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You simply cannot trust the government. As soon as something does not suit them, they pass it under the carpet. For example, most people don’t even know that at the turn of the 20th century, Japan was beset by a horrific epidemic of demon infestation that defeated the countryside and ravaged the population.

They were so determined to keep the secret that most people at the time didn’t even know it, leaving them helpless and unprepared when disaster knocked on their door. And that’s exactly what happened to Tanjiro. One day, he has just returned home to find his entire loving family brutally slaughtered and his beloved sister is no longer quite human. But the Kamado family is no ordinary villager. Rather than succumb to despair, Tanjiro decides to seek a cure for his sister Nezuko, which leads him to the Demon Slayer corp.

Some of you may know that I have reviewed this series every week in the blog. It was quite adventurous! But I thought that if you were waiting to gorge yourself, it would be more convenient to have a single series review rather than passing more than 26 messages filled with spoilers. I also think this one is a very good choice for the spring season!

My Review Demon Slayer Season 1

My Review Demon Slayer

Let me start by saying that I’m usually a fan of Ufotable’s works on the production side and That Demon Slayer is probably the most beautiful and beautiful series I’ve seen from them. Praise indeed. While it doesn’t have as many symbolic visuals as some past works, it does have some of the most detailed and distinctive designs to date. I was particularly taken by the demons throughout the series. All of them were not only very intriguing in their form (tightly adapted from the manga but still visibly different) but also imbued with fantastic colors that really added a lot to make the characters both vibrant and annoying.

One of the biggest strengths of the studios in my opinion is its mastery of CG integration. Once again, Demon Slayer stands at the top of the heap in this regard. The movement is mesmerizing, sometimes dizzying and always exciting. If nothing else, this is a great anime to see. Whether it’s so enjoyable to look at depends on your taste for action Shonen tropes and your tolerance for gore!

My Review Demon Slayer
there should always be more Tamayo

For me, the first season of Demon Slayer (and it’s very well written as the first in a long series) can be roughly divided into two parts. The introduction, which is essentially the adventure of Tanjiro’s hero. This focuses on his fate and training. And the second, after joining the Demon Slayers and meeting his two sidekicks, Zenitsu and Inosuke, how the series is starting to look like the structure of the longest Shonen adventure.

Let me say right away, Demon Slayer starts with a devil if a bang. The harsh nature of the first few episodes led me to think that it would be a seinen that would deal with more mature themes and approach. It’s all about me. The show was advertised as a fighting shonen and that’s exactly what it is. Be careful, it can get brutal and I have a very high tolerance for these things. Basically, I wouldn’t show it to young children unless you don’t mind sleeping with all the lights on for a few months. I guess if these little children don’t live with you, there’s nothing to worry about!

Demon Slayer Reviews
you could show them another one after

However, there is a simplicity in this anime. It’s easy to understand and follow. Sticky dilemmas are discarded and the characters tend to be simple. Tanjiro, for example, is pretty much a classic Mary Sue. A truly adorable being whose circumstances and attitude make him very easy to cheer but nevertheless an irreproachable character. Not only does he seem to be of exceptional skill and dedication in all things, almost catching up in a single year, characters who are supposed to be exceptional and with a lifetime of experience, but he is also both the moral and emotional center of the story.

In the first episode, Tanjiro chooses to protect his demon sister despite the potential danger she would cause to anyone around her. Don’t get me wrong, I would have some too. But it is a wonderful source of conflict. Nezuko is innocent but she is also capable of doing a lot of harm and wanting to protect her could be considered selfish and irresponsible. As the owner of a Pitbull, I connect to this. I knew that my precious little angel would never hurt anyone, and he never did. But I understand why my neighbor with the 4-year-old who used to run around my yard without warning, was unhappy with my decision to keep this breed.

Demon Slayer Reviews
you can’t judge pets!

What I’m saying is that there could have been a big sustained conflict there, but there wasn’t, because the show itself is clearly on Tanjiro’s side. Nezuko is presented as almost angelic in action, completely selfless and caring. Even his character design is the most deliberately cute in the series. The public is clearly supposed to be on Nezuko’s side in this debate, and therefore Tanjiro’ side. Any character on the other side of the issue is portrayed as an antagonist and if he becomes a protagonist, he also changes his mind about Nezuko. And that’s how it is with just about everything. There has never been a fight where we might think that Tanjiro may not be quite right, or that we would have handled it differently. This is not a nuanced story.

As for the other two main characters, Zenitsu and Inosuke, they are two different versions of the comic sidekick and I think most viewers have a point of contention. They are both rather underdeveloped. Zenitsu does a little better in this regard but it’s so uneven. And they both tend to provide “laughter” in the form of loud hysteria. Something that can get boring for most people but can be a lot of fun for young children.

Review Demon SLayer

So, am I saying that Demon Slayer is bad? Not at all. But so far, the characters are his weak point and I think most people will agree that the character-driven “slice of comedic life” episodes were the weakest of the season. The characters aren’t bad exactly but they’re not that deep (so far).

Its strength is the tense action, of which there are many. He does it exceptionally well. When Demon Slayer gets serious, it’s hard to look away. And it gets a lot more serious. Again, don’t expect deep political intrigue (at least not this season). It’s a show about young men fighting demons. And the deliberate nature with which he approaches these episodes is impressive.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of negative reviews about Demon Slayer from my fellow bloggers. This is largely due to the “humor” of the series. Bloggers will always admit that there are good elements. What I find strange is that so many people seem to think that the popular opinion is that the show is brilliant. I’ve read over and over again lines like “Come on people, it’s nothing special” or “I don’t know why everyone thinks this show is amazing.”… While I had the opposite experience. I don’t think I’ve ever read a completely positive overall review and people kindly mocked me for enjoying the show even in the first few episodes. So maybe I’m compensating here. However, I believe the show had more ups than downs and I would recommend it if you haven’t seen it.

Demon Killer ep10 (35)

Favorite character: Yushiro… ok it’s Nezuko. Of course it’s Nezuko..!

What this anime taught me: I wish I had brothers and sisters Our hearts were drunk with a beauty that our eyes could never see.

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Suggested drink: Green Demon

  • Whenever Tanjiro takes a deep breath – take a sip
  • Every time we see Tamayo – bravo
  • Every time we see Muzan – panting
  • Whenever a demon is hungry, have a snack
  • Whenever Zenitsu panics, go get water
  • Every time Inosuke rages – take a sip
  • Whenever Tanjiro gets hurt, take a small sip
  • Whenever Nezuko is adorable, raise your glass
  • Whenever the show gets noisy – take a sip

I hope you liked this content and Bye 🙂

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