Orange Piccolo Vs Black Frieza: The Winner?

Orange Piccolo Vs Black Frieza

Orange Piccolo Vs Black Frieza. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero allowed Piccolo to regain importance in the ranking of the most powerful characters in the franchise. Its new evolution has allowed the Dragon Ball community to analyze how powerful it is compared to other villains. Could it be that Orange Piccolo surpasses Black Frieza?

Black Frieza vs Orange Piccolo // Piccolo vs Frieza #anime By Z Universe

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The short answer is No: Black Frieza is superior to Orange Piccolo, Black Frieza not only becomes the most powerful, but also stands out as the great villain of Dragon Ball. After being the bloodiest of all Z and the meanest, in Super, he tried to destroy the earth in The Return of F, he was in charge of sending Broly to kill the Saiyans and now he has plans that we disrecognite. In this nntheblog article we will see: the strength of Orange Piccolo, the Black Frieza power level.

The strength of Orange Piccolo

The strength of Orange Piccolo 
Black Frieza

In the history of Dragon Ball, Piccolo has always been one of the most powerful fighters on the planet. But his power finally faded compared to the Saiyans because the Namekians do not have the same crazy power boost that the Saiyans tend to receive from time to time.

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He was always an incredibly powerful fighter who proved to be important during the Tournament of Power, especially when he worked alongside Gohan. But what was clear was that he was not half as strong as Goku or Vegeta.

However, things changed during the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero when he realized that he was probably the only one who could prevent the Red Ribbon Army’s plan from killing his friends. The fact that Goku and Vegeta were on the planet of Whis and were far out of their reach meant that Piccolo had to become stronger quickly. It was at this time that he wished Shenron to unleash his full potential, because the dragon himself told Piccolo that he had added a “small” bonus.

Black Frieza vs Orange Piccolo

After Gohan went to the Red Ribbon Army base to save Pan, who was falsely kidnapped by an infiltrated Piccolo, the Saiyan fought Gamma 1. Meanwhile, to prevent Gamma 2 from joining forces against Mystic Gohan, who crushed Gamma 1, Piccolo had to intervene for a revenge match with the android who defeated him earlier in the series.

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At first, Gamma 2 was able to see that Piccolo’s strength had significantly improved since their last battle. However, the android perfectly controlled their fight, despite the fact that Piccolo saw a massive increase in its power. But it was at this time that the “small” bonus came into play.

After being overwhelmed by Gamma 2 despite the unlocking of his potential, Piccolo had awakened a hidden power that allowed him to change shape. His jaw took a more chiseled shape while his body became much larger to the point that his size rivaled Broly’s own massive construction. But the most surprising was the fact that its greenish color became orange, as he himself nicknamed the transformation “Orange Piccolo”.

Orange Piccolo, Black Frieza

In its Orange Piccolo form, the Namekian saw a massive increase in its power to the point that none of Gamma 2’s attacks could even hurt him. Earlier in the film, he said that androids had the power to potentially compete with Goku and Vegeta (although he did not specify what form of Super Saiyan he was referring to). However, Orange Piccolo had become too strong to the point that none of Gamma 2’s attacks could scratch it, because the Namekian overturned the android at once.

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At that time, it was clear that Orange Piccolo was the most powerful fighter on Earth and that he was already stronger than Gohan’s awakened “Mystical” state. In addition to that, when Cell Max was awakened, the only fighter able to hold back the gigantic beast a little was Piccolo. Cell Max was, of course, always much stronger than Orange Piccolo. But Piccolo, taking a gigantic form, could keep the monster a little at bay, even if he still did not have the chance to defeat him.

Orange Piccolo

Speaking of Cell Max, Akira Toriyama once said that this beast was so strong that even Broly, the strongest. Dragon Ball anime non-fusion character introduced at the time, was not even strong to stop him.

Orange Piccolo is incredibly strong because it was able to completely outperform Gamma 2, which could not even hurt it with any of its attacks. Piccolo said that Gamma 2 is probably almost as strong as Goku and Vegeta. In addition to this, Orange Piccolo was the only threat to Cell Max before Gohan Beast.

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The Black frieza power level

The Black Frieza power level

Throughout the Granola arc, the Heeters were a force to be reckoned with, because the evil Gas was able to become the new strongest being in the universe. Managing to beat Goku, Vegeta and Granola in singular combat, the Heeter has been easily eliminated by Frieza in one of the most horrible deaths in the series to date. After drilling a hole in the gas and causing the Heeter to deteriorate before his eyes, Freezer did not waste time decimate Elec at the same time.


Orange Piccolo Vs Black Frieza Conclusion

So why were Gas and Granola not able to overcome Frieza’s power level thanks to their wishes on the Dragon Balls of the Cereal planet? Well, since the extraterrestrial despot was technically in another universe, a clever pun made the villain the strongest being in the universe from now on. The Granola bow had its problems according to many fans, but the arrival of Frieza and its new transformation called “Black Frieza” has been the subject of conversation for anime fans on social media since the arrival of the last chapter.

With its new Form Frieza Bat Gas which was the strongest in the universe from where it is stronger than Orange Piccolo.

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