolf girl character ... Here's top Anime Wolf Girl
anime wolf girl

Hello everyone!¬†Today we’re going list some of the most popular wolfs that can be seen in manga and anime.¬†If you’re not already aware of this, it is a idea called “moemorphism” where artists convert anything and everything into an adorable anime wolf girl character.¬†It’s no surprise that wolfs have also been moemorphed, too.

When We refer to “wolf girl” I’m only talking about pure, real manga and anime wolf girl .¬†Also, we’re not talking about women who cosplay with wolfs.¬†Instead, this list will include girls who have a mix of humans and the wolfs.

Top 12 Wolf Girls In Anime & Manga

12. Ai, Dragon Crisis

Ai Dragon crisis

Ai is an wolf-human hybrid from the fantastic, supernatural, and magical anime ‘Dragon Conflict’.¬†She is known as “Odd Eye due to her eyes being distinct in the color.¬†Right eye of the girl is gold and her left eye blue.¬†The woman is known as a criminal. She has tattoos on her arms that allows her to change into half-wolf.¬†The master of her is person who drew the tattoo.¬†He told her lies about the death of her parents and then used the girl as an experimental subject.¬†He even informed her that she was a half-wolf.¬†The show is about the adventures of Kisaragi Ryuji who is trying to defend the dragon girl from the dark organization.¬†Ai loves Ryuji because he rescues her from the fate of the thief.

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11.¬†Minna-Dietlinde “Furstin” Wilcke, Strike Witches

Mina Dietlide

Minna Dietlinde “Furstin” Wilcke is a adorable and sassy girl from the action military anime “Strike Witches.”. The show also has things made of ecchi as well. If you’re interested in that kind of thing, you may want to check out this show. The show takes place during an era when Second world war has gone going full force. 

However, this is an alternate version of war, where rather than Nazis we must fight aliens attacking from the skies. Naturally, human beings are insensitive to these attacks and cannot defend themselves, and leave the witches on the fight to the enemy. Minna fights of the 501st Joint Wing of fighters. Her wolf form appears only during combat. She develops long ears and a fluffy tail. She is adorable in this appearance.

10. Arf, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Arf Mahou Shoujo

Let’s begin starting with Arf which is the hot Wolf demon from the magical drama series “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Naha’. Takamichi Nanoha’s life takes a turn when she meets a talking ferret that has suffered an injury. Nanoha was able to follow the ferret’s telepathic pleas for help that led her to the location. It is discovered that the ferret is an archaeologist and mage with the name Yuuno from another planet. 

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He’s erroneously scattered dangerous jewel seeds all over Earth. He is now in need of assistance to locate all his jewel seedlings. Nanoha decides to help and receives a red ring from him that will enable her to change and use magic to defeat monsters based on the seeds. Arf is a friend of Fate she is an esoteric mage who is looking for the seeds as her mother would like the seeds. Arf is extremely secure from Fate and is extremely friendly to her.

9. Ayame, InuYasha

Ayame Inuyasha

Ayame is a gorgeous girl who is a wolf from the anime “InuYasha’. “InuYasha” is a supernatural action-oriented anime in which the main character Kagome Higurashi is transported 500 years in the past after falling into an underground well while fighting an evil demon. Then she discovers that she is blessed with a jewel that grants wishes inside her which is the reason the demon is attacking her. In the course of the battle the jewel is broken and the fragments fall into the. 

Then, Kagome enlists the help of a wolf-demon known by named InuYasha to assist her in recovering the fragments. Ayame is a wolf-like woman who has fallen in love with Kouga who, even though she said she would marry her, but failed to fulfill that promise. Also, Ayame is beautiful and is carrying a sword alongside her. Ayame also wears fur coat over her shoulders as well as her waist.

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8. Riza Wildman, Kaibutsu Oujo РThe Most Combattive Anime Wolf Girl

Riza Wildman

Riza Wildman plays the hot half-breed, wolf-girl who is a badass from supernaturalaction film “Kaibutsu Oujo”. The plot of the show revolves around a young boy named Hiro Hiyorimi who attempts to rescue a young girl, but rather dies. 

Since the girl is daughter of the King of Monsters, Hiro will be given the chance to be the guardian of Hime the girl that he was trying to save.¬†Riza Wildman’s father was murdered by a royal and initially she believed it was Hime but later, her doubts were sorted out.¬†She has a father who is werewolf while the mother of her is human.¬†This creates a hybrid, and she is able to transform her arm to the elbow.

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7. Yuki

Anime wolf girl Yuki

Anime: Wolf Children

Yuki along with her twin siblings Ame and Yuki Ame are the kids of Hana human woman, and Wolf Man, a werewolf who is capable to change into human and wolf form.

Wolf Children follows Yuki and Ame from their early years to their teens.

They are taught to integrate with the rest of society, make friends and confront unique human-wolf issues.

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At the end of the film, the siblings break up, and Yuki opting to remain a human.

6. Jens


Anime: Cat Planet Cuties (Asobi ni iku yo)

Jens is the head of the relationship among the ET Dogisian race and the Earth’s government.

Her people as well as the Catisians another race of aliens have a fierce rivalry for millennia old.

The Dogisians were on Earth prior to they met Eris who was the original Catisian and the protagonist of the show.

However, they’re worried that they’ll lose their control over relationships in the event that Earth is aligned with Catisians.

As with any great political leader, her approach to the Catisians is straightforward to find their leader.

This one is a little weird, however if you are able to get it out of the ground, it will dig it.

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5. Clawdeen Wolf – The Most stylish

clawdeen wolf

Anime: Monster High: Kowai-ke Girls

Toys line getting anime adaptations is not a new thing.

At some time, Monster High became popular in Japan and then became a low-quality, skit-based animation.

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Clawdeen Wolf mostly keeps her persona from the original source material.

She’s a lively teenage werewolf that attends Monster High. In the animated, they’ve given her an “awoo verbal tic. Super cute!

4. Elga Kinosaki

anime wolf girl elga

Anime: Inumimi

Elga was an animal. It’s because she’s now half human.

An experiment that was a success thanks to her father A mad scientist who has the ability to create almost anything.

She as well as her two other dogs, Emima and Rino even though they are now human , are as attached to the sole person in their family, Yuichiro which causes lots of troubles for Yuichiro!

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3. Inukai

anime wolf girl Inukai

Anime: Flying Witch

Inukai has a witch who has an evil curse that she cannot remove.

After an evening of drinking heavily She was able to steal chocolate that had been made with her best friend Akane and has since been a wolf in the day, and human at the night. Fun!

2. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti РThe Cutest Anime Wolf Girl

wolf girl in Dog Day Anime

Anime: Dog Days

Milihiore is the Princess of the Biscotti Republic.

What is a republic that has the monarchy? It’s exactly like it.

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Shinku Izumi an incoming student at Kinokawa International School to become the Republic’s protector She chose Shinku Izumi not for the reason that she watched him take on the Yakuza, but simply because he’s skilled at high-jumping!

However, her wisdom proves fruitful and the legendary sword “Paladin” Shinku effectively defends her Republic from the feline-like Galette Lion Dominion.

Milihiore is a kind and dedicated worker although she’s a little untrained as the role of a leader.

And she’s only 2!

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1. Holo РThe Most Popular Anime Wolf Girl


Anime: Spice and Wolf

Holo says she isn’t a deity.

Perhaps she’s not an idol. But she’s definitely the center of legends, myths and folklore from Pasloe, a town Pasloe that has worshipped her for centuries of years. A tiny village that relies upon wheat. The people were in need of something to offer sacrifices to in order to ensure good harvests (or to blame for poor ones).

For long periods of time, Holo appeared to the villager’s as a young girl instructing them on how to care for the land.

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However, as the world grew and the population grew, she was needed by more and more.

Then she became in fewer and fewer. The village now has modern technology. Holo is no longer relevant.

She departs by taking off onto the wheel of Lawrence an entrepreneur who travels with the intention of getting back to Yoitsu the snowy home of her grandmother that she hasn’t visited for hundreds of years. A very enjoyable anime with intriguing twists and twists and Holo being an extremely distinctive character.

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Millhiore is 13 yrs old not 2!

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